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  2. Which JVNs? Only titles from popular companies do well. Most just fall into obscurity, hence so many bankrupt eroge developers in the past few years (and some just shutting down VN development altogether despite not being out of business). This wouldn't have been happening if VNs were very profitable, now would it? Most titles don't make a bank. Some do, but not all. Light novels are actually pretty popular here. In fact, they are more popular than VNs based on my observations. I know quite a few LN readers (and for some reason, these people were never into VNs at all). Hmm... true, maybe. I wasn't born back in that time to really know what people were saying back then, but I believe you. Yeah, maybe VNs reach the mainstream one day, just like anime did. That said, the way it's going now, I find it unlikely for VNs to reach anime kind of popularity. At least not in the next 5 to 10 years, it won't happen. Maybe in some distant future, some kind of boom happens, but there's a bunch of reasons why I don't see that happening yet. Anime and VNs as mediums of entertainment are fundamentally different in many ways. Maybe history will prove me wrong later, but for now, I believe that VNs will never reach that kind of popularity as anime has it.
  3. I feel like my studio director would disagree completely, because mainly I got into VNs because of fan translations. Editing to us, EVN devs is not that important as translating because you literally open up a new market when you do. When people don’t read the EVN, that’s more a marketing issue, than anything else. If the otaku community is big enough, then translation is worthwhile, because do you not know how amazing it would be to get someone into this medium because they read Fate/Stay Night or Ever17 in polish and fell in love instantly. Rant time. It’s been a while since I did a good rant. *cracks kunckles* *cracks neck* Every EVN dev worth their grain of salt would disagree with that. You know JVNs make bank right in Japan and Oceania as well. EVNs aren’t even remotely popular at all even among other otaku. But it’s pretty common nowadays to have a JVN associated with an anime kinda like light novels and fuck, I don’t even know anyone who reads light novels. I think JVNs are more popular than light novels, but how many light novel adaptations we’ve had since SAO. The weird thing about all of this, is back in the day, people said same thing about anime. Back when Funsubbing was really rare, I mean you had to wait years before titles would come to America via VHS. Nowadays, there’s anime adaption of a profitable live action movie by James Cameron. How the hell did the niche market of animation known as anime reach such levels of popularity? My mom literally told me she liked Alita when I was watching the movie on the plane yesterday. My 70 year old my actually likes this anime adaptation. That could not have happened if anime remained stuck without people actively translating it and helping the medium grow over the years. Heaven’s feel is a movie. A MOVIE ADAPTATION OF VN. How in the world can something like this stay niche forever when the anime industry is creatively bankrupt enough to try giving adaptions to long winded visual novels?
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  5. Here is what mine looks like: debug = 2 if debug=1 then money_set 300000000,0 #デバッグ用 if debug=2 then money_set 999999999,0 Also note that this cheat can ONLY be used by starting a new game, no previous save will load it. You won't notice it till you get to make the first schedule with Mikan. and yes I know that means fast forwarding through a lot of dialog to check. I don't know if the spaces matter or not I am not a programmer.
  6. What are you listening to right now?

    Well, pretty unusual for me to listen to this kind of stuff, especially in the middle of the night. But here I am...
  7. I've had similar experiences with other topics, but not necessarily high school. I think most of that comes from the fact that hs life in otaku media feels completely alien from my own hs experiences (me being in the midwest US might play a big role in this). Like, sometimes it feels as though I'm observing bizarre tribal rituals from another world when I read high school themed vns. There isn't a lot I can relate to, like being in tons of extracurriculars, struggling to find a place to park, signing up for classes, friend drama, dances/prom, competitions/games, jobs/volunteer work, partying/drugs, safety drills, guest speakers, kids being assholes to teachers, college visits and all that jazz. A good thing to keep in mind is that hs life is usually romanticized in vns and that real life doesn't work for anyone in such a fashion. I know several people have already mentioned dating, and I hope I can reassure you by saying that most hs relationships don't last very long, and if they end up marrying, they will probably get divorced. Even with all that in mind, if you still feel a bit empty, you can always try reading something dark and depressing so you can revel in the suffering of others. I know it works wonders for my emotions
  8. /selfslap Of course! That is H-Games 101. I forgot that when I reinstalled windows this last time I didn't set it to Japanese again! Thanks RauroFalls.
  9. So some notes of things that been mentioned in survey: There will be a small survey hold in near future with some questions regarding for example titles without english patch or release should be on site etc. we dont have access to the survey results from last time tay did it over a year ago. so the reason titles show up on "recent releases" while not being recent/released is that we have a huge backlog to go thrue and add. the titles that show up in recent releases is the latest ones we have added to the site. once things is more up to date and we add things it should look better :-) and thanks for the sexy John Cena, a must read
  10. What Anime are you watching now?

    It was fun and the amazing thing was the second season was substantially better than the first, making for an extremely satisfying conclusion to the series.
  11. Hmm, I guess it makes sense when you put it that way. I have gotten rather comfortable with being single, so I'm in no real rush to start dating. I wouldn't say I'm completely disinterested in romance though. Sadly, I enrolled in college a bit later than most, and most the girls there are a bit too young for me (I don't care that much about age specifically, but their general mentality feels a bit foreign to me). I can't imagine I'll have much exposure to women once I graduate either since programming jobs are notoriously male-dominant. So far I've met 3 females in my intro programming classes and 1 in my advanced classes. What's even worse is that one of the girls in my intro class dropped it after a small breakdown during a test (although, to be fair, the professor was quite awful), and the one in my advanced class told me she was thinking of switching majors. Yeah, it's already looking bleak.
  12. Man, that was ten years ago I never had a bad high school life but I neither had like a amazing or fulfilling one High school settings now kinda just bore me to tears to be honest It's all whatever man, give me some college life stuff that I'm actually nostalgic about
  13. That's pretty normal though. Girls are way too subtle about things and your mind might be a bit too occupied with not saying anything stupid, or trying to be clever and funny to her to see the things spectators easily see from a distance. It gets a lot easier, but then you might be too used to live alone to want a girlfriend altogether, like me
  14. You know one way I can relate to high school protagonists? I'm the frustratingly dense type who can't take a hint. There was this one time where my friends asked me why I didn't ask a girl out after she approached me, and it didn't even remotely occur to me that she was interested in dating. Although unlike standard high school protagonists, my main issue has to do with not be able to pick up on social queues. Same thing happened to me again while I was enlisted, except it was with a pizza delivery girl. This is probably why I'm still a virgin.
  15. yes, a bit but if i let those types of settings for vns other me then i wouldnt read anything! that and vns where they have friends..... or have wives.... or girlfriends........ or a family that cared...................
  16. Funny fact: a guy that lent me his laptop during the MLP con a few days ago, where I was talking about fan VNs, had like a full Type-Moon library there. But other then that, the only Poles I've seen being into VNs are on this Forum (whole two of them, other than me). When I spoke about VNs at university, to other people interested in fan studies, they only had a vague idea of what VNs are. I'd want to hold a panel on VNs on Pyrkon one day, that would be a good way to find out whether there are any hardcore VN fans among Polish otaku. :> Yup, this is the reason I don't see much potential for translating VNs into languages other than English and Spanish, Western market-wise. Obviously, it's always cool to make your project more accessible, especially if it's small hobbyist VNs, but I can't say I'd find doing such translating work appealing if there's barely any target audience for it.
  17. VNs had, still have, and will have a niche community for all time to come. They are never gonna be as popular as other games or other mediums of entertainment. No matter where or when. I don't think they are even popular that much in Japan nowadays, much less to speak of other countries.
  18. School life with a bit of exaggerating

    As for the recommendations, I think I can recommend Dracu Riot (There's some sci-fi element, although it didn't really much), Koiken Otome (School for superpower human), and Konosora. I don't know whether those three can fulfill your wish or not, but I hope you'll enjoy those VNs if you try it.
  19. VN to cheer up and relax, with some romance included

    Late to the party here, and I'm sorry about your situation there. As for the recommendations, I would say that all of the above are the good ones. So let me add some new one such as Saku Saku, Noble Works, Daitoshokan, and Koiresort here. Also seeing that I already recommend Hoshiori to you, let me recommend it once again to you and I think it shouldn't be the closest one to what you want. I hope that my recommendations here will be helpful to you.
  20. Yeah, looks like this. Aftear all, didn't many of us learn their English mostly by playing games? However, as a side note, I'd like to point out that IMO PL fansubs for Toradora were much better than english ones BTW, sometimes I wonder, how many people in Poland read VNs. There definitely aren't many of them.
  21. What Anime are you watching now?

    I'm currently watching Ushio to Tora, I'm really enjoying the ride so far. I'd like to discuss what other people think of the anime too.
  22. It's a thing, not as big and active as in most Western countries, but decently sized. Still, I don't think many people bother with Polish translations. There's some translated manga and LNs available, obviously some fansubs as those are easy to make, but generally, English-translated stuff is the norm as far as I can tell. And really, with the generation that is into anime, the language barier is rather irrelevant anyways. Thus, translating stuff to Polish feels pointless, especially VNs as no one's interested in them.
  23. Here we are, folks! The last 48 hours before the Whiteheart Woods Kickstarter campaign ends! http://kck.st/2WKC2u4 If you're not indifferent to Whiteheart Woods becoming a reality, now's the last chance to help us out. Give us a hand in spreading the word - tell your family, tell your friends, share it with anyone who you think might be interested in giving this visual novel a try! We did our best to promote the campaign and reach as many people as we possibly could. Now, in these final moments, our fate is in your hands. It's not over till it's over, and win or lose, we had a great time along the way! To all of our current and future backers - thank you for believing in us! --- Handy links: Share our pinned tweet | Join us on Discord | Follow us on Steam Tumblr | Instagram | Facebook Whiteheart Woods Demo | Vote for your favorite character
  24. How’s the otaku community over there in Poland then?
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