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  2. Reading VN is masochistic

    the same could be said about anime tho... or maybe games too
  3. Well, goodbye dude Hope you sort out all your shit and learn about how to better compartmentalize the things you watch and read.
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  5. Data extraction thread

    Guys, try put code inside a spoiler block.
  6. The first one, well, the anime is ok, but the novel is better. The second one... steins gate 0... the VN is years better than that anime.... that anime make me sick. not only "some" things, about steins gate, they cut some explanations about the machine and other things that make the story special. But in general, the anime was a good if you compare with the VN. But if we talk about steins gate 0... jesus, no. that thing should be in the hell. They cut the story, cut explanation, destroy the context of the best scenes from the VN and make them like "oh, so that is was happen? nice!" "oh look that"... To be clear, i played the VN, both of them. Steins gate is good, you can play the game or take the anime, both choices is ok, but if you want more context and explanation, go for the game. Steins gate 0 is a masterpiece (better than steins gate in my opinion) and im really sure when im saying that the anime is a big shit. Cut story, cut the context, cut scenes, take the routes of the game and put them like a lineal puzzle without context and destroy the best scenes of the game, scenes that make you say "oh jesus WTF" "epic moment" if you see them in the game, but in the anime is like... "oh ok" (Speaking about one of that scenes, and trying to avoid spoilers, that scene is called "re-awake" and is divided in 2 parts in the game. Well, they only animated one part of that scene and even when they do that, they change the characters in the scene and destroy the epic moment. And the other part of the scene... well, they just delete that part, who in my opinion, is the best part of the game)
  7. Reading VN is masochistic

    Well, I kinda have a theory of why that might be the case. As a matter of fact, crying releases stress hormones and produces endorphins... it makes us feel good. We tend to regard crying as something negative because it's usually asociated with pain, either physical or emotional. However, when you are able to cry your heart out without any real problem causing it, doesn't it suddenly become something positive and a sort of emotional healing tool? Then leaving that aside and going into more subjective grounds... Sad stories feel 'more real' for me. Why is a story sad? What makes it sad? I'd say that it's the fact that it contains heavy struggles for the characters that, in spite of their best efforts, not always have a satisfying conclusion for all parts involved. It doesn't get realer than that. Feeling for the characters makes them also feel more human, thus perceiving them as better characters, and by virtue of that, a better story. Not that I don't also appreciate some light-hearted stuff now and then as well, of course, but when I think about it, it doesn't really come as a surprise to me that sad stories are the ones that left a bigger impact in me.
  8. The VN does a lot more worldbuilding, especially when it comes to the "science" and otaku culture. The anime cuts out a big chunk of Faris' and Ruka's respective arcs but has the better soundtrack imo (adding character themes and having higher production value). The VN is the more complete experience (and I'd definitely recommend reading it at some point) but not so much that I'd say you're missing out big time if you've only watched the anime.
  9. Reading VN is masochistic

    Yeah, that always surprised me how much we like stories that make us feel negative emotions. I am (or used to be, I'm not sure myself) a big fan of Key, and that's what got me into VNs in the first place, even though experiencing some of their works made me feel completely broken for weeks, but I definitely don't enjoy it when rl events bring me to a similar state... Actually, I feel like I started to slightly gravitate toward more light-hearted stories as I grew older. Don't know, maybe in 10 years I will only be able to consume moege and comedic isekais.
  10. What Anime are you watching now?

    I watched the SAO movie, Ordinal Scale. Yeah I know, pretty late to the party. I'll say that I appreciate that they tried to give it a similar vibe to what SAO was at the begining (that is, Aincrad arc). It felt quite nostalgic. Unfortunately the story was as non sensical as it gets, and I personally can't really get into the action like that. The OST and great animation made it at least enternaining enough so I wasn't bored either. Overall, a good movie to turn your brain off and kill 2 hours of your lifetime.
  11. Reading VN is masochistic

    Does that mean we are prudes? Well, I can't really argue with that... Leaving aside the main topic, which I really don't know what to say about... I am indeed a masochist when it comes to stories. All my favorite stories are sad stories, for some reason.
  12. I only played about first two hours of the original game, but it seemed t be handling things slightly better than the anime. It's a lot more detailed. Also, from what I heard from other people, the anime completely skipped some pretty important arc later in the story and a lot of other small stuff important for characterization and the world building, but I can't confirmed it myself. On the other hand, I also tried reading the VN right after finishing the anime, but I couldn't really force myself spending another 50+ hours on the story I already knew (even though I liked it, though probably less than you did). It's been almost six years since then, I still haven't read it. So, consider that.
  13. Uhm... I think the anime was a very good adaptation. I think it's not a matter of being 'better' or 'worse'. Obviously you can't squeeze as much information in an anime as you can in a VN, so if you are a Steins;Gate fan I definitely recommend you to read the VN to broaden your knowledge of the S;G metaverse. Unless VNs really are not your thing, then maybe not.
  14. I haven't watched the anime, but I know they've cut some stuff from the story in it. If you want the complete experience, you should really read the VN.
  15. I recently watched the Steins;Gate Anime & enjoyed it thoroughly. But, as a Visual Novel & being the original source material I think it'd be even better. For those who have experienced both...what's your take?
  16. Is this the end comrades? It's been an honor getting to know you. Most of you anyway.
  17. Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm english patch?

    No. Game will be released a month afterwards by NekoNyan
  18. So you are denying there have being any ounce of toxicity towards people expressing how they enjoy visual novels you guys don't and haven't told them their taste are shit or act like only the visual novels you guys like are supposed to be the best ones. To be honest I doubt people give much shit on the internet whatever its one topic or some other either way except for acting outrageous for the lulz. Just for your information I'm telling these stuff because I'm leaving and If it wasn't for that I would've shut up and do what is done usually ignore toxic, (people who complain about everything) or elitist who are being high and mighty. Nope I'm really not expecting anyone to change less in the internet. (I'm giving out an example, your hate of the guys who enjoy key visual novels because you don't like them and consider it overrated and bashing them every opportunity. Or the fact someone mention enjoying the story of one of the heroine you don't, tell them they've shit taste?) Secondly I did adress the topic off hand while also telling why I thought those acting like they are disgusted is so ironically funny when considering the stuff they read anyway which isn't much better. (Like stuff about rape or girls putting a dick in the protagonist mouth, protagonist watching someones panties, or so much fanservice it exist but supposedly that is not degenerate yea logic, speaking of which some of the stuff also happens in real life like orgies, weird shit and they're teaching us about morality?) And finally strictly speaking your insight about how much I'm irrelevant why then should you be instead then? Speaking of elitist behaviour wasn't you one of the guys who was going on and on about "educating people!" or some shit like that because you didn't like reviews or steam buyers on steam? Isn't that the definition of high and mighty salty elitism?
  19. FOR FUCK SAKE! WHY IS THIS STILL BEING DISCUSSED! well, i guess its only fair. i really hate posts about one thing and drops some sort of "objective" view and we're not expected to go off topic even though its more the original posters fault. "You know guys, I do like Amane's route from Grisaia no kajitsu but I felt something was missing during it that couldve made it better. Anyone you likes Makina touch children in real life. But back on to the main topic, yeah maybe it couldve benefited from being shorter and more focused." yes, him calling people who like loli content pedophiles struck a nerve with me because i do happen to like loli content. cant really provide hard evidence of me not looking at real life children like that aside from just stating that i dont so take that as you will but broad generalizations of people with certain interests is close minded. take furries for example. lately ive been exposed to some of the weird and awful stuff they do but i cant imagine all of them are like that, right? ....r-right, guys? please say it aint so!
  20. is there A uncen english patch for Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm? if so plz link. thank you
  21. Recommend a 4:3 vn.

    I read Eden* a little while back and while I enjoyed it I couldn't help but feel like I would have enjoyed it more on an ancient computer. While I unfortunately have not gotten the old tower from my youth running again, I will soon have a new 4:3 monitor compatible with my modern pc. I'm looking for any good vns in that aspect ratio that have some feature(s) that will remind me of the days I was but a small Shuckle learning to use a pc in the late 90s and early 2000s. (Recommendations don't necessarily have to be from that time period as long as they are reminiscent of it.) Examples of such features from Eden*: right clicking opened a generic dropdown menu rather than a menu screen, most (if not all) screen transitions were a short fade, the opening video is drastically more animated than the rest of the novel. Shorter vns are preferred. Translated vns are preferred. Huge bonus if the novel prominently features futuristic technology that real life technology has long since surpassed.
  22. What are you playing?

    It's 3AM or something and I finally finished Da Capo. Kotori's route was full of romance. Getting into Da Capo, the kind of content it had was exactly the kind of content I was expecting from a romance-focused moege. It was refreshing to finally read something within what I imagined the story to be. I loved Miharu's route, and it made me realize who real best girl is. I love bananas now. Etc route was pretty interesting, and is a nice play with the overall theme of the game. After reading it all and unlocking all scenarios, I think I can say that Da Capo exceeded my expectations as a moege (or whatever the more appropriate term is for these moege derivatives). It lives up to its reputation, at least. However, I do have some qualms about some of the routes I just finished. I guess I'll just put those in my journal so I don't spoil people who just want to read through buzz here.
  23. Reading VN is masochistic

    I thought reading vn with suffering is sadistic. This forum seem more active than Nekonyan and seem more well behave compare to other forum. Sometimes, I have to be careful about wording or edit it out due to people being very sensitive about what could be considered rude.
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