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    If you don't know what Rewrite Ignis Memoria, it was a mobage RPG/VN hybrid released only in Japan really early this year. Sadly, they're ending their services on December 31 so I did my best to find the best quality art of all the card art (which you can only get through gachas like usual...) you can collect. I really like the art and wanted to share it since I don't what else to give for Christmas. I was originally just gonna collect Kotori art for myself but ended up getting for everyone anyway. There's a nice variety of art for every major character and lots of cool designs/outfits from different artists. Even for some of the minor characters like Inoue, Nishikujou and Shimako. Sadly the guys don't have it as good. Kotarou and Sakuya get an alright amount but Yoshino literally gets 2! None of the other guys even get anything! I tagged the topic as NSFW since well.. while there's no bar full frontal 18+ art or anything, each major heroine usually has at least one fairly lewd art (Akane has art of her bare ass!). So just watch out for that if you're interested in looking through any of the albums. Anyway here they are. Kotori Kanbe art - https://imgur.com/a/nJu34 Chihaya Ohtori art - https://imgur.com/a/iSRf6 Shizuru Nakatsu art - https://imgur.com/a/r0TNG Lucia Konohana art - https://imgur.com/a/sv0My Akane Senri art - https://imgur.com/a/in82O Kagari art - https://imgur.com/a/5wbsh Inoue art - https://imgur.com/a/VFW43 Touka Nishikujou art - https://imgur.com/a/C4Htx Shimako art - https://imgur.com/a/oDhhb Kotarou, Sakuya, Yoshino, Pani, and Gill art - https://imgur.com/a/KJO8k They had so few I had to mix them together to be equal to the amount of the major girls. Outside those they had some cameos from other KEY works: Little Busters, Angel Beats, and Planetarian. Little Busters, Angel Beats, Planetarian, and Group Picture Art - https://imgur.com/a/Fp8UM
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    Trap visual novels?

    I'm not gay ok? Anyway i'd like trap visual novels with trap heroines. Open to any suggestions.
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    Heyo Fuwanovel

    Yo, welcome. Looks like you like yuri. I strongly recommend checking out Nurse Love Addiction, a very good yuri mystery VN. You didn't specify if the recommendations had to be translated or not, but based on your VNDB I'm guessing they should be. Still, if you can read Japanese, another great yuri game is Seisai no Resonance. One of my personal favorites.
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    SeaBed demo is out

    My VN backlog keeps increasing, I stopped being able to keep up anymore around a few months ago, especially with all the releases this year. Yeah he is, Fruitbat Factory also did the Eiyuu senki PS3 localization. And Magical Eyes - Red is for Anguish as well.
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    Lucid9 is a great mystery novel, and it is completely free! I recommend it both for that and for having enjoyed the game a lot. There's even a fuwareview on this, if you get interested. There is also Narcissu, the original one, which is always a must-read for new readers. Since you don't have a VNDB accound linked, I supposed you are new.
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    Warning: this post contains screenshots and (very) minor spoilers from the trial version. If you completely don't want to spoil yourself, or haven't played the trial yet, I'd highly advise to postpone reading until you finish the game first. If you did not yet stumble upon one of those TIME TO LEARN JAPANESE reminders, you have a damn good reason to finally consider studying moon runes. Title: 眠れぬ羊と孤独な狼-A Tale of Love, and Cutthroat- (trial ver.) (eng. Sleepless Sheep and Lonesome Wolf - A Tale of Love, and Cutthroat / Yourou for short) Developer: ClockUp Genre: Psychological thriller Rating: AO/18+ as f*ck VNDB Official website I always had a mixed opinion about ClockUp and their games. It's one of those studios, you will either love or hate with a profound passion and one that's going to be blocked by many game news outlets, websites and forums. Gods forbid you from even talking about their games, unless you're a member of some obscure corner of the internet (like this one) or a member of the perverted sect, known as filthy eroge players. Why? Because their blockbuster games are not only addictive, but often delve into topics, that are - to be blunt - plain repulsive and/or very uncomfortable for most average people to tackle. When they aren't working on their next serious game, they typically tend to churn out low budget porn games, that borderline on rape and mind corruption, with occasional gems in-between (yes, I am looking at you, Zwei Vorter). Joyful, right? Yourou is their latest addition to that wonderful lineup, best described as a "thrilling crime tale". In comparison to their previous games, Tatsuya dropped fantasy based concepts in favor of a more down-to-earth setting. Yourou seems to focus more broadly on the environment itself, rather than portraying the lives of single characters or a particular group. In that manner, main characters play more of a central role, rather than just being forced into hero/heroine roles. This makes the whole game feel more akin to an actual digital story, rather than a classic visual novel, where everything is told mostly from protagonist's perspective. In all honesty, this was a perfect choice, as the world presented within becomes much more colourful, playing an important role itself, instead of being just a backdrop for the characters to play on. Heavy filtered, neon-like photographic backgrounds with an added touch of grunge stylistics remind of the reality within - coarse, twisted and brutal, yet insanely vivid. It's a world of prostitutes, carnal pleasures, yakuza and bustling nightlife. Yourou tells a tale of Takeo - a young man, living in your typical, run-of-the-mill love hotel in Kabukicho district, commonly known as the biggest entertainment zone of Tokyo, Japan. Takeo suffers from chronic insomnia, which turned his whole life upside down. His life is filled with nearly endless days that span across the weeks, while he earns his living as a janitor, cleaning up after guests. We quickly learn of his problems. His daily job is nothing but a cover for his true rason d'etre. In order to survive his disability, Takeo takes upon the offer of one of the leading gang's Bosses and works as an assassin during the nights; killing is the only way he can actually experience sleep. For both Takeo and Azami - back then still complete strangers, this was ought to be a night like any other. Little did they knew, the following events will make their paths cross again. This changes, after he meets Azami - a mysterious girl, he spots one day upon leaving to work, as usual. A pretty, young call girl, en-route to her client. Takeo didn't put much thought into it, until the next day his group discovers a dead body in the same exact room, she was supposedly to meet up; A pretty gruesome discovery too boot. upon finding out the man was actually an important member of the neighbourhooding group, Takeo's boss - Mamoru - orders him to find the culprit at all costs and bring her alive to prevent a potential gang war. At this point, Takeo couldn't care less about that, since he already had a reason of his own. Until now, Takeo considered himself a killer sheep - because he only killed upon a direct order. The sole fact of another killer like him, capable to bring down and gut a man of this size, regardless of consequences - an indicator of free will - makes Takeo boil with anger. For him, the mysterious girl becomes an actual wolf, which directly puts his life on the line. Unable to rest in peace, he vouches to find the girl himself at all costs and bloody murder her, so he can finally get a good night's sleep. Whoopsie~ Takeo's personal investigation takes him across the streets of Kabukicho. Soon, he discovers the girl he chased after sports nearly inhuman strength and reflexes far beyond his own capabilities; he's forced to run for his own life. As it turns out, this was just the beginning of a wild road, that will inevitably bring an end to his current, peaceful existence. The trial version covers exactly, what could be considered a prologue to the whole story. It's incredibly well paced, drawing you into a vividly painted image of Kabukicho's underworld - back alleys, host clubs, brothels and many of it's criminal groups, fighting for supremacy in this world filled to the brim with human dreams and desires. I was honestly surprised with the amount of detail, that went into every single aspect of the game. Tatsuya is well known for his prose, that often shifts more into psychological side of things and Yourou uses it surprisingly well to create a colourful cast of characters teeming with life. It's one of those rare stories, that make you feel emotionally invested with heroes of the story and you'll often find yourself cheering for them, even though you know they aren't necessarily good people. In fact, the world of Yourou is painted with grey and greyer shades, while it's characters aren't some superfluous paper dolls, but plain people with their own dreams and goals. This is especially prevalent for both Takeo and Azami, as they aren't guided by some invisible hand, but act entirely based on their own assumptions, choices and more than often - emotions - which in turn makes for some really interesting situations. Things don't "just happen"; if they happen, they do happen for a reason. Each criminal group within the story is given a proper introduction, without sparing any details. This kind of intricate world-building greatly enriches the game and makes you emotionally invested with characters, no matter who they are. Nemurenu Hitsuji to Kodoku na Ookami convinces me there are still studios capable of creating original, adult-oriented, purely story driven experiences, instead of this uninspired trash relying on commonly found otaku tropes. I have high expectations of this game and - of course - can't wait for the release. No matter if you're a fan of ClockUp, or someone who's looking for a more mature story - one without highly-pitched animu gals, fawning over protag's virtually infinite manhood - Yourou might be what you're looking for. As of now, Yourou is scheduled for release on 22th of December. I couldn't ask for a better Christmas present. PS. Azami is a fantastic heroine. Read the game and you'll understand why
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    Heyo Fuwanovel

    New around here, but not so much to VNs. I look forward to getting involved in þis community. Anyone got any solid recommendations? paid or free
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    Trap visual novels?

    Tenioha HAD, until Nutaku fricked it up. Also this. (Yandere Alert!) Also this link is for a VNDB search (Trap Heroine+Translated) https://vndb.org/v/all?q=&fil=tag_inc-388.tagspoil-0.lang-en&rfil=&s=title&o=a
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    Trap visual novels?

    Talk about sensitive heterosexuality. (no offense) Anyway, here: Otomaid @ Cafe (Trap Protag+Heroines) Netorare Otoko no Ko (Trap Heroine+Trap Transformation End) Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru (Trap Protag) School Idol ♂ Itoshi no Qtie Cool (Trap Protag+Trap Heroine) Here for you: https://vndb.org/v/all?q=&fil=tag_inc-388.tagspoil-0.lang-en&rfil=&s=title&o=a
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    Trap visual novels?

    "That shit gay." - Joseph Stalin
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    I read that VN years ago, but what from i remember all of the other routes aside from the main were pretty half assed. Was a pretty big disappointment imo. Nonetheless it was a decent read.
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    i played that route last, so to be honest I didn't hate the other routes. Yes, they were obvious diversions with mediocre storylines, but some of them were actually enjoyable if taken alone.
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    Heyo Fuwanovel

    This one will change your life: https://vndb.org/v13259
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    SeaBed demo is out

    I don't have a PS3 D: I heard about Fruitbat when they announced Little Busters with Doki, then I got interested in Miniature Garden - again, a great title. Magical Eyes is also in my to-read list, but honestly I forgot about it, so thank you for reminding me. I'm also thinking on giving up on my backlog and starting a new list with games I will read in the next few months, as there are many already that I'll probably never really read, while many, many others keep getting released. Now with this last MG bundle I got at least 2 or 3 more VNs than I was already planning (only Higurashi before). However, I'm not as old in the medium as many here are, but to have so many options, so many good quality translations in such a small timeframe makes me very happy. When I began reading VNs, there were only those "50 vns to read in your life" that were actually good. Clannad was still machine translated, only Jast released stuff, even Fuwa was still a website focused on torrents. I have to thank not only Fruitbat but also everybody who is making this genre grow in the west, and I'll keep helping how I can, both buying and giving back to the community.
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    SeaBed demo is out

    You're from Fruitbat? If so, this will be my second experience with the group, being the first reading Miniature Garden - which deserves a lot more attention that it gets - so I have high expectations with this. There are still very few yuri and yaoi games translated, so it is always nice to see a group getting into translating them.
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    Winter 2018 Anime discussion

    You have to watch all 8 Kyon-kun denwa to get the full experience.
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    Winter 2018 Anime discussion

    I'm hoping for the second season of Kancolle... ...I'm still waiting for any news about the Girls und Panzer Movie....hope it wasn't postponed. Anyway, this winter I'll just watch all the masterpieces I've never watched, Like the Melanchony of Haruhi Suzumiya and many others.
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    Good Free Visual novel recommendations

    Thanks, I'd rather stay away from DDLC but thanks Im pretty spoiled with Katawa Shoujo so it's hard to get used to different VNs
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    Which Long VN should I read next?

    I knew this would happen the moment I saw the poll. Most people here didn't play/don't care for Cinderella or Lamento, so the only ones with any chance of winning was YUNO or Sakura Dungeon... Even Umineko got more votes (technically Silvz and Dreamysyu) and it wasn't even an option!
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    A new challenger approaches

    Hey everyone. I'm glad to make your acquaintances. I've been using the forum for recommendations and tips for a while now so it only seems right to make an account and go through the motions. God help whoever bothers to read this. About me I'm a writer from the UK. I used to write more western media ranging from game scripts to articles mixed a saucy hint of poetry. However, over the course of the last couple of years I've been drawn into visual novels. Starting with western styles like 80 days and short VN I could find for free online. Gradually I noticed I was reading more and more Japanese VN , even beginning to watch some anime. It was after finishing Katawa Shoujo (yes I'm one of those, you have permission to roll your eyes) that I felt a real passion for visual novels continuing to read more like CLANNAD and Fate/Stay Night. I've thrown out my other writing projects to concentrate on adapting my style to suit visual novels. Hopefully within the future I'll have more to show on here. For now though, I'm just happy to talk to other likeminded people and generally be around.
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    My passion project

    Hey Yamato! nice to see that you've finally mustered your courage and decided to launch yourself into the hard world of Visual Novels, good luck with your project.
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    Here's an entirely arbitrary image. You can add a link to an image, in the editor, by pasting the image (or link to it), having it format itself into an image, clicking that image once and, finally, clicking the 'Link' button in the editor. What is the editor? The place where you write the text you intend to post. You will notice it has some buttons on a top bar. The one that looks like a chain, called 'Link', is the one you click AFTER having clicked your image inside the editor.
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    'Cause the VN community has already a lot of people who have prejudice against VNs as "weeb" things, so yeah a some persons outside the community throw shit at us for whatever reason, and in some cases people DON'T shut their traps about it.