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    Hanamonogatari was already announced to be adapted. It'll probably be a bunch of OVAs, kind of like Nekomonogatari. Kizumonogatari was already announced to be a movie. In the final series the way I see it is: Tsukimonogatari: around 4 episodes or less. Koyomimonogatari: 12 episodes (1 episode per story) Owarimonogatari is actually said to be split into 3 whole volumes so in the anime it should be split into several arcs: Shinobu Mail Ougi Dark Koyomi Book These would be aired across the last 10 episodes. They should probably leave Ougi Dark for last since I think chronologically it's the last chapter. I think they should leave out Koyomi Book though and just go with the first 2 arcs. This chapter is not directly tied with the previous ones, it's more like an extra and would take time slots out of the chapters. Maybe air it later as a special or something. Ougi Dark really needs to be the best one. I have high hopes to see this animated!
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    Hello :3 Sorry for the lack of updates on the image editing front but I had a busy week at work ._. Anyway, here's a report on the image decensoring: Yukie: 100% Miyako: 70% Chris: 30% Wanko: 10% Misc: 100%
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    And here I thought conversation cant get any more gross than you guys comparring your dicks ;p PS. If you are desperate for new sensations go with Gakuto advise (from prologue) ie. stick it into box of noodles PS2. Happy Birthday Helvetica
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    Scars Unseen

    What are you playing?

    I'm the exact opposite. My biggest problem with the H-scenes in most of the VNs I've read(Saya no Uta now being a big exception) is that they don't add anything to the experience. Like the sex scenes in recent Bioware games, they are written with little concern for how they mesh with the overall story, serving as nothing more significant than a video game "achievement" handed to the player for little to no effort. At least humor shows that the writer is trying to entertain me.
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    Happy one-day-late birthday, Azengar. I actually noticed it yesterday, but promptly forgot about it. xD Happy belated birthday to you, too, Helve. I wonder if this thread is still around when my birthday comes.
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    Reading the Tower of God and this never fails to impress me. Also Kiryuu Sensei will always be the best girl in KissxSis
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    Unlimited Chat Works - Random Talk

    You are Canadian ;p Thats alone tells how "dangerous" you are ;p And about Archery ? Do you practice European archery? modern Archery ? or Japanese Archery ? I planned to by Japanese Bow one day but I doubt I have necesery means to maintain it and utilise it in my neighbourhood. Plus it cost like 1000€. But At the very least I have my trustworthy Dynasty Forge Musha Katana witch I practice with evry second day for a few years now ; ) I probably need some more time practicing before I chellange Mayuzumi tho ... * no ofence Just repeating jokes Americans have about Canadians - at the very least you cant be less warlike than French ;p
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    Personally, my favorite is the Deardrops OST. I love that punk rock feel that permeates the entire thing, along with the violin parts in some of the songs. The song that plays at the end of Riho's route is one of my all-time favorite songs from a VN, right up there with the intro to Little Busters!.