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  2. Hi guys I have problem with certain VN with VNR. Reason why I said certain VN cause this only happen to Kin'iro Loveriche. I just finished read 9-nine ep. 3 without any problem. Problem : This normal translation which appear in one box but after reach certain text which like this appear VNR decide to split it become 3 different text box. It's kinda annoying everytime text like that appear I must scroll it or drag it down to see previous text box. Is there a way to fix this problem? This is my VNR text setting.
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  4. Hi from Croatia!

    Hello and welcome to our forums. It's always a good idea to create a VNDB profile and link it here on the forums so that people know what you have read and what not. It's easier to recommend others VNs like that. Enjoy!
  5. Denpasoft on Twitter showed code that you need a Haru flag of exactly 2. However, my issue came from the Denpasoft only verison of going to Extra -> CHapter Jump -> Jump to Chapter 5. It seems like doing it this way does NOT make Haru's flag 2 which auto skips the scene. Denpasoft said they will have an answer for me soon.
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  7. Japanese Help Thread

    I understand that usually you would want to localize things to English, but this is specifically Japanese homework. It's based on finding the correct fill in the blank answer for a kanji phrase. There's no english idiom that accurately reflects the meaning and can be turned into a fill in the blank question that lends itself to all the subsequent misrepresentations in the following lines. I did however change the line with "Fu-Niku-Aku-Jiki" to "Bad meat, poor food" at least. You're right about the context, that Zakuro is not that good at teaching or messing with her. At first, Itsuki thinks she's not a good teacher but it's later revealed that Zakuro was messing with her fill in the blank question just before the one here. Here's my current translation with names labelled now: Ichigo:「Urgh~... next is the Fill in the Blanks questions... Zakuro also helped me with these, but...」 『○肉○食』 Itsuki: 「What did Zakuro tell you?」 Ichigo:「"Bad meat, poor food". Meaning something like eating only stuff that is bad for your body.」 Ichigo wrote『腐肉悪食』beside the answer column. She doesn't get it... even after Zakuro gave it an ateji reading and everything. Itsuki: 「But at least the meaning makes sense.」(I used "weeb" quotes here because Itsuki is actually talking for this line.) Ichigo:「Eh, it's right? But isn't it Grilled Meat Special...」 Itsuki:「No, both are wrong. The correct answer is "The strong eat the weak". The law of the jungle, survival of the fittest.」
  8. Its been a long time

    That indeed sounds awful. Holding it in for that long can lead to deep frustration and even health detriments. I recommend reading an eroge and releasing the tension ASAP.
  9. Its been a long time

    Was y'all last release really 2 years ago. That is just horrible
  10. Granblue Fantasy [English Language]

    That feeling of recruiting your first Juutenshu all again, but with the Arcarum Oracle instead: Additionally, Okto gets his 5* uncap. Now it's seven done. Well... I'm out of Gold Bars.
  11. cross days error

    so what should i do? i don't know what to do.
  12. What are you playing?

    I'm at the beginning of the second route. Thanks for answering. I wondered if something was wrong with me, because I catch on slowly sometimes.
  13. If I recall correctly, you need to make some very specific choice somewhere at the beginning of the game to get this h-scene. If you are unaware of that, try checking the walkthrough.
  14. What are you playing?

    Which route are you currently at? If you are still at the first or the second route, then yeah, I guess it's normal. The story should start making more sense after you get to Kiri's and Miki's routes.
  15. Kami no Rhapsody Translation (Partial Patch released)

    Hello, While only the first 3 chapters of the game are included in the partial patch, that doesn't mean only those 3 chapters are translated. As for why the other chapters aren't included in the patch, other than the fact that they aren't polished (the same can be said for the chapters included in the patch though XD), I'd say the biggest reason is the playability. Since KnR is also a SRPG, other than the scripts for the story, there are many other things that need to be translated such as units, skills, missions, etc. And if I'm going to release a patch, I want all the chapters included in that patch to be playable in English. This means that at the very least, all the units, skills, stages and missions must be translated. I mean, what's the point of releasing a patch for a game if the player can't even understand what they're supposed to do, right? XD
  16. What are you playing?

    I'm playing Cross†Channel, I've played for more than 12 hours and most of the time I don't know what is going on. Is it normal? Myth is truly unique and I haven't seen anything like it. I love the concept.
  17. I have "demosaic trauma" after Harukoi Otome. If you're going to draw something so hideous, better leave mosaics on
  18. i thought only the first 3 chapters of the game: Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2 was translated? but now its 70% of the game?
  19. Hmm.. I thought mangagamer had artists who redrew the h scenes. Some of mangagamers titles doesn't have uncensored art though. And tbh, most of the times it's better having them uncensored as it feels like they drew them in paint for 10 minutes before they send them over.
  20. Sekai: Do you have original art without mosaics? Purple: No. Sekai: Okay. MG: Do you have original art without mosaics? Purple: No. MG: We don't want to make a deal without those though. Purple: Okay we will see if we can find them from the depths of Koku's personal porn collection.
  21. They imply a lot of things. With how other companies have been able to get 18+ versions of Akabeisoft titles, Sekai most likely decided to go back and make a new deal after people started to point out that other companies did it, similar to how they said they couldn't get de-mosaiced versions of Chrono Clock's CGs, then MG got uncensored CGs for Hapymaher and what do you know, Chrono Clock gets uncensored too. It seems like 18+ content is rarely a priority to Sekai when they make deals. Hopefully this is a practice they'll consider changing, seeing how important it is to some parts of the community.
  22. Sekai Project Anime Central (ACEN) 2019 Announcements

    Graphically wise those announcements graphic were quite good, especially Kemomusu. Although Nanairo planned progress was more interesting anyway, but at least Sekai is getting there seeing that those three announcements were secret projects with two of the three were finished the translation (Let's hope that they'll be able to release it as they promised). Well I guess that's all for what I can say now.
  23. Umineko

    You haven't seen anything yet.
  24. cross days error

    There's likely some sort of font problem. Do the usual changing of all relevant settings to Japanese. I played this without changing my system language, so you can rule that out.
  25. Sekai Project implied that there was nothing they could do about the issue from their side. That's interesting that the JP side was willing to revisit it after all this time. I wonder what changed their mind.
  26. Lamunation! announced by Love Lab

    Any updates regarding the release date ?
  27. Umineko

    So 9 people have been killed now and god it's amazing lol Edit: Sorry, 10 people
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