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    To both Pran and MKDude:
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    Thank You, Tay and Co.!

    Just thought I should make a thread thanking Tay and all the others that helped to get the site working again after everyone kept getting redirected to the "Welcome to nginx!" page. I really appreciate your hard work. I know enough about coding (which is very little) to know that unless it's copy/paste, it's quite hard, and finding mistakes in pages of code is an infuriatingly slow process. Really, thanks so much for fixing the problem as fast as you did.
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    I have encountered many occasions where I find myself wanting to capture a certain character then I found out she's just a side character ......NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Well its just plain sad.Sometime in some eroges I play,the side characters are way better than the main characters themselves(in my opinion). Let me share some..... -Kuuya(Utawarerumono) One of the early visual novels I played.Utawarerumono isn't a capture the girl game but at least Kuuya should have stared in the "replay section".Too bad she went ********** in the end. Reina F. Avary,Mireille Mares Ascot and Alice Veinberg(Walkure Romance & WR MM) Reina had a very nice chara design and personality.Idont see y Ricotta cant make her to a heroin? Mereille. . . .first time I saw her it kinda reminded my of Nunally(code geass).Girl on the wheel chair+imouto=MOE. JES*S she can compete with Lisa. Alice would be a better heroin than Bertille at least in my opinion. When I play Bertille route it was kinda mediocre(Akane's was effing good though).The chara design of Alice I think is better or.......its just I prefer darker hair. -Mirai Sasakura and An Narumi(Karumaruka Circle) I wish I could just traded Nicole Otone route for one of the sub chara route. Her route is kinda dull.Another sempai route is also gr8. -Shigure Kanako and Kumoi Akari(Kno Oozora Tsubasa o Hirogete) I'm currently playing this game and I discovered Kanako has no route at all.Hah......man that sucks she keeps on seducing me with her night garments..Also for the student counci president......well I just understand an eroge company has budget to follow.Pulltop games are really good though especially their Kanojo to ore to koibito to. Well sometimes i'm also disapointed when an eroge company releases a galge instead of the usual eroge for adults. >>>Aoi Takigawa Datoshokan no Hitusji Kai Shippo Days -Daitoshokan no Hitsuji Kai Houkago shippo days--->well not anymore hahahah.The sequel will have the charas in this game on the eroge. I do pray so I route for Aoi Takigawa... (NSFW 18 up stuff) http://august-soft.com/daito_ds/event.html -BaseSon's Engoku Koihime. . . . maybe there gonna release an 18+ version .I did enjoyed apare tenka gomen....have yet to play the fan disk. That concludes some of my griefs.........it good to let it out. So what about you ?!!?!!?
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    They definitely should have made a route for Chizuru in the first Grisaia, poor woman is always gonna be a virgin.
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    How would you design a VN?

    ofcoure, all kinds of harem endings. and why am i a sick fuck? i am actually what you define under kindness, justice and have only good pure hearted intentions.
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    Hi Guys

    Welcome to the forums, nice to have you with us, enjoy the stay
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    Hi Guys

    Welcome to the forums. I hope you enjoy your stay. Have a loli
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    Hi Guys

    Welcome to the forums...
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    I'm still waiting for the moment they decide to add a Misha route in Katawa Shoujo. She was the character I wanted the most. Hotaru from Kono Oozora. I know the fap fandisk has her route but that's mostly for fapping fanservice purposes. I wanted a real in depth story Also Nanaka from Cross Channel. Her character really needed some story. She was so mysterious but her moments were so funny. I love her.
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    Well, I personally love Misha from Katawa Shoujo, even though she's not a side character, but she doesn't have a route so that counts.
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    BookwormOtaku, your support really makes our day when things get tough. That's the first time I've had a nice laugh in awhile. Also, I feel like we should update as much as possible, so...update: we're translating more. We have a few members joining in and helping out the team, and hopefully the team can grow so we can make faster progress. Pran and I had a giggle. I asked the MangaGamer rep, and he said and I quote "We actually don't know what fonts were used, since BaseSon did the images, and it'll be out of the line to ask them about that... but it looks likes Comic Sans to me, with its height/width adjusted at some point" ...oops.
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    Thanks a lot, just a little update, Chouhi(rinrin) has been edited and has been added on facebook page. It's link - Page
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    the only way rance can be cute is in his female form nsfw?
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    Welcome to the forums, nice to meet you! 500 post ;A;
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    Kotonoha! <3 And anyone from Higurashi.
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    Serial Child rapist wanted Dead Or Alive. Reward: $1,000,000
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    Reverse Rape Emotionless Heroine Adult Heroine Tomboy Heroine Submissive Protagonist Masochistic Protagonist Sadist Heroine Yandere Heroine Have more but too lazy to list them all
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    What are your favorite VNDB Tags?

    Consensual Tentacles Sex.
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    Share your Graphics

    Nice work guys o:! I liked the first one better, Arturia (of these two http://i986.photobucket.com/albums/ae344/armogedon/MidnightMonsoon.jpg - http://i986.photobucket.com/albums/ae344/armogedon/MidnightMonsoonEdit.jpg ), and this new one is really cool :'D I've been doing some signatures for the Little Busters! avatar group, if you want you can check them out there. (totally not advertising the thread (?))
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    im not into lolis, but godamn this is a nice pic
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    Your first VN experience

    My First Vn Was Dangan Ronpa Lol <3 Mystery Is My Favorite Vn's
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    Your first VN experience

    Honestly,my first VN was Ace Attonrey.
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    Share your Graphics

    Whoa! The Michiru one looks really neat! The SAO one doesn't really give the vibe though, I don't think that dark-ish theme suited the characters D: Seeing you guys are sharing tips when it comes to designs, I'll share too! I hope they help (and are understandable D;) I tend to play a lot with effects or filters, also with this http://buitemsce.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/photoshop-cs6-dark-interface-large1.jpg (the drop menu that emerges when you click on "Color Dodge", I don't know how to say it in english, as I don't even remember how it is called xD), gradient maps, illumination and C4D (or brushes). I usually take the render and duplicate it a few times, then fiddle with the thing I don't know how it's called (reefer to image provided by google xD), give it some blending options, and only then I begin making the background, randomizing effects with images until I'm happy. After that I use the C4D or brushes, mostly over the render, and finish it with text and gradients until the colors are to my liking D:!
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    Share your Graphics

    That's a shame ;u; I would've loved a tutorial from you, I like your style very much. But well, it can't be helped xD Edit: I made a new sig today, and I wanted to show it here since there's not many people on DeviantArt who would know the character in it :'c
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    Share your Graphics

    Maybe you thought I was talking about this one: but I actually use the second one, which is like a pen tool but more... I don't know how to explain it. If you were talking about that one, then don't mind me xDDD @Steve: These look really cool <3 I always have problems working with small frames ToT
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    Share your Graphics

    Thank you >o<! I use the polygonal lasso, as the pen tool is kinda annoying for me D'x
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    Share your Graphics

    I tend to do signatures and stuff like that a lot, since I role play in forums and use them for my characters xD I'll leave a few, mostly fan-art ones >u<
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