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  1. I've noticed that people in the fuwa forums like art, so I thought I would post some of the art I have made. These are all from about 3 years ago. This is an image of a promotional poster for the smashing pumpkins album mellon collie and the infinate sadness, that I created on a special black paper that you carve away sections of. Although I made this way too late to actually advertise the album, I would still like to make a poster of this one day. This is a relief print I made from a small rectangle of linoleum. The image on the left is the first print, the one on the right is
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  2. Damonkala

    Route formats

    So, after playing visual novels for a while, I've notices that they all have slightly different ways to get into routes. Some have a common route, counting up flags until a certain point in the story where they split apart. Some just put you into a route based on having enough flags or if a specific decision is chosen. Some games even have the main route as the common route, with the other routes on the side. Sometimes you have to unlock routes. Sometimes one route sets the story for another. So I want to ask, what is your favorite route format? Mine is probably when, after achieving certain
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  3. Welcome Welcome Zuc's.. I loved your art, if you have time and want to use that talent for something.. Visit https://forums.fuwanovel.net/index.php?/topic/2823-fuwanovel-creations-for-fuwanovel/ WE just started to create a manga for ourselves. (Still in discussion though) Anyway welcome and enjoy it while you still can xD.
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  4. I vote the rooster for Fuwamascot. Really nice work you've done here.
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  5. *after laughing at that title for a couple minutes* That's true it is a broad term but i just wanted to make it clear that what i meant by spending the funds wisely is not spending them on h-content focused VNs (like Rape Assault: Violent Semen Inferno) but on VNs that have some story, even if they have h-scenes like Kono Oozora or Shuffle. If they do this then i'm 100% okay with it.
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  6. zoom909

    Japanese Help Thread

    I think I got this one: Lately, the scale of Tsubasa(?)-kun's inventions has increased. And accordingly, it takes more time to clean up after them when they fail.
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  7. Anohana - Nothing tops this for me. and i think everyone knows why. Another - I am not a fan of the horror genre but somehow ended watching this. never knew it was this good. And since i'm not used to horror, some episodes literally shocked the heck out of me.. and some silent parts made me wanna pause the video cause i think something creepy is gonna pop out sooner Toradora - a classic one but its nevertheless one of the greatest. Kokoro Connect – The drama, betrayals and friendship is all about this one. Hyouka – ooooh yeah a mystery anime! Since i'm a fan of Detective Conan, this ea
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