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    Since I've promised to post the summaries of the routes (or rather, additional endings) in the console release of Chaos;Head, I've decided I will post them separately one after another instead of waiting for whenever I might finish them all. So what are those 'routes', anyway? They're special chapters that act as endings for each heroine, branching off from the main story at various points. To get to those, you have to get a certain delusion trigger and then answer the questions that follow correctly - the story then continues as it normally would, before it finally branches off in that special chapter - so rather than routes, it'd probably be more appropriate to call them endings. Please keep in mind that all of those are only accessible after you finish the game once, so there will be spoilers for the main Chaos;Head story. Anyway, that's enough babbling from me, here's the summary of the first ending I got! Nanami's chapter - daydream Well, what do you think? I've personally enjoyed this ending a lot, since it ended in a very unconventional way that you could hardly call a happy ending, and I personally enjoy stories that go against what's 'right' a lot. I hope you've survived through my horrendous translation and summary 'skills' - if you've liked it, definitely keep an eye on this thread, I will add the rest of the endings as I get them.
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    My favorite is definitely the Kamikita Komari. Why? Well, obviously it's because she's the best Little Busters girl. That stand she's on isn't too bad either; it reminds me of the game's cover, as well as a certain scene in Refrain. What don't I like about it? nothing, besides the fact that I don't have one on my shelf. I really like the Komari Nendoroid that's available. I almost bought one for myself when I saw it at a Japanese bookstore a few months back, but sadly it was too expensive for me... And in case it wasn't already clear, I would totally buy the one you have. As for recommendations, i would have to go with this one, because you already have a bunch of Little Busters figures, so why not add a Rin to the mix? For my avatar, I would use this: And finally, my banner would be:
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    OriginalRen's Drug Awareness Activity

    Hyakka Ryouran - Naoe Kanetsugu - 1/8 (Alter) I have it to, although i havent opened it. I always like Naoe from all perspective. Her twintails looks so awesome in this version and the way she showing her hammer and butt r truly artistic. Now i`m planningto buy the Penguin parade version, since IIRC u can remove her clothes, yeah i need it for science. And i think i`m going to recommend you Since Yoshi goin to be lonely without another witches. And for number 4... i dont know what to do so i`ll just do a random edit images And yeah i`ll use them as avatar in Drug awareness week.
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    Week 42 Weekly Line Count: 726 3P Route Remaining for side of translation: (726/1395) [52.04%] TLC & Editing remaining for all routes.
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    New Theme Option: FuwaFabulous

    Both the media and spoiler BBCode icons are back. Now get off my back. :'(
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    Drugs. Sometimes they are good for you, and sometimes they aren't. I myself am a massive drug addict who will probably overdose soon enough. From what you say? I am glad you asked... Welcome to Drug Awareness Week: Fuwanovel Edition! Please Note: This activity is required for the Key 10th anniversary giveaway. It will close this coming weekend on Saturday, February 21st @ 11:59 PM JST. It's time to make Fuwanovel aware of the ill effects of drugs and what they do to the human spices. Take a 360 on life and listen up friends, because it's about to get real up in here. Figures Are Terrible, Don't Do Drugs (FAT DDD) is an organization devoted to fighting drug abuse on and around Fuwanovel. In this organization, we strive to make everyone aware of the ill effects of overdose and how it can lead to problems in the future. Weebism (as we so like to call it in the industry) is a dangerous disease that causes denial, fetish abuse, and tridemensionakaphobia. It is extremely contagious, and causes 2nd hand fumes to emanate from victims of the disease. These fumes cause weebism in others, and lead to a crisis with family, friends, and your savings account. As a victim of the disease myself, I want to do my best to save you all before it's too late. Fear not friends, for rehabilitation is here! Follow the task below, and be on your way to ridding the site of this disease once and for all! Task: 1. Go to my figure collection by clicking on this link: http://myfigurecollection.net/profile/OriginalRen 2. Pick and choose your favorite figure from my collection. Comment about it in this thread and give me all the details about it as listed below: Why do you like it? What don't you like about it? If the character in question has multiple figures, what is another that you like (it can be from a different manufacturer)? Would you buy the figure if you had the money to do so? 3. Based on my collection, offer me a suggestion for a new figure from the database by using the search function on the site. Along with your description (#2), post your suggestion in this thread and what you think I might like about it 4. Participate in the drug awareness week by actively doing the following: Post an avatar in this thread that you might use for drug awareness week or... Post a banner you made that you might use for drug awareness week In your creation, it must somehow contain the acronym for FAT DDD. How you choose to interpret it after that is up to you.
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    http://notcliche.com/ziddy/oreimo-psp-patch/ After many years of translation, the (first) OreImo PSP game is translated. This is more than the standard cheap anime tie-in that comes a dime a dozen on the PSP, it's a full multi-route VN with its own original storylines. I cannot attest to whether or not it's actually good, however. The translation patch is for a reissued/expanded version that came bundled with a sequel/fandisc, although the sequel is currently in translation and has no patch released yet. There was some concern for the translation since it originally was a Chinese to English translation (meaning a translation of a translation), but partway through the process they decided to ditch the chinese translations and it's now fully translated from Japanese. So if there are any OreImo fans out there, rejoice!
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    Embarassing moments with vns...

    When i was on my old school there was some pervert friends(otaku) that wanted too see what was taling about some visual nove, i showed them the h-scenes of koihime mosuou, then said that game was strategy not only sex, they said yeah strategy, how many times u can fuck a girl or the position right yeah sure it's strategy Next day someone give me a usb and asked for a game i talked before, we love master, it middle of the class i plas playing while sending tha game and the teacher discovered us, i tried to remove the batterty but that teacher said I KNOW THAT TRICK, somehow the teacher didn't check it and give me afterclass, the game was already downloaded in the usb
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    I picked SoniComi - Sonico - 1/5 - SoniComi Package ver. What I Like: It portrays Ren as a worthless pervert who chases 2D tail. What I Don't Like: Literally everything else. Super Sonico is a shit tier piece of tits. She has no redeeming qualities and honestly looks like a cow with those oversized tits. She simply exists in order for little Ren's to fap to a piece of plastic. Sonico has no personality trait, and only some artbooks, doujin and shitty anime to go with her. 0/10 would burn in fire pit. Seriously, why the fuck would you buy a Sonico figure? If I had my own place, and the expendable income, I would buy a figure or two. I already have a KOSMOS and I have a Batman figure on the way in now. For Ren's collection, I would go with this. Arkham Joker is awesome Joker and his design is the freaking best. You need something like this in your life to impress your family. As for drug awareness avatar. A Joker sick from taking the Titan strand of Venom. As a guy who has never done drugs (and I'm being serious, drinking is all I do), I have no earthly idea what FAT DDD means so I'll just have to hope this will do.
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    Abyssal Monkey

    What makes you drop a vn?

    I'll drop it as soon as it attempts to play a card that makes me think that its a nakige. There are plenty of ways to involve the player emotionally rather than holding a character hostage for half the game. I play the game for interaction with the character, taking them away is utterly pointless.
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    Happy Valentine's To Maki~chan

    Guys this is better than getting a UR :') Thanks for sweeeet sweet words really I didn't expect anything like this ö.ö @Nosebleed: I can't wait for the year we get both Maki and Nico angels SRs! Uwaaah seriously why @Ren: WTH I didn't expect you to show your face here wow! I'm so touched my mom and I watched the video together I had to translate every words to her haha! @Praeliator: Thank you but right now I really don't need any URs This is enough already @Rose: It is alright we'll know eachother more and more in years @Everyone: Thanks You guys made me really really REALLY happy I always thought I was a bother here (no good/logical reasons) Never thought I would receive such nice messages here on today :'D I don't need that figure really! >.< How can I even accept it I wouldn't be able to touch it! Because it is such a thoughtful gift! :') Woah words can't describe :') Best Valentines Day
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    Nice to meet everyone

    Hi i posted some things previous days but i never introduced, my native lenguage is spanish(mexican) for other people the taco lenguage xD I understand english almost perfectly but i speak it a little bad. I'm currently playing hoshizora no memoria(just started) and chaos;head(again just started) My girlfriend is the president almost finished I finished rewrite, little busters! and some routes in others game I generally don't finish games because i forgot to play them and i got another one to play. My psn account is CruelN1N1 feel free to add me but i generally play rpg like dark souls, neptunia and anime style rpg. Still waiting for dracu riot patch u.u
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    This is a long comprehesive guide It has now been moved to the mainsite. to read it click the chapter images for the individual parts: note: part 4-5 not made yet. but hopefully will be added in future
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    Sorry for spamming new games! But this looks pretty cool so I wanted to share it : http://vgperson.com/games/1bitheart.htm
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    Seeing as I felt I should release a review on Valentine's Day, here's a much belated review of Eroge!: http://gamesforadultsandeveryone.blogspot.com/2015/02/games-for-adults-eroge-sex-and-games.html
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    Happy Valentine's To Maki~chan

    Valentine's Day is upon us, it is the day to give something to the ones you care about and love without wanting anything in return (well, maybe some love would be nice), and today the Love Live community decided to give something to one of its precious members, maki~chan, AKA Akemi Chika. We know how much you love to play School Idol Festival and how much you like Maki, but it seems the game really is against you getting an Ultra Rare at the moment, and on top of that you just recently got out of surgery and can't really play properly for a while. This is most certainily unfair for such a dedicated member of Love Live. We want you to know we all care about your well being and want you to enjoy Love Live and be rewarded for it, so even though you don't have an Ultra Rare Maki yet (don't worry, you'll definitely get one!) me, cloudy12, Ceris, OriginalRen, Rose, Ezeefreak, Praeliator, CLuBLioN, Eclipsed and Zehel decided to get together to give you this very real Maki figure for valentine's! This is both a valentine's gift and a get well soon gift. We all wish you a quick recovery and want you to know we all love you and enjoy having you in the community and hope you enjoy being part of it as well, and now you can definitely tell everyone you got a Maki I'm sorry if you were expecting some love confession in here since it's valentine's (everyone's just shy ), but we hope this makes for a good valentine's gift, and most of all, that it makes you happy, which is what we all want to see. May you have a wonderful valentine's day and many Maki Ultra Rares and that you stay with us for many years to come. With love and care, Nosebleed, cloudy12, Ceris, OriginalRen, Rose, Ezeefreak, Praeliator, CLuBLioN, Eclipsed, Zehel and everyone else in the Love Love community
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    Fuwanovel League of Legends Thread

    The long awaited CLG vs TSM comin' up! #CLGWIN
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    What would you trade?

    No one wants to trade half of their lifespan for Shinigami eyes? I'm disappointed. I guess that would only be useful for blackmail so scratch that. Like many others here I would trade fluency of one language for Japanese.
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    Embarassing moments with vns...

    NINI!! How HSmsful!!!
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    I see here so much love for the characters of Love Live, but not enough for Eli... So I make the rest of this to the "More Love for Eli"-weeks... So, I will play songs at SIF only with that team (except a few tries on the upcoming Event song)... Please give more love to her
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    Welcome to the forums! Hope you come to like it here.
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    Lilly and Hanako, huh? Congratulations: you have made your first friend on Fuwa. Rarely do we get somebody with such fine taste : P. Lilly and Hanako were my favorite routes, too. What did you like about them? And yes, Kenji's totally amazing. I laugh every time I replay the game despite reading his lines a dozen times over at this point.
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    Hi there! We're glad to have you aboard!
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    Welcome! And thanks for the nice words : ). I really enjoyed making that guide, and it makes me happy to hear that it helped. Now, of course, I'm compelled to ask who your favorite Katawa Shoujo heroine was and why you chose Kenji as your avatar (love it). Care to share?
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    And finally, my banner would be:
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    I guess my favorite figure from your collection would be this: http://myfigurecollection.net/item/144400 Why is it my favorite? Since it's a figure of Momo Devilluke. I think Momo's really cute. Out of the cast of To Love Ru, she's my favorite. Add that to her being lewd and all. In this case, however, what makes her top the others is her expression, I think. Her expression doesn't make her look derpy. Instead, it fits her. You can also instantly recognize that it's Momo. Out of all the Momo figures, I think this one is the best. Not to mention that this certain figure is making use of her bridal dress. She looks stunning. I think I'd like this as well: http://myfigurecollection.net/item/91373 She looks pretty young there though. If I had the money, I'd buy this figure. I think your collection is lacking a Nozomi. From those that I've seen, I think this is the best-looking. http://myfigurecollection.net/item/208378 What you'd like about it? It's Nozomi. In a swimsuit. I don't know what you could not like about it. Besides the price that might be waiting for you. My avatar can wait, I guess.
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    What makes you drop a vn?

    I drop a VN when the translation is so horrible that I can't even understand what's going on half the time.
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    FuwaFM: The Completely Official Podcast!

    And I re-uploaded it Rock
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    No limit on the "Member Title"

    Caps are in place for GG and FuwaFabulous.
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    Translation release - OreImo PSP

    Project Lead of Rinjinbu Translations here. I went to the trouble of making a step-by-step detailed guide on purchasing the game legally from PSN and converting it to ISO. http://notcliche.com/ziddy/tutorial-buy-oreimo-psp/ Which you can then drag and drop the ISO to the patch.bat, simple!
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    Oh, and continuing on the topic of Kokoro Connect, here's an Inaba drawing I did... probably six months ago, based on a still frame of her in episode 8 or 9 (don't remember exactly which one). I was still pretty bad at drawing when I did this one (for that matter I'm still not not good, though a lot better than I was then), but it magically came out really well in spite of that, and since I just got a scanner a few days ago I feel like showing it off!
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    What are you playing?

    Start playing "Tokyo School Life". Weird, this is the first time a visual novel, a Steam release at that, managed to slip under my radar. I never heard about this VN nor the publisher before, and just noticed about it earlier while skimming through Steam new release list. The user-defined tag for the game makes me quite curious also : "Psychological Horror". Doesn't look much like this kind of VN to me, but...who know...
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    Happy Valentine's To Maki~chan

    Happy valentine's day again maki~chan... Thanks to all who have participated and organized it to make her happy... We care about our SIF-Family ...
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    Are traps cute?

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    REALLY enjoying Kokoro Connect, and I'm only on Episode 4. Taichi is a bit *too* capable in solving peoples' problems, but it's actually quite refreshing to see (especially after the drama-riddled Nagi no Asukara where everybody just yells at each other before running away which led to dragged out conflicts) I liked how everybodys' problems were alluded to even if I was too st00pid to actually notice until they verbally said what their problem was >.> Solutions were simple, but heartwarming: Nagase: Inaba: Also, LOLOLOL 10/10 HOLY SHI I WOULD NEVER ADMIT TO ANY OF MY FEMALE FRIENDS ABOUT THIS: N-n-n-nn--nn-n-n-n-not that I actually d-dddd-do that LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL ~~~ Apparently Taichi x Nagase is the default couple since Taichi has alluded to several times that he has affection for her, but damn all pairings look so well so far idk who to ship xD
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    I photoshopped it. Blue eyes suit her much better <3
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    For the sake of recording the card side stories, which Umidah wants to get every single one, including URs and SRs, cychun, AKA Niccochi, AKA the largest whale, lent his account to Umidah, and Umidah signed onto it in the stream. It... is nightmare inducing... All 3 teams are of course all idolized URs, but that's not the scary part. almost all of these URs are level 2 in skill, if not 3. That means he has sooo many URs, he can feed them away to level skills without hurting his team. The rest of his SRs are nearly all skill level 4+, his Job Nico has a fucking level 7 ON AN SR! That's like 50+ SRs! Base stats of the teams are 47k, with assist, he can get up to 66k!!!! That's literally tens of thousands of dollars I'd say.
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    Eden* Steam Key Give Away.

    Onii-chan has really bad luck, he never get games, i hope i can help him since he wants to play that game
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    1) Story is the most important thing to me. It doesn't have to be awesome or epic - it has to serve it's purpose. So, VNs with gameplay or nukiges can get away with a more simplistic plot, but it's still important even in those cases. VNs are novels after all. Art is important in eroge, other titles can get away with so-so visuals as long as they have a well written storyline. Many OELVNs have absolutely abhorrent artwork though, something that bad can be game-breaking. 2) PC master race. 3) I only start reading/watching completed VNs/manga/anime/whatever, almost without exceptions. I wouldn't really mind any kind of episodic format, but it means I probably won't touch it until it's finished, or check out first episode and never go back to it if it won't be good enough. As for multiple protagonists (or rather - selectable ones), it's not that weird and some VNs do offer such choice. Ever17 did this right (just like this epic title). But yeah, it can be quite hard to do without making subsequent playthroughs boring and repetitive.
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    Fuwanovel League of Legends Thread

    challenger boys! at least for now
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    Fuwanovel League of Legends Thread

    "Le Blenk" - Froggen So every single time y-... you're playing Leblenk They can pick Leblenk Leblenk will not.. with the Leblenk Versus Leblenk. With Leblenk, Leblenk is like For Leblenk I will Leblenk Versus Leblenk
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    NGNL Author Caught Tracing

    どうでもいい。 Let him trace if he wants. No Game, No Life was an enjoyable anime, and that is all that matters to me.
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    Katawa Shoujo

    Katawa Shoujo Summary Hisao Nakai is a normal kid living a normal life. A senior in High School, things seem to be going his way until, in the middle of a love confession, his heart seizes up and he collapses. Upon waking, Hisao is informed that he has a heart arrhythmia: a condition which will require major lifestyle changes if he wants to stay healthy. Katawa Shoujo is the story of a boy, force-transferred to a school for disabled kids, and his special friends who open his eyes to what life is truly about. Ending Guide Katawa Shoujo is divided into five story arcs (one for each of the central characters), or "routes": Lilly Hanako Emi Rin Shizune You will encounter each of these girls several times in the course of Act 1, and depending on your choices, the game will select a route for you to take. Act 2 (through the end of the game) will be different for each story arc, or "route". What this means, of course, is that Act 1 is extremely complex in terms of choices (and the computer variables and flags associated with them). This complexity makes for an awesome story, but is difficult to explain in a textual walkthrough. Consequently, please consider the following advice: I recommend playing through Act 1 making the choices that come naturally to you, and observing each of the girls carefully. By the end of Act 1, you'll more or less know in your heart which route you want to start with. If you made choices by listening to your heart, you'll probably have already ended up in the route you want! If that's not the case, or you're playing through the game again and want to follow a different route, please see the individual route walkthroughs: they will guide you from the beginning of the game until the end, and will faithfully see you through to your chosen heroine. Thank you for using this walkthrough. Katawa Shoujo is the first visual novel I ever played, and it will always hold a special place in my heart. Also... Lilly forever! Route Walkthroughs PROLOGUE Katawa Shoujo opens to a prologue of sorts (a snowy confession) which leads immediately into Act 1: Life Expectancy. Lily Good and Neutral Endings Hanako Good and Neutral Endings Bad Ending Emi Good and Neutral Endings Bad Ending Rin Good, Neutral and Bad Endings Shizune Good and Bad Endings Note: Katawa Shoujo features notifications on choice screens which will help you see whether or not you've made a choice before. This will help all of the 100%-Driven players out there. As an added resource, please see this incredible flowchart, made by Feuver. If you're missing scenes, I'd focus on getting all the bad ends -- especially in Act 1 (they're probably what you're missing). Attribution This guide was based heavily on both Feuver's flowchart as well as information gleamed directly from personal experience as well as the official Katawa Shoujo site. A big thanks to Four Leaf Studios, the creators of the game, for the wonderful memories and powerful stories they've left us