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    I Should Thank Fuwanovel

    On May 11th, 2017 (ie, Thursday last week) the parody visual novel "Stay! Stay! Democratic People's Republic of Korea" was released. Most people probably know that I wrote it. Well, 90% or so of it, there were some humor changes and a couple last-minute changes to make some things make sense, those were done by the Project Leader. But for the vast majority of it, it's my handiwork. I actually got picked for the project because the developer advertised here on the boards. I submitted a sample, they liked it and brought me in. So without the boards, I wouldn't have had the chance to do the project. For that I'm extremely grateful. I'm actually really grateful because, in a sense, it's a comeback for me. A long time ago I wrote sports articles for newspapers. You may not think it's relevant, but the sports section is actually one of the places you're supposed to expect some creativity when it comes to writing. The last year I had done it, I was in New Hampshire at a weekly start-up in its infancy - The Connecticut Valley Spectator (it was owned by The Eagles Times, but they went kaput years ago during the first couple death waves to newspapers). They pretty much turned over most of the staff after about 8-9 months, including myself. To be fair, I was doing everything for the section then - stories, page layout, even photography. I was pretty burned out, and trying to get people on board for a new local weekly isn't easy. Once I was let go with the others, I hadn't really done a job in professional writing since. No, this isn't me trying to influence the forthcoming review. It is what it is and if the reviewer here loves it great, if not, I'm willing to listen to what they think would have been better. But the initial Steam reviews, both "real" and "shitposting real" have been really good. But it also just feels really nice to have written something that people are reading once again. And without the boards here, it wouldn't have happened. So this place - it's alright. And yes, you can tell me how much you loved or hated it if you read it. I don't bite. I'm actually super nice. WAIT WRONG ICON!!!
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    Nice! This was an interesting listen. A little bit of random commentary from me: I have to admit I kind of roll my eyes whenever I hear people griping about Chrono Clock's localization, since it's honestly one of the better VN translations that's come out in the last year by my lights (I dunno, 80th percentile? 90th percentile?). I get that DD's Japanese interjections are controversial, and I admit I find them annoying as hell too, but I have yet to hear anybody offer any suggestion which I actually believed was a better alternative to capture her bizarre speech. One thing worth mentioning that I've heard is about the way DD is perceived by Japanese readers: apparently her constant English interjections in the original actually come off as incredibly annoying. So, if you find her annoying in translation, perhaps you could say the translator actually nailed her character. I personally find Chrono Clock's frequent British slang even more off-putting, but that decision is even more clearly just a judgement call (if a bad one, IMO, purely from a perspective of sales). The bigger issues with the translation are the horrifying mixture of past and present tense (which I have yet to see a single other person complain about, but which seriously sets my teeth on edge), and the periodic awkward phrasing and mistakes which mostly lurked in some of the clearly unedited routes I played in the initial release. There are still a fair number of proofing errors in the script of the version I'm playing (which I think is the current 18+ release?). It's a shame they rushed the release to meet a deadline, instead of taking the extra month of polish the game could have used. I also don't know how much access to writers people usually get when officially localizing a VN. My understanding, at least, is that that's the exception, not the rule. I'd love it if that became the norm, but I'm pretty sure the typical story today is that license holders and localization companies talk, and then the localization companies then typically hand off scripts to contractor translation teams who basically work on their own. The original developers and writers (i.e., typically not the Japanese license holders) usually don't get pulled in at all (after all, the writers themselves are often contractors as well, and they've long since finished what they contracted for). So, while that's a nice vision of the world, I doubt it happens all that often. But I do dearly hope things move more in that direction, and it does make me happy to hear it happens at least some of the time (this is, honestly, the first such anecdote I've heard).
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    Yeah that was it thanks a lot.
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    only one i can think of is Eiyuu*Senki. https://vndb.org/v6458
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    MC hair color suggestion

    Pure black hair, metallic gold eyes with dark red flecks.
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    Fate/Grand Order

    Camelot is hard for everyone, Babylonia and Shinjuku are much easier
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    Unfortunately the release was delayed in order to prepare some not important matter (To me) like Steam Trading Card and achievement (I think they could prepare it later actually cmiiw, but whatever). Very annoying I knew, but I couldn't do anything about it other than waiting. Here's the news from them below, and if you annoyed just do whatever you want with Mari's picture. 'We have some final things to finish with Steam Achievements and Trading Cards. We thought we could get them done and still launch by the 16th, but it's not possible and now we have to admit it to ourselves and to you. We don't want to have a false start again, so we will get these things finalized, get them reviewed by Valve and then set our new launch date. Please stand by. In the meantime, just look at Mari's cute face! It has sorry written all over it, and we do sincerely apologize. Thank you for your patience and support as we fight for this next victory.' PS - By the way, maybe the OP should change the title there.
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    The Rom and/or Com challenge is on

    Okay I finally finished Ultra Maniac, hooray \o/ It has dated like a lot of shows of its time (2003). Interestingly though, it hasn't suffered the slow pace problem of shows of that era - that it would take forever to get to every next line of dialogue, and I'd end up watching them at +10 or +20% speed. This didn't suffer that with quite a good pace. It was also, in many ways, a bit of a golden era for anime so I'm willing to forgive any dated elements for the other aspects. However, the whole magic girl stuff with long drawn out transformations and magic computer scenes that were never cut short really started to drag. The magic fails in the first half are rather contrived and childish, but I can generally put up with that if it has other redeeming features. As a result the first half was pretty plain and harmless and only mildly entertaining. The second half of the series is more about the characters though, and of course, it's a romcom with a happy ending, so how can I complain? It mostly goes according to what I'd expect without a great deal of surprises but then I did find myself smiling and laughing more as it went along. I have no idea how it deviated from the manga but it was still fun. It mostly avoided any long drawn out drama, the characters were fun and more fleshed out than they first appeared and overall was fun. More than happy to have watched it, 7/10. It's also one of those shows that I probably would have rated higher if I'd watched it in 2003 so really it's a decent rating for a show this old. It also gets to go on the ultimately satisfying anime list. Next up, as per @havoc's recommendation, Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari
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    Lovely I will love to play this when it comes out, of course I'm gonna play on my phones because well, it seems more convenient
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    MC hair color suggestion

    Light blue hair and bronze eyes. Because.
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    We're pretty excited about this one as our guest is one of the Dies Irae translators, Mr. John Hooper (GundamAce) of Lemnisca (http://www.lemnisca.com/), who was gracious enough to take time out of his schedule to talk with us. http://thebroadcast.club/2017/05/15/episode-4-translation-quality/ Be sure to follow our twitter if you like what we do! https://twitter.com/VNBroadcastClub G_Ace/J_hopper can be found here: https://twitter.com/jhooper_g_ace General feedback or discussion about the episode is always welcome. Hope you enjoy! Edited April 15 by NowItsAngeTime
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    Trails in the Sky Trilogy...oh wait not really the right setting or theme you requested... Err most of these are fantasy-ish Thousand Arms, Growlanser Saga, Sakura Wars, Huniepop, Eiyuu Senki, Sunrider Academy, Tales of Symphonia
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    Akimoto Masato

    Lover Able TL

    Look forward to seeing this thing fully translated, keep me updated
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    I Should Thank Fuwanovel

    The possible association with the Philadelphia Eagles probably didn't help.
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    The internet never ceases to amaze me.
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    Lover Able TL

    I see. Well, keep up the good progress there.
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    Soulless Watcher

    MoeNovel saving us again

    Yeah I find the constant inability of the human race to communicate with each other and the resultant suffering that causes pretty funny as well.
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    Persona 5's options

    >Wanting to turn down legit the best RPG soundtrack ever Shame. Seriously though, for me it was the opposite. The voices were too dang loud and I didn't want to be constantly blasted with the nonsensical yelling during battles, but there's no way to turn it down. Just gotta live with it. Who knows, maybe someday you'll get better musical taste.
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