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  2. Happy Easter Everyone! Also, spiders!

    hope you all had a happy easter my dudes as for spiders, i think they are beautiful and cute creatures that deserve more love. bigger spiders=bigger angels to love and cherish
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  4. Sounds nice, I haven't started the VN yet, but I'll probably like her as my top 3.
  5. VNS with fighting girls?

    Let's see, as for the recommendations in case you still didn't play it yet I'll go with Eien no Aselia, Seinarukana, Eiyuu Senki, Evenicle (All of those four are gameplay), 11eyes, Koiken Otome, Dracu Riot, Aoishiro, and Pygmalion (The latter two have GL elements). I hope my recommendations here would be helpful to you.
  6. Happy Easter Everyone! Also, spiders!

    Happy Easter too, and no I didn't have much troble with spiders other than occasionally they made a nest in my room (And it's only a small one).
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  8. Happy Easter Everyone! Also, spiders!

    Oh my god. I guess that I'm never visiting Poland. Happy Jesus and Chocolate day to everyone!
  9. Well, I really liked the Ciconia simultaneous release announcement.
  10. Happy Easter Everyone! Also, spiders!

    I'm actually secretly a spider myself, and my real purpose for joining this forum was to eat all of you. Buwahahahaha! PS. Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates it today (it's a week later here in Russia).
  11. Happy Easter Everyone! Also, spiders!

    Had a giant huntsman spider sit right outside the door to my apartment in Japan one day. I... did not sleep well that night. Sure, the bugger was outside, but I was terrified of opening my door, scared he’d come inside (The thing was as big as my hand... ugh, I hate spiders...) Uh, right, happy easter. (Fuck spiders)
  12. Happy Easter Everyone! Also, spiders!

    These two topics look like they belong together. Just like our local social democrats and the easter eggs they gave away as presents in their European Parliament election campaign. There probably is some hidden ironic layer in there that went over my head, but spiders are way more interesting, so let's keep talking about those. My arachnophobic girlfriend once found one like the one in the lower picture in a drawer in our apartment. That was a fun experience for her. At least we could get rid of the spider by just carrying the drawer outside. Spiders are good for eating flies and moscitos, but the way they look and move is creepy. So on a scale from 1 to 10 I give them a 4.5.
  13. VN with strong romance plus fantasy/SF story

    Evolimit Komorebi no Nostalgica Fake Azure Arcology Re:Birth Colony Bullet Butlers Ayakashibito Kikan Bakumatsu Ibun Last Cavalier (just avoid the Shinsengumi endings) Akeiro Kaikitan (Avoid Youko's ending) Hatsuru Koto Naki Mirai Yori Tenshi no Hane o Fumanaide Yomegami World Election Sakura, Sakimashita (despite the themes, i consider the endings to be happy, though worthy of tears at the same time) Lunaris Filia Toppara Zashiki Warashi no Hanashi Toki o Tsumugu Yakusoku
  14. Happy Easter Everyone! Also, spiders!

    hey, happy easter there pik! i see youre celebrating the holiday your own way. ill assume that youll burn your house down soon, i wouldnt blame you.
  15. Happy Easter my dear Fuwans! How are your holidays so far? Mine are quite nice, although the intensity of social interactions is getting to me by this point. I had way too few moments to cool off lately... So, let's talk about something fun! Lately, the temperature in Warsaw was jumping a lot, so I've seen spiders waking up and then hiding from the cold, making unusual incursions into my bedroom. To be specific, I'm talking about domestic house spiders, which are completely harmless, but can grow large and look scary AF. I'm actually quite fascinated by them and like to tease my mother about being scared when she finds one in the cellar, but having those walking in my sleeping space is just a bit too creepy and I sadly had to exterminate two of them over two days (they're also quite fast and hard to catch, so removing them without violence would be tricky). Here's a visual proof - the spider's body (without legs) is around 11 mm long, which is quite a lot for this species and translates into a full length of circa 25 mm (over an inch). Quite an interesting sight when you turn lights on and find one on your curtains. But, this is not the biggest variant of the house spider. There's also the giant house spider, which can grow to be thrice the size of the common ones, mostly because it has a lot longer legs, but still, that's a freakin' large spider, especially here in Eastern Europe, where people are not used to those. It's also completely harmless of course. I've heard stories about people discovering those in their homes and being spooked senseless, but I've never seen one myself. So, colour me surprised when during a walk in the park with my family today (we were celebrating Easter, I guess?), my gf spotted this beautiful thing on a random wall: It was around 6 cm long. Not among the biggest ones, but still quite magnificent. I felt that I got something out of those family celebrations after all. ^^ So, what are your guys' perspective on huge freakin' spiders in living spaces and beyond?
  16. Trinoline Release

    Ok this game is huge, like in terms of file size. Fureraba is a VN of similar length and this is twice the size of that. It must be the animations or something lol This is also the first time a VN actually lagged for me, had to turn special effects etc off since it was using up more than 90% of my GPU and caused a slight delay in advancing text As for the VN itself, its pretty good. The MC is nothing like Hatsukoi's one, havent entered a route yet though.
  17. I guess they wont really announce anything big at Anime Boston
  18. Cool, still havent bothered to touch the FD though but will probably get around to it soon
  19. VN with strong romance plus fantasy/SF story

    you may like Code;Realize if you don't mind it being an otome.
  20. [Video Series] JP VN Guided Reading

    No native speakers might find it difficult to follow, but it's a great idea, good work!
  21. It's not Higurashi. It's a completely new game by the same author,and is technically considered the part of the same series (like Umineko), but will have only lose relations to the previous games. It isn't even released in Japan yet, it will be released in English simultaneously with the Japanese release.
  22. Well at least we are getting more Higurashi. I'm gonna read it when all of the chapters are released. I know it will be a while, but I have plenty of vns to keep me busy for now.
  23. wasn´t there a post from luneman saying they´re going to do inhouse translations themselves a few months ago?
  24. Have you ever read a VN twice?

    Even though i read VNs for about 5 years, i've only re-read 1 VN, "Tokyo School Life", and it wasn't because the story was great, it was because i ended the VN when i was reaaally sleepy, i think i was over 90 hours awake back then, and when i finally slept, i forgot the whole plot, and for some reason i can't remember, i overwrote the save, so i played the whole VN again. i was sleepy, okay? I got used to never re-read anything because i never had time to do so, and now that i do have time, i'm used to "not re-read". Same for anime, i can count on my fingers the number of animes i did re-watch. (btw, i've got over 10k Episodes and 400 Finished Animes on my MAL, and i've yet to complete the list, so it's not like i have nothing good to re-watch.)
  25. NekoMiko

    I followed it exactly except I ignored the bad ending (no CGs with it so you can ignore it) and still have all CGs in Gallery and all Memories. Gallery is for the CGs and the Memory is for the H-scenes. Try going through it again but ignore the bad ending in the walkthrough guide and you shouldn't have a problem getting all CGs and Memories. I generally ignore bad endings if I can help it.
  26. I will buy the cat girl VNs if they get a physical release, otherwise I will skip them. As for the likelihood for a physical release for them I think the chances are quite low.
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