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  2. What are you listening to right now?

    Thanks, Fred. I was just about to start hunting for a name before you brought her up. Sadly, looking up DAOKO lead to a traumatizing discovery of ME!ME!ME! Other than that, though, she is awesome!
  3. Yep, still following the progress every week, good job, I mean objectively having reach more than 70% of overall translation is already a good achievement. Hope to see a Saint/Irene patch when TLC is done :))
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  5. So the submission phase have ended, now let the best meme win. Voting phase will be open for 7 days. end on july 26. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.
  6. Yotsunoha Opinions

    Hey everyone I finally have some time to start up a new VN and I saw that Yotsunoha was a new vn that just came out and I'm wondering what, any of you guys that have played it, opinions on the Vn is and if it's worth playing and how the romance aspect is and such. Thanks
  7. I Need a detailed summary of a VN

    It's ntr. Either the protagonists dick was too small or generally limp and the girl got fucked by someone with a big dick and got hooked on it. That's the story.
  8. Sakura MMO Trilogy (Yuri VN Review)

    Winged Cloud, creators of the infamous Sakura series, are visibly past their prime, which shows not only in their diminishing Patreon support and smaller interest in their games in general, but also the lack of marketing effort and innovation. For two and a half year now their VNs are only becoming shorter, simpler and more iterative, making the already not-particularly-impressive projects from the peak of studio’s popularity, such as Sakura Nova or Sakura Fantasy, look like absolute heights of quality and ambition. At the same time, the company seems heavily disinterested in actively promoting their work or opening new niches, even nearly dropping the production of straight eroge for the sake of pushing out more yuri games, feeding of this niche's popularity with Western audience. And few things symbolise this sorry state of affairs quite like the Sakura MMO trilogy, the latest three entries in the mainline Sakura franchise, this time tackling the grossly overused theme of gameworld isekai. Coming out between October 2018 and June 2019, with little fanfare (the second and third game pretty much appeared out of nowhere, with no communication from Winged Cloud’s social media accounts before the releases) and to a rather lukewarm reception from players, Sakura MMO games still stand out in some ways from Winged Clouds usual output. Particularly, it was the first time since Sakura Beach that a game in the series received a direct sequel, and the only instance one received two. This, at first glance, makes it look like one of most ambitious projects Winged Cloud ever attempted, but one thing should be said in advance: all three Sakura MMO games are very short (3-4 hours) and heavily overpriced, with each costing $10. For the amount of content you’d usually find in one 10-15 dollars VN, you’re asked to pay 30, while also having to deal with issues that wouldn’t be there if it was all released as a single product or a well-constructed episodic game, like your choices not transferring between parts and somewhat shoddy continuity. But aside from it being a shameless cash-grab, is there something worthwhile within this trashy sub-franchise? Inma’s art is, as usual, one of the selling points of the game, but even it gets diminished by the constant reuse of assets and straight-up mistakes Sakura MMO follows the story of Kotone, a bored Japanese salarywoman who blows off steam from her stressful job by playing an MMORPG called Asaph Online. There, with her mage avatar named Viola, she became something of a dominating figure, styling herself as a “dark witch” and casually humiliating other players – the act she enjoys so much that she considers herself a sadist. While having relatively little fondness for her real-life routine and few meaningful bonds with other people, she is still deeply in shock when she one day wakes up in her avatar’s body, in one of the bedrooms of Nightmare Citadel – the massive castle acting as her player-owned residence and holding her immense in-game wealth (no, you won’t see much of the castle, only a few generic-looking rooms). She’s also immediately greeted by Neve, a darkling NPC who she placed in the castle as mere decoration, but now became a real person, dead-bent on serving her as a maid and bodyguard (with impressive magic skills to aid her in both tasks). Thus starts Kotone’s, or rather Viola’s adventure in search of meaning behind her summoning to Asaph and, possibly, a way back to her world. And probably most importantly, a journey of creating an ultimate harem of cute, gay girls for her to dominate – after all, if life gives you ultimate power and wealth, it’d be a shame to not indulge yourself at least a little bit? If by this point you feel a certain disconnect between the serious and trashy, ecchi-oriented parts of the setup, you’re definitely not wrong – the Sakura VN template prioritise fanservice over anything else and the more serious and grand the premise, the more obvious Winged Cloud’s shortcomings become. Art prioritizes random boob shots over crucial events in the plot, the story frequently comes to a halt to give space for variably out-of-place scenes of cuddling and lesbian sex. One remedy that could make it bearable is humour, which is what JP fantasy eroge often use to keep the formula fun to read, but this might actually be Sakura MMO’s biggest problem – for the most part, it feels utterly humourless and the few jokes that actually are there rarely land. It introduces a high-stakes main intrigue (even if it's heavily trope-filled), but couples it with one-dimensional characters and repetitive interactions that make it hard to get engaged in the story, failing to even give satisfying context to the porn the way some older Winged Cloud titles did. Splitting everything into three games help little, as each part only has space for two-three significant plot developments between fanservice and pointless banter. The bickering between heroines, by the way, would not be a bad thing if it was funny or witty enough to justify its existence, but it fails to do so even by Winged Cloud’s mediocre standards. The whole storyline ends up feeling soulless and dull, despite a few relatively fun fights and amusing moments scattered around. Like in every other game by Winged Cloud, fanservice constantly gets in the way of Sakura MMO’s story, but the surprisingly serious main plot makes this dissonance particularly visible If there’s something genuinely intriguing here, it’s probably the protagonist, who’s a contradictory character but not necessarily in a bad way. She likes domineering over others and as Viola, she maintains the boastful, aloof persona she relied on while playing, proudly announcing to be a villain and a sadist. At the same time, she cares about her companions more than she is usually willing to admit and is capable of self-sacrifice when the stakes get really high. With better writing, she could’ve easily become a very compelling lead and still manages to be the strongest part of the whole scenario. Other characters lack either potential or proper growth. Neve is mostly a one-beat heroine, with her clingy, servile and overprotective attitude towards Viola growing irritating quite quick. She gets an excellent piece of development and crucial role to play in the third game, but kind of reverts to her previous behaviour after that, to my genuine frustration. Fion, a homeless thief that steals a powerful artefact from Viola in the first game is a lazy, demoralized glutton and there’s honestly little more to her character all throughout the storyline. She also gets the dumbest ending, illogical and absurd in its implications. Eleri, the knight, is probably the most consistent heroine, hiding her shy and insecure personality behind a facade of a stalwart defender of law and justice. Being the only other character transported from Japan and having a much more traumatic arrival to Asaph than Viola, she is hell-bent on coming back and acts as a counterweight of sorts to the protagonist and her embracing of life in the fantasy world. In the end, while not the most attractive love interest personality-wise, she’s the most believable and least irritating girl of the bunch. The secondary characters and the overarching intrigue (finishing with an epic [?] confrontation with a fallen deity), suffer from similar problems – they might even look reasonably good on paper, but are implemented in a deeply mediocre way. This extends even to the thing usually working as the highlight of every Sakura game – the visual assets. While I’m personally fond of Inma’s artstyle and there’s plenty of amusing fanservice and softcore porn illustrations in the game, there’s also a good deal of things that should’ve been shown in CGs but are only described in text, straight-up drawing mistakes contradicting the game’s text and battle illustrations reused on every possible occasion. This very much reminded me how Sakura Agent screwed up its theme by never showing the aliens and generally, why Sakura games in action-oriented genres generally don’t work – the dev team simply doesn’t want to invest appropriate resources into these projects, Sakura Dungeon, Fantasy and Nova being the only outliers. MMO at least manages to wrap up its story properly, with romance endings for each heroine and a harem one, but in every possible path, the journey leading to those conclusions was heavily underwhelming. There was also the issue with the episodic structure of the story, as Sakura MMO 1 & 2 also offered romance-oriented endings for each heroine, but as your choices do not transfer between the games, the scenario more or less resets with every new chapter – it's not a huge problem, but it further undermines the already wonky cohesion and immersiveness of the storyline. The storyline in Sakura MMO is far from being the worst thing Winged Cloud produced and concludes in a rather satisfying way, but each game on its own feel short and underwhelming, hardly justifying the $10 price tag Continuing the topic of h-content, Sakura MMO is distinctly softcore even when compared to some other entries drawn by Inma – the scenes generally rather vanilla, don’t show genitals and are rather short. They offer decent variety, including a lot of milder sequences of cuddling & nudity, but don’t include the kind of straight-up fapping material you’d find in Sakura games with art drawn by Wanaca – something I don’t mind personally, as that is not what I’m after with these ecchi VNs, but might easily leave some people disappointed. One interesting gimmick connected to erotic content in MMO trilogy is that the games often place Viola in intimate situations with the heroines and it depends on your choices whether you escalate each interaction, or back down from it – it’s the kind freedom I’m always fond of, as while it isn’t crucial to the endings you get (that where the more story-centric choices come in), it lets you effectively “roleplay” different routes within the game’s linear framework, pursuing only the girl(s) you're actually interested in. Like other fantasy games by Winged Cloud, Sakura MMO includes a climatic, JRPG-style soundtrack by Zack Parrish and a decently-varied set of pleasant-looking backgrounds, but in the end, these qualities can hardly save it from feeling dull, undercooked and cynical. Apart from people interested solely in fanservice CGs, I can’t really imagine any audience that would be fully satisfied with what this trilogy has to offer, or the value proposition it represents. Despite my questionable fondness of trashy ecchi VNs, I find it hard to seriously recommend getting into Sakura MMO, even if you find it on deep sale – it simply excels at nothing to a degree that would make it a worthwhile experience, and lacks the junky charm that makes more comedic Sakura games fun to read, even if they were never genuinely good. If this is the quality level Winged Cloud is going to offer from now on, their games might stop being fun to follow even in a semi-ironic fashion, or for the die-hard fans of their formula. And by this point, it’s kind of hard to imagine them stepping up their game – I just hope that whenever this studio fade into an uncomfortable, but closed chapter of EVN history, someone will utilize the admittedly impressive skills of its character artist to some much more worthwhile projects. Final Rating: 2/5 Pros: + Decent art + Good variety of fanservice and hentai scenes Cons: - Dull heroines - Short episodes and rushed main intrigue - Cliched writing devoid of wit or humour VNDB Page (Sakura MMO; Sakura MMO 2; Sakura MMO 3) Buy Sakura MMO trilogy on Steam
  9. Kyoto Animation arson

    That indeed lets little doubt about his intentions. That sounds like a pretty careless law. Guess it was just a matter of time that something devastating happened. If house construction companies are allowed to build smaller houses like time bombs to save money, they will definitely do so.
  10. Kyoto Animation arson

    Apparently he shout "die" to people. The building had little floor space and wasn't a high building so the Japanese law doesn't really require anything from the building. Also they had spiral staircase going through all the 3 floors that caused the smoke and fire to spread instantly to everywhere in the building.
  11. Kyoto Animation arson

    reports say he poured gasoline on the stairs. only reason to do that is to trap people.
  12. Kyoto Animation arson

    I wonder if the arsonist is really the only thing to blame here. The whole severity and rate of spread of the arson doesn't exactly make you believe that this building had a real fire protection system. The simple fact that the culprint was caught by his own fire, suggests that things weren't exactly going as intended. I wouldn't even be surprised if his initial idea was just to cause some property damage to bring his point across and then call it a day. In that case I'd really like to know if the severity of the arson was actually caused by a violation of fire safety regulations.
  13. I Need a detailed summary of a VN

    The way my Brain works is that when I don't know something that bothers me in full detail I'll keep thinking about it at every chance when I'm not doing anything else like going to sleep. Even if its something I hate Just knowing the details will ease my thoughts and make me stop thinking about what if this happened, or if this is what they were thinking.
  14. Yotsunoha Walkthrough

    Apparently it has enforced playing order. Here's kind of "guide", or instruction, in Japanese: http://sagaoz.net/foolmaker/game/y/yotsunoha.html
  15. Routes [Leaf]

    Foreword: Routes gets 5 votes cumulatively while closest rival sits at 3 votes, so here is review of this game. Title: Routes Developer: Leaf Date: 2003-02-28 VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v204 Youtube walkthrough:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sV1wg2BZOpM&list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv8K_WdeDpxSgGZzjGORqw_b Synopsis: The story takes place in 21st Century Japan (approximately at the end of April 2010). The main character Nasu Souichi is a perfectly ordinary high school student, who tries to do as little as possible everyday, and sleeps though most of his classes, only ever to be woken up by his friend Yuasa Satsuki. They believe they are living in a peaceful time, where no large wars are occurring. However, these peaceful days are destroyed, when a number of large ships disappear at sea, almost instantly, and with no explanation as to why. A strange woman named Lisa=Vixen suddenly appears and attacks Souichi... however Souichi also has his share of secrets. Game type: There are two different games here - spy thriller and medieval rural mystery Character Design rating: 8/10 Protagonist rating: 7/10 Story rating: 8/10 Game quality: 7/10 Overall rating: 8/10 There is already a good review of this game (1), so I'd better present personal impressions acquired during the course of the game. There WILL be spoilers, although I don't consider them to be big enough to really spoil anything - they are needed to present the structure of the game. Game starts with Lisa Vixen route, and she is the real main heroine of the game. She is both stunning blonde beauty and a great super-agent. There is great teamwork and unexpected resolution there. But unfortunately only this route really resembles spy thriller. Next four routes required to reach true route are less impressive. From second playthrough there is a hint about a strange medieval-looking man as well as two choices - whether to go to school or stay home. Going to school leads us to our osnajimi Yuasa Satsuki route or her best friend Fushi Yukari route. I decided only to play thoroughly through Satsuki route. There is an attempt to fill it with SOL and humor, but it works out so-so. The worst part of it was how it ended up being so much overextended. I was hoping to get a fast H event and move to story already, but this route had as many as three (!) unsuccessful attempts of etching pushing story further and further. In the end, story development stars without getting into intimacy stage, but ends up a degraded version of the same Lisa route, just without the unexpected twist. The other three heroines routes are even worse, a total bore-fest. Two of them are just an average town girl and an average town lady with their stories having NOTHING to do with the spy theme. The true route is the shortcut of the same Lisa route AGAIN, just with all three main heroines at support - Satsuki, Lisa and Fushi. There's nothing really special about it, and game just could not be called a masterpiece at this point after all the routes and the True route. But then right after true route a totally another game kicked in - "Roots". That's a samurai rural story about the powerful sword and fighting the greater evil. This story has a bright cheerful scenery and a cast of funny characters with numerous memorable moments. Then the connection between "Routes" and "Roots" was revealed, and game finally could be seen as an integrative complex story above the giri-giri masterpiece level up to the point of firm masterpiece level, or 8/10. I can't evade discussing technical difficulties here. Only console versions are voiced. But console versions can't be hooked - I tried all the variants possible. Without voicing this game does not really worth the effort. So I ended up running recording high resolution PC version screen and text acquired through hooking, but at the same time running PSP version to get voicing from it. PSP version has auto-reading, but PC version does NOT. So I had to manually click through every phrase following PSP auto-reading tempo. This causes all those un-synchronized lines. As if it's not enough trouble already, PC hooking is same clunky as both Kizuato and Shizuku, which means that lines appear consequently on the screen making hooker tools see it backwards. There was a special hooking script developed for Kizuato and Shizuku making lines be translated in the right order, but not for Routes, alas. That's why translation must be read from the end sentences to the first sentences properly. Leaf games really suck for hooking. Moreover, since I had to manually click through 30 hours of gameplay, I made text appear in full blocks skipping some mid-line animations. Just wanted to noted that, because actual PSP version looks much more alive than what I got as a result. Routes turned out to be a real challenge for me due to really poor systems of PC version. I spent so much time recording it that it may even affect the pace of my next publications since none are left prepared. Unfortunately, only Lisa route, True route and Roots are really worth playing making the leftover heroines routes feel redundant. Game has a really decent "Roots" story which is difficult to get to due to numerous technical difficulties encountered. I just hope that more people will be able to appreciate the game through my video of it.
  16. Yotsunoha Walkthrough

    So I couldn't find anywhere that had a walkthrough so I figured I'd just start this thread so people can start constructing a guide. I seen pictures on it on vndb and it it had a map function so I didn't know if it meant something. I'd appreciate it if this site could make a guide for this VN because from I was finding no one has made a guide yet. Thanks in advance.
  17. School life with a bit of exaggerating

    Even though there's no Scifi, I would recommend Noble Works or Princess Evangille if you want great romance comedies.
  18. Kyoto Animation arson

    News report from CNN: I first discovered KyoAni when I watched the anime adaptation of Kanon, Air and Clannad many years ago. That's also how I discovered Key:
  19. Kyoto Animation arson

    Most recent news from NHK:
  20. Kyoto Animation arson

    Found additional info: The arsonist proclaimed "they stole my novel", apparently it seems to be related to KyoAni's yearly light novel competition, where he submitted his light novel and his application was rejected or didn't win and then KyoAni went on to make an anime leeched off his light novel whitout him getting neither compensations nor crediting for his work and ideas. Regarding the KyoAni Light Novel Competition, as an example Violet Evergarden was actually the first grand prize winner of KyoAni's light novel competition of 2014, which they later created an anime adaptation out of it. Messages from the internet: A few years ago, someone mentioned how Square Enix's story of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII was basically based off Final Fantasy fanfics. https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/619315-final-fantasy-xiii-2/63922337 No wonder Final Fantasy XIII story was a complete mess after XIII, it was a mish-mash of fanfictions (it even felt like it).
  21. [Walkthrough] Feedback Thread

    Is there a walkthrough out there for Yotsunoha? I tried to searching at seiya-saiga.com, and no luck.
  22. That is true! Unlike Sekai Project they actually talk about the patches openly on their social media.
  23. Kyoto Animation arson

    While the terrorist (I prefer to call the arsonist that) motive is might be understandable like Stormwolf said (Emphazise on might), it's not quite ethical to directly dump the blame to the victims because most of the victim would surely don't know what's the deal with the terrorist who ruined their life (Besides the terrorist himself is known as the robbery perpetrator back at 2012). I know that it's not wise to call the arsonist terrorist either, but seeng that the death count is quite high I think it's quite fitting to call the culprit as the terrorist seeing that he already planned the attack by sending the threat to KyoAni (My apologise if you felt uncomfortable with 'terrorist' word here). In any case, I hope that Japanese didn't give in to the fear of terror and they'll find a way to recover from it (Especially KyoAni for very obvious reasons). Also my consolence to the victims who passed away at the attack.
  24. What are you listening to right now?

    Yeah, idol live shows can be pretty boring music-wise. I once bought AKB48's live DVD set on impulse, but it isn't that enjoyable to watch, as it's essentially just dance show. Nevertheless I still like many of their songs However, live shows of some singers and acts I posted earlier (Anri Kumaki, Ai Kawashima, FictionJunction, Kalafina, Kayoko Yoshizawa) are complete opposite of this. I bought several of these, and don't regret it Great, moving and enjoyable performances. I hope there is some show I can attend during my planned trip to Japan in April 2021.
  25. What are you listening to right now?

    Right now (like, exactly while I'm writing this) I'm listening to ZARD's "Hold me" and "Yureru Omoi" records. One of my favorite songs from those albums is "Makenaide". So optimistic and uplifting
  26. Good job on reaching 10% milestone of Eustia's chapter there, and keep it up.
  27. VN of the Month March 2004 - Remember11 -The Age of Infinity-

    As for your opinion on both of Remember11 and Symphonic Rain there, I agree that both of the releases are good even though Remember11 did have the problem in regard of the ending because apparently there's a conflict between the production members. While for Symphonic Rain, too bad that Ritsuko Okazaki can't watch her work being officially released at Steam seeing that she was passed away back at 2004. I just hope that those two VN will be more well known, especially the latter seeing that I'd find Symponic Rain songs is quite good.
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