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  2. Oh yeah, you know, those honor killings in rural Turkey, where they kill women that were raped or had sex with someone before marriage, as disgrace to their families? Who are we to judge it? After all, it's an important part of their culture. And sorry for hyperbolic comparison, but after years of people trying to teach me how to be "culturally sensitive" I still fail to see how something being a part of culture or tradition should stop us from questioning it. I think we are all aware that Japanese culture enabling paedophiles (and mysoginy) is an actual problem, while the issue we're talking about now is not reforming Japanese people, but what should we do when that media, with all its fucked up baggage, comes to us. And the answer Funyarinpa pushes, as I understand it, is that we should at least be aware that we're promoting something questionable which might have toxic influence on people. That ignoring this fact is hard to justify from a moral standpoint and it should inform how we discuss/recommend stuff. I don't care that much, as I've dropped any pretence of being a decent person a while ago (I just don't have energy for activism, I barely have enough for living), but I think he has something of a point.
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  4. AoKana Physical Kickstarter, Release Date and Other Updates

    The announcement is the time when a VN title probably gets the most hype, so bringing the release and the announcement closer together is the right move. Getting the announcement years in advance just means that the title becomes forgotten and the initial hype has long waned. so good move there.
  5. On one hand, they are certainly right. On the other... I wanna know what are those "big" games Though I doubt that this scheme would work with companies like MG, JAST or Sekai since they likely don't know what schedule is to begin with. With all due respect and love to everyone involved.
  6. Wow! Sad I didn't have the chance to know you and first thing I see is a post of you leaving, OP. I hope you change your mind and stay!! VN's as you still think I'm sure, have many beautiful things! There are incredibly good love stories for example if you like vanilla stuff! And no one forces you to like the other stuff or associate with the people which likes the other stuff right? (Also judging them by your moral standards is probably an innecesary, aggresive thing to do, as long as they don't try to force their values into you. This could cause trouble and fighting and people could be offended and no one would win anything out of it. This is not a good thing to do online or offline). Why you should stay!: VN's won't hurt your studies if you've self restraint to play them responsibly and keep your academics OK. If you want to keep the good things you had here, I encourage you to not put the blame on the VN's (or anything else) and train your capacity to be responsible. About the biggots, yeah, there are biggots everywhere. But biggotry is banned I'm sure, so who cares if someone votes Trump or is a biggot as long as s/he behaves, like everyone else? About the loli, well. Loli (real life) has been there and legal since Japan is Japan and faaar before VN's. I won't go to someone far away from my home and tell them to change their culture or judge their culture, because it's not mine, and because it isn't forced upon me; I've no right or reason to do so. You get nothing out of doing so. Also, because people is different everywhere, including japan, there are a lot of non loli, non loli-ish characters visual novels for you to play! Because a lot of people there doesn't like loli much either. But they don't feel the rightful necessity to erradicate it or be offended about it even if it's close to them. It makes me happy that they are tolerant people. About the porn, there are even all ages games. And there are cheesy visual novels that are the epitome of romance and pure vanilla love, in the H aspect too. Why not enjoy those if those suit your taste, and leave the dark themed to those who enjoy those? I can recommend about 50 if you want! TL;DR: I think you could stay! And take what you like of VN's and the community and enjoy that, and stop judging others, their tastes, or the VN's you don't like. You are free. They are free. Let's not judge each other because that is biggotry, conflict, and takes the things we like away from us all. Don't leave OP!
  7. Kanon Dreamcast voices to PC question...

    These VNs are just too old. And they look old. This matters for many people. I doubt putting games like that on Steam would be very profitable. I know Clannad looks similarly old, but it's just way more popular than the other Key works to begin with.
  8. Law adapts to society and not the other way around. It's an extremely fucking weak stance to take to say "if it's legal it's right" on anything. For example, in many countries you can discriminate against people for being gay, that doesn't mean discriminating against someone for being gay is ever a morally right thing to do. Something similar applies here. And even putting that aside, drawn child porn (sue me) IS actually illegal in many countries so what you're saying makes no sense whatsoever. Law, like anything else, is not objective. Unless you're saying fapping to pictures of kids should be morally right in one country and wrong in another just because of laws. (Even furthermore, going by the recent UN child porn guideline debacle, most countries *are* actually open to banning it all outright even if they haven't already done so.) Finally, the reason I didn't come in here, call you closet pedophiles and then just leave is because I wanted to discuss the harm these things can do in a respectful way and maybe get others to also reflect on their behavior and beliefs themselves, not because I'd just outlaw it if I could and call it a day. If it came down to that for you to understand what the fuck you do and support, though, I'd prefer a 'tyrant' that protects people over someone else that appeases people who just want to get off to anything and everything.
  9. Unlimited Chat Works - Random Talk

    You know you're partially at fault for my disappearance, you know. I've done nothing but play Granblue and other mobages for the past three years! It's been a hectic life playing a portable MMO! I recently started playing VNs again (partly to spite my friend who was planning to play VNs the whole semester break but had his laptop break on him) and I wanted some discussion, so I'm back! It's hard to sustain and keep up with it on Discord, and Twitter's a pain in the ass platform to engage anyone in, so I'll be here. Don't worry, I won't regress back into being a spammer.
  10. If you want non-highschool heroines in VNs. there's surprisingly a lot of that. The examples are Katahane, Utawarerumono, Demonbane, Tears to Tiara, and Inganock. If you want in translation VNs, then I'll recommend Eustia, Pure x Connect, and Makeover aka Making Lovers (I seconded it, and apparently Nekonyan determined to have that out at this year). I hope my recommendations here would be helpful to you.
  11. I remember I had an argument with you over some political views that touched upon some of the topics you mention here. Keeping that in mind and recalling how things transpired, I know better than to engage in another debate with you. Moreover, that's completely beside the point. If you feel hurt, frustrated or whatever by being here, hey, just leave, that's your prerogative and there's no right or wrong. But just let me tell you one thing. No matter where you go, you'll find people whose opinions heavily conflict with yours. Some of them you'll find disgusting and will make you feel outraged. Maybe if you had the power to do so you'd become a tyrant and outright ban everything that doesn't fit your vision of the world. But you know what? The truth of the matter is that you are powerless, and no one cares about what you think is right. If you don't learn to accept that you'll feel uncomfortable anywhere and everywhere. Optionally you could create your own echo chamber, shun everyone that makes you feel offended and become the bigot that you accused other people of being. Again, your prerogative. Let me remind you that in order not to leave everything to the subjective righteousness of a few, we have laws. As long as those laws are abided by, we must objectively accept that no human rights have been violated. You are obviously entitled to feel in a certain way about a subject, but by openly holding in contempt law-abiding people who just happen to differ in their views you come across as someone who prooobably should get off his high horse. Carelessly disliking people and making you unlikable yourself doesn't tend to yield very good results, that much I can unfortunately tell from experience, because I think as teenagers everyone stood there to some extent. Some people just drag it out for longer than it should last.
  12. Yeah. I think there's been projects in the past but no one has followed through with them. I'm honestly surprised that Kanon & Air have neither been released onto Steam yet. Most of the other Key/Visual Arts titles are available.
  13. Cool newsletter, and as always I wish the Kickstarter a great success. I'm looking forward to reading Aokana, and the other titles by Nekonyan.
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  15. The vn community doesn't condone whatever you enjoy in the vns (unless machine TL's lol). And why should it? We are just a bunch of loosely connected people who enjoy a hobby. People starting to only read vanilla vns are doubtful to create less "dangerous" people. You might develop some messed up fetishes from playing vns. And you'll get off on this. This doesn't necessarily mean you'll feel aroused from actual people. Even less to act upon them. Sitting on my arse all day is prbly more harmful...
  16. I'll just add from myself, as I have some knowledge on porn studies in social science, it's extremely hard to make a reliable study on porn consumers in general, and even harder when it goes to niches. I don't think any study in existance would fully apply to the kind of extreme porn Japanese eroge industry casually produces and how it influences people. Also, porn definitely leaves an effect on people's sexual instincts and that is way more likely to have deep repercussions than the abstract movie or video game violence. I'd say it's pretty safe to say that influence of extreme porn on people is an open question. Same goes for loli stuff. It won't have that much of a negative effect for most, especially if they consume it in reasonable amounts, but saying these don't reproduce really problematic tropes and encourages sexual gratification from questionable stimuli is sugarcoating it at best...
  17. I know that everything you do is political. I'm just saying that most people here disagree with you about how far reaching the political dimension of using this forum for their enjoyment is, even the ones who agree with you when it comes to the dangers of certain content created or promoted by other users.
  18. This is not the same as violence in video games. Video game violence is removed from its context, and "sanitized", so to speak, to be enjoyable. When a game tries to reflect that accurately, it's often derided for good reason, like Hatred, because people generally enjoy video game guns and stuff enjoy the feeling of hitting targets and having an impact on something, and not making people feel pain. I've played video games about war and about combat, but they don't make me feel that a war would be any less terrifying or any easier to get through. Consuming pornography is a completely different ballpark. Even if you could (somehow) separate reality from fiction, all media still influence us, this is perhaps the central lesson of all media theory. Media influences us, this isn't so hard to understand. It's easy to separate video game violence from real violence because for most people the level of gratuitous violence in a game never closely reflects reality. For porn, though, you can never separate the sexual feelings one gets from watching porn from how they view sex, because sex is a colossal part of human life and porn can interact with that conception of sex and sexuality in ways combat does not. And even putting all that aside, 2 things remain: 1. This attitude hurt me. I know this for a fact. 2. Visual novels are a medium about telling a story through text, accompanied by music, sprites, backgrounds, etc. There's nothing about that that says "you have to be able to find someone's pain arousing to be able to enjoy this medium". The industry's infatuation with abusive porn comes from the fact that way too many people who are enthusiastic about the industry condone fictional sexualized abuse. Put another way, it being fictional does not explain nor justify ANYTHING about why you think it's healthy to be able (and willing) to get off to a depiction of pain. Your pleasure shouldn't follow from another's pain.
  19. Most people are able to separate fiction and reality just fine. It's the "violent video games don't make people killers" debate all over again, just "anime edition." There's more studies than I can count done proving that dark themes in fiction does not make people do terrible acts. This is the same for the types of content you describe. Of course, if it bothers you that much, I can understand why you want some distance from this and similar communities, as it certainly is a pretty common thing discussed around here. Maybe this medium just wasn't for you. Best of luck with your future endeavors.
  20. Birthday thread

    Happy birthday!
  21. Unlimited Chat Works - Random Talk

    What surprises me even more is to see you come back to life. Welcome back, Kosaki!
  22. Hope they will be able to avoid the mutiple year delay for physical goods which other VN publishers using kickstarter has.
  23. People might be tired of discussing it but that doesn't make the political dimensions and consequences of what people are doing go away. Everything is politicized, literally everything, including any attempt to ignore or sideline the politics of something. Trust me, I made this thread because I couldn't fucking handle feeling like I could be a danger to people by enabling abusive media. It doesn't please me to be talking about it or to be quitting this forum over it, but it needs to be done.
  24. Yeah, if you can't embrace the trashness of the industry to the point you feel it's fucking with your morals, you're better off trying console-centric forums where VNs might be discussed (ironic, since the console version of Fata Morgana in english just came out). I see rape in VNs as portrayals of villany rather than something erotic and loli more as a body type fetish (unless the text goes out of its' way to establish the character as a child, then it's WAY too unconfortable), but i'm perfectly willing to acknowledge certain portrayals of sex as trash for the sake of shock value (much like in b-movies from the 80's and 90's).
  25. Announcing titles closer to release is what makes sense. There's very few that are worth being enthused about years in advance.
  26. Kickstarter for the phyiscal edition will be starting soon and seems they plan to release it digitally around 8.30.2019 based on what they saying. They are behind on Hello Lady so thats been pushed back to a Autumn release(Late Q3). Other projects seem be to on schedule. Seems they'll be releasing a title every month or so from end of August if they make the deadlines . There's even an unannounced Project scheduled for December (FanDisk of something?) Also good to see that Sankaku Renai sold well so far, I quite liked it so hope they pick up some more titles from Asa Project
  27. I'm gonna miss seeing ya around in the confessions thread, pal. But hey, if this is what you need to do to take another step forward, then go for it. My circumstances are a bit different from your, but I've had to let go of things, too. Shite, there are still things I'm struggling to let go of. But oh man, once you do remove those shackles, it is the greatest feeling in the world. And for what it's worth, I don't think your parents made a mistake giving you free rain to browse the internet. I'm sorry to hear that your experience on this site ended up as terribly as it did for you, but on the plus side, you'll be so much stronger now because of it. Right now, you are doing something that a lot of people can only dream of, and you should be proud of that. I wish you the best. Keep moving forward and live the life you want to.
  28. I think people have just grown tired of toxic political discussions and want to avoid them at least in the areas they engage in in their free time. Discussions about lolis and violence porn are one of the largest minefields in that regard as everyone has strong opinions on these topics while very are few are even able to properly distinguish between pedophilia and child abuse (hint: the vast majority of child abusers aren't actual pedophiles and it's mostly about power and not physical attraction, which is why I think Plk_Lesiak's point about the context and portrayal of the porn being the bigger issue than the ages of the ones depicted is pretty important).
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