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    Shin Koihime Musou Translation Project

    Well on that thought, an obvious location would be the mangagamer forums. What do you think boss? Let me know if you think we´ll get good coverage and I´ll set up shop. Edit: I did some digging in the mangagamer forums and there is already little bit chatter about this project. Not much though, people are skeptical as expected. It also might be worth considering taking advantage of Akikojam´s youtube channel since most people going through there want the game translated and they in turn could spread the word even further, i doubt we´ll get recruits since Akiko is the one tranlating, but it should considerebly increase support for the project.
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    I did the same! Saw "Benkei Route"...
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    Learning Japanese - Useful resources

    This thread still needs help to grow. Feel free to post your useful resources, with a small description of what it is. You can also ask any questions related to this topic. ------------ Chances are, if you read VN, at some point you'll get interested in learning Japanese. This thread will NOT tell you how to learn japanese, I'm not qualified for that. This is a compilation of useful resources you might need, put together by helpful members and myself. If you know absolutely nothing about the language, I recommend you to read a bit about it before. Read some wikipedia pages and the introductions of various guides. The best way to approach things is probably to try out a bit of everything and see what works for you. Here are the categories of resources presented: *Learning methods: more-or-less complete schedule other people put together. *Useful softwares, apps & cie *Kanji & Kana *Grammar *Practice material Learning methods Those hardly consist of rigid guides that'll take you all the way, but they might help to give you an idea on how to approach learning the language. Don't spend too much time looking for methods, you'll most likely end up doing things in a different way anyway. Tae Kim's complete guide to japanese (everything is not complete yet) Nukemarine's Suggested Guide for Beginners "It's a guide on how to learn japanese by plowing through anki cards in a effective manner. It's made by a community member at Koohi forums. (I'd like to mention you can learn vocab very fast with this method and keep it in memory. But you learn without a lot of context, which has its negative sides.)" (Bolverk) The Tay way (note that this is from 2013 and no longer in use) Aaeru's "learn how to read VN in two years" Useful softwares Those are basic tools you'll almost certainly need, or at least try out, in your learning of japanese. Google IME: Allows you to type in Japanese. Click this link, click the big blue button, install: you can now switch your typing mode to japanese. Rikaichan: Firefox app that gives you a dictionary entry for a word by simply hovering over it. Extremely useful. Also exists for Chrome. Anki: A flash card software with a built-in algorithm for learning efficiency. Exists on Android and iOS too. (Regular hand-written flash-cards can be a useful tool too). Use shared decks to find vocab/kanji pre-made decks. Note about Anki: the use of Anki is advocated as necessary by some and deemed completely useless by others. Starting out with basic vocab/kanji grinding will probably help you ease into practice material, however learning tons of words, or worse even tons of kanji out of context is not a good idea. It's up to you to find out whether you want to use Anki (and whether you can). ITH, TA, Mecab, Jparser: ITH is a text hooker that'll extract the text from, say, a VN for you. Translation Aggregator will pass said text through parsers and dictionaries. Extremely useful to practice on VNs. Some tips and other softs for ITH here Chiitrans: a useful alternative to ITH/TA. Same principle. Read the tuto for more details. Visual Novel Reader: Another alternative to ITH/TA. Note about text hookers: it might seem obvious but do NOT use machine translations with your text hookers. You won't learn anything from the garbage it feeds you and you won't even actually understand what's going on, whether you think you do or not. It is also not a very good idea to rely on parsers for grammar purposes. Parsers are far from perfect. They certainly can't replace a grammar resource and basic googling. Think of text hookers as crutches you use until you become able to read without constantly looking up vocabulary. It is also a good idea to switch to japanese-japanese dictionaries as soon as you can - only they will give you the nuances of the words, and they're also much less flawed than existing free j-e dictionaries. Kanji & Kana Learning the hiragana and katakana should be about the first thing you do. It's not very long or difficult. Becoming accustomed to reading them is longer but it eventually comes. Kanjis are probably the biggest psychological barrier for japanese learners. I don't have a magical method to suggest, but do tell yourself it's really not that hard if you stop thinking too hard about it and trying to find the best, most optimized method for learning them. Try to learn the basic ones, see where you can get, and start practicing on reading as soon as you can. RealKana: This is just an example among others of ways to learn the kana. It's the first thing you should do anyway, and it's not hard or long. Heisig's Remember the Kanji: A method for learning kanji through memo stories, by association with an english keyword. Good for starters, probably won't get you through the whole kanji learning though. See Tay's guide and this website too. Kanjidamage: Learning the kanjis through radicals and memo sentences. I'm not a fan of his method, but it has some interesting information in the introduction and on some kanjis. Grammar Basic grammar: Tae Kim's guide: The most popular (and free!) guide on the internet. Rather compact, has all the essential grammar with good explanations and examples. A must. Genki: To take things more slowly, or have a different view on points you didn't get. (No links for that one yet, it's not free, sorry) Nihongomori: this is a youtube channel with videos explaining grammar, but also vocab and other misc things, done by native speakers (in english for the basics, japanese later). It goes from basic grammar (JLPT N5-N4 level) up to finer points (N2-N1 level) so it actually covers intermediate/advanced grammar too. The videos are pretty fun and well done, if you like the video media it might work good for you. More advanced grammar: Imabi: Lots of in-depth explanations about various grammar subjects. Not recommended for pure beginners and not written as a guide. If you want to go further than that, you'll need to go into japanese grammar books. Don't forget a simple research on the internet can give you lots of explanations about pretty much anything anyway. Advanced grammar: If you want to go further into grammar than that (for example if you want to read 古典 and such), you'll probably need to go into japanese grammar textbooks. This guide is approved as being really good. (Change the encoding of the page to Japanese EUC-JP for it to display correctly) This page could be useful too. Feel free to do your own research! Others: A grammar cheat sheet. Not for beginners, obviously. Nihongoresources: A grammar guide. Never tried it. Practice Material General advice: Try to avoid material based on comedy (because you need a good enough knowledge to get the jokes), or that rely heavily on slang or local dialect. Also, avoid things that have too much technical vocabulary (hard sci-fi) or chuuni stuff with abstract concepts and archaic kanjis. Chokochoko: Some practice texts (articles on various stuff), ranked by JLPT difficulty. Children's tales: easy place to start. Japanese subtitles for lots of anime. VNs in japanese: *Relatively easy language for a story-focused VN. *List of VN for beginners, with two levels of difficulty. *A big list of Visual novels to read if you are confident enough (~JPTL N2). I won't point you out to raw mangas, of course, but if you can find high enough quality scans (or can afford to import them) it's obviously a great way to practice. Every shoujo and shonen manga have furiganas on every kanjis. Seinen/josei may not have them, but it doesn't mean they're necessarily more difficult. Dictionaries, vocabulary resources Note: Japanese-english dictionaries (the free ones you'll find on the internet) are pretty much all based on Edict. Of course, as a beginner you have to use j-e dictionaries, but 1) edict is far from perfect 2) j-e dictionaries are inherently limited anyway: only japanese dictionaries will give you the right nuance (and they're rather excellent). So as soon as you can, switch to japanese dictionaries. The jump is not easy but it's necessary, especially if you intend to read VNs with a higher level of language. Overall, the internet is your friend! A simple search will often yield whatever you're looking for. Finding your way, especially in japanese websites, is the most useful skill you can develop (although once again you need to reach a certain level of confidence first). Jisho: Jap/eng dictionary. Tangorin: Same thing. WWWJDIC Dictionary site. Japanese online dictionary. Requires good enough knowledge of japanese to be used. Slang dictionary. Same as above. Writing recognition: Tries to find a kanji directly written with your mouse. Tanos: Various JLPT-related resources: vocabulary and kanji lists, etc. Blog posts and articles about learning japanese Blogpost by garejei: Tips and a view on kanji memorization. ----- Thanks to Clephas, Bolverk, cryofrzd, Okami, garejei, Mephisto and probably a bunch of others I forgot to add (sorry!) for their contributions.
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    Kamidori Alchemy Meister

    IT SHALL BE DONE Kamidori Alchemy Meister (God Catching Alchemy Meister) Eushully | 2011 | RPG / 18+ Download link Summary In the Setetori region of the southern part of the Raulbhach continent lies the Mikelti Kingdom, and amongst the seven major cities of this region is the workshop city of Yuidora. This is where a young orphan named Wilfred lives, pursuing his dream of becoming an alchemist. However, soon after gaining his license he gets entangled with three girls with differing personalities and goals, and he soon agrees to hire them as his guards in order to help each other out. Like this, Wil begins his life as an alchemist, surrounded by the ever growing group of his allies as he follows his parents' footsteps in becoming a great alchemist. General Information Dungeons Yuidora Woodland Lake Shisetika Forest of Souls Cliffside Church Rosean Mountains Yuma Lake Runic Forest Ruins Kania Wastelands Dijenel Borderland Limestone Caverns Chaotic Warground Yusof Riverbed Garden Ruins Shrine of Flame Deadbeat Dungeon Gushimera Temple Mercy Light Valley Valkyrie Falls Advent Bay Character Join Conditions Stats Leveling Tips Using Marwen's Ring and Marwen's Necklace accessories at the same time compounds their effect. Wil and the main heroines can’t equip both at the same time, so their stat gains may be lower than other characters for the same number of level ups. (Main characters, however, can equip Demeter Gems on clothing so they can level up faster.) Marwen’s accessories may be irrelevant in the long run due to get yard furniture that produces stat-increasing stones or with transmigration, both of which become available late second game (NG+, append disk required). Even then, however, they are still important for two purposes: Leveling up during the first game and early second game so that your characters will be powerful enough to farm Sei Gobles (see under "Money Tips") or to clear the append disk dungeons the first time, especially Advent Bay. Capping all your character’s stats at Deadbeat Dungeon after transmigration in the second game or later. This minimizes the number of dungeon runs required. Consider repeating arena battles for levels, especially early in the game. Arena battles do not advance in-game time, and battles that have been cleared do not require a fee, so are more or less free to repeat. The number and types of enemies is always the same. With the Fountain of Youth furniture, you can transmigrate level 99 characters, i.e. reset their levels to 1. Skills and stats (Str, HP, etc) are kept. Once the Fountain is placed in the yard, characters that are level 99 and are equipped with their ultimate accessories will have an event. Selecting the event will let you choose if you want to transmigrate. Transmigration does NOT use up the accessory. You can do this as many times as you want. If a character has to be a minimum level to see an event, you'll need to level that character to that minimum level after transmigration. The Fountain of Youth is a bonus reward from Pagan Seal (Advent Bay), a stage available in the second game and onwards. Yard furniture that give status growth stone (e.g. Jupiter Stone) are obtainable in the second game and onwards by clearing the Ver 2.0 dungeons (aka level 90 append disk dungeons). Some characters have low stat caps. Stat caps depend on the character’s class. Most character move to the next class at certain levels. Wil’s class, however, depends on guild rank, so his stat caps increase as the story progresses. Wil can therefore have wasted level ups if all his stats are at the current cap. Points gained to each stat during level up are calculated at the start of the turn in battle. It may therefore be possible to save, end the turn, kill an enemy to level up, and load the save if the stats gained at level up were not satisfactory. Level-up mechanics Certain enemies and bosses drop stat-increasing stones. The 4 bosses in Sealed Darkness (Yusof Riverbed, from Lyphia and Evelyn’s quest line in the second game and onwards) not only drop these, but also resurrect after dying and giving the drops. The bosses can therefore be killed over and over again before the battle ends. Best done in the second game when party members used are at level 99. In the third-game and onwards, stats are more easily increased by transmigration and stones from Meteorite furniture if they haven’t been capped already. Farming stat-up stones Money Tips New Game Bonuses
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    March is Couple's Month!

    Ok, second avatar done too combination of these two images: one, two Had to edit the previous one to fit avatar 1:1 resolution (repost for that one I used these images: shizuka, mare) I'll need to ask meru which one she wants to use
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    Sup ! :D

    @SieghartXx Thanks ! Yeah, sure I can always put one of them online if you're interested. I just have to put pictures and sound and it should be fine. It's always cool when people take interest in those. ^^ @maefdomn C'est vrai que ça fait toujours plaisir de voir quelqu'un qui parle la même langue que soi-même. Merci encore et vive le français !!
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    recently got addicted to gintama, and this ost is amazing.
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    What's the avatar above you thinking?

    Bomb successfully planted in the cute pictures thread, I'm so evil
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    Unlimited Chat Works - Random Talk

    As fucked up as it was, I quite enjoyed her story.
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    When I searched there was over 35 pages of boy members and around 9 or 8 of girls XD I'm watching these right now: Togainu No Chi (EP, 3) Uta no Prince-sama ?(EP, 1) Kamen no Maid Guy (EP, 7) Bleach (EP, 93) - rewatching ( i made it to episode 120 something but forgot everything ) Go sick (EP, 9) Baccano! - (EP, 2) ------------- and my favorite is black butler it has been ever since I saw sebby throw knifes and forks at bad guys as he epicly jumped in the air like a angle *_*....uhhh and grell go up a wall riding a chainsaw lol But Attack on titans is taking over, that Levi moment: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_cNu0EEvT0 was so epic I... I just couldn't close my mouth *_* those titans better run! So yeah Levi is my favorite right now so that means attack on titan is pushing its way into first place on my favorite list :3 What about you? what are yours?
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    What are you playing?

    相州戦神館學園 八命陣. Senshinkan. Latest game by light. My VN dream.
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    Its only Lee and Stacy though. I will jump up and down in giddy excitement like a little girl when they do Tatsuko. (Like I did for Benkei.) I like Lee and Stacy but they are no Tatsuko.
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    It's the anticipation though. It's fucking Majikoi!!!!
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    I think i´m going to play through her route again... J-Just for the plot you know -_-
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    I really did not notice the first time I played it but there are way too many H-scenes in Majikoi S. I want to read this route mostly for the story with just a couple of H-scenes to brighten the mood but there is more H than story at this point. The route I am in has had about 5 H-scenes in the 3 hours that I have been playing. At some point I went from 1 H-scene to the next to the next with a less than 5 minute interval. The H-scenes are long too. Some of them are more than 15 minutes. At this rate my body will give out before I can get the final line. I regret nothing.
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    Unlimited Chat Works - Random Talk

    How far are you on Amane's route?