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    Well, hello there.

    hey welcome
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    Anyway, my post was a long rant about how the anime is absolutely inferior and poorly executed shit by JC Staff, when Key did a much better job on the visual novel. Here's why it failed, basically. It's a combination of execution issues, and why the anime was poorly received. I read the VN and liked the anime after, but it has a lot of shortcomings in terms of grabbing the audience's attention, establishing something meaningful (romance), giving people a worthwhile ending to the first season (the ending was neither a cliffhanger, nor a conclusion), and the animation was subpar, and lacked the type of style found in any of Kyoto Animation's adaptation of Key's visual novels. To go further into the criticism of each arc, Haruka and Kud's arcs were altered significantly, removing pretty much all of the romance, which was a driving force in Haruka's route. Also, Kud's scene in the cave lasted 5 minutes in the anime in real-time, compared to the days and weeks emphasized in the VN. Futaki's antagonistic buildup in Haruka's route was weaker, and her change of heart as a character was foreshadowed too early on, compared to the VN, also. Komari's route was finely adapted, but was pretty much the weakest route in the VN. Mio's was done nicely also, but people didn't really catch the theme of it due to its execution. Honestly, a lot of the animation was seen as pretty dull and boring. There's limited character interaction, and the baseball scenes aren't even as well animated as those in Clannad, where baseball isn't even as much of a focus. The route endings were nicely done, for the most part, but the story buildup bored people with the constant closeups scenes with lacking animation. Compare this to the style of KyoAni's Clannad adaptation, and there's no contest in terms of which will grab the audience's attention more easily. Little Busters' core story may be on the same level as Clannad's, but the anime execution wasn't nearly as strong. Also, people don't enjoy Riki as a protagonist, not having seen how he improves come Rin 2 and Refrain next season. They'd much rather have someone like Kyousuke be the protagonist, as he's most similar to the protagonists of Key's previous works (Clannad, Kanon, Air). The pacing and comedy execution is also weird and all of the place. They put a random Rin route episode inbetween Kud's arc, and Komari's arc happened too early on, before anyone cared for the character. The common route precedes the heroine routes in the VN, to build relationships with all the characters before any of the drama happens, but it happens 4-5 episodes into the anime series, before some people even remember Komari's name. Refrain might redeem it through its story, but J.C. Staff has offered little in terms of adding anything unique to the anime that wasn't part of the visual novel. Clannad had references to the Illusionary World each episode, for example, and has great storyboard directing to intensify specific scenes. Little busters is my favorite VN alongside Muv-Luv Alternative, but the anime had a lot of shortcomings that affected people who only watched the anime. Oh and the awful music directing in some of the episodes didn't help either. Anyway, absolutely read the visual novel. JC Staff will probably screw up Refrain if they don't drastically improve their shit.
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    What are you playing?

    Thanks for reminding me to start her common route. I've putting it off in favor of watching anime from Spring Season but no more.
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    Yuri Thread

    Let's start with tons of yaoi stuff, then!
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