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    True or False

    It's... It's not as if I like them or anything... baka Next person likes Yanderes
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    God, this project is going to kill so many people. All the people who will hang themselves when they read it when it is done after all that waiting because it ends on a cliffhanger for the third game, lol
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    Tlwiki has finally announced the translation of Grisaia no Meikyuu. You can check the status here http://tlwiki.org/index.php?title=Grisaia_no_Meikyuu
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    Grisaia no Meikyuu Translation Started

    I blame Umineko, I read Kajitsu not too long after it so the whole detective thing must have rubbed off on me.
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    Grisaia no Meikyuu Translation Started

    I really hope that's not the cliffhanger ending in Meikyuu, since I accidentally came across this in a Kajitsu thread. :/ I stumbled across that same spoiler. I hate doing that.
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    VN with favourite bad ends?

    I really liked the bad end in Symphonic Rain that you get if you don't get on any girl's route. You only understand why it's a bad end when you've read the whole story.
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    Introducing... FuwanViewer!

    Okay, the time has finally come. Me, Ilegend and Kuky_nekoi are happy to announce the: FuwanViewer 2.0 - beta release (To run, just download .zip file, extract is somewhere and run .exe file in it) (In case you get an error, make sure you have .NET Framework 4.5 installed, here is download link) FuwanViewer still serves it's main purpose - i.e. give you a better overview and smooth up browsing Fuwanovel.org collection. In the current state, we haven't added any outstanding functionality, but in the current state you can: browse all novels, in a handy DataGrid with some basic information and preview, inspect a visual novel in detail, i.e. get simlar view as on fuwanovel website, filter results by company name, tags and some other conditions. Here are some screenshoots: As for requirements: windows vista/7/8 .NET Framework 4.5 probably around 128MB RAM to run smoothly Yup, no windows XP. That's because Windows XP can't run .NET Framework 4.5 (at least from what I know). However, if some of you guys really want it on XP, we might do the migration to .NET 4.0 later. Known issues: We're aware that it's not everything works as it should. Here are some issues we're aware of and will be fixed in next bigger release: Your password is not safe, it's really easy to find since we didn't do any encrypting and such. So umm... if you have some viruses, beware Featured novels misses scroll bar, oh well... images are popping up in some annoying fashion,(it's not an issue, we just wanted to annoy you), Application size is stupid big, that's due to some development pieces (such as design time support) being compiled and never really used in the app itself. Sorry, bad design by me there. Planned features: Some of the features that we want in final version are: storing user related informations (read/finished/ignored novels), extending VisualNovel data with information from vndb.org, theming/skinning feature, so that you may alter the app view in some minor ways. About feedback: If you guys manage to find some action that crushes the app and is not stated in known issues, feel free to respond in this topic. Also, if you happen to have some nice idea for another feature that we could implement, let us know and we'll certainly consider it. ========================================================= We're all hoping that you guys will find this application useful and with it's aid you'll find some perfect novels for yourselves and avoid the creepy ones.
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    Grisaia no Meikyuu Translation Started

    Congratulations to all you guys and girls who need the translation! The grand route is surely a story that swallows you, yet there are still some questions left for Rakuen. However I wonder, how people will bear the wait for Rakuen when Meikyuu is translated, it ends in a sort of cliff hanger and I would say jumping directly from Meikyuu to Rakuen is a good way to avoid frustration, as Clephas put it.
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    Thank You~

    Woohooo congrats~~
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    i think i would give you a prize for that post. focus more on postive things and you will be able to enjoy your life, no matter where you live.
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    Grisaia no Meikyuu Translation Started

    At least the people on facebook will stop commenting about it over and over and over. And i finally have a reason to read Grisaia. Glad to see they won't drop the franchise.
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    Looking for VN with 80/90's artstyle.

    True Love Something like this?
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    Winter 2014 Anime Discussion

    They have a dot! And then sideways they look like rhinos: Or the fact that all the characters are really silly and boring. Mahou Sensou will only succeed if they replace all the character's faces with this
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    Only have the strength of 1 kelp without sunglasses ;-;
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