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    FPS MasterRace Poll

    Other: Fuck the entire genre and especially fuck the tendency to turn good RPG franchises into weaksauce shooters with RPG elements.
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    I would like a recommendation

    Rose Guns Days for a big one. Story starts off right from the first line, never slows down too much. Also all of nitroplus' short stories. Saya no Uta, Kikokugai, Hanachirasu, Phenomeno. Those are even better, though they're a lot shorter (all of them can be completed in 1 to 5 hours)
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    What are you playing?

    Does that ring a bell?
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    Umineko TL Quality?

    There's actually a third version, the Umineko Project version, which goes far beyond what the UmiTweak patch did. They coded a whole new engine from scratch which replicates the PS3 version near-exactly, with lots of special effects and features the UmiTweak version didn't have, and at the same time they TLCed and edited the Witch Hunt translation, separately from MangaGamer. Both Umineko Project and MangaGamer translations are improved by a pretty large amount, but I haven't really dug into either so I can't get into the specific differences.
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    You shouldn't really care what others think of your hobbies. It's your money and your life. It's not like they're a part of it anyway, so why would their opinions matter?
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    Birthday thread

    Happy belated birthday to @Nashetania Have a good one
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    Disappointing Endings

    sachis bad end fucking sachis bad end
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    What Anime are you watching now?

    All this praise for Moribito, I couldn't help myself so I went out and watched it myself since I'm a sucker for feel good anime, and the combination of action and feel good is very rare. I thoroughly enjoyed it and watched it over only 3 nights. There was something stiff about the facial expressions in the animation which was a little awkward, but otherwise it looked great too. As MP said, I quite liked the lack of urgency; it concentrated on character interactions and storytelling without needing to ram action down your throat. I kept expecting a surprise attack, or someone to jump out of the shadows, or some convenient misunderstanding, or missing information contrivances, or some other standard trope, and yet it never once did that which was surprising in itself and actually refreshing. Things did tie in very neatly in ways that became apparent earlier on so it was never particularly surprising where the story went, but that made the execution no less pleasing. 8/10
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    Re;Zero Visual Novel

    Now this is completely offtopic, but consumers have the most responsibility over what succeeds and what doesn't. After all, the companies sell what people buy. So, if you consider Sakura games are cancer, just don't come near them, lest they produce more and more and saturate the market. We are not gourmets though, and every one of us indulge sometimes in rather questionable products, quality-wise. Just keep them at a minimum, please?
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    What are you playing?

    So the Organization is these five girls, then? I don't see why Okabe would be so hung up on it. In fact, you'd think he'd be clamoring to join.
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    Hello all, Just a heads-up, since Black Wolves Saga -Bloody Nightmare- is fully translated now by orlandoblue, I've decided to begin translating Last Hope through the Visual Novel Reader. Some of the early parts of the game have already been translated by me. If you want to contribute to the translations as well, feel free to let me know. If you have some corrections for me, feel free to let me know, too. Otherwise, I'll be adding more translations sporadically and posting updates whenever I can. Until next time, Eirrir
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    Umineko TL Quality?

    In my post, I was comparing MG's tl to Umineko Project's tl. Both were changed from Witch Hunt's original fan translation, by different people. I'm not sure who those people were. Personally I'm semi holding out for the hero to integrate the MG tl with umineko project's port... or maybe just read it in jp in three years or so. Whenever the answer arcs are out by MG I will consider starting on just MG's version, as I never was a stickler for presentation quality anyway.
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    Fate/Grand Order

    FGO realllyy need a better Account recovery system. In other news, ny first Bond CE
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    You could always play them with headphones you know.
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    Dude store clerks don't give a fuck, they just want you to hurry up and buy your shit, so they can go back to contemplating their empty lives in peace. My Family doesn't give a fuck either since both of my sisters love yaoi, my mom is really into those trashy cheap romance novels, and my dad LOVES Fox News. We just kinda accepted that each of us has their "thing" and left it at that.
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    Disappointing Endings

    Most of inconclusive or too open ends and on the top endings that in a logical flow should be bittersweet/sad but with some deus ex machina transform in a happy end.
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    Disappointing Endings

    Clannad bashing thread, huh? It really makes me want to come back to reading it. Anywayz. 1) Danganronpa 2. In every aspect other than 'no FPP exploration' it was better than first game. And then the final chapter/trial/ending happened. So baffling, so stupid, so convoluted, so bad it made me go through trial by walkthrough, because I jsut didn't cared anymore. 2) Swan Song True end. Shitty, overlly happy and out of place forced ending to perfectly builded, depressing game. 'Normal end' is my headcanon true end. Official 'True End' is shit. Fields of Himawari my ass. VNs made me hate sunflowers. ;d 3) Muv Luv Alternative. Final chapter was very rushed, skpping big parts of the story, and then giving emotional-less [big spoiler] which were so bad written, that gave me only completly 'meh' reaction. Other than this aspect - I really liked the finale. 4) Ever17 - Final route was very mediocre. Instead of giving explanations to already presented 'unknowns', it suddenly shows a lot of new plot points and didn't gave a time to start caring about them. Rushed, baffling, unnconvincing, dissapointing. Special recommendation to; Sharin no kuni - Whole VN (except for maybe really funny comedic first chapter) was shit, but this ending was an icing on the cake. This whole 'fuck this I'm out' after series of totally ridiculous and unbelievable scenes was like a perfect ending for this title.
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    Fate/Grand Order

    Just arrived today
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