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  2. What are "Classic" VNs?

    Monetary incentives generally decide whether a game gets translated... that and the random whims of fantranslators. English-translated Dies Irae Hapymaher Untranslated Koiiro Soramoyou Tasogare no Sinsemilla Konata yori Kanata made Akagoei (series) Mirai Nostalgia Komorebi no Nostalgica Arcology series (Fake Azure Arcology and Re:Birth Colony) Muramasa Jingai Makyou Haruka ni Aogi, Uruwashi no (translation in progress) Ikusa Megami Zero Kitto, Sumiwataru Asairo yori mo Moshimo Ashita ga Harenaraba Otome ga Tsumugu Koi no Canvas Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteiru Futari no Elder Rui wa Tomo o Yobu Shin Koihime Musou Tenshi no Hane o Fumanaide Tsuisou no Augment Vermilion Bind of Blood Semiramis no Tenbin Houkago no Futekikakusha Venus Blood Hypno Kamikaze Explorer Love Revenge Baldr Skydive (series, in progress translation) Kami no Ue no Mahoutsukai Lovesick Puppies Sakura, Sakimashita Hikoukigumo no Mukougawa Dracu-riot (until the release, whenever that is) Shirogane no Soleil Hanasaki Work Spring Hatsuyuki Sakura Hyper→Highspeed→Genius Tiny Dungeon Midori no Umi Ojou-sama wa Gokigen Naname Sanzen Sekai Yuugi (the only otomege here) Walkure Romanze Edit: I went for a sampling of genres and companies/maker teams with this, as opposed to just naming every classic VN. With VNs, it is better to find a type you prefer and blow through all the similar ones before you start branching out, because you'll just end up coming back to what you first liked anyway.
  3. How To Date a Magical Girl (Dating Sim Review)

    I agree with what you say. I started to play it. Was nothing bad either at first, but I got tired of the main character. I picked a girl, and it didn't feel like at all like I was playing one. They were really lazy with that part and should've just kept it a BxG game. Personally the dating sim part was a little annoying but not horrible. Took long though for me to get my stats up. As for the art, it's okay for me, though the sprites aren't my cup of tea but not too bad. I actually like the BG's, but maybe that's because I love 2D backgrounds. As for the girls, I agree that they weren't very interesting (though neither was the mc). Best part for me was with the best guy friend being gay (since I like BL). The girls weren't horrible, just not good. The worst was the Tsun character though. I'm really beginning to gate that trouble. I will say, I don't mind cliches but they have to be done well and this game just doesn't really do it. Yeah, there was some shock value, but too much blood and death. This is why it's hard for me to watch game of thrones actually lol. But anyway, the ending is what ruined it for me. Basically you're wasting your time. What would've been a better end if one would change this a bit, would to be to have the girl you wooed be the one to be by your side when you woke up and you had been lovers. At least that gives me a reason to do all the routes. But sadly, I doubt I will. So in the end, the game was meh for me. I'm not going to say horrible, but not good. Also, it's a no Yuri game as you said since they do a terrible job with that part. If only they took just more time with the writing/story, it could've been better for me.
  4. What are "Classic" VNs?

    I have never seen the anime. But as a rule, a visual novel is (almost) always a ten/hundred times better than an anime adaptation.
  5. What are "Classic" VNs?

    Is it better than the anime? The characters seemed pretty flat in that. Didn't really like the excessive crying and inconsistent fantasy/sci-fi either.
  6. What are "Classic" VNs?

    You're right. A lot of the best known vns are probably translated, but that doesn't necessarily make them better. For future reference, which Japanese ones would you recommend? Right now I've decided on Subarashiki.
  7. What are "Classic" VNs?

    G-senjou no Maou - The Devil on G-String Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo Steins;Gate Kara no Shoujo 1 & 2 Clannad EF - A Fairy Tale of the Two
  8. What are "Classic" VNs?

    I'm assuming English-only, based on the fact that you are a beginner by admission. Ayakashibito (Shares a writer with the anime Fate/Apocrypha and the post-London Fate/Grand Order main story) Fate/Stay Night Tsukihime Noble Works Fruit of Grisaia (series) Majikoi Ever17
  9. @adamstan Oh, now I realize you're the same guy from vndb. Thanks for chiming in there, the thread was getting a bit messy. I believe that making such a ruckus over one slightly censored CG (while keeping many other suggestive CGs intact, including one with pantsu in full view) makes the people who fight the harder battles look bad in comparison. Although it's not surprising that people distrust Spike Chunsoft after the fiasco that was Zanki Zero. I'm not sure how much they cut out from the original H-scenes - to be honest, I've been trying to stay away from this release as much as possible, so I haven't really looked much into it. Going from what other people told me, and seeing CGs such as this one, it leads me to believe that they still exist in some form. There are other highly suggestive CGs, so I think it's a very fair assumption. Frankly, the H-scenes were the worst part of YU-NO. I've been reconsidering my position on this matter and decided that we're probably better off without them - some are downright respulsive, others are demeaning/disrespectful for the characters, others are completely normal run-of-the-mill H-scene. I, however, wouldn't want to be without H-scenes/nudity for the one or two scenes that are really good and had a high emotional impact on me when I read this a few years ago. The remake has received high ratings (currently 83 for PSV and 84 for PS4 versions on EGS) so it's probably good. Even if there are no honorifics and such, I can trust this to be a good translation, if it were only as good as 428's. The artstyle puts me off, mostly because some of the characters look five years younger than they are supposed to, or because I feel a lot of personality was lost in the change, for certain characters. The point-and-click system seems to be adapted for modern sensibilities and for those people who don't want to glance at a walkthrough every five seconds. The protagonist is fully voiced, whereas this was already a thing on the Sega Saturn release (he was partially voiced). I'm glad to see that people are showing love for the original version. If you end up playing it, I hope you stick with it despite its annoyances or flaws. At least for me, I felt that the journey was worth it. If you decide to play the new version, that's completely fine too. Not everyone has the patience to handle such terrible gameplay (good concept, extremely annoying in practice).
  10. What are "Classic" VNs?

    Have you heard of Solaris? My very loose criteria for classics is: timeless, innovative/evocative, genre transcending/defining and multi-layered. You can pick it up over and over again and still get something more out of it. It's not gimmicky and reliant on crutches or pandering. To me at least, Lord of The Rings is classic, Game of Thrones is not. Farenheit 451 is classic, Divergent is not.
  11. What are "Classic" VNs?

    Huh, that's the first time I read that a classic isn't necessarily well known. Really made me think.
  12. What are "Classic" VNs?

    Note: They don't have to be well-known. A lot of classic literature is barely known, but they're timeless and very well made.
  13. What are "Classic" VNs?

    Subahibi Muv Luv Both of them are school-setting but if you can tolerate it like you said, you'll love these. Especially Subahibi I think.
  14. What are "Classic" VNs?

    FSN and Tsukihime.
  15. What are "Classic" VNs?

    I just started getting into visual novels and really enjoyed Swan Song, Saya no Uta and Narcissus. I don't think i'll have the time to really explore the medium in depth, so i'm interested in at least playing the "basic", well known, very good visual novels. Basically, if you had to select visual novels to put in a time capsule, which would you pick? On a personal note, I prefer as few choices as possible and non-school settings(I can tolerate them though). I'm also very into grotesque stuff. I think the more desentisized a person is, the freer their mind.
  16. Warning: Heavy spoilers for How To Date a Magical Girl and Doki Doki Literature Club! ahead! Despite the amazing success of Doki Doki Literature Club! (including a commercial one, if you consider the 1300+ Steam reviews on the $10 Fan Pack DLC), there have been surprisingly few attempts to replicate its formula within the EVN scene, especially among the titles that could be considered of professional quality. While the plethora of mods kept the DDLC fanbase occupied, arguably no major Western VN even attempted to create a similar experience, or utilize some of the characteristic gimmicks used by Dan Salvato to a comparable effect. This, of course, can be seen as a positive development, as uninspired copycat games rarely make for compelling experiences, but elements such as drastic genre shifts, clever fourth wall breaking and weaving an interesting meta-narrative into the experience are far from being overdone in VNs, especially within the English-original niche. Or at least, this was the case before the release of How To Date a Magical Girl by Cafe Shiba, a game that openly featured a very similar base structure to DDLC – a cute dating sim exterior hiding a brutal horror story, in which nothing is at it seems at first glance. Showing up on Steam in January 2019, it promised 5 romanceable heroines, nearly 40 CGs and over 10 hours of content – rather impressive statistics, especially for a game that originated from a humble, $4000 Kickstarter campaign, and ones that make it hard to dismiss it as a cynical cash-in trying to exploit DDLC's fanbase. In my opinion, however, it managed to fail quite spectacularly, only in small part due to its mimicry of Dan Salvato's game and much more because everything it added to the table was deeply underwhelming. But where exactly did it go wrong? The mediocre quality of the game’s sprites and background art give the whole experience a rather cheap feel and contrast with the genuinely pretty CGs How To Date a Magical Girl starts with our protagonist (you can choose both their name and gender, but the difference between playing as a male and a female is nearly non-existent), an painfully-average person with no idea what to do with their future, being enrolled by their best friend, Hikari, to an academy for magical girls. While having nearly powers (their latent magic only activated once in the past, in a somewhat random and uncontrollable outburst), our lead decides to accept the offer and starts their new life of studying magic, quickly meeting a bunch of highly-dateable and surprisingly willing girls. Sadly, the seemingly-idyllic scenario is quickly disturbed with a tragedy – a murder of a student. From there, things pretty much only go downhill, with every new tragedy affecting the protagonist in a more direct manner and turning the whole scenario into a living nightmare, the meaning of which stays hidden under multiple layers of mystery. From the technical standpoint, the story is told through some rather robust dating sim mechanics, in which you grind four main stats (magic, alchemy, perception and expertise), engage in creating potions and earn money, all in order to effectively court the girls. As you spend time with them, give them gifts and raise affection, you unlock unique romance scenes, up to the slightly-fanservice’y culmination near the end of the story, while the main plotline progresses automatically at its own pace. The game gives you quite a lot of time to work with and various opportunities to optimize your playstyle (like skill training having a double effect on rainy days), so it’s not out of question to maximize affection of a few girls and max out your attributes on a single playthrough, making it reasonably easy to experience most of the content without replaying the game. Even though the plot-related events often come in the way of your stat-rising and dates, taking out time slots unexpectedly or skipping whole days, if you play competently you’ll never be under enough pressure for that to be a real problem. Dialogue choices, while present, are mostly meaningless, really starting to matter only at the very last moments of the game, where you can branch into three different endings (with slight variations to one of them, depending on which girl you romanced – if you finished the game without a girlfriend, it simply won't be available). There are fun aspects to the game’s magical girl theme, but all of it falls apart due to the setting and everything you do in it acting essentially as a distraction The giant problem of this whole setup is that the dating sim mechanics and the setting the game builds are basically one giant red herring and are turned mostly meaningless by the final reveal of the story. Not only all the girls, including the one you romanced get killed off (in an admittedly disturbing final sequence, where the protagonist’s sanity simply breaks from the overexposure to violence and losing everyone he cared about), but the world itself is revealed to be a simulation, created to assist with waking the protagonist from an accident-induced coma. Also, the protagonist’s homeroom teacher, Satomi, is revealed to be the perpetrator behind everyone’s misfortunes – an AI, that was meant to help him recover and still claim to be doing that, but actually went rogue and started working on her own, somewhat unclear goals (one of the endings suggests that her ambition was claiming the protagonist's body for herself, but her actions are hardly consistent between the alternative scenarios). This premise does a pretty poor job of explaining everything that happened earlier, but most importantly undermines everything the player worked for up to that point. DDLC’s game mechanics worked well specifically because they were brief and unusual, never making you feel like you were wasting your time and producing interesting feedback, even if the romance plots of the first act were obviously all dead ends. Here, the gameplay far overstays its welcome and while the final horror twist uses the dating sim mechanics as a build-up, it’s hardly good enough to justify all the effort on player’s part. Seeing the whole cast of the story you’ve spent many hours reading as mutilated corpses is surely unsettling, but the shock value here was mostly a goal in itself, rather than leading to some interesting plot developments. You could argue that even with a twist ending, experiencing the heroine arcs themselves could be a reward in itself, even if they were labelled fake and nullified later on. However, this is another aspect of How To Date a Magical Girl that turns out seriously disappointing. While the setting itself and the way the game uses the magical girl tropes is rather fun, with girls' transformations and powers playing a real role in the story, their personalities and backstories are basic at best. Also, while the unlockable “dates” give some slight spins to each of them, they are simply too short to add something really important and especially the heroines that play lesser parts in the main plot (the deredere childhood friend Hikari, shy Yui and school celebrity Miyu are clearly the most important characters here) feel heavily underdeveloped. This also means the game never really manages to create an emotional connection that would make the later development of killing off the whole cast that meaningful. The SoL content is never very compelling by itself, with writing being consistently very average and humour rather uninspired – Hoshi, Hikari’s magical dog familiar she dumps on the protagonist, is a prime example of that, as a comic relief character that barely does anything genuinely funny or interesting throughout the whole game. The game’s excessive violence does not completely lose its shock value, especially when it extends to the main heroines, but still feels heavily overdone Presentation is also something I have a major problem with, although it’s not on a particularly low level – it just underperforms in areas that I rarely see quasi-professional VNs having problems with. While the CG art is for the most part quite good, even if generic, character sprites look flat and unappealing. Same goes for background art, which lacks personality and detail. It’s pretty much a full reversal of the situation typical of EVNs, where good basic assets are often coupled with very few, or underwhelming CGs and honestly, as you spend most of your time with How to Date… on stat grinding and short dialogue sequences, better character and background art could do wonders for the overall enjoyment factor of the game. In the later parts of the story, the game introduces visual and sound gimmicks representing the protagonist’s waning sanity and glitches within the VR setting, quite reminiscent of some tricks used by DDLC. However, most of them consist of rather basic colour filters and changing the ways of displaying text and while writing accompanying them can be decently disturbing, these are the moments when the VN really does feel like a poor imitation. Also, some stylistic choices, like the “real form” of Satomi, are rather laughable and undermines the game’s climate even more. How To Date a Magical Girl is a strange game, as it doesn’t look terrible when you look at its production quality or various parts of the story, but somehow it manages to consistently undermine itself and turn out as less than the sum of its parts. Decent stat management mechanics are wasted by being made irrelevant through the twist ending. The heroines are proclaimed figments of the protagonist’s imagination and then unceremoniously killed off after hours of investment from the player. It wastes its setting and emotional buildup through a set of underwhelming endings. Playing through it is not without its share of fun, but in the end, it mostly just leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth. For all these reasons, I can’t really recommend buying this VN, but I hope the developers can learn from these mistakes and create something more memorable in the future – considering the technical competence shown in How To Date a Magical Girl, they're clearly capable of doing so. Final Score: 2/5 Pros: + Good CG art + Fun use of magical girl tropes + Well-crafted and reasonably fun dating sim mechanics Cons: - Dating sim elements are ultimately meaningless - Shallow heroines and romance arcs - Mediocre character and background art - Unconvincing main intrigue VNDB Page Buy How To Date a Magical Girl on Steam
  17. This song that plays towars the true end of Taishou Mebiusline just became my favorite on a VN after i finished it a few days ago.
  18. ok i see i understand. will be waiting for the completion =)
  19. Pact with a Witch [+18] [WIP]

    New Public PLATINUM version 0.9.8: DOWNLOAD: DOWNLOAD in ITCH.IO Download in GAMEJOLT CHANGELOG: v00.09.06: # Forcing Neus. v00.09.07: # Forcing Neus, 2nd Part. v00.09.08: # After 2nd date with Neus, Stranger Talking with Didac in a Park. ----------- STEAM version (just a bit more advanced version than the Free version) will be released at the end of JUNE. iF YOU COULD PRESS FOLLOW, and ADD TO YOUR WISHLIST, you will help me to give more visibility the game in STEAM. Thanks! Link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/865570/Pact_with_a_witch/
  20. Umineko

    *cackle* *cackle*
  21. Umineko

    Episode 2 is insane lol
  22. Remake is going to be less annoying gameplay wise (greying out exhausted choices, option to show all hotspots, and two more jewel slots) - so if you're okay with new art and voices, wait for the remake. Otherwise, play the original (by "original" I of course mean TLWiki's version with voice patch, as it's most complete version ever).
  23. I think i'll still play the original version first, just because the old graphics look wicked cool.
  24. And here I am still unsure whether I should play this or the original version.
  25. i also agree with this, the people putting this together have no obligation to do so. so even if it is not released when they first think, its better to be glad it is still even being made and grateful to the creators for putting the time in to make it.
  26. Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai Bugs

    I have downloaded the module. Now i don't know what to do next. Can someone tell me step by step? I rlly wanna play this game with a fixed font :<<
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