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  3. Eroge with a dominant heroine?

    How dare you. It's the best part of girls. Anyway, maybe those girls might help you: https://vndb.org/c3507 https://vndb.org/c5318 https://vndb.org/c26600 Kinda... https://vndb.org/c17824 https://vndb.org/c21011
  4. Eroge with a dominant heroine?

    The upcoming Shitsuji ga Aruji o Erabu Toki / Choose Your Mistress should offer what you are looking for. Beside that I don't know.
  5. I'm getting kinda tired of every heroine being submissive and shy in bed while MC becomes quite sadistic out of nowhere even though most of the time it doesn't even fit his personality. I'd like to see an heroine teasing the guy in the H-scenes for once. I've read Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road and there some H-scenes like that.
  6. Aiyoku no Eustia Translation Project

    After all those failed translation attempts you are our new hero mate... Thank you for your effort
  7. Windows 10 Shiny Days Fullscreen Freeze

    Given that the issue is likely related to scaling, you could try a different GPU (e.g., integrated graphics if you're currently using a discrete GPU) or scaling method (e.g., GPU instead of display, which can be adjusted in the Nvidia control panel). You could also change your desktop resolution and refresh rate to match whatever the game is trying to use (likely 800x600 at 60Hz), which might also circumvent scaling issues. I assume you've already tried all the compatibility mode settings and filed a support ticket with JAST? Also, there's a related comment on my Shiny Days article that sounds relevant. https://sanahtlig.blogspot.com/2015/12/shiny-days-restore-patch-released-installation-guide.html#comment-3130055714
  8. find the title on vndb and use the japanese title and search for 100% save and it's pretty easy to find it. Never had any problems.
  9. You just pick the first character from the game name and pick that from category ???
  10. pick one for me

    the inaccuracy of your vndb list dismays me
  11. Windows 10 Shiny Days Fullscreen Freeze

    i would like to play in fullscreen if possible.
  12. Reading VN in Japanese

    +1 for textractor - despite a whole lot of fussing, I wasn't able to get any of the other text-hooking programs working on my up-to-date Win10 machine, but Textractor worked right out of the box.
  13. pick one for me

    Haven't read any of these, but Steam Prison's main villain (?) is called Sachsen Brandenburg, which is the German equivalent of calling a character Wyoming Nebraska, making it the obvious choice.
  14. Windows 10 Shiny Days Fullscreen Freeze

    If it doesn't work full-screen, I'd try windowed mode.
  15. so got shiny days recently and been having a hard time playing it in fullscreen. it freezes seemingly when it switches the angle to another character. been trying to find a solution to no avail.
  16. What are you playing?

    I really wish people would stop paying for SakuraGame's localizations. Then again, I doubt they'd stop making them either way, considering how little work they have to put in.
  17. pick one for me

    I have already read Katawa Shoujo \o
  18. Hi! I am playing If My Heart Had Wings from Steam plus the fan-made restoration patch. I have the problem that sprites sometimes linger on the screen after they were supposed to go away (e.g. Hat the duck overlapping the first sex scene in Kotori's route). According to this thread, a fix exists, but it is forbidden to post the link publicly. I would be very grateful if anyone could provide me with said fix. Thanks a lot in advance!
  19. What are you playing?

    So, I finally finished Midori no Umi after having it stalled for a while. The wannabe translation taken aside, this was still a rather bizarre experience. The VN somehow tries to be a simple moege while bombarding you with bad endings non-stop. It did manage to keep things interesting for a while though, the whole idea of the lost mansion in the woods certainly had potential. Unfortunately the execution was quite lacking. Plot based VN's take a certain responsibility to handle characters and events at least with a minimum of maturity and credibility, or the story will fall flat on its face. But at times I was just flabbergasted about the lack of common sense characters were showing. Let's take Sara for example, even if she was probably my favorite character, when thinking things through, she might even be one of the worst. And the way how people go crazy at this place (including yourself) was just out of this world. Considering that they had literally everything they need for a comfortable living, including nice and helpful people around them, it was just bizarre. Overall, I think this VN would have been better if they just made it a simple moege in a unique setting. The VN has very high production values, with good visuals and some very captivating sound tracks. It's a real pity that they were wasted for such a poorly written story. Heroine ranking: Sara > Chisha > Haina > Michiru > Tsumugi > Rikuno = Sorane Overall rating: 5.5/10 (I would have given a 6, but I've substracted half a grade for the translation)
  20. Trinoline Release

    Hmm, I think I'll wait first for the overall reception before giving this one a try. The reviews are rather... critical - a rather dull moege story at its core, made depressing just for the sake of being depressing, not because the story would really demand for it. That's not a good combination and very different from the eden* it supposedly tries to resemble, which played in a very desparate, apocalyptic scenario. Furthermore, although the VN provides a very high technical level of art, the character designs don't feel as iconic anymore than their older works from Nanao Naru, who fled to NanaWind after the Supipara debacle. Though that's just my personal impression.
  21. pick one for me

    Steam Prison is an excellent otome with a badass MC, the story is really really good and it's a rather quick read.
  22. Getting a Visual Novel 100% Save File - Tutorial on Sagaoz

    I never understood the principle sagaoz.net uses to sort the titles, but googling "XXX sagaoz.net" always did the trick for me. I hope to see a video about egono.com one day as it's the site that completely changed my visual novel experience. I dare to say it's more important than vndb and EGS altogether and in dare need of popularizing as such.
  23. So, that's how it would look like without smoothing, in all its pixel glory: What do you think, guys? I actually like it, and will probably make it default style, with smoothed images as an option.
  24. Getting a Visual Novel 100% Save File - Tutorial on Sagaoz

    Good video for newbie there, so thanks for that. Keep in mind though that some translated VNs didn't compatible with Sagaoz save, usually from Mangagamer newer releases in that they like to port the VN into their own engine (Unity).
  25. Trinoline Release

    Fixed. As for Shirokoi, from what I'd heard it's a good VN although graphic wise Hakuai is better though. Unfortunately I can't find Shirokoi's review out there, but I think it'll be a goid VN. As for Trinoline, what I can say is that you better try it first before decide to buy it or not, but if you already buy both of Shirokoi and HGB then it's okay. What I can comment in regard of Trinoline for now is that the art is very good and pleasing, as expected of minori.
  26. Trinoline Release

    If I may, I'd like to ask you to put the names in the same order in both polls next time. It's very easy to misclick your voice just because you reflectively start associating your first choice with the placement if you don't actively keep attention to the details so... this way the voting is very unintuitive. Thanks.
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