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    Just to clarify, I didn't actually write the article, I just stumbled upon it and shared the link. I doubt you meant that the article was mine, but I just thought I'd make sure. I'm pretty much done with Sekai at this point. All of their early controversies and bad PR (hi, dovac) really made me distrust them as a company for years. After seeing improvements in regards to 18+ releases and transparency, I decided that I should toss some money their way to reward their progress. Buying Meikyuu didn't come back to bite me, but backing Hoshimemo sure as hell did. If they couldn't even give Hoshimemo, a relatively high-profile title with an established audience, a decent release, it's indicative of some pretty serious problems somewhere down the line. I wouldn't recommend buying anything they touch that doesn't have a well-known name (like Conjueror or koestl) attached, and even that's not a guarantee, since they've shown that their editing and QC process can range from good to completely horrid. At the very least, don't back any Kickstarters that have Sekai's name on them, since it's almost a guarantee that they'll have issues and a horribly delayed delivery window for rewards. Grisaia physicals when Muramasa TL hits, boys. Might as well bring the Root Double Vita debacle back up, while we're at it. I still can barely believe that even happened. The incompetence that was required to arrive at that situation is just absurd.
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    Fureraba Walkthrough

    Mochizuki Rina Stage 1: [Small Talk] "I've decided I'm gonna become a good student." --> "I'll correct the school's moral values." "Thoughts on all the cute new first years?" --> "I must talk to them nevertheless!" [School Life] "How's your outside of school club thing?" --> "Maybe I'll start a Meteor Strike Club." "I get so sleepy during afternoon classes." --> "I think it's classes being so boring that's the problem." "Porn mags in the library. Wouldn't that be great?" --> "Think I'll donate some of my collection to the cause." (EXTRA) "We NEED super carbonated drinks at this school! Agree?" --> "I think I'm gonna petition the school about this. They might actually pass it." "Make any new friends lately?" --> "I guess you're just a natural at it." [Weekends and Holidays] "Isn't it tough working a part time job on the weekends?" --> "People who work jobs day in and day out really are amazing." "Nothing more depressing than seeing flirty couples on weekends." --> "Does it not make you depressed any?" "Don't you just hate doing nothing on weekends?" --> "I'm gonna change myself into the guy with plans every Sunday." "Tips on how to spend my time productively on weekends?" --> "Could always just go do something with you." Stage 2: [Hobbies] "Do you ever think about getting really good at one type of game?" --> "There definitely are collectors" "Any things you've been really into lately?" --> "Since you like it maybe I will." "Know of any easy-to-pick-up hobbies?" --> "I'm gonna take candid shots of you starting tomorrow." "How much money do you spend on your hobbies?" --> "The people who mess with motorcycles must spend like a fortune every month." "I'm thinking of trying out fishing. What do you think?" --> "I know how you feel" [Private Life] "How many times do you clean your room per week?" --> "You're a clean freak! You're a legit clean freak!" [Fitness] "Do you play any sports other than tennis?" --> "Does lacrosse get that messy...?" (EXTRA) [Future] "Anything you wanna achieve before you graduate?" --> "That's the kinda answer I'd expect from you." "What's your plan for the scholarship test?" --> "If only there was a test on having fun..." "I wonder if it's better to have a lotta qualifications?" --> "I'll show them! I don't need qualifications to be something!" "Do you have a hard time picturing where you'll be after graduation? I do." --> "No fair! Let me join in too!" "Occupational aptitude tests are kind of fun" --> "Can't tell you." "Laugh at me if I graduate without even being able to find a girlfriend." --> "I'll cry." (EXTRA) [Romance] "Tell me what girls think of love." --> "Is that the suspension bridge effect?" Stage 3: [Hobbies 2] "Do you have any surprising hobbies?" --> "Oh Mochizuki... That's so cute" "Does bathing powder really work?" --> " You know what bathing powders are effective?" "Do you go to bathhouses often?" --> "Swimming there feels hella good." "Aren't the bottles for female cosmetics just so cute?" --> "Maybe I'll buy some." "Tell me about girls and arcades." --> "Rhythm games are so embarrassing to play" (EXTRA) Watch any good anime recently?" --> "Isn't Castanet Erect that old show?" [Chatting] "Too many commercials can legit ruin any show, don't you feel like?" --> "Alright, gimme one million yen and I'll get to work." (EXTRA) "I really don't like panties you're meant to be able to see" --> "Spats are appealing in their own way." [Romance 2] "What advice do you give a man after he gets rejected?" --> "If I were in that situation I'd level up and try again." [Ask Me] "Ask me something about my hobbies." --> "Probably fun songs." "Ask me about my private life." --> "Definitely bread." [Do something] "Stare at her." --> "Mind if I give you a hug?" "Smile at her." --> "I'm practicing my natural smile." [Work] "Can being a hard worker get you a raise?" --> "Someone as great as the noble Rina must only get the highest of wages." ---- Mochizuki's Third Event: "Me too" "Something swimming related." ---- Stage 4: [Romance 3] "I've been having a lotta fun talking to this certain someone lately." --> "I was thinking it so I figured I'd say it." (EXTRA) "What do you think of controlling girlfriends?" --> "I wish people had more confidence to just say no to stuff like that." "I feel like you worry about what you wear when you start crushing on someone." --> "I'm going to start wearing suits to school from now on." (EXTRA) "Give me an example of the type of guy girls would see as a 'slob' " --> "I bath regularly I swear!" "You can really tell who's good at romance and who isn't." --> "Can I fire a cupid beam full of love and hearts and kisses at you?" [Looks] "Appearance is just a matter of luck when you think about it." --> "You're really convincing, Mochizuki." "Ever thought about getting plastic surgery?" --> "Your body is something like a gift from your parents." "You ever gone to a thrift shop to buy clothes?" --> "Tell me where I go to get the good stuff." "What's this whole 'cool-cute' thing?" --> "I feel like they should just pick cool or cute, one or the other." "What do you think of guys who wax their hair?" --> "You could use a pompadour as a drill!" "Is it true that you'll get dry skin if you don't wash out conditioner right away" --> "I've certainly learned something new today..." [Hobbies 3] "Have you ever had pickled celery?" --> "Same here." "Can you make homemade soap?" --> "Lemme be your model next time you're making some soap." "Do you count your daily calories?" --> "And so that's how they always keep themselves looking good..." "What rice cookies would you recommend?" --> "Very refined." "What's hyaluronic acid" --> "Does it do anything special if you drink it?" "Pickled cucumber is just so simple and safe." --> "I"ll try asking my mom to make it." [Chatting 2] "I really wish they wouldn't rank everyone in our grade level with test scores." --> "So, we can say we did better than our peers?" [Do something 2] "Stare at her." --> "S-Say something..." (EXTRA) "Smile at her." --> "You could say that." [Trends] "What do you do to keep up on fashion?" --> "At that point why not just create your own fashion trend?" ---- Once you reach Mochizuki's final event, you may hold her hand if you choose the correct options, detailed below: "I was really worried you were gonna say yes." "I don't know" "Take her hand" ---- Stage 5: "Confess" Note: Confess before June 21th. ---- Rina's route first choice event: "It was kinda exciting" "I'll give you everything you want" ---- This Rina guide is based and tested by me, a Team Rina lover.
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    Time for a game engine history lesson. It's clearly needed right now to clear up confusion. At first games were coded in assembler. This was CPU specific and the commands also gave commands directly to the hardware. Ideal when you really need to get everything you can out of slow hardware, but it meant porting a game would require writing the game again from scratch and releasing for two systems were approaching twice the development cost. Windows 95 introduced solid API to make coding games easier. Shortly after that Java followed with the idea that one code can run on multiple systems. Disappointed with the slow java (and other issues), other people developed libraries for C++ to reach the same goal, but with better runtime performance. Now it became possible to use the same code on multiple platforms, but it required planning and a lot of testing on each platform because the system is full of traps, which will render some code buggy on just some platforms. Next came cross platform game engines. While game engines has existed since the 80s, what came here is engines, which allows easy access to advanced graphics and similar critical components for game making, which makes advanced game making easier. What's important to mention in this context is that games then were made for the engine, not a specific system. This made it easier and faster to make games for multiple platforms. Today Unity rule the gaming scene. On top of being technically good and cheap (free license until 10k copies sold), it takes cross platform support to the next level. When building a standalone version from source, you click which platforms you want to release for and it will make a zip for each selected. Unity takes care that it will just work. This mean if you make an android game, you can just click iOS, windows and mac, and you will have the game for those platforms too. In theory you can release for platforms you don't have yourself and odds are that it will just work (but it's a really bad idea to not test anything at all). Now back to MangaGamer and VNs. They stated they will use ren'py. The design idea behind ren'py is that it should be Unity for VNs. It should pretty much be like taking the android version and then add the ren'py exe and you will have the VN for windows. Add the app bundle and you will have a mac version. The old days of expensive porting are gone. Now it's a question of using a cross platform engine and you can port to multiple different systems within a single day. What is likely the source of confusion here is that porting from a windows only format into ren'py is an old fashioned porting task and as such is different from what it mean to port from one ren'py platform to another. However I will add that I would likely script the porting into ren'py. Most of the time it's just display line of text, which is fairly easy to automate. Show sprite named X, play new BGM etc. All those are fairly standard in VNs and with the right software, you can get the computer to convert each command from original script to ren'py. It will require checking and testing, but it would be a huge time saver and the converter can then be used for other VNs using the same engine in windows. It wouldn't surprise me if a number of the MG releases so far for android share engine and as such share conversion tools.
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    Another Sekai Project Discussion

    Sending death threaths seems very deserved yes. Funny thing is that Chrono Clock is mostly fixed but people just play the pirated version that is not patched.
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    Another Sekai Project Discussion

    http://otakuspirit.com/2018/04/why-ill-never-support-sekai-project-again/ So @Zenophilious posted this article in the Fuwaserver the other day and it describes a single person's experience with Sekai Project and its Grisaia Kickstarter. I thought it'd be a fun discussion to bring up everybody else's experience with them and what they think of them. Personally, I find them to be unprofessional with some of their releases and they have a plethora of problems that I've already described in a previous thread. Whether you're an SP fan and apologist, or a person who dislikes SP, leave what you think below and most importantly, have fun.
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    Another Sekai Project Discussion

    If people find something wrong in that screenshot then they should kys
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    Another Sekai Project Discussion

    Yes and that is better than no response because it makes it easier to see how incompetent they are so less people back their kickstarters. I meant better for us who just want them gone and replaced by a better company not better for them
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    Welcome to Fuwanovel, and actually you didn't really need to make an introduction thread (You won't get banned if you didn't do it), but rather you should do it for the sake of being polite as the new member imo. As for the recommendation, well there's a lot of release but for the sake of being simple I'll just promote, I mean embed my blogpost here. Hope it'll be help you https://forums.fuwanovel.net/blogs/entry/2180-samurai-no-shoujo-review-top-10-best-rated-translated-vns-at-2015/ https://forums.fuwanovel.net/blogs/entry/2172-fata-morgana-0-review-top-10-best-rated-translated-vns-at-2016/ https://forums.fuwanovel.net/blogs/entry/2156-chaotic-everyday-review-top-10-best-rated-translated-vns-at-2017/ For the last word, I hope that you'll have fun here.
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    Btw, what do you mean in the Gintama part? One of those two "latter" should be "former", right? I'm guessing/hoping you meant the first episodes are the not-too-rememberable.
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    Didn’t you know? Models find top scores in ‘80s video games extremely hot.
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    MangaGamer has an android app? O.O....

    Back when MG started out, they had to announce they had the proofreaders they need. They had received emails from hundreds of people or something because based on the quality of their first two releases, they would need proofreaders. They did some changes internally and ensured they used proper editors or something. At least they recovered just fine and MG is no longer known for the worst quality editor work in VNs. Now they have decided to go into the handheld business. I have sort of mixed feelings about it. Personally I will never play a VN on anything handheld. A computer is the way to go and that is not debatable. I will get upset if their android department is at the cost of the windows releases in any way, including releasing using proper engines., but not limited to porting VNs to ren'py and then use that one to release for both computers and android. Most of the time VNs work best on the engine they were originally made for. On the other hand, from a business point of view, I suspect android could be a good move for MG. There is a general move from computers to handheld devices, meaning the amount of consumers reachable only on handheld is rising. It looks to me like MG predicts it to become even bigger and end up with a VN market of a size, which makes it interesting relative to the size of the market of computer VNs. They want to be the big player there and it can likely turn out to be profitable, at least in the long run. It's entirely possible that they expect to run with losses for a number of years, but when it turns profitable, other companies will show up, but at that time MG has an established name in a new and growing type of VN community. Odds are that MG has made a lot of calculations and know how far they can push an android division without risking taking the computer part down. Will this affect VNs for computers? Presumably not in the short run. In the long run, there is the risk that they will port VNs to new engines, which works on all the platforms they release for. If done right, the windows users can't tell the difference. If the android customers are "extra" as in it isn't windows users moving to android, then the cost of translating a VN will be spread across more end users, which might lower the price for windows releases. It might also maintain the prices, but with a higher profit for each copy, MG is more likely to stay in business. Maybe it can affect price and availability of licenses as well, allowing some releases for multiple platforms, which wouldn't have been made without android support. The worst case scenario I see is if MG finds android to be so profitable that they abandon all other platforms. I find it unlikely though. I do find it likely that they have a plan, which says to not spend more on android than MG can handle in case androids fail completely and never brings any income at all. Overall I'm not happy with them being interested in android, but I'm not really worried either.
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    What are you playing?

    Glad to see someone else getting into that VN. For me, the weird and wacky antics of the characters was one of the best things about that VN. Yuuji's quotes as well... Back on topic ....... I finished my current read. And have to pick what to read next...
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    Not only are the status update late this week, I suspect it is missing translated lines (hence the reason why it's late). I'm still not convinced it's complete, but in order to maintain a weekly update, some of the progress might not show up until next week. 52.0% TOTAL +0.3% 31786/61164 +160 66.3% Routes +0.4% 30.1% Side Stories 24.6% Training Routes 96.0% Common 100.0% Karin 30.4% Ichigo +4.2% 100.0% Mikan 100.0% Yuzu 100.0% Suika 100.0% Twins 100.0% Zakuro 5.2% Secret A 0.0% Secret B
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    This week appears to be the week where it can be seen in the numbers that the team of translators has been expanded 51.7% TOTAL +1.1% 31626/61164 +677 65.9% Routes +1.7% 30.1% Side Stories 24.6% Training Routes 96.0% Common 100.0% Karin 26.2% Ichigo +6.3% 100.0% Mikan 100.0% Yuzu 100.0% Suika 100.0% Twins 100.0% Zakuro 5.2% Secret A +5.2% 0.0% Secret B
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    How in the fuck did I manage to miss this
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    Another Sekai Project Discussion

    I think Sekai Project receives too much flak. People are quick to jump on an internet criticism bandwagon without knowing the full story behind things. It's clear that their recent releases are of unusually low quality, but they also have an extensive portfolio of quality successful releases and are making motions to fix the ones that are not-so-quality. My primary concern is that they're very opaque and don't divulge information to people that have paid good money for their product until they're forced to.