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    Sukeban just released a reveal trailer for N1Rv Ann-A, the sequel to VA-11 HALL-A 2020 release date though, this wait is going to be painful.
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    Dude, you're creating these threads like twice a day now!!!! So I'll recommend this instead, have a good week: https://www.reddit.com/r/NoFap/
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    Unlimited Chat Works - Random Talk

    I can never relate to the typical thing of students hating school because I never did that. Rip self insert potential www
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    Hello everyone ! We're very glad to announce that our team just released a new VN: Seers Isle. We're a small French team located in Bordeaux, France (the game is available in English and in French). The work we do is quite original in the VN world, as our art is in a European comic book style rather than anime, and our stories are quite short (about 3-4h for each "route"), choice and CG-heavy, with multiple meaningful paths and ending variations. You might remember us from Along the Edge, an OELVN we published a couple of years back. Looking forward to hear your thoughts, hope some of you will enjoy our work! Best, <3 Geoffroy. The Story: Seers Isle is set in a fantasy version of medieval northern Europe, where your choices impact the fate of a group of characters. “The island… It was my prison. For ages, I roamed the land, helpless, looking for a way out. And then, they arrived.” A group of shaman apprentices set foot on the shores of a sacred island to be initiated to magic. As they progress through the wilderness, looking for the “Seers”, their spirit-guides, they realize they’re not alone. Who is this strange horned woman they are seeing in their dreams? Features: Explore the island through a diverse group of characters, depicted in a gorgeous European comic book art style. Every choice matters. Each decision you make slightly alters the mood and personality of the main character as well as her relationship with the rest of the group. A huge amount of content: with each playthrough, discover a novel-sized adventure and a slice of the hundreds of hand-drawn images created for the game. An immersive and finely crafted soundtrack: the music adapts and shifts according to your choices and the mood of each scene. Try out our dynamic dialog system: read the story like a comic book. High replayability: choose your soulmate and discover the outcome of your decisions through multiple story paths and endings. The VN is priced at the $12.99 tier. Trailer Video: CGs from the Game: Links: Official Website: seersisle.com Steam Store Page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/738650/Seers_Isle/ Itch.io Page (DRM-Free Download): https://nova-box.itch.io/seersisle Stream the Soundtrack: https://fanlink.to/SeersIsleOST VNDB Link: https://vndb.org/v24314
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    A heroine is still a slut even if i hold ctrl over her ntr h-scenes.
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    if this is based on the dc version i´ve played years ago then some of the dialogue is still there, no actual porn, but nuances & indications of what´s happening (game been 18+ as well). anyhow i don´t get them people, like this one is mecha, with its plot revolving around existential crisis & whatnot - also pretty much made clear from the beginning - so if its already dark, then some possible rape/ntr shouldn´t feel out of place. sure both aren´t to anyones taste, but even if i were one of those, i´d rather have it that way then some forcibly patched together happy-go-lucky crap. not everything needs to be fluffy as fuck.
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    すべてスクリプトできました: 「1/181」 「0.5%」(Total Scripts Translated) 名前 スクリプト ヘンタイ %______________________ ⦁ ひか: 「0/33」 「0/3」 0% (Hikari scripts translated) ⦁ ころ: 「0/24」 「0/3」 0% (Korona scripts translated) ⦁ みは: 「0/27」 「0/2」 0% (Miharu scripts translated) ⦁ おり: 「0/19」 「0/3」 0% (Orihime scripts translated) ⦁ さや: 「1/32」 「0/3」 2.85% (Saya scripts translated) ⦁ よし: 「0/30」 「0/2」 0% (Yoshioka scripts translated) All technical issue's (as of now) have been solved! A more detailed progress report can be found: here
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    The main problem with the writing of the episodic stories is that if even the author doesn't know exactly how the story is going to finish, then it's almost definitely lead to major plot holes at some point when the story suddenly starts to go in a wrong direction.
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    Late to the party here considering that you already gathered 80% of the funds, but still there's should be no deadline to say good luck in regard of the KS there. I'll gonna keep my eyes on this, so hopefully the release will going to be successful later. As for why they made the heroines suffer, I would like to say that it's obviously to form some attachment between the player and the heroines (And thus the player would be immerse themselves in heroines plight), and thus by making the heroines dead at the end it mean that they'll try to made the player cry. Or in other word, I think the developer was tried to develop the nakige there with using the crowdfund (Yes Seven Days funding here was mostly came from crowdfunding in Japan).
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    YES It seems they are aiming for 100% retro anime stylistics and gorgeously crafted content. This is pure bliss and I couldn't ask for anything better.
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    I'm looking for hentai animation or visual novel has a scene for a mistress ordered her male servants to have sex with her. exactly like starless: NSFW https://imgur.com/0KyyW0J or Nuki Doki! Revolution: NSFW: https://imgur.com/s1TycgY also it's ok if the servants are monsters or demons (no tentacles).
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    Ever played a VN twice?

    Your post spoils a pretty important part of the route... Regardless, yes that's the heroine in question. Explanation below and hidden in case someone wants to go into the VN blind.
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    Regarding Horror Visual Novels

    Hmm I've heard that VNs and even anime are not a good medium for terror a lot, and yeah, I agree to a certain degree, but I think it also depends on how you are to define "terror". There's also the fact that what is scary or not obviously is a completely subjective experience, so I can only speak for myself. Honestly I don't think I've ever consumed any form of media or literature that I found genuinely scary. Fear is a very strong emotional response to a threat or danger, and there's no way in hell I'm gonna feel threatened reading some piece of fiction. That's not to say that I can't feel uneasy and uncomfortable on my seat reading something that is meant to be scary. In that sense, I can't see why VNs can't be as effective as your typical novel. Anime is different in my opinion. One reason people often give for its uneffectiveness in terror is that the animation makes it easier to separate between reality and fiction, and I tend to agree. VNs however don't have that constraint since they can decide what to show at any moment and what to leave in the dark or up to the descriptive narrative. The only thing that isn't really available to VNs are obviously the freaking jumpscares you see in Hollywood movies, but yeah, that's a very cheap and shabby way to scare people. There's absolutely no merit in that. So TL;DR, as for me a piece of fiction can only make me uneasy, and both VNs and books have accomplished that, I can't really understand where people are coming from when they say they don't get the same reaction from VNs compared to other mediums. Another different matter is the fact that there are not many terror VNs (translated, at least) in comparison to other genres like fantasy, sci-fi or romance, but I don't know if it's necessarily because the medium is less suited for terror
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    Regarding Horror Visual Novels

    I personally think that VNs are simply not a good formula for horror, at least not the "scary" type - you can have suspenseful moments in an average-lenght VN, but you can't reasonably keep it like that all the way through like you could with a movie. "Disturbing", on the other way, is something that VNs can do amazingly well, as evident by Saya no Uta, Lynne, Soundless, or even Clock Up titles (I don't think calling euphoria or Maggot Baits horrors would not be that much of a stretch). So, you'll more often see good VNs with horror themes/elements than straight up horrors, unless it's some kind of short, indie stuff. Also, what others said is very valid - it's moe and ero content that sells, you have some niche fetishes that work with horror, but generally, it's not what's the most profitable or "safest" to make.
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    I've just finished Akashic Records of the Absurdly Long Titles or however it was called, and I have to say I was very satisfied with it. I was looking for a mindless shounen to take my mind of the unbearable heat, which makes my AC-deprived place of residence barely capable of sustaining human life and for the most part, it delivered. I found it funny that after the first episode (which, BTW, is a very shitty opening episode that's pretty much nothing like the rest of the series) the show pretty much only fakes out fanservice and only very vaguely incorporate harem tropes. It's much more about the fights and the protagonist, along with the two main girls really grew on me throughout the various confrontations and life-threatening situations. The first season ends in a somewhat poor moment, without explaining most of the main intrigue, but I've heard the second one is actually coming this year, so I don't think it can be counted as such a big negative. I summary, I know why people give this show so much crap, but I disagree with the overall ratings - for what it tries to do, it's really quite a good series. Of course, I'm a connoisseur of crap when it goes to anime, so my assessments are always of dubious value.
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    Lmao. Yeah, 'cause the thread dying is so unusual. xD But fair enough, I'll add to the conversation. Caveat, though! I'm quite tired, so I might ramble a bit. I'm not against gay marriage myself, but I can try and play the Devil's advocate (ironically). One reason for being against gay marriage can be the religious aspect, though that would also involve prohibiting atheists or people of other religions getting married. Then again, in that scenario, there could just be established a non-religious marriage, with a non-religious authority figure to legalize the union. So meh. Another reason could be the fear of a slippery slope, which is not without credibility, where people are afraid it's gonna go towards disaster one tiny step at a time. The reason I say it's not without credibility is because I remember seeing advocates for gay marriage on old TV debates going "Oh come on, it's just marriage! It's not like we're gonna start teaching it to kids in school!" Not only is it being taught to kids in school, but so is transgenderism, which I think is an appalling thing to do. That does not mean gay people shouldn't be allowed to marry, obviously, but that kind of fear might be what fuels the position. Also, the homosexuality "movement" is needlessly perverse, which is not helping their cause. If you want to convince regular people that you're a normal human being just like them, maybe you shouldn't dress up in spandex and BDSM gear at your pride parades. Not to mention making prepubescent boys twerk half naked on the street. I've read your question and I will answer it, but let me give my 5 cents about incest in general first, as it's actually a subject I find quite interesting. I have a great interest in morality and general philosophy, so it's a topic I've thought about on and off for a long time. Okay, so I actually wrote an entire paragraph, but found myself rambling way too much, and I've decided I need to try and condense it. I think one of the most important things to understand before going into this discussion is this: Human societies are in a constant battle between two separate ideals: Collectivism (i.e. order) and Individualism (i.e. freedom). Both have their pros and cons, and society cannot function with only one of them. Collectivism says that people must make sacrifices to their freedom and independency for the good of the group. Like paying taxes or not breaking the law. Taken to its extreme, we get totalitarian states, like the Soviet Union, where your rights are non-existent and you are expendable. You only exist in order to be a benefit for the nation, as it sees fit. It represents the absolute of order. But order without happiness doesn't work, and we can't have happiness without individuality. So on to individualism. Individualism says that the individual is supreme over the collective. That everyone is unique and does not belong to any group. Taken to its extreme, it means no one is bound by any rules other than those they set for themselves. It means reality is subjective, your gender is whatever you want it to be, the law does not apply to you, ectera. A society can not be purely individualistic, as it will instantly turn into an anarchy if it ever tries to be. It represents the absolute of chaos. For society to function, we need a balance of both collectivism and individualism, so as to have both the order of the former and the happiness of the latter. However, society always tend to lean more to one or the other. But unlike traditionally where it has leaned more towards collectivism than individualism, we now lean towards individualism, and I'd argue that we're on a steady course towards complete individualism. Because once you start putting individualism over norms and traditions, there's no logical place to stop. This is why the LGBTQASKLNTRKESAMwhatever is spinning out of control and why we suddenly have 127 genders. If we put what the individual thinks above what society thinks, everything becomes subjective, and if everything is subjective, then nothing is real and everything is meaningless and the only thing that matters is one's own subjective perception and feelings. That's the basis of the arguments of feminists and all the other "civil rights" advocates. I probably did a really shitty job of explaining all that, but like I said, I'm tired, so forgive me. ^^ So why was any of that relevant? Because, like I said, we're leaning towards individualism, so these issues get increasingly tackled from an individualistic approach. The only ways you can advocate against something like incest are with either morality or societal pragmatism, both of which use a collectivist foundation rather than an individualistic foundation, which is where the problem arises. Because individualism doesn't care about morality because morality is imposed by the collective on the individual, and societal pragmatism puts the needs of the group above the individual, so that's out of the question too. (If you wonder what I mean, by "societal pragmatism," I mean, for example, how legalizing incest is extremely bad for the stability of families and opens up the floodgate for a whole host of problems. But since the individual reigns supreme in individualism, that doesn't matter.) So to answer your question, it depends entirely on your value system. If you value collectivism above individualism, then you'll adhere either to the morality of the society you find yourself in, or to the pragmatism of context. If you value individualism over collectivism, then you don't have any argument against it. Or really any sexual activity, including bestiality and pedophilia. Not without having an inconsistent argument, anyway. Feel free to offer counterarguments if you want. I'm sitting here yawning every 30 seconds, so I probably made an error of logic here and there. Or everywhere.