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    From Pakuyasa in women's underwear? You sick fuck. Anyone else kinda feel weird about the latest episode of Gabriel DropOut? Maybe it's just because I'm from the states, but I thought the Satania gun sketch would end with her getting arrested and the bald teacher being assigned as her probation officer.
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    MangaGamer 2017 Licensing Survey

    Rance Quest's translation was never stalled. Even after the MangaGamer licenses were announced, Bad End continued translating Quest and listing its progress on the blog, even though she stated that she would not release it as a fan patch. and It got very far before the blog was eventually taken offline completely. Sengoku and Quest both releasing this year is within the realm of possibility. It varies title to title. Beat Blades Haruka took Arunaru around five months to translate. Rance 6 has a bit more text, but you also need to keep in mind that most of the translation was done on Arunaru's spare time as a fan translator, before he was hired by MangaGamer. He may have dedicated less time to it then he does to translation now.
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    SOS for Learning Japanese by VN Method

    I wouldn't recommend it, all you'd end up doing is creating some bad habits for yourself and relying on translation that isn't even guaranteed to be correct, let alone read good. You should make your goal clear - do you want to read VNs in Japanese, or do you want to translate them (in your head or with tools) and read them in English? Do you want to learn the language, or do you just want to somewhat understand it enough to make sense of it through different means? If you're indeed trying to learn the language, machine translation should be out of the question, even if it might seem tempting and easy. When put to good use, the previously mentioned Mecab/JParser is a much more reliable and flexible tool. It will help you with the words you don't know, but it should also allow you to eventually think about the sentences in Japanese, instead of just going the extra unnecessary step and translating everything in your head. It will take a long time and it certainly will take more effort than relying on machine TL, but it's way more worth it in the long run if you're at all serious about learning Japanese in the first place. Once you get the vocab, you can just skim the text as is, even if you don't know a word here and there - relying on machine TL even at such a late stage would just set you back. Also just quickly on the topic of internet dictionaries, the Weblio ja-en dictionary is a great resource that's not often mentioned, perhaps for it being primarily a Japanese page. Despite that, it will often give you much more specific and natural results- it might be more useful for translation than anything else, but it is a reat reference point if you can't find something in jisho/tangorin, or the translation there just isn't satisfactory.
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    While the final cause of my chronic insomnia has been a subject of much consternation on my part, the answer was none too subtle last night. Indeed, something weighed heavily on my heart, compounding the recurring problem of Arby's-induced arterial blockage. If I were to own a cat, would it ever catch on to my laser-pointing diversions? As any former or current participant in this activity can attest, it is very entertaining, such that one should enjoy it in the absence of concerns that it may someday become infeasible. I ruminated on this question after recalling this gif that tangentially addresses the matter. In other words, may I consider the feline mind analogous to that of a dog who, in a like manner, readily fetches the stick only to endure the same Sisyphean struggle moments later and without cessation?
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    You wouldn't have it any other way and you know it
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    They're still working on Kuroinu. Seems like it's going to take them awhile too, since if I recall what they're working on right now is just the first part or something? I forget, it's been a while.
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    Games Like Gal Gun

    You forgot about akiba Strip, although the game's slightly different in terms of gameplay. I don't recall any rail shooters similiar to Gal Gun. If you're okay with shooters and shumps in general, though - there's quite a few of them; Sexy Parodius propably being the most prolific one.
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    Recommend me something

    I kinda feel like Clannad is a bit off between them, but idk. I think if you liked Death note well enough, then you may like Psycho-Pass aswell
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    Recommend me something

    Code Geass Nichijou Drifters Ano Hana
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    I was wrong about a year there. The real fact was Arunaru managed to translated Rance VI almost completely around 4 months before he starting to work on Haruka at June (Arunaru was started Rance VI translation at February after finished Mamatoto translation). As for the answer, it's depend on the length of the games although the translator factor was the most though if I may said. What I want to imply is that Arunaru was always doing quick translation for all of his projects, and I think it was good. Although maybe in the hand of other translator it'll be take longer time though if we talk about any of Alicesoft games ie more than one year.
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    if you downloaded the patch you need to click on the start.exe (iirc). You can ignore this if you play the Japanese version
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    @Darklord Rooke Figured you might get a kick out of this vid, I'm a fan of the guys style of analysis.
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    Alpha's Adventures is now on Steam Greenlight! Your vote would be much appreciated! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=864752640
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    SOS for Learning Japanese by VN Method

    It just depends on what you want to use them with - TA is obviously more convenient with VNs and other non-browser based text as it automatically parses anything in your clipboard, but for browsing the web Rikai-kun/Rikai-sama is faster. TA also has the advantage of showing you the entire sentence parsed and relatively reliably split into separate parts via color coding, whereas Rikai-kun/Rikai-sama only shows you one word at a time. Both TA and Rikai-sama are very customisable, so there shouldn't really be much of a difference between their usefulness in terms of dictionaries as such, as you can edit these yourself for both of them. It's up to you what you want to have highlighted, but at first it'll probably be much easier if you have the particles highlighted so they are easy to tell apart from the rest of the sentence, so you get used to how the sentence structure works and learn to naturally recognise them yourself.
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    Welp, not me soooo meh I mean your ship is with Derg, you're just my onii-chan/plaything~~
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    I'm not certain what this sentence even means (virtual machine?), but I'll take a stab anyway. JParser or MeCab, as implemented in Translation Aggregator, are extremely useful for processing each word quickly enough to understand simple sentences. JParser also tries to interpret grammar, which can be helpful too. Machine translators can be useful for untangling complex sentences or for skimming text that you don't want to devote effort to actually reading. Even nowadays I still use ATLAS to skim boring food discussions, for example.
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    Fuwanovel Confessions

    My life of a working man straddled with student loans: \(^o^)/ (^o^)/ ... (°o°) (°-°) (°.°) ... (・.・;)(・・;) (°°) (´・ω・`) ( つ Д `) Sayonara $$$
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    Hey Guys, I just want to thank all those who took the time to back us on Kimochi and to announce hat we'd be live on Kickstarter next month with a short demo of Episicava's game play and a spiffier trailer as well! Look forward to it, my friends! Here's a gift for you all, Episicava's first CG;
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    To Heart 2 for PC Translation Project

    Tama-nee's route is pretty solid. You'll be suitably tormented.
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    To Heart 2 for PC Translation Project

    So I've done a playthrough/proofread of my own of Manaka's route now that @Benji Price committed his edits. I found this quite disappointing, not because the route is bad, but because it has been the most seriously neglected route on the translation side. It was the second route translated after Konomi's, likely around 7 years ago, when my Japanese was pretty bad. However Konomi's route has had numerous iterations with some degree of translation checking and multiple edit passes so is much more polished. Later routes had the benefit of my Japanese improving so got progressively better translations. Manaka's hadn't received any translate check whatsoever and was still based on my original translation which was rather bad in areas. So I took it upon myself to play the whole route through looking for obvious mistranslations that broke the flow of logic in the story and corrected them, and changed any scene where I could hear what was said clearly didn't match what the translation said. Then I got towards the end of her route, where the real substantial part of the plot is fleshed out, and the scenes are much longer and was devastated at how bad it was in that section. So I've largely retranslated the last 10 or so scenes which missed many important plot points and the end result is now much more respectable. It's still far from perfect but at least it conveys the story far better. What was most interesting about this experience was that I had originally thought Manaka's route quite dull, but after retranslating it, it was much more rewarding. The relationships between characters made much more sense and there were numerous things with innuendo that I missed completely the first time around. It brings up something I've been trying to tell people for ages that there really is no point reading a bad translation because it just does not do the original story justice - potentially on a scale so great that the story isn't even recognisable; I even did it to myself on this one. I used this game translation as impetus to continue learning and practice for my own Japanese and to that end it's served its purpose but I didn't want that legacy to taint the final product. Nonetheless, I still don't feel that I'm a great translator and it does pain me somewhat knowing that the final version of this will never receive a translation check from someone else more skilled to really do it justice. I accepted this reality a while ago and for the most part I think the final product is still respectable, but Manaka's route highlighted to me just how bad it could have been. Even this close to finishing the project, I'd still happily delay releasing it if a translate checker came along to take it up to the next level - but at 97,000 lines I doubt anyone's going to put their hand up and who knows how long it would further delay this project that's already lasted 8 years.