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    Thank you for all the enjoyment I have gotten from Fuwanovel over the coarse of my stay. Thank you Tay, Nayleen, Nosebleed, Solidbatman, Decay, Rooke, KosakiFag, Madvanced, Ken-kun, Flutflut, Tiag, and everyone else on Fuwanovel for giving me a place to go and talk about the things I enjoy. I've recently moved into a new house and with it I want to do things differently. It's my senior year of High School, I've lost 70 pounds over the last year, I've gotten more friends, and I just want to do things differently, simple as that. I'll still be on Discord, Skype, and Steam for anyone wanting to talk. Again, thank you One last Inori (a re-post but it's my favorite). I really loved this site <3
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    A Sun Of Salt Kickstarter / Greenlight A character-centric, horror/romance game made in RPG Maker MV that draws inspiration from Persona 4, Saya No Uta, and To The Moon. - - - - - - - You are captain of a 4 man ship out on a year-long mission. Unbeknownst to your crew and the rest of humanity, the mission acts as the first test of a new technology that will allow you access to your crews thoughts as they sleep. How you use this information, if you use it at all, is up to you. What would you do if you knew the every thought of those around you? - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - FEATURES - Live life among crew-mates who have relationships, thoughts, and lives of their own that you'll grow to understand as you become friends, rivals, lovers, and enemies. Experience passion and despair in the 4+ endings and branching dialogue. Learn what people truly think with the ability to see the deepest secrets and most revealing thoughts of those around you Solve social puzzles. Use your hidden knowledge of each character's mind to resolve problems and help the crew, manipulate and control OR ignore temptation and follow your heart. A Sun of Salt will launch early to mid 2017 for $5.
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    Fuwanovel Confessions

    Plot twist : Halal only means the actual animal was slaughered, basically it's an ancient jewish science practice, it doesn't really change the taste of the meat, only the kind of animal you eat will change it. But you are mostly talking about Kebab, right? if so, it has a name.
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    Hello Fuwa, On behalf of the unnamed translation team that worked on the short game, Guilty Crown Lost Christmas, we are finally able to present to you an English patch for the game. The actual translation and editing has been completed a while ago, however technical issues that led to a very long delay. We can finally release for your viewing pleasure. Let me credit the wonderful people who made this possible: Hacker: lolgc Translator: Aiden K., Crysis99 Editing: Crysis99, Andrew Siu The patch can be found here, just extract the files into the installation folder and replace any existing files. If you still encounter any bugs, technical issues, or horrible grammar then contact lolgc over at his website. Enjoy.
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    When I read someone complains about how is the game difficult to understand or the atmosphere is too dark to swallow or the plot is so confusing, I just want to scream: "Come on, people, it's an adult game with adult themes" and not some pretentious moege with fappable anime girls. It's not torture machine, it's extremely compelling and deep story with a live characters. The House in Fata Morgana is the kamige we don't often get in our lands and minding sales numbers don't deserve to get at all. You know how one tells that visual novels are actually books with images and music? In 99% cases it's bullshit. I would never compliment Grisaia or Clannad if I had them in the book format. Yes, they both has good scenarios but not the writing. The Novectacle's game is something else: elegant and inspirational. I'm writer myself and I see how much work the author put in the original idea to make a literary masterpiece. From the first encounter with the maid to the last spoken words I'v never been lost, disappointed or frustrated. I know why many players or readers hate flashbacks but in this case it's necessary evil to orchestrate the grand performance in the cursed mansion. So many things I want to say but it's so hard not to spoil important things. Remember this, it's not scary or horror story. It's not especially traumatic or cringe worthy. It's not Berserk kinda suffering. It's a I'm with Tay in his begging’s. Try it now, buy it now, you'll never regret. And if you will, then it means you're still not grown enough. Go back in couple of years when you can appreciate such sophisticated work of art. As for the real shortcomings of the game, there are only three: 1) Cheap backgrounds (what you expect from tiny doujin circle?) 2) 800x600 (Yeah, kirikiri is a crap engine) 3) Modern slang in some parts (nobody says "Ok" in 1099, ok?) As for why vocal in the divine OST is Portuguese. What did you study in school? Pokemones? From the sixteenth to the nineteenth century, Portugal was a huge colonial empire. Read about Treaty of Tordesillas in Wiki. If I'll have chance to go back in those times, I think I can definitely hear some similar songs and instrumental compositions like in the soundtrack. I wish the characters would speak Portuguese or Spanish or French. I can imagine the great gothic movie based on the game's script. With Del Toro in the director's seat. Sorry for my emotional escapade, but the game is worth it. Bless MG for bringing this incredible visual novel to us. And for God Sake, support it!
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    Thank you! The tracks are short because they're just demos at the moment. They absolutely 100% will both be longer, and loop seamlessly. I realize since the style is more simplistic music and sound takes a much larger role in things, and I'm taking that seriously. The background changes throughout the days of the game. Some days you'll see beautiful galaxies, large planets, and a several other things. This particular background is a placeholder for now, but I think it gives a pretty decent idea of what it will look like.
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    it was a really good visual novel. one of the very few times where i actually didn't thought about money wasted on a crap VN. , it was much better than i expected even though i am not into big oppai. the plot is really funny and amazing in general. i sincerely hope manga gamer will translate the sequels. will definitely buy the rest when they get translated in the future if they ever did. the visual novel itself is also longer than i expected, and each choice will matter and will put you into a different ending. not to mention the branch off in mid story. translation was of good quality, manga gamer did a good job on this one even though i think its a little bit overpriced but its okay since it was worth it.
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    Best wishes for you, bud - hope things work out and go in a direction that provides you with contentment. Highschool huh? man that really makes me feel my age
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    You succumbed to riajuu life, but you shall be remembered, comrade.
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    Fuwanovel Confessions

    Guys, i bombed my 2nd hiragana ta-ho quiz, i completely and absolutely brainfarted to the max and couldn't remember the easiest of the easy, te てeven though i got it plenty of times in my training Like i literally blitz everything else in 2 minutes, then sat there like a dumbass for the rest 8 minutes, gg Das what happens when you work overnight 'til 5AM then have class at 8AM, don't do it
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    To Heart 2 for PC Translation Project

    I made this account just to say: thank you! I going to patiently wait for the final patch, so please take your time.
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    Fuwanovel Confessions

    That's what she said
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    Fuwanovel Confessions

    The "do I need to learn the alphabet before I can write words?"-thread. Just skip the boring stuff, go right in.
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    Cross Channel's a special case in that regard. From what I've heard from Japanese speakers, the prose is almost as important as the story in this game, and neither of the translations really transfer Tanaka's writing, simply because it's damn near impossible to replicate in English.
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    What are you playing?

    Finished Ace Attorney : Spirit of Justice. It was amazing. It's so much better than Dual Destinies.
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    A VN with a villan type protagonist

    You might stumble into a problem; there aren't really that many vn's, which feature well fleshed out characters, who aren't as much "evil", as more of being in conflict with whatever other groups of interests strive for. Such characters, with their own moral code, acting according to their own rules, having clear and down-to-earth goals and not behaving in a purely evil, but morally ambigious ways are a rarity in japanese vn's. ...Although you might try the Cyber Slayer or Hanachirasu.
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    A VN with a villan type protagonist

    All that really comes immediately to mind out of what I've played so far is Bunny Black but I'm not sure if Darx would entirely fulfill what you're asking for.
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    Current avatar. Should change soonish.
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    This week's episode was way too happy. Shit's going down for sure next week, with Re:Zero's last episode. Also: Also x2: How I think I look like when talking about Re:Zero vs How I look like when talking about Re:Zero
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    Considering you make like, 10 post for every 1 of mine then yes, yes it is
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    No, nobody can beats Ludger. I mean, the guy is just Link in a Tales of. XD
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    Fuwanovel Confessions

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    I had a dream with Makise Kurisu

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    Not gonna lie here, I try to avoid them like the plague. In most cases it's just low-end drama for cheap emotional kicks. That's not to say there wouldn't be a few who are well written like... But even in those cases it can hit me so hard that I don't consider it enjoyment anymore. I tend be highly protective towards characters I like and loosing them at the end therefore also bears a strong taste of personal failure. And I usually can't just snip that feeling of gloom and doom away, so it can last for days which I simply can't afford with a full time job where I have to be fully focused and concentrated each day. But it's certainly a matter of personal taste. In general I prefer it if writers just make multiple endings, so everyone gets the ending he or she wants. And although I wouldn't call myself a big fan of School Days, I think that's something this VN/anime hybrid did particular well. The endings were in many cases a direct consequence of your actions and decisions, and that made reaching a good end a real achievement and not just something that was presented to you on a silver plate. But I AM a control fanatic - I hate it if a VN gives me the feeling to be helpless.
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    Update time. I’m feeling pretty good from that QC progress, with some very solid editing and proofreading progress. There was a 15% leap in progress for the QC, and I really can’t give enough credit for my QCs for that. 8% in editing hopefully will more or less be a norm from now on, now that we have almost all of our shit sorted through. Proofreading has had some nice progress, which hopefully will continue from this point onwards. Look forward to it all. On our other half of the weekly update, the secret project. I teased some info a day or two prior, saying that the title will be 10 hours or lower, so at most the same length as BiMan1 or a bit more, but not a full-blown VN, so sorry for those, who were waiting for something bigger. It might happen in the future, but not now. Progress time:
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    Not my cup of tea. The next MG titles on my list are Da Capo 3 and Pygmalion. Both are 100% translated and therefore have good chances to be still released this year.
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    I didn't know what Atelier Sakura was and was half-expecting a new Sakura game about girls who paint stuff and have an atelier. I can't say I'm not disappointed.
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    What's your biggest regret?

    Joining this community.
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