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    Just a Few Words

    Truly, the life of a nomad is difficult. One must constantly move to find new lands. One uses the nearby resources to its fullest extent, before shortly leaving to find more. It is the same with any wanderer on the internet. One constantly searches for new sources of entertainment, to get rid of this boredom. Some find fertile land and learn to farm, though some continue to search for new lands, like a nomad. Well, that was a poor attempt at an analogy. Well, to get things straight, I'm leaving. Not like it matters, anyway. My disappearance would help preserve the already scarce energy within the universe, carefully maintained by the incubators. So, eh- the true purpose of this thread isn't to announce my leaving, which I can do quietly, but to leave just a few words. Announcing my disappearance is just a consequence of leaving my last words, after all. Sure, I say a few but everyone would realise that this would be a relatively lengthy message. Now, how I ventured into Fuwanovel? I don't remember. I was sure I was reverse-searching a certain CG, and I ended up here. Fuwa didn't really interest me all that much, though. I made an account since I wanted to mess around the former Games and Chatter forum (Now replaced by the highly inferior Coliseum of Chatter). I eventually found myself in a certain roleplaying site, and met its eccentric leader and her staff, whom I enjoyed being with. It was fun while it lasted, certainly. It was such a shame. After its disappearance, I returned to Fuwa- which was as stagnant as ever. Nothing changed between those months of inactivity (Well, I did notice the missing torrents). Since I've never really gotten interest in visual novels, I remained in the Coliseum, waiting for people to fight. It was then that the FuwaChat had appeared, which was disastrous. Still, it did its purpose. By then, I was able to fight people directly, in real time, rather than wait for each post. It was a good addition, and I gladly abused my moderation powers to their fullest extent. And thus, that's the summary of what I did on Fuwa. It was 10% contributing to the community and 90% fighting other people. Time well spent. And thus, I leave you with my final words: Death to each and everyone one of you. I mean- eh... my apologies, that was my inner voice talking. I'll voice it a little better. May the rest of your lives be uneventful. Now, that sounds better, doesn't it? ... Right... I'm sure you're expecting individual messages as well, so- eh, why not? I'll leave some messages to the people I've stepped on, spit on, insulted, and fought. I'll also leave some messages to those I messed around with when I was bored. We're still waiting on you, lad. Kaguya Ah, Kaa-chan, I've never talked to you in a looong time! Do you still love me? I hope you do! Well, eh, I missed your old name. Members of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (الدولة الإسلامية في العراق والشام) HMN You're haram. Mustkill You're haram. Monmon You're a high level of haram. The highest level, even. Kiriririri More than two 'ri's are haram. Aho inu. Mugi You are a high level of haram as well, but whatever. You're not Arab anyway. Linova You are also haram, but not that it matters. Babiker Not you; you're halal. Oh, thanks for sending Kanra over. I bet Kanra caused a mess. Schutzstaffel Nayleen Nayleen and I used to be friends. Now he's an aho aho German. I'm still waiting on that beer of yours. Tay Your Majesty. Give me admin please. Thanks. If you think I forgot to leave a message for you, then you were probably a bunch of lowlives who will never amount to anything. Well, eh, farewell. I leave you with a top secret image I took from Pyongyang.
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    Irotoridori no Sekai Translation Project

    Prologue is done. I'll be focusing on sakusaku before I go on with IroSeka translation since I can't really keep up what I've been doing the past days with my upcoming mid-term exams next week (I've translated like 3k lines the past week, go figure how much free time I was left with). Besides that, I've fully translated all image/video content in IroSeka (that includes all bgm titles). I'll post some sample pics of our rebuilt menu some time later~ Edit: Menu Page 1 Menu Page 2
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    http://ittaku-subs.net Ruu \o/ This is an amateur ~one man translation project plus ad-hoc helpers for the ToHeart2 Xrated for PC visual novel Progress:100.0% complete. Full staff list: Main players: Team leader: Conman Translation: Conman Programming: AlphaSixNine Conman Rem Velocity7 Kano Major Editors: Ninjakali SL Sovasin Volandum Fred the Barber Graphic Editing: Blake Translation help: Aerul Cala Cheezypoof Jaceryl Kenn SKpride Velocity7 Yaluen Other Editors: jdennis00 naturesbless Velocity7 Proofreaders: Benji Price Conman Vorac PATCH FEATURES The included patch backs up the original files and patches your existing installation, thus it includes no copyrighted material. It has 100% of the in game and H scene memories text translated. A special modified executable is generated that has most of the menus converted to English and supports a font change. The font is patched to one that is more suited to English text allowing substantially more text on screen which is important given the low resolution of the game on modern screens. In game icons have been graphically edited to English (see screenshot) where possible. Finally H scenes have all been manually decensored. As there was demand from some people to NOT include the decensored material, there is a choice of two patches to use: one that includes all the changes including the decensoring and one that only patches the menus for those who prefer to fap to big pixels instead of pr0n. The only thing that I could not get working was the ability to click on quoted text to replay voice - the position on screen where this happens does not align with the text. You cannot use old saved files as the jump points change after it's patched. You need to start anew unless the saved files are at selection points. GET THE PATCH HERE (IN TORRENT FORM): https://sukebei.nyaa.si/download/2358452.torrent Direct download is available from above website, but please use the torrent. Patch requires 7 zip to install, grab it from here: http://www.7-zip.org/download.html Sample from running patched game: Game menus: The game is NVL meaning full screen text over the game. Here's a typical patched text screenshot. Mixed full and half-width characters (and an excuse to show Ruuko): A typical choice selection screen: Typical heroine / scene selection screen with translated menus. Calendar with translated events. Music mode with translated theme and composer titles. PROJECT BACKGROUND: I have been working on this project for 10 years and the bulk of them I was working almost entirely alone on the translation. Initially there was a small team that spawned this project which included only editors and one programmer. The bulk of the text extraction / reinsertion programming was done by Rem who I haven't seen after the first 2 years and did a marvellous job of extracting codes from text and reinserting things back in place. After that I altered his software to do proper line splitting and adjust for text/screen width changes. After Rem left I was pretty much alone for the next 6 years while I slowly chipped away at the translation for fun and language practice as my Japanese improved. A few difficult live events ended up making this project stall completely for 2 years in the middle. Nonetheless I always planned to complete it even if it had to be alone. Introduction to the fuwa community rekindled my enthusiasm for the project and from it I was able to recruit extra staff for editing, proofreading and graphic editing/decensoring. This was unashamedly my first ever translation attempt. When I started out on this translation project my Japanese was not very strong, so the translation was initially very rough in places. As it has been hard to get any help translating this for various reasons, I was basically left doing it all myself. Since I have gone to the effort of trying to translate this 97,000 line monster project myself, could you please limit your comments to constructive criticism only! As it took so long to complete, it also means that the translation improved along each route, and is better with those characters that I translated later. However the lack of translation check does not mean that it's very bad quality. After editing and proofreading I personally did go through the entire game multiple times for QC and wherever I spotted a translation error or inconsistency I would correct them as I went. While this is not as good as a proper translation check, I think the final quality is still quite respectable and most importantly a decent rendition of the original work. My translation style involves a modest degree of localisation while attempting to keep the original language concepts intact, and keeps Japanese honorifics and the occasional Japanese phrase with almost no stand out translation notes - instead I incorporated those into the text. I prefer to see given names first in English translation so I have taken the liberty of doing so, and my language is English throughout - sorry, no American. I am a native English speaker and if some of the text appears unnatural it's from trying to preserve the original literature. Japanese accuracy should be >95% with nuance capturing >85%. If I were to list the things needed to make this professional quality and reach my ideal, I would have loved for there to be an experienced translate checker do a pass over the translation. There is no doubt there are still numerous errors, mostly nuance related, but even though I advertised for help on and off for a decade, the few people who did offer to help were only very short lived. Additionally there are still some menu items that are in Japanese but not critical ones that make it difficult to understand. I also would have liked to have karaoke subtitled the videos and added subs for the final quotes from the heroine in the closing credit videos. I've been hanging out with a dedicated IRC channel at #aikeshi@irc.rizon.net under the alias conman, come and say hello. The Xrated game is no longer in print, the official website for it is http://leaf.aquaplus.jp/product/th2x/ Amazon Japan and various other online distributors still sell new and second hand copies. A PSP all ages version is still on sale today and the official site is http://aquaplus.jp/psp_th2/index.html Other variants (like DX) are still being released due to the sustained popularity of this game. These even have an extra routes that never existed and the character wasn't in any of the anime. Relevant vndb link: https://vndb.org/v20 Statistics: 2267 unique kanji, 345512 kanji total, 2.9M kana. 50+ hours reading. GAME INTRODUCTION: If you're not familiar with ToHeart2, it's a VN that is over 10 years old now so by today's standards its 600p 4:3 graphics are quite humble. As a visual novel it is extremely dense text wise, with almost 100,000 lines of text (hence why it's taken me so long). It has 9 different heroine routes with 11 different girls and I've been translating each route one by one and I was originally releasing patches as each route was completed. Most of the routes are of the same duration except for one half length one that is unlocked, and story intensity and successfully negotiating the route is very easy. If you're looking for a spoiler free guide to successfully negotiate the game, always choose the heroine you're chasing, and if the heroine is not available, choose her best friend, and always trust in the heroine and rely on your friends. You have the option of inserting your own name into the game when it starts, or use the default included name for Takaaki Kouno. Unless you particularly enjoy the heroine calling you by name, I actually suggest using the default name because the voice actresses speak Takaaki's name but instead leave an unnatural blank pause there which you're meant to think she's speaking to you instead; I guess unless you're listening out for it you may not spot it but I don't like it. As far as the content of the story goes, it's a mostly light hearted high school harem type story with lots of feel good elements and with mostly amusing and fun characters. It is *extremely* light on with the number of H scenes (though they are hard core) with only one major scene per successful route very close to the end of the story - Xrated was created after the original version, and one character (Sasara) was added to this release. Each route has an epilogue after the closing video which may or may not come after the H scenes. It has had a cult following in Japan for over a decade with tons of anime spinoffs and new figurines and merchandise being created even today. The question often gets asked if I'm going to do a non-xrated or psp version of the patch. I'm not planning one. I personally would have been very disappointed to play through such a monster without getting H at the end and it's otherwise the same without 1 or 2 scenes. Additionally, I did NOT enjoy To Heart 2 Another Days which was rated one of the most disappointing sequels of all time and have no interest in working on that now that this is complete. Comments? Enjoy! In addition, I am subbing the Anime OVAs that go with this game and its sequel, Another Days: To Heart 2 OVAs 1-3 To Heart 2 AD OVAs 1-2 To Heart 2 AD PLUS OVAs 1-2 To Heart 2 AD NEXT OVAs 1-2 I've opened a discussion thread for those wishing to discuss any aspects about the game itself or story rather than the translation project or technical help below with the patch:
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    Fuwanovel Confessions

    I hate it when I just want to enter a thread but instead click on the persons' username and so my avatar is plastered onto their profile until 5 other people visit and makes me look like some stalker
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    Introduction and Japan

    Introduction This is probably a fucking terrible idea but I felt like making a blog to talk/rant/cry/be dumb about stuff. I'll try to be serious about mostly everything I say here, but I doubt I'll manage to not end up lightly flaming or saying bullshit sometimes, sorry in advance about that. T_T I'll use this post to talk about my trip to Japan as well since blogging two lines would be hella lame. Japan Alright, where should I start? Well, my nationality might be Brazilian but my ethnicity is Japanese, so I always had a bit of interest on Japan. I lived there when I was a baby but that doesn't counts anyway. I went there with my grandparents, younger brother and fucking four cousins - two of them stayed with their parents there though -, just imagine the disaster the whole thing was. Getting everyone ready on the airport was hell, the airplane was hell, getting our luggage was hell, bathroom breaks were hell, the whole thing was basically hell if you didn't got it yet. I don't really talk to any of them aside from one of the cousins, which is the closest to a regular family interaction that I have. I call him Mini-Bitch because of reasons and that's how I'll be referring to him through the post. When we actually landed in Japan and got out of the plane, holy moly what a cold place. We went straight for my aunt's house where we all would stay for the whole trip and got received with a really nice dinner, assorted traditional foods on the table and some fucking delicious apple juice on the fridge. No, seriously, that juice is worse than drugs, Mini-Bitch and I bought it wherever we found it, that shit is fucking dangerous lmfao. Food was delicious, seriously, the meals felt solid but never really too much that you'd feel heavy, unless you're dumb like me and orders a goddamn three plates large curry dish and eat it all, then you're probably going to die for around an hour just like I did. Not gonna lie though, the lack of meat was hard to deal with after a while. Even when there was meat on the dishes it wasn't the same thing, mostly due to how they prefer to prepare it which is not exactly to my tastes, but still a bit above decent. Fucking drink machines every fucking corner sucked my coins dry on my first week, took me a while to notice where the fuck they were all going. Keep that in mind if you ever visit Japan, 100~130 yen for a good drink basically anywhere might not look like a lot but it'll consume your whole wallet before you notice. I visit a shit ton of places but I'll only talk about a few of those, either because it was really cool or because it left a great impression for whatever reason. First of all, Osu Kanon had a shopping district that was pretty legit when compared to the other places I visited, maybe it's just because it was the first place I visited when I got there but I'll definitely try to go there again someday. During christmas I went to somewhere-whose-name-I-never-got-to-know and had my first white christmas in my whole life, such magic (Christmas happens during Summer here). I had my first snowball fight, there's something simply unique to feeling your body slowly hardening due to cold after being hit a thousand times by dumb-shits who don't know how to aim when you team up, and I also built a failure of a snowman that I love a lot, I'll never forget you Pedrito. (´._.`) New Year was w/e, we just had a kinda fancy dinner with crab (which is not exactly that good anyway) and some booze - best part right here. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Japan has some delicious alcoholic drinks and I'd love to have tried more of them but I couldn't buy anything since I'm not old enough, so all I got my hands on was whatever my aunt had lying around on her fridge and occasionally something I managed to convince her to buy me. ヽ(͡◕ ͜ʖ ͡◕)ノ Talking about booze, I'll leave my rant here that I couldn't find a single decent vodka there! End of rant, so let's get back to cool places. I really liked the planetarium and the aquarium since I had never been to any of those before. I saw the stars Yumemi, I saw them ;------------;. Went to Disney again and that place is seriously overrated. It's a good park and all that but you can't compare it to other Japanese parks or stuff like Universal Studios, Disney is all about making dreams come true and believing in magic. While I look like I'm flaming it, I spent my whole fucking day singing "Do you believe in magic?" so ヽ(◉◡◔)ノヽ(◉◡◔)ノヽ(◉◡◔)ノヽ(◉◡◔)ノ. I won't talk about the other parks because I'm not really into amusement parks, they were really fun though, I just don't get all crazy over it. Alright, let's move to Tokyo now. I visited some cool places that once again I never got to know the name, had some good food, slept on a good hotel and managed to get some booze once again woooooo. I visited Akiba twice and God what a crazy place. First time there was when I met Ren, who I'll talk more about in the end. It's an amazing place that is really fun to just hang around and look at the showcases, specially the figures. I'm not a collector but I got myself some just cuz I tilted and felt like spending money that I could have saved for more VNs, food or clothes. Honestly, I never thought I'd ever see that much porn on the shelters of a store that wasn't specifically a porn store lmfao, gotta love sofmap. I'll try to post pictures later or maybe just make a video about the shit I bought, dunno about it yet. Oh yeah, idols are fucking everywhere, love live is like cancer jesus macaroni penis what a joy it was to listen to u's songs everywhere. Hm... I think that's enough to define that my trip was amazing and I'd love to visit the country again, fuck, I'm actually going to try and become a teacher there. Talking about teachers, let's talk about Ren now. Oh boy, how do I start this? Ren is a fucking giant and I'm a dwarf, that was basically how people saw us there probably. I came out of the subway station, first thing I see is a tall foreigner with a red-beanie, just like the one Ren said that he'd be wearing, I just wasn't expecting him to be like, 20~30 cm+ taller than me (゚ー゚). He showed me around the place, taught me the good places to get some cheap stuff and explained about a lot of things, such as sofmap's green/blue warnings on used games and how pre-orders work. We had some quality-time you know? Talking about weeb shit and eating McDonald's with no french fries, btw McDonalds became a thing that I always have to mention when I just wanna drop a random comment to some thread of his or a reply to him, I don't remember how it started but it was probably me being retarded. There's not much to talk about our meeting really, we went around the stores hunting for porn games to talk about, had some laughs looking at how broken their english was on game covers, had some McDonald's, quality-time, more laughs as he would hit his head on signs placed on the ceiling of the stores (LMFAOJA8FHEAFHA) and we shared life philosophies that can't even be expressed in digital letters, fuck binary. Great times, buddy, great times. Until he started showing me Love Live hentai, that fucker ruined my idols forever (ಠ_ಠ). I said it before though I can't recall the context, but I'm definitely going to kill you. I think that's it. I did no edits and I don't think I'll do any just for the fun factor that is reading something written literally straight from my mind, as in I thought about something and wrote it down immediately without thinking about how I'd order things (Akiba was before Christmas). I just thought about it and I actually only mentioned Mini-Bitch once here even though I made it look like he was going to be present everywhere lol. He's a piece of shit but he made this trip a lot funnier than I expected so shout-out to him though he'll never read this nor know about the existence of this blog . Okay, I think that's it, I'll add an @edit below if I remember something relevant to add. Thanks for reading everyone.
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    2001 version comes with seperated bgm and game disks. You would need to insert/mount the bgm disk/iso (in my case, it is bfs_game.bin)
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    Fuwanovel Confessions

    The fact that they fart rainbows and poop butterflies (or so I've been told).
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    I love how this thread's survived for so long
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    You do a regular practice with a card that has the same skill. So for example a card with a "Perfect Charm" skill will only level that skill if you do practice with another card that has the "Perfect Charm" skill. If the card is level 1 skill and you use another level 1 skill card to practice, it'll level up to level 2. If you want a level 3 skill card you'll need to do practice with another level 2 card (that's a 100% guaranteed level up), but if you want to risk it you can use another level 1 skill card again, there's a 50% chance it'll level up, this chance keeps decreasing the higher level your card is (from level 7 to level 8 it's like a 1% chance) so if you want guaranteed level ups, only use cards of the same exact skill level. Exact figures if you want to level up cards to level 3 and higher using only level 1 skill cards (courtesy of Cychun87): lvl2 -> lvl3: success rate of 45-50%, my exact figures were 48.2% so if we factor in random bad/good luck I think that's a good ball park to fit in lvl3 -> lvl4: success rate of 20-25%, my figures were 23.7% lvl4 -> lvl5: success rate of 8-12%, my figures were 8.3% lvl6 -> lvl7: success rate of 2-5%, my figures were 3.7% lvl7 -> lvl8: success rate of less than 1%, my figures were about .5% Personally I've gotten my UR Kotori up to level 5 using only level 1 skill cards, but I think after that it's just impossible to get that lucky so it's probably best to go down the guaranteed route after. If you only want to go the guaranteed route you'll need 128 cards for level 8
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    What children of anime romance have to look forward too.
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    Show yourself off (RL picture thread)

    Wow, lots of attractive people! Haha, that's great. Not many girls have posted a picture so I feel the need. Ignore the derpy face I'm making.
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    Lilium x Triangle Translation Project

    We're Not dead Random Update 8 TLC almost 100% Editing is 50%, Ryechu has more free time now so progress should speed up a little. And I need to stop being lazy and start proofreading I don't have cute pictures on me so uuuh... ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌
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    Welcome back! Fellow programmers! Hello and welcome back to my 5 part guide "How to code a VN with Ren'py" Today we will cover options customisation and we'll try coding a sample scene as I'm sure you're itching to begin programming your very own visual novels. Fear not as you are on the right track and if you've checked out part 1 then you'll have no problem figuring this second part out (Hopefully, since my explaining is terrible. XD) That said please bear in mind once more that this is not an infalible guide to program with python or ren'py and it will not make you an expert after you've read it. However I'll do my best to try and explain how to code a VN with Ren'py to the best of my ability and I will be with you for the entirety of this guide. So let's go fellow programmers! the sky is not the limit as your creativity is...boundless. Let's start, shall we? Ok, let's go ahead and configure our options before anything else. We need to have a clear idea of how we want our VN to look before delving into programing and scripting so let's do that right now. First go to your Hub and click on "Options.rpy" to edit it. The Editra window will appear shortly: Let's see.... config.developer = This function will allow you to use Ren'py console, the image picker and the dev tools. Set it to "True" while developing your VN and only set it to "False" when you're about to publish content. config.screen width/height = The default resolution of your VN. For now let's work with the new resolution norm which is 1280x720. IMPORTANT: If you're on a netbook, 720 is too large a resolution for most netbooks. In this case set the resolution to 853x480. Now continue scrolling down to configure more stuff. theme. = Here you can check what default theme you're currently using. If you're planning on creating your own custom theme, then it doesn't really matter what theme you picked. You can also change it anytime. For now leave this value as is since you already picked a theme. widget = Color of widgets/text and other theme menus. You can change the colour with the corresponding HTML code. As shown on part 1 of this guide, you can see the code with the help of image editing software or an HTML color picker (several of them online.) This is only for default theme, if you're planning on creating your own custom theme you can leave this values as is for now. mm_root = stands for Main Menu. This is a simple hook for an image. This image is going to be your Title screen background. Since we're not yet fiddling with custom themes let's use this hook for now. Prepare a picture that you wish to use, preferably with 1280x720 resoution for the sake of consistency with this test VN and place it inside the game folder. Let's assume the name of the picture is: "menu screen.png" Put it inside "game" folder. Done? Ok now come back to the options script and set mm_root = "menu screen.png", (Don't forget the comma at the end.) gm_root = stands for Game Menu. This is a simple hook for an image. This image is going to be your sub screens background. Since we're not yet fiddling with custom themes let's use this hook for now. Prepare a picture that you wish to use, preferably with 1280x720 resoution for the sake of consistency with this test VN and place it inside the game folder. Let's assume the name of the picture is: "sub menu screen.png" Put it inside "game" folder. Done? Ok now come back options script and set mm_root = "sub menu screen.png", (Don't forget the comma at the end.) Once that's done, let's keep scrolling down for yet more configuration. style.window.background = Frame: The hook for your text box image. There are many ways to set up this image but the easiest one is to create a text box with predefined width and height. Since we're using 1280x720, go create a rectangular text box of 1183x138 pixels in your favorite image editing software (like Photoshop). Once you're done save as "text frame.png" and put it inside the "game" folder. Then come back and set style.window.background = Frame ("text frame.png", 0, 0) like in the picture. style.window_margin: The values for textbox clipping. Like the picture says, these are for cropping your textbox and centering so it doesn't look stretched and fits the 16:9 format comfortably. Now that you know that, go set the first 2 values to "100" Done? ok, let's proceed. style.window_padding: The values for text padding. This will center the text which will otherwise will be aligned to the left by default. Since we're not using the 4:3 format we need to change it so it is aligned to the widescreen text box. First REMEMBER TO REMOVE THE # SYMBOLS and edit the first 2 values to: "200" don't touch the third value and edit the last value to: "50." Ready? let's carry on then. style.window.yminimum: The minimum height of the text box. Is best to leave as is for now but also good to know that it's for adjusting the height of your text box. style.default: Text styling. This is custom code and won't appear on your scripts. As the picture says it helps your text look less plain by adding shadows and outlines. You can freely customize these later. For now copy them up exactly as shown in the picture. Once you're done, scroll down for more configuring. style.default.font: The font that will be used for your in-game text. This spans ALL scripted/vmenu text without exception so be sure to pick a sober and readable font. Picking a cool font is a good idea too, but you need to make sure that players will be able to read it without problems. That said go to your favorite font webpage and download a font of your liking. You don't need to install it, just put it inside the "game" folder. Once you've done it, return here and type the name of the font: style.defautl.font = "your font's name.ttf" (don't forget the .ttf at the end.) Once that's done, let's continue. style.default.size: The default size of your font. If the font you picked is too small or too big for your textbox you can edit the size here to correct any text size issues. style.button/imagemap.activate_sound, config.enter/exit_sound: To make your VN play sounds when you pick a choice or enter/exit a menu simply get an audio file in mp3 and place it inside the game folder, then come back to the script and type the name of the audio file as shown in the picture. Once that's done let's go on. config.main_menu_music = the music of the main menu. This simple hook summons an audio track to play it every time you are in the title screen. Go get an audio file (preferably in mp3) and put it inside the game folder. (It's best if you rename it to "main menu.mp3") Now come back to the script and type the name of the audio file as shown in the picture. Done? ok, that's that and now we proceed to check your assets! This section is relatively simple. All you need to do is to check that all your assets are in place inside the "game" folder before proceeding to edit the script. You will constantly have to be checking your assets and managing them for insertion so that when you define them vpia the script, you don't have any trouble by a missing asset or a filename issue. That said, go to your hub and click on "game" to open the game folder which should look more or less like this: As you can see here are the backgrounds, sprites, the font you will use for text, your text frame and audio files. The only things we haven't covered so far are the backgrounds and sprites. These are not 100% essential for this test script but you are welcome to add them if you want. If you want to try a test VN without Backgrounds and sprites then scroll down to the next section, otherwise keep reading. About sprites: Plainly speaking, sprites are the visual representation of your characters and most if not all of your favorite VN's have their own sprites for each relevant character. Sprites come as a set of several expressions which denote emotion and body poses. They add to the immersion and give more personality to each character. We will talk more about this later but for now you can open your favorite image editing software and draw 3 sprites. You can use the ones I have in this folder as reference which are a caricature of yours truly One of the sprites features no emotion, the second one is happy and the third one is up to you. It can be angry, ecstasic, playful or whatever. We just need 3 sprites with some emotion variation. Anything goes, hell it can be a circle with eyes and mouth, just as long as it depicts expressions it's a sound approach. Once you're done with your sprites, save them in png format and name them as you like. Put it inside the game folder. You'll be defining them once we get to edit the main script. About backgrounds: Backgrounds also called BGI are visual representations of the environment your characters will interact at. Backgrounds are one of the most aesthetic driven assets, as they set the mood and give life to the world you're creating. While the gorgeous anime style of the BGI present in your favorite VNs is by no means an easy feat, there are solid alternatives that still look good, you can for example take pictures of certain places and use those pictures as backgrounds for your VN. It is a popular method and one that is used by professional studios. Alternatively you can draw a background by yourself, even if it's simple, and if you have the talent then by all means draw a nice one. Once you're done with your background image, save it in png format with a resolution of 1280x720, since it will cover the entire game window. Name it as you like and don't forget to put it inside your game folder. You'll define it once we get to edit the main script. Here it comes! All those painful minutes bearing with my ugly explaining and my ghastly orthography have finally paid off! We are ready for the belated creation step: "The coding and scripting process" Bear in mind that this is just a very short test script which covers the basics of what a VN is made of (code wise) so this means that there's still a lot more to learn about Ren'py before jumping headlong into a project. Don't worry though, I promise I will help you in any way I can and I'll be with you till the end of this guide and beyond! Let's dive right in; click on script.rpy and Editra should open shortly. Let's take a look at the test script which we will work with. As you remember from part 1 our script had a couple of lines and nothing more, well now the script I prepared for you is ripe with a bunch of useful stuff for you to use as a reference. I strongly encourage you to make use of this script in order to digest the coding more easily. 1. Image definitions: You have to define your images in order to use them. Renpy uses these definitions to summon the image and display it in-game. For now, define the sprites you created earlier. don't forget to use the EXACT same filename you used for naming them, including the extension (.png, jpg, etc.) If you decided NOT to use sprites you can skip this step. 2.Image definitions cont.: You can separare the sprite definitions from the bgi ones. It's a nice trick to keep track of what is what. Follow the example and define your background image for use in the test. If you decided NOT to use background images, you may skip this step. 3.Character definitions: Here you define the characters that will star in your VN. Just follow the code and recycle if necessary. If you want a different color for the text simply use the corresponding HTML color code. (There are plenty color pickers online.) The small letter after "define" is the hook you're going to use for calling your character so EVERY line that you start with that letter will summon that character. (example: a "Blah blah." = Your chara: Blah blah ) 4.Labels: As we discussed earlier in part 1, labels are "markers" of sorts that signal the beginning of a scene, arc, chapter, event, whatever. They are handy for keeping track of your scenes and can also be used as "warp points" between other labels by means of the "jump" command. 5."Scene" command: Always start a label with a "scene" this clears caches and layers giving you a clean slate start for summoning your images, backgrounds, sprites, music, etc. Do remember that using this command while there are assets displayed on the screen will hide them, so only use this when you plan to move into a new location/scene/time skip, etc. 6. "Music" command: The example on the picture is how you make Ren'py play a song to ambient your VN. Use the code as reference for your test script. Just make sure that the song you have prepared for this is inside your "game" folder in mp3 format. The "fade in" instruction is to ensure that the song doesn't start playing too abruptly. you can also use the "stop music" command to end the playback. Otherwise the music will loop indefinitely. 7. "Show" and "With" : The bread and butter of your coding. Both these simple instructions are used to summon most of your graphical assets and annex a fancy transition effect to them. Remember to define every image before using the "show" command. Attempting to use an image that you have yet not defined will crash Ren'py or throw you an error. The command "with" is used to add transitions, in this case we added "dissolve" but there are many other types you can use. 8. "Character voice": As we described it earlier, using the hook to call a character's voice is the way to represent a character's speech. in this case we used "h" as a hook but you can use any other letter you like as long as your character definition has that letter assigned. If you don't use any hook the line will be rendered as narration. 9. A jump label: We will use this jump label to go back to it if we need to from any point in the script by using "jump (name of the label here)." 10. FLAGS (SUPER IMPORTANT): Unless you plan on making a kinetic novel (novel without choices) Flags are a key ingredient for any script. If you've played plenty of VNs already you know what flags are. If not, its pretty simple: Tripping flags scores you points with certain heroine or save certain data for the game to remember later (example. using a flag so the game remembers when you visited certain place or picked certain option.) In this example the flag we have is set to "False" YOU NEED TO SET A FLAG TO FALSE BEFORE SUMMONING IT LATER, OTHERWISE REN'PY WILL CRASH WITH AN ERROR READING: "xxxxx not defined" In a few minutes we will summon this flag for triggering. 11. Sound command: This is the code for summoning an audio file for a short sound effect. Bear in mind that unlike music, sounds DO NOT loop, they only play once. 12. Menu: Yet another important instruction for VNs with choices. the menu command is used to prompt a choice for the player. The choice menu can have any number of options available, provided there's enough space on the game window and enough branched script for Ren'py to follow. This is one of the most challenging aspects of VN coding but once you grasp the theory behind it, the rest is plenty easy. For now just copy the script. You will understand more as we explore the other points. 13. The Choice menu: This is the code for a typical two option choice menu. With this the player is prompted with the question of which path to take. Just as your protagonist knows there are consequences for each decision, so should you. That's why you have to write what happens depending on the choice picked. Notice the "$ pantsu_1 = True" ? this is the flag that we were talking about earlier. If the player picks the top choice, THIS FLAG IS TRIPPED, and the game will remember this choice. 14. If and else: Once a flag is tripped the game stores that flag as true and it can be used to summon a specific script which is otherwise inaccessible. In this bit of code we have the "if" and "else" conditionals, and ("if") the player picked the top choice, then the first line will be summoned. The opposite is true for the second line which is summoned if the player didn't pick the top choice ("else") 15. Advanced if and else: Once you get the hang of how the conditionals work you'll be able to play around with them and create interesting branched plots with various developments. In this example the script remembers the choice you picked and comments on that choice. 16. Jumping to another label: Exactly as discussed before, this is a jump point that allows you to instantly go back to a certain scene/event/script. In this example you can jump back to the choice menu should you like to pick a different option. 17. Return: This is a rather simple command that returns the player to the title screen. Don't forget this, otherwise you'll run to a crash. If for some reason you forget to include it, you can manually quit the VN vía the sub menu. Now that you've read all these points it's time for you to test the script we just created. Save the changes you made to the "script.rpy" file and close it. Then on the Hub window, click on "LAUNCH PROJECT" Let's take a peek at how the test VN looks! The main menu screen. The sub menu/ preferences screen. The script comes to life! The choice menu. Picked the right choice of course. :3 Success! The test script works! And that's it for the second part of this guide, kind sirs and madams. I thank you deeply for reading this far and bearing with my ugly orthography and sorry attempts at explaining. You are now one step ahead into programming your visual novel and we'll work together for the remainder of this process. Don't forget your passion for VNs and don't lose motivation, programming a VN is hard but your efforts will certainly pay off. Do join me next time, when I'll be covering: Detailed explanations on coding instructions and some interesting programming tricks. Many thanks for your time and until then. See ya Kind regards. Helvetica Standard.
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    Irotoridori no Sekai I didn't really plan on announcing this so early in time, but after discussing it with my team, we've decided that there's hardly any point in keeping it a secret seeing as how far things have progressed by now. Quite on the contrary, it may even waste time of others who could possibly decide to work on this title. It is also for that we can use the chance to fill the last 1-2 team slots. Anyhow, that's enough with the foreword. As the title already implies, our team is going to pick up Irotoridori no Sekai. This is not some sort of spontaneous decision, but has been in planning for quite a while. Actually, I've been wanting to translate IroSeka even before I read SakuSaku. The reason I didn't is simply because I wanted to accumulate a game's worth of experience before I tackled this one so that the best possible translation is achieved. This project will have no impact on the SakuSaku progress whatsoever, all time I'm going to put into this - albeit it won't be all that much until I'm done with SakuSaku - is going to be extra time taken from my free time. SakuSaku translation is estimated to finish within the next two months. As is customary, I'll start posting weekly updates once I finish SakuSaku Translation. I'll put up a project page as soon as I find the time to do some custom design and stuff. Game Info Synopsis Opening Movie Patch Current Status Samples Menu Page 2 Recruitment The Team FAQ Contact me Email: koyomisuki@gmail.com
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    Da hell am- Oh hey there!

    Hello to the fuwanovel community. Name's darkkira1332, just call me Kira. I have been lurking the forums for about 3-4 years, Ikr, I'm a creep. Just decided to make an account (though I used to have one, but for some reason, I can't access it anymore). Anyway, I love visual novels. Eversince I first stumbled on one about 9 years ago. First VN: Becoming what I am today: And thats it for my introduction. tldr; I love VNs, I love lolis and flast chests, and I cry from a good story. -tips hat- Nice to meet you all, try to put up with me, and have a nice day.
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    Signatures Hub

    Not everyone knows about renders nor about how signatures are made.
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    What Anime are you watching now?

    Really liking Owari no Seraph. I can see how some people might try and make a connection to Attack on Titan with it, it does have some similarities, although to be honest it's not often you really find totally "fresh" ideas... Everything's pretty much been done. That said, I don't mind it. I might be less of a critic though, considering I have a fascination with vampires (not that retarded Twilight bs btw) and rampaging giants (Titans) just kinda seemed bland for me. I did watch AoT though, I loved the atmosphere it gave off. Anyway, I like the MC's reason for fighting. It's rather cliche and typical, but at the same time it gives off a good feel considering the circumstances so it kind of makes sense. Oh. And Shinoa. Need I say more?
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    keep in mind that running games in compatibility mode is not the holy grail, when it comes to playing the olden ones. in many cases you´ll still face difficulties with displaying the game correctly in fullscreen mode. because those games we´re talking function without having high requirements, its advisable to play them on a surrogate-pc with windows xp installed. should be sufficient in most cases
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    Is it an original or obtained from a torrent? If I recall correctly, Bittersweet Fools didn't had any TL; it needs to run in japanese locale and I'd recommend trying to run it in a compatibility mode as well, either the 98/ME or XP/2000 modes. Check the options and see if the sounds isn't accidentally turned off by default and try to chose an appropriate sound driver if the game requires it. Certain external audio cards and adapters (like the ones used by gaming headsets) often have problems with playing sound in older games; some of those issues can be resolved by turning off sound acceleration in the windows sound options. There is a possibility as well the game folders might not be nested properly, or the audio filepaths are wrong. Post a screencap of the main folder and I'll see what can be done. Bittersweet Fools was Minori's debut title. Are you interested in translating it, or something?
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    Fuwanovel Confessions

    I confessed the exact same thing about a month ago.
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    Spring 2015 Anime Discussion

    Well, yeah, but what exactly does Seraph do to make itself stand out? Sure, it has one likable character, but is that enough to put it on a level above mediocrity? The ideas in that anime have been beaten to the ground in entertainment media, and it doesn't even work as an emotional piece due to how uninspired and standard the development scenes are. I think DanMachi is better because it has moments of high tension and emotional character development. Sure, it wasn't anything thought-provoking, but at least Lili's story makes it really easy to sympathize with her and grow more attached to. While I don't necessarily disagree with using cliches to develop a character, I feel that the way the story is told is just not compelling enough to warrant its use in Seraph. The characters' backstories are too far off for the audience to feel a connection with them, and to build things on top of a base that doesn't work just makes the cliche even more annoying. Really? I never really considered the cooking aspect to be anything noteworthy in One Piece. I thought of it more as a storytelling utility to bring out the best in Sanji's character (I think he's really cool too). But I wouldn't call the cooking battles in SnS anything laughable, since they can throw out some pretty catchy tidbits about how the food is cooked. I can't say for certain that these informational bits are accurate, but they seem believable. And the way the writer works in a twist with how the meals are prepared are both really interesting and really cool.
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    Stray Cat

    Spring 2015 Anime Discussion

    I think it's mostly that the comedy doesn't click with me, and I just find it over-the-top and annoying.
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    Also, I enjoyed Mayuki's route immensely. Mayuki's too good.
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    Just a Few Words

    Unfortunately the Flutterz x Aniki fanfic was deemed too lewd for all mediums in the world, even the internet, as such I can not publish it for fear of the Pulltop Yakuza. Take care Aniki, don't forget to pick up flowers, it seems that's the best way to survive nowadays, or so I heard.
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    Special Shoutouts - May 2015

    ur not worth shit
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    Unpopular Opinions About VN's

    You would own a huge collection if we had that button.
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    Abyssal Monkey

    Fuwanovel Confessions

    Confession: I rarely ever brush my teeth (<20 times in past four years). Because I'm a carnivore, I eat 75% meat (no exaggeration) and no fruits or vegetables, I don't get much acid and the meat itself acts as a natural brush. Just recently my dentist thought he saw plaque in two places, so he did minor drilling to check and do preventative measures. I had my mouth drilled in two places, neither had plaque but just really dense bone. Every time I go to the dentist, I briefly brush my teeth so the hygenist doesn't have to work incredibly long, and I can get out of the place faster, as I have better things to do. Oh right, the dentist always says my teeth are in great condition. Confession TL;DR: I have glorious teeth of the gods.
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    This "emptiness" that you're feeling right now is what many people refer to as the 'void'. You experienced something that is so amazing and had such a big impact on you that after it ended, you feel like part of you went 'missing'. You feel as though you will never going to experience the same thing ever again. You don't know what to do with your life, and the fact that everyone around you are oblivious to what you've just experienced adds to that. But don't worry, it will go away in time. What should you do? Simple. Go and experience more things. Remember that KonoSora is just your first visual novel, and as your gateway VN, it's going to leave quite an impact. There are tons of other amazing VNs out there that are as good, or even better, than KonoSora Edit: Aniki threatened me at gunpoint to recommend Saya no Uta
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    Actually there is sequel (fandisc) to the game but it is not translated. Now you have to read more VNs of course. Feels and moe are best. Edit: Read Saya no Uta next
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    Fuwanovel Confessions

    A freaking bad-ass! If you haven't play this game go do it right nao! Yo that game is sooo dark. It's kinda creepy but it was really good. Btw, the truth is always an option. DO NOT feel bad if she's making you feel uncomfortable. Just be straight with her dude. Like, come the f*ck on it's so f*cked up when people can't be real with themselves and other people. Plus, she's a friend from the internet, it's not even like you're telling her to her face. I know it's none of my business, but trust me. This is advice from a woman, and I'll tell you that them bitches not worth the anxiety.
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    Fred the Barber


    Well, yes, but the costumes are paid DLC. Paid. Not coming with the game. Not free. I'm still on the fence about the game. I'm sure as hell not buying Yosuke cross-dressing DLC. Is anybody? That's not really a rhetorical question. Will anybody, anywhere actually buy this? It seems pretty much certain that they won't make as much money as it cost them to make it, at the very least...
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    Okay I finally figured out how to do this. Thanks for your help! I apologize for this pic, I'm bad at fake smiling.
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    I'm guessing you didn't get that Nintendo64 you asked for. Such a face of disappointment. It makes me happy
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    Congratulations Shinji
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    Deep Blue

    Least liked protagonist?

    yeah that's why I think it was one of the best routes and fuko its just amazing sadly it's the only route that has the other ones are regular drama but they are well written and they got some very good plot twist so it's really fun to read.
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    Sorry for the delay everyone, the illuminati was busy working on brainwashing the world, but we finally have a winner for the contest. Congratulations to Mcguffin! You will receive your Steam Key for the game shortly! To everyone else, thank you very much for participating and showing that love for Sachi, there were a lot of really good entries, but unfortunately only one could come out victorious. For those who are still looking to get their hands on this game, there will be another giveaway for a second Steam key on our social media so if you want another chance, make sure you follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter. That is all!
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    Deep Blue

    Finish the Sentence

    learn japanese faster! And then she told me...
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    You're old if you remember watching this
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    Least liked protagonist?

    You hate him because he's a realistic depiction of a 16 y/o japanese hikikomori, and you like him because he's a well executed depiction of a 16y/o japanese hikikomori.
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    Stray Cat

    Fuwa Myers-Briggs Analysis

    Does anyone know their results? If not here's a free test: http://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test Post your results and discuss.
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    Counter-Strike Thread

    So after playing 2 MG games with Cody(kelebek1), Andreas and some other people that I don't know, I decided to give solo queue a try again. First(and only) game yesterday I ranked up from Silver 4 straight to Silver elite master, I suspect that being top fragger on our team on the first MG game had something to do with that. Today I did 2 games and carried silvers. First game:
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    Signatures Hub

    Typography: Tear of the Moon Other: Add lots of purple sparklies or something
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    Fuuko is obliviously the representation of the white male patriarchy.
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    After discovering that sitting down is a form of oppression, statues of old English authors are oppresive to minorities, that disease names are triggering and that greek mythology should require trigger warnings for students, this seriously (and sadly) doesn't even faze me anymore. We now live in a world where being offended automatically seems to give you entitlement to have it your way. We really need to colonize Mars soon and leave these people here on Earth.
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    It sounds fishy to me as well, hence I'll contact Uchikoshi and get his confirmation that this is legal and stuff and that we can be guaranteed the funding WILL reach ZE3 before I do anything. I am interested in the project itself too, but I too will be pissed if they were simply capitalizing on the promise of ZE3.