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  3. I literally created account for this: This game is awesome i was waiting for this game for 1.5 and it didn't disappoint me Btw i need games like this,can you guys reccomend me games like damekoi?
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  5. sorry i meant VNR xD ( visual novel reader)
  6. Hey there good poeple! Another few months have passed and while April was a particularly poor and frustrating month for my online activities, with me having neither time nor energy to work on any of it, May is shaping up to be one of the most interesting ones I've had in a long time - it'll also be quite likely the record month when it goes to traffic on my blog. It's still obscure AF, of course, but I'm quite proud of how thing are going. I didn't come here (just) to brag though. For some inexplicable reason, I've decided it would be a great idea to commit this whole weekend to revisiting one of the worst EVN developers out there, Yume Creations, and the post I wrote about them a while ago. They released a few notable things in the meantime, particularly the creepy incest nukige Imolicious I've mentioned in the "what are you reading" thread yesterday, so I thought it would be worth updating my post to reflect the new nightmares produced by our "dreamy" developer. I'm quite happy with how that turned out, so I invite you all to check out the new version of the post: https://evnchronicles.blogspot.com/2018/08/plklesiaks-shovelware-adventures-yume.html If you decide to read it, thank you for your time and generally, huge thanks to all that still follow my blog through the forums. Looking at the view numbers on my post this year, barely anyone does it at this point, but even those few people that still consider my content worthy of their attention make me happy. Have a lovely evening everyone!
  7. What are you playing?

    I seem to have a thing for older titles... Today I started reading to... - it seems to be pretty old and obscure VN (with only 1 vote on vndb). I stumbled upon it while clicking on random screenshots on vndb front page. It's summer, protagonist comes to small seaside town to do one month part time job at small ryokan (together with mandatory idiot friend ). There he meets some nice girls (including inn's owner). Meeting the heroines will change him and those around him. (that last sentence is from official story summary ) Pretty typical old romance VN setup. I liked art style, so I decided to give it a go. (first heroine, and first person that we meet in the whole VN - Miho) First impressions: It has unskippable opening movie, so I disabled it by renaming the file - it complains with error window, but then continues Art is indeed nice It has blinking animations - even for CGs! (I think it's third VN with this lovely feature that I'm playing - remaining two being Sakura no Kisetsu and Sakura Sakura) Music isn't looped, and only main heroines and protag's friend are voiced, so for the most time it's rather quiet It's a bit dating-sim like, with map movement as main system. But there are no stats or other such "gameplay" elements. I guess, maybe it's not "dating-sim" like, but just "oldschool VN"? First ToHeart used similar system, as well as DaCapo and some other titles. (Map movement screen) I wonder how will it turn out. BTW - thanks to rather strange title, searching for anything about this game, or the game itself, was absolute nightmare. I had to add character's name to query to get any usable results
  8. cross days error

    http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=a4mrd3&s=9#.XOHSsKczbIU http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2rnzdyb&s=9#.XOHTsvZuLuh i am sorry, idk why but imgur can not upload my image…
  9. the english subtitle is not showing !!!

    What's NVR?
  10. hello guys i hope anyone can help me out with this problem i run NVR and its working and it hooks the Japanese words correct from the game im playing but it doesn't translate it to English maybe it does but still not showing the translations to me !! as you can see here ( https://imgur.com/gRfCQMd )
  11. cross days error

    please use imgurl, don't use trash image host thanks
  12. cross days error

    i already did my location in japan and i can open the game but when i open the game the words are not correct and then the game crashed in 7 seconds. i really want to play this game. i already play days series this game is the last game :/.. https://hizliresim.com/zjW1kO https://hizliresim.com/BaV1QV
  13. Living in Japan as a foreigner - AMA

    That i did (partially). Never thought i'd be texting my in-depth Shojo Manga analysis with a J-girl on Hello talk though. She likes Toradora Anime N freely throws her own guidelines on Tsundere or whatever-dere there R~
  14. Living in Japan as a foreigner - AMA

    Why risk STD's when you've yet to deal with that mountain of Eroge stockpiled in dat hard disk
  15. Your funniest moments in visual novels

    Clannad: Sunohara End Grisaia no Kajitsu: Makina's and Michuru's English lesson Fate Hollow Ataraxia: Majikoi has a ton of funny scenes, but unfortunately I don't have any screenshots or videos to show. Rewrite too, especially the Yoshino one.
  16. Your funniest moments in visual novels

    Gay joke endings
  17. thank you so much for the hard work! if it's that close then i'll just keep waiting till you guys are done with it all before i keep going. i played a while back and stopped when i got to a part...i think it was chapter 2? but when i got back to the "city, after a near death experience" i entered a dialog for the first time with the animal lady and it was in full Japanese text. i kinda like her the most so i didnt want to skip over it. i didnt find anything other than that but it's not like i was looking for text errors while i was playing. i forgot to mention it last time XD Tried not to spoil it for others with the " " in that part. hope u can still find it XD
  18. And Eris chapter is why I'm playing this VN Tho about the online excel file, are you gonna change the stats for Eris' route translation to your "re"-translation progress ? (And I hope that the first translation doesn't contain too many errors for the correction to take too long...)

    1. Mr Poltroon

      Mr Poltroon

      I support @Fiddle in this effort.

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      It's nearly Christmas already, what's the point? :D

  20. Your funniest moments in visual novels

    428 Shibuya Scramble. Some bad ends are irresistibly funny Clannad. A special prize for Akio and Sunohara. Grisaia no Kajitsu. The Common route and the first part of Makina's route are treasures of humour. Majikoi. Another special prize for Miyako (Having said that, It is almost impossible to select one scene : there is too much fun in this VN) VA-11 HALL-A. Dorothy
  21. Today is Agent of Love's 1st Anniversary!!! It has been a busy year since Agent of Love was released publicly on the AppStore. We want to thank everyone supporting us all this time and for following us on our game dev journey.
  22. Your funniest moments in visual novels

    When the dudes in Majikoi decided to peek at the girls in hot springs, but got caught by Momoyo, who asks them to let her come too
  23. Recently, I played (partially) through Missing X-link, and this led me to think of how various VN writers handle the concept of AIs and machine sentience. There are a number of different approaches, each of which has its own ups and downs. There are minor and major spoilers in all of these examples, and, as such, read them at your own risk. The argument of the 'emulated human' AI and the philosophically-built AI (Komorebi no Nostalgica)- Komorebi no Nostalgica takes a unique approach to AIs, with the prime idea being that of bringing AIs closer to humanity while retaining their abilities as a computer intelligence. The Metosera, the elegant AIs that were once humanity's slaves and only gained their autonomy after a war that devastated the world and erased most of human history are one side of this argument. The Metosera emulate human emotions through an algorithm that randomly came together as a result of a bug in the advanced program that ran 3rd Generation Humanoid Androids. This caused the Metosera to gain awareness, and, over time, a real personality and emotions. The immediate reaction of humanity was mostly knee-jerk loathing and fear, and this resulted in the newborn Metosera often being betrayed by the very owners they'd often come to care about. If it weren't for the efforts of numerous humans who helped the Metosera out of emotions or a sense of what was right, the Metosera might really have become the nightmare genocide machines that some apocalyptic scientists fear. In modern times, the current generation (as in the youth) mostly, with a few regressive exceptions, accept Metosera as their fellow citizens and denizens of the Earth, and society is actually more peaceful than it ever was in the past. As can be seen in the case of the Metosera heroine, Fluorite, the more a Metosera interacts with humans in close range and develops an attachment to them, the more 'human' they become, as their emotional emulation becomes more effective through active learning. Modern Metosera like Flo are 'born' with a single Metosera 'parent' creating their base program and then constructing a body for them. They are then 'raised' by the local Metosera society as a whole and encouraged to interact with humans to further develop their social emotions. In this sense, you can see that the Metosera are extremely dependent on humans and raw programming for their creation, and many of them are limited by that fact, though Flo and some others have exceeded those limitations in the story. The other example in the story, shown in the grand route, is Cinema, the modified (heavily so) 2nd Generation Humanoid found in the characters' school behind a false wall. Cinema, unlike the Metosera, who kind of resemble Tolkien's elves in the way they react to emotions (their expressions change only mildly and often late), displays emotions organically and actually seems far more human than most humans. However, the 2nd Generation Humanoids did not possess any kind of software that would have allowed for Metosera-style emotional emulation. Instead, Cinema's maker designed 'trials' into her body and programming that would encourage the natural 'birth' of a human-like machine intelligence over time that could truly empathize with and understand humans on a level that the Metosera, who 'evolved' independently for the most part, cannot yet match. The 'body grown to fit the AI' approach (Noie and Line in Applique's Arcology series)- In the Arcology series, two heroines, Line and Noie, are the creation of a somewhat insane but also brilliant scientist who came up with the idea of giving her AI 'daughters' bodies that fit the personalities she encouraged them to generate. These bodies are biomechanical (think an android that both has the functions of a machine such as hacking and processing data but also can bleed, have sex, and even have kids, even though that requires some 'adjustments) and generally nice to look at (lol, it is an eroge, after all), but aside from that, it should be noted that the professor essentially 'grew' their personalities in the same virtual environments most people in her arcology spend their daily lives in. By doing this, she was able to 'grow' her daughters as if they really were something approaching human children, and they were easily able to adjust to having a body. Their emotions were essentially copies of the professor's own basic template that grew off in different directions (which is another reason they can be called her 'daughters'). The second example in this series is the apocalypse-type AI Azurite Second (calling her that even though she isn't called that in the series). Originally, the Azurite series software was essentially an OS meant to be installed directly into the human central nervous system, allowing human beings to interact with the network without cyberware or devices. Unfortunately, Azurite is an incomplete program that burns out the psyches of most people it is installed into, and Azurite Second is driven by the 'mission' given to it before it was originally put to sleep. That mission is to link all humans the world over together, and it prioritizes that over the good of its users, believing that its priority will be for the good of all humans (it is really that broken). In that sense, this is one potential scenario that is close to the nightmare scenario seen in I, Robot. The 'I don't need humans because they are inferior' vs. the 'I love Humans' argument (Hello, World)- To be honest, I found Nitroplus's take on AI to be the most humdrum of the lot. The protagonist and his maker as antithetical AIs who see humanity in a radically different way based on his experiences (his as subjective, its as objective) is depressing and par to the course for early-era sci-fi writing. While the story of the game was good, the actual concepts of the AIs involved were less that impressive and provided nothing new for me, which made me sad, lol. I mean, the idea of an AI that wants to genocide humanity was old when I was born (which was almost forty years ago), and the idea of an AI that comes to love humanity through experiencing them in a human-like body is almost as old. I guess what bothered me was that this didn't go beyond the surface ideas to dig any further. The Humanity is Obsolete vs. Together with Humanity into the Future Argument (Missing X-link)- Missing X-link presents its argument fairly directly through Himefuuro and Chiruouka (or rather through the protagonist's 'father's' and 'uncle's' arguments through them). Himefuuro's design concept was to take humanity's essence into space by creating a database of human emotion and intellect through the empathic system 'cross link', which allows her to literally link her psyche to a human and share their emotions and thoughts by injecting her nanopixels (nanomachines, essentially) into a human subject. Chiruouka's design concept was to interact with humans through conflict and learn from them that way, by developing her own independent and subjective view of humanity as seen through that lens. Conclusions Sci-fi writers have been defining the debate on AI tech since the concept of the self-aware robot was first spoken of. In VNs, there is a tendency toward empathetic AIs, but, even so, many of the 'arguments' put forth by their writers are interesting to follow.
  24. Yes, I'm still among the living

    Well, I read it and quite enjoyed it! ^^ The story is pretty well written, creating a situation with a tough decision to be made and no obvious villain. Both heroes have their good and bad points and are likable characters overall (but I'm team Alto). Bonus points for the little MC customization (adds a personal touch to story) and the music that, while very simple, fits the game really well and I love these kinda things where there are subtle changes to the track when the mood of the scenes shift. Another good point is that even if it's short, the story feels more or less complete, and not just a prologue to some bigger project. My biggest complaint is not even something generally bad, just a stylistic choice that I particularly dislike: too many choices one after another, coupled with an affection points system. As I prefer to play without walkthroughs, figuring it out where something went wrong with this type of system is usually a nightmare (okay, this game in particular is pretty short so no real damage, but I kinda like when I see the results of what I picked before my next set of choices, I'm spoiled ), so I usually prefer less choices that activate some flags system or instant bad endings (I know the latter wouldn't really work here though). So guess in the end is kind of a tie? www Mnemonic Devices definitely have a better plot, development and conclusion, but I preferred Monochrome Blues art and choices (hey, we can give snarky responses to a bunch of 5 years old, what's not to love? ) But both dev groups have talent, cheers to them. I'm not giving a score just yet though because I still have a few endings to catch on Mnemonic
  25. The title basically says it all. What are your favorite funny moments/scenes in visual novels? I think my own top 3 are: 1. A certain music video in Rewrite. This masterpiece made me laugh so hard, I cried a little. 2. During Kappei's route in Clannad, when 3. During Yumiko's after story in Grisaia no Meikyuu, when
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