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    Science Experiments anyone?

    In suspicion that drinking tap water causes one to urinate more often, I experimented with both purified and tap water. Although my execution of the scientific method was not entirely orthodox, I've concluded that there does not exist a noticeable distinction between tap water and purified water when it comes to bladder control. Somebody else can write a scientific report regarding this matter.
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    He's the scourge of the Fuwanovel forums. Someone needs to provide the much needed pessimism, so that optimism can fight and triumph over it, much more powerfully. Personally, I prefer the intelligent, the kind, and the sarcastic protagonists, any combination of these traits would do.
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    What are you playing?

    -tatsu laughs hard at Chinami and her brother being lazy on the floor as Aoi sisters came to visit- awesome picture.
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    Welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy your stay! Sadly I've never played Phantom of Inferno or a DVD VN so I can't help you with your problem. :/ Instead, have some moe:
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    Grisaia isn't exactly the last VN I read, although it is my favorite. However I had experienced this kind of behavior but in reverse in another VN, Fate/Stay Night(Which I like almost as much as Grisaia) and I liked that quite a lot. Sorry to disappoint you but I'm no loli, I'm a hairy dude.
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    You have the "last-visual-novel-syndrome" (like the last-song-syndrome) ~~~~~~~ Grisaia no Kajitsu... How cute. It makes me want to hug you...if you're a loli girl... Gwehehehe... XD Don't worry, I also have the "last-visual-novel-syndrome" which is majikoi... I also like the Grisaia no Kajitsu and how Yuuji's character grows in each heroine... XD
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    Update 4750/15935 of common route has been translated! Hurah! Working on editing that translated content, as well as checking to see if it's translation is up to snuff! We still need translators and TLC's! Come give us a hand in making this project a success!
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    When they are mature/realist enough to know that sometimes there are unavoidable sacrifices and things like that it's even better, but it's also good that sometimes they go against their ideals and try to "save everyone" because it makes them flawed and hypocritical which makes them feel more human.
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    From the choices given I would say the intelligent-sarcastic type. One trait that I particularly like in MCs is the planning before taking action. I like those MCs that don't just try to plow through obstacles with force and recklessness and actually give some thought to their actions, if their composure is calm and cool almost all of the time even better.
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    If you hate them so much then why are you even still here reading VNs and watching Anime? at this point I can't tell if you are a hater, troll or both.
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    Although those attributes typically fit into your run-of-the-mill visual novel, I can assure you that there's a number of exceptions. For example, I don't think that you could say that Hisao from Katawa Shoujo is exceptionally sarcastic, intelligent, stupid, or perverted (OELVNs might be different, I know, but that's just to point out an archetypal example). I personally prefer something along those lines, where the protagonist isn't boring and void of character, but also is actually somewhat relatable to the player; nobody who's playing a game with an extremely perverted protagonist would truly do most of the things they do.
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    Like I said in some other thread, I like reflexive protagonists. None of these archetypes are reflexive - but the one I outright despise is the pervert protagonist.
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    Who here misses Berserk?

    I had mixed feelings about the Berserker armor at first, but it's honestly a necessary thing. Guts is fighting more and more enemies, sometimes more than one at once, and even if his armor is sturdy, apostles hit hard and dealing with the stronger ones will be hard even with it. I find the new party really nice, in special, I enjoy Serpico as a character and Schierk because she's the one showing us the magic of Berserk's universe in a mid-big scale, while teaching Farnese the small details which is interesting. But yeah, Golden Age Berserk was very likely the real golden age of Berserk, it was just that good.
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    I prefer sarcastic-intelligent ones because I can relate better. I am by no means very 'intelligent' but I am quite sarcastic so I relate better in terms of my personality. But I am usually fine with any type of personality as I usually view their story in an 'outsider' perspective, even when the VN is presented in a first person narrative. However there are always exceptions, and I may find that a protagonist is simply too extreme of a personality. Everything in moderation I suppose.
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    Who here misses Berserk?

    I dropped it a few years ago when the author was going on a long hiatus. It was dragging out like Nisekoi anyhow. The little love triangle (square if you count Guts one way feelings for Caska) was grating to watch. The fight scenes were becoming very shonen like. I honestly wasn't a big fan of the new armor and it's over 9000 increase in power rating. Give me back my Golden Age Berserk. I want to hear talks of strategy, Machiavellian politics, both large scale wars and small skirmishes. Guts' one man struggle to cure Caska's insanity was also intriguing. I could have lived with just Puck. So yes, in a way, I do miss my Berserk.
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    Progress Update Week #7 Common route patch is going to be released next Monday if everything works out as planned. I'll begin translating the next route (Mio) next week.
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    unforgettable skype quotes

    First quote from our new member~~~
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    10 hours vids appreciation threads

    This thread seems bad for ones health. Therefore I must post on it. PIKAGURL~~~~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7t1AnK7Gqg4
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    Super Meat Boy. a.k.a. Dark Souls Lite.
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    What are you listening to right now?

    All hail Gumi! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X17i0K5gc3g Edit: Damn, didn't know this version exist. Definitely must watch if you know/listen to the song above
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    Made http://fuwanovel.info redirect to the main page and set up http://beta.fuwanovel.info instead. Apart from missing recently added/changed database entries, that's what it'll look like. Some texts changed, stuff got ripped out, so it looks really barren in some places (2/3 "browse" sites don't have anything in their sidebar, since the guest comments are gone entirely). Featured games on the frontpage are probably going the way of the dodo as well, meaing we either need new filler content or I really should start working on a new, somewhat slimmed down layout. Then again, I really liked it at 1024px.
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    18 weeks and half of the game is translated. Looking forward to week 36
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    Hello everyone!

    Hey there, welcome to fuwanovel! So nice to have ya with us here at the forums, hope you enjoy yourself. When you finish with Rewrite you should check out G-Senjou no Maou and Fate/Stay Night, their really good VNs. See you around and here's a moe.
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    Yeah, I was going to just let that statement go, but I must say I had the same thought. Folks like Daimon and I would obviously take those words very seriously. We are all in different situations that have nothing to do with skills. A lot of people are still in school or college, so they might have less life experience to draw upon, and they have less money compared to those of us with jobs. Others just happen to have rich parents etc and can throw out a lot of money to make pretty things. Life was never known to be fair. Those in tougher positions still have a lot of heart, though. There needs to be respect for that. I have come across someone whose profile said she was the most successful VN so and so developer. The profile was later changed, but unfortunately, I will always remember that description. These things are important. Love for others is not assumed but it is very much appreciated .
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    IRC epic quotes

    The tale of the forever rejected Louise is a sad one.
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    Body Part Preferences

    I chose other parts ... Everything about a female's body. It used to be the thighs, feet, then hips, then stomach, tits, eyes, lips ... then as I grew my approach to these things changed drastically and I prefer everything. If you tell me to choose only one then my next answer is 'impossirbu!'
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    10 hours vids appreciation threads

    We need more Vodka
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    Hello There

    Hello there! Welcome to the fuwa forums! Hope you'll enjoy yourself here!
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    Stray Cat

    What are you listening to right now?

    We shall not falter, soon the entire world shall know the power and beauty of Gumi! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YqeWsLCwFkM
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    What are you playing?

    Today is the day - I've finished Muramasa. Damn that was long... and amazing! I was a bit torn at first, because some of the scenes I wanted to see were skipped for pacing reasons, but once again they got me with the epilogue. They really know how to end their stories - a well earned 10/10 from me, an absolute must read. As for what's next... Finally Unfortunately my curiosity has won over my sanity and I've picked up euphoria. I'm no fan of nukige, and definitely not torture porn, but I just have to see how bad it can really be. I've also heard the story is good, so that's about my only hope going into this - I wonder how far I can make it!
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    Body Part Preferences

    I noticed a lack of Penis for trap lovers
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    Hello There

    Hey there Panda, welcome to fuwanovel! So nice to have ya with us here at the forums, hope you enjoy yourself. See you around and here's a Shana.
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    YouTube is Finished

    UPLOAD COMPLETE http://www.fuwanovel.moe/originalren/ if you want anything else I've missed let me know.
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    YouTube is Finished

    That's batshit stupid. It's difficult to stomach we still live in a time were certain companies (*cough* Nintendo) are resistant to the concept of Let's Playing. I can understand the view that LPs might take away an incentive to buy solely story-driven games and narrative works like VNs and I know that they're within their rights, but its still a punch to the stomach of the fan communities behind the games. Your projects add a lot to this forum andI hope you'll continue to enrich the community here with them, Ren. This place wouldn't be the same without all the hard work you put into it.
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    youtube - Most random

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    Official Anime News and Info!

    Second season of Non Non Biyori announced for all of the Nyanpasu fans out there~