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    The nature of an infodump

    Well, of course a prologue wouldn't work in a mystery horror story, but that's not what I was talking about. It's particularly meaningful for high-concept fantasy and sci-fi world that can be confusing to the player if it's not explained properly. Giving just enough context to make it comprehensible at the beginning, and minimize the need for infodumps when the action picks up pace is pretty optimal. In the case of your story, I simply think it could've done with a lot less info in general. I'd like it more being vague than just explaining the lore this way. That is a good point, but if you think of it as another method of "scattering" the infodumps to keep the complexity of the world without creating the walls of info in the middle of the story it should still be worth it. I also don't like encyclopedias if they contain information actually crucial to understanding the story – as you said, it can be cool for fleshing out your world, but it can't be a primary method. ...I might also be speaking from one specific trauma of an EVN with a world that was pretty much incomprehensible because of lack of proper exposition, and with encyclopedia which created more questions than it answered. A good prologue could've done miracles for that game.
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    Maggot Baits (JP VN Review)

    I was discussing this with a friend recently, but it was our consensus that Maggot Baits is one of the few eroge that could benefit from having all its h-scenes removed... To be blunt, the h-scenes are in the way (vanilla or evil h, it doesn't matter). As for pacing, that's actually typical of Kurashiki when he doesn't have Takahama, Marimo, or one of his other Light people keeping him from doing what he wants. Sora no Baroque had a similar problem. The writing is good, the story is good, but the pacing is abominable. Edit: I liked the game's story, but the H was gratuitous in several negative ways (understatement).
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    Reborn as a censored goat in another world.
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    Kickstarters and delays for physical releases

    On average, the estimated time to delivery (ETD) is 255 days. On average, the actual time to delivery (ATD) for companies that already delivered is 633 days. On average, the tardiness in delivery (tdd) for companies that already delivered is 401 days. The slowest company (taking into account realized deliveries) is Frontwing, with an ATD of 716 days and tdd of 532 days. Despite this, their ETD is 150 days, with games from 2016 and 2017 yet to be delivered. Optimistic much? I was bored, so here's a pie chart...
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    The nature of an infodump

    I think infodumps at the beginning are rarely employed because there is no in-story-conflict yet readers can connect it to. At least to me they feel more like homework than useful information most of the time and I tend to get bored before the actual story even begins. A way of infodumping that's rather unique to VNs that can be rather effective is adding opportunities for expositioning outside of the actual story. For example an encyclopedia can be a good way of explaining things characters in-universe wouldn't talk about normally without taking you out of the story for too long. 428 utilizes this feature brilliantly, adding funny side stories to its exposition and even secretly setting up plot devices. VA-11 also has an approach I really like where you read news stories and internet boards inbetween story-sections (although admittedly it's used more for world building than infodumping).
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    A second chance for Taisho x Alice!!!

    this person (not me) goes through one of the routes, I won't take responsability for any hearing damage. although those videos don't go through the worst meme in the old translation.
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    hi my name is zaka and im a pepsiholic also part of this
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    Formlose Gestalt

    Maggot Baits (JP VN Review)

    Thanks for the review. I am glad that I passed on Maggot Baits, this title isn't for me, even though the story sounds interesting.
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    Reading this kind of stuff always makes me realize what a weirdo I am. I never saw school as oppressive. I'm still very fond of pretty much every bit of "useless knowledge I've gathered there and was too oblivious to most things around me to even stress out about my outsider's status. Maybe also because I never experienced negative parts of school life beyond mild teasing. But I'm also the kind of person to whom rebelling against their circumstances is pretty foreign concept. Or rather, it took something extremely f***** up for me to actually act out. School was comforting. Clear rules, clear goals, clear future. I could stay in such system forever. You get a lot of "freedom" when you get out of it, but I feel it serves l best for people that have the energy to conquer the world. I have yet to find any use for it. So, if I read this VN, I find it quite likely I would feel nothing. I wonder how many people like me are there..
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    Master Magistrate - Early-Access Review

    I was really hyped when I saw that this VN get localized. It'll be a day one buy for me when it's released. It pretty much combines all the things I like: murder mystery, Japanese history and knight girls. I was even thinking about reading the Japanese version, but fortunately that won't be necessary anymore.
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    No One But You (Western VN Review)

    Also, timeline in Megumi's route doesn't compute at all. All those things, that are described like they shoudld have happened over the years, would have to happen over few months or even weeks. Completely illogical. I think some of the reviewers already pointed it out in detail, but cannot find relevant text right now. However, there's simply no time when all of this could happen. It's just physically impossible, especially with 6+3+3 school system. Well, maybe if it was one of those schools that combined both middle- and high- school branches in a single institution, it could be a bit plausible (setting aside the degree to which the school system is or isn't corrupted*), but as it is described in-game now, it's enormous plot hole. *And if anyone wants to see more realistic darker side of VN high-school setting, Aeka's route in Yume Miru Kusuri is the way to go.
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    VN of the Month December 2003 - Saya no Uta

    87 vs 32 ... I still wish I saw this earlier, would save some time on summaries.
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    kivandomtl BTFO
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    My Little Pony fan VNs, part 1

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    Nanami Pyon

    Maggie's top 10 reads of 2019

    Very interesting read. Our tastes seem to be similar so I'm hyped to start playing Nie No Machi asap since you recommend it! I hadn't got around to playing it since I didn't fully understand what concept they were going for so it gave me rapey vibes lol. I wonder if you already played NG, Death Mark's sequel? I liked Death Mark (and Mashita is my fave too <3) but I was surprised to not see NG here since it improved everything that was clunky in Death Mark, imho. Death Mark had a tendency to just throw a bunch of characters at you and then take them away before you could properly bond with them (only Mashita was around for long enough), and this only improved with the extra Red Riding Hood case. If you haven't played NG yet, I really recommend it! It improved the faults in gameplay and placed a lot more focus on characterization, so you actually walk away attached to all of your friends instead of a select few. My favorite partners in Death Mark were Mashita and Yasuoka, which is why I'm a bit bummed out Yasuoka apparently won't make an appearance in the upcoming 3rd game ;; (Recommendation for NG: the Super Scary mode is the one that has the same jumpscare formula as Death Mark, not default mode. I made the mistake of picking default, thinking it would be the Death Mark setting... Turns out NG's default has basically no jumpscares.)
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    Mr Poltroon

    Yuri Game Jam 2019 Overview (Updated)

    So I already knew about about the Manami one since I'm actually keeping up with the author myself, and it's something I'll get to someday. Of the rest of the original post I became particularly interested in Package Chat and I think I went as far as downloading it? Anyhow, today I'm actually quite likely to try it out, since I've somehow motivated myself to try shorter things, so much so as to risk venturing onto the realm of fan games, for example. (Have you played Life is Strange? Did you know it has a fan VN 'Love is Strange'? I played a route and it was the sweetest thing. As a result I've been inspired to infiltrate the den of wolves that is the Doki Doki Fan Game/Mod community and I've found a couple of things I might try there. Edit: Not the one you reviewed because I trust your judgement and out-of-characterness kills me inside.)
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    Mr Poltroon

    Yuri Game Jam 2019 Overview (Updated)

    There's a like of mine here. Is this the original post except you edited it? I had no idea it had been updated! If the (updated) were at the start of the title then one would be more likely to realise something has changed when they see it in the recent blogposts box (for long titles the second half does not appear in the box).
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    Maggie's top 10 reads of 2019

    Think there is a bug in your blog post. I don't see KirikoiGT anywhere.
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    Maggie's top 10 reads of 2019

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    Maggie's top 10 reads of 2019

    I never actually got very far into it but this thing from the writer of Shinimasu looks like it might be your kind of thing. I assume you will not get the patch that removes the gay (I still find it hilarious that that one exists) https://vndb.org/v9027
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    I guess moege enthusiasts liked Nursery Rhyme, but that VN is definitely more famous for the op song that became a meme in the mid to late 2000's. Listening to that and thinking it was good in my pre-teen mind was one of my earliest memories from when my interest in VNs began.
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    Our Lovely Escape (Western VN Review)

    On one hand, I'm glad they finished the game. On another, it doesn't seem to be a very good one. I mean, for me, it likely wouldn't be the worst, but it's sad that it's not what it wanted to be. I backed this game when it came out and was excited to play (I was the girl for the protag). Cute story but with darker elements can be a great game. Sadly, it appears the devs weren't able to get the story down right. I don't regret backing, but wish I got a better game. Also, sad that the girls are so unlikable. I mean, when I played the demo, they were nothing amazing but okay for me. I loved the art and the premise of being game devs too. Like How to Date a Magical Girl though, they are trying to copy Doki Doki, and though I don't mind if they take some elements from that, neither game did well enough to pull it off. And this one seems to have bad love interests. Well, I do hope they can make a better game next time. I know it's not easy, especially writing. But, good review.
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    Looking Back On YMK: A Drug That Makes You Dream

    I can still remember the sound of the train going ka-chunk ka-chunk ka-chunk vividly. That feeling connected to that sound never really disappeared even years later. The reaction to living passively, making your live feel like a never ending boring train ride. I still get that feeling from time to time. I think when life feels to calm, easy and repetitive. It feels like I am on the train again. Back in high-school again. ka-chunk ka-chunk. Just different scenery. Mostly, for me the ka-chunk has been replaced with new kinds of existential anxiety as I got older. More manageable anyway, early life was more soul crushing imo. Tried playing the vn again a few months ago. But I couldn't get into it again. Partly because as you said I think. That kind of life is somewhat past us now. Also I'd note. I think that yume miru is a lot better than Catcher in the Rye. Which I read about same time. When I was about 19 years old as well. haha.
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    It's so crazy, the way everything was so foreign to me. Everything the girls did or pushed the protagonist to do... It's so out of the realm of possibility, me even considering it or sharing any of those feelings, that I enjoyed the strange, foreign experience. As you might guess, I share your opinion.
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    Blog update + my VN FTL university project

    I still don't know if it's a step up or step down from talking about My Little Pony fan porn. ;]
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    Master Magistrate - Early-Access Review

    Good review there, and I admit that at first I dismissed it. Of course after I did a bit of searching, I find that the character is quite good looking and that it have some familiar VAs so I picked my interest to this. And not to mention that Hobibox here is basically improved their translation from Your Diary, which mean that at least they learnt from their mistake by hire the native speaker. Too bad that their confidence is plummeted seeing that they didn't release the full version for this yet (I know that they have the reason, but I want to say it), and so we need to wait for a while here. I don't have any problem to wait until 2020 though, because we have enough good release for this year. By the way I already played this, and yeah it resembled Ace attorney except that the MC here is the judge instead of the attorney with Nagai Sr. here is basically Blaise with Nagai Jr. here is basically Sebastian (AAI2 refrence, and yeah I used localized name). Oh and the dad of the MC here is basically Mia Fey, except less busty and less beautiful (The dad is quite handsome here). Also apparently they change the vertical textbox to horizontal textbox, which is acceptable seeing that it would be very awkward if Hobibox keep the vertical textbox here. Anyway after read the review and solve the first case here, I can say that I'll look forward to the full release and of course hopefully they'll also have 18+ contents as well. PS - Almost forget to say that Koume here is really living up to her family name lol.
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    Played it and overall, i didn't like it as much as you did. I probably would've liked a more down to earth story, but i can definitely appreciate the direction taken (the last few hours of the VN are pretty much impossible to predict, regardless of route). My biggest complaint is that the routes felt too uneven, with Henri feeling like a bad end, Fuuko feeling like a normal end and Komaki feeling like a good end. This probably should've been in enforced route order.
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    VN of the Month December 2004 - To Heart 2

    ^There is a two-route english playthrough of To Heart 2 on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1AzECNGnl5bBHlOdAxTdRciJ_KOz5yYE
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    This game had decent action scenes, a good story, and horrible sex scenes (except from the perspective of Clock-up fans). I played it relatively early on in my untranslated 'career', and I remember being a little disgusted at how hard it was to figure out how to get to the various endings, even WITH a walkthrough. The twins are obviously the best heroines and endings relating to them are generally the most interesting... with the infected vampire hunter girl's endings coming a close second. However, as a whole, the game tended to lack cohesion due to the way progression is handled.
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    No One But You (Western VN Review)

    sorry if that sounded a bit rude, but it wasn´t neccessarily aimed at you, more generally talking, or in the case of noby refering to your previous comment. the "maybe presented itself too much of being the next Clannad and others, rather then focusing on making a good product" part that is. in short, neither has a debut title to be commercial, nor does it have to look like one. good writing and story is all that matters in the beginning. seen some friends pour tons of their savings into creating sth and still put it on freem, only to get some exposure first. budget, media coverage and hype gets you nowhere if the aforementioned are lacking.
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    No One But You (Western VN Review)

    Honestly, all they had to do was this. Have it be a year prior to the main story. Have the teacher be a new teacher. During Megumi's sister first month or so he is creeping her out, but she tries to focus on the student council and gets in, along with Megumi. During the next two months it gets worse and eventually he kills her and then goes to jail. Megumi's parents ignore her and the rest of the year is lonely and depressing. Then the next year is when the game takes place. But yes, this is a bad route and even with my idea would still make no sense honestly. Maybe it would've been better if he got away with it first and was jailed during the story in the game. But yeah, it's still kind of bad. Anyway, I've played this game. Common route is okay and I like the art, but the routes are too short, which would be fine if it had better writing. However, as others as said, since this is drama heavy, it needs a few hours pure route. Doesn't need to be like Clannad, but have some more substance. I do love Hiro and of course Chinastu is okay, but nothing amazing. Also, I'm iffy on the developer...He's been shady and you can't buy the game on Steam. It's sad. This game could've been good, even if it was short.
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    No One But You (Western VN Review)

    in my opinion its been doomed from the beginning. honestly, and unless you´re a lucky fucker who´s got fairies writing the script at midnight, there´s simply no way sth good will come out of it without having at least some talent for writing. granted there´s also a massive mountain of garbage available in jp, but the vast majority doesn´t even dare declaring it as some sort of next level written whatnot, instead puts it on freegame and good is. this whole "let´s kickstart xy, cause i´m able to play with my dick - talent is for the simpleminded and there´s no stopping me" attitude is what ridicules those who really put their heart into it, eg. invertmouse, ebi-hime etc etc. no even wanting to touch upon the subject of releasing a barebone piece of rubbish, or getting mad upon being confronted with the ugly truth via reviews/blogbposts
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    Sakura MMO Trilogy (Yuri VN Review)

    Well, the LN/manga I mentioned is the only one with a somewhat similar premise that I'm aware of, but I'm not surprised if this is really a pretty common trope. Isekais quite often rely on reusing ideas from the earlier works over and over again, to the point that often nobody even knows who came up with that idea originally. On the other hand, many authors still manage to make creative and/or genuinely well written works using these tropes. This game is most likely neither of these.
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    Mr Poltroon

    Shining Song Starnova (Western VN Review)

    I 100%'d this game. And quite loved it, in fact. Yes, weeb stylistic choices and all that, but I was otherwise fond of the writing. Super cynical view on the idol industry, but all is well because Starnova represents the good side and they always win in the end (Bad ends? What's that? Can you eat those? I skipped through them.). Even I mean, this isn't necessarily a commentary on the actual state of the industry or anything. It's an hyperbolic version created specifically to make the main girls an even bigger shining beacon of hope and all that. This is what'll save the idol industry. Even if reality tries to get in the way. But yeah, the girls are good, the producer is good(?), and in stories the good will win in the end. Sometimes it's more like this, but whatever.
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    Thank you a lot for clarification. Recorded and uploaded remaining part.
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    Yes, I'm still among the living

    Well, I read it and quite enjoyed it! ^^ The story is pretty well written, creating a situation with a tough decision to be made and no obvious villain. Both heroes have their good and bad points and are likable characters overall (but I'm team Alto). Bonus points for the little MC customization (adds a personal touch to story) and the music that, while very simple, fits the game really well and I love these kinda things where there are subtle changes to the track when the mood of the scenes shift. Another good point is that even if it's short, the story feels more or less complete, and not just a prologue to some bigger project. My biggest complaint is not even something generally bad, just a stylistic choice that I particularly dislike: too many choices one after another, coupled with an affection points system. As I prefer to play without walkthroughs, figuring it out where something went wrong with this type of system is usually a nightmare (okay, this game in particular is pretty short so no real damage, but I kinda like when I see the results of what I picked before my next set of choices, I'm spoiled ), so I usually prefer less choices that activate some flags system or instant bad endings (I know the latter wouldn't really work here though). So guess in the end is kind of a tie? www Mnemonic Devices definitely have a better plot, development and conclusion, but I preferred Monochrome Blues art and choices (hey, we can give snarky responses to a bunch of 5 years old, what's not to love? ) But both dev groups have talent, cheers to them. I'm not giving a score just yet though because I still have a few endings to catch on Mnemonic
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    Yes, I'm still among the living

    I can't imagine it really disappointing anyone with love of android stories. But I'll be curious about your take on it. ^^
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    Hello, world [Nitroplus]

    I don't know what exactly went wrong for you, because in this (incomplete) playthrough in japanese, the voices kept going well into the second act: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcETwoMH25C-EatAEUQ3GO8tti7eTjdvH On the VN itself: i liked it a lot more than you did, but it was disappointing considering how ambitious it looked. Also, the promotional material on it was seriously dishonest, showing scenes from the last few hours of the game. I thought all that action was gonna be on the first half of it.
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    My experience with Fate/Grand Order

    It was obviously done by someone who is either a literalist or is Japanese. The reason I say this is because many of the word choices are odd and the grammar's awkwardness speaks to the fact that the person in question was trying to align the rhythm of the lines with the original Japanese ones in a lot of cases. This is a stumbling block a lot of translators never get past, because they fail to realize that the differences in grammar make some rearrangement necessary. This is a stumbling block that is, ironically, born of a decent or good understanding of Japanese.
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    Exploring Reflections ~Dreams and Reality~

    Ah, sorry! I put a spoiler warning in the article itself but forgot to put one here. Thanks for the comment. I wouldn't really recommend this game unless you get it for free like I did (or maybe for extremely cheap). It's not terrible, but it definitely wore out its welcome for me.
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    Heart of the Woods (Yuri VN Review)

    You know, the way you describe it, it sounds very interesting. I think, it sounds like the type of story I tend to enjoy quite a lot. Right now I'm trying (and kind of failing ) to prioritize my backlog over getting new VNs to play, but, I guess, I'll take notice of this VN and probably buy it at some point in the future when I feel like it.
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    Eushully's fantasy world

    Well there is an edited version of the machine TL so it's readable at least. I enjoyed reading it, but I'm also the type that reads through grammatical or other type of errors Some people also say that the editor took some liberties in the translation, but it's not like there are any alternatives sadly. Personally I think you are better of learning japanese and reading them yourself, then waiting for a TL. At least that is what I'm trying to do since I got bored of waiting -.-'
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    Little Busters: The Apology

    Honestly you didn't really need to make a clickbait title here for a meme unless you changed your opinion on Little Busters dramatically, because after all you already firmed with your opinion there and nothing should change that. But I'd appreciate your early April Fool joke here (20 days early), and if anything at least you still on your opinion instead of changing it. PS - Since you rate Sakura Spirit better than Little Busters, back then I thought you would rate Sakura Santa higher than Little Busters only to find out that you rate the former as 1/10. Just want to say it.
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    Yeah, like a living world where certain parts of the setting seem to be moving their own way. I can only think of one story I've read which fits that bill. Even in a story with much smaller world-building I think a setting and it's characters needs to be something the protagonist wanders through and bumps into, not something they finish like an RPG dungeon. I enjoy stories focused on a cast of characters because they tend to naturally fulfill this criteria. Perhaps having primarily consumed VN's and JP media, I'm not that picky about behind-the-scenes logic and minor plot inconsistencies, but when a story breaks its own rules... that just weakens it.
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    My Little Pony fan VNs, part 1

    Oh my god, I played Part-Time Job quite a while ago. It was somewhat interesting enough to keep me going, but the culmination of the story was just so obnoxious and dumb that it's now probably my lowest rated vn on vndb. The only other fan-MLP vn that i remember hearing of is Starswirl Academy. But you're right, the MLP community is just an entire swarm of unfinished projects.
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    My Little Pony fan VNs, part 1

    What the heck....... My little pony.......... There's Visual Novels for them too.... What happen to the world?!
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    Random VN: Eien no Aselia

    It looks like a drama CD, music CD, and a book full of material related to setting up the plot and setting as well as artwork. It's all focused on Euphoria apparently.
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    Magical Otoge series (free otome VN review)

    We can't know for sure. And what I meant, is that I really like finding playthroughs of obscure VNs and the fact there's only one on your channel... Regrettable. Shameful even. Record more. If you ever feel like it, that is. No pressure. :<
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    Mr Poltroon

    Magical Otoge series (free otome VN review)

    I was rummaging through some files on my computer and found this from last year: https://youtu.be/uw26N82-SD8 Sharing it since I can. Have a that. (Supposedly a video. Might not work. Oh well.)
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    The fact that they gave 'samples' of all three stories before starting the 'present' chapter did not bother me. I think it was the right thing to do present->past->future chapters in that respective order. But I have to disagree about the story. The entire story was bad. Kano, may his soul rest in peace, had great ideas but a lot of time the execution was not up to par. The 'present' chapter had boring characters, the protag was insufferable, the story just went no where and felt pointless. The 'past' chapter was even worse, it's as basic as a final fantasy plot can get. The idea is interesting, the protag is determined to go against the gods. Great idea but really, it's like a 5 year old wrote it, it's a typical boring story about the 4 elements of earth, wind, fire, water. I was bored enough that I decided to drop the 'future' chapter in the middle. This is not a well done story. Excellent idea and a great premise, but not well executed story. Edit: Like I said it had some interesting ideas. For example, in the non dvd version like the playstation and the dreamcast ones, you had to jump between different times to gain clues for puzzles in another time. The gameplay was pretty much lost in the dvd version.