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  2. [PSP] Chaos;Head Noah English Translation

    I've made an account just to say that i can't wait to see this finished. The curse will soon be broken!
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  4. Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and apparently once again we have our Decay was being busy so we can't have VNTS here. As for the title seeing that we have Nine part 2 released I decided to make a seiyuu joke for this, and I'll tell the reasoon at PS later. As for this week, well we have a very predictable delay from Sol Press in regard of Kimiaogi which to say was not a good news here along with Nine 2 release and some updates from fan translation. Overall this week was quite a plain one here, and let's see what I can write for this week as well. As for Kimiaogi delay while granted we already can predict it from back when they announced the exact release date back at AX, it's still quite unbelievable to me seeing that actually they announce the delay at the date when they supposed to do the release back at 16th. Apparently the reason for that is because they have some bug that was quite hard to solve immediately, and currently they working together with the developer to solve it. While there's might be another reason for the delay, I figure that it would be better to not say it seeing that at most it would be only a speculation. In the end, what I can say is that it would be better for Sol Press to not announce the exact release date until they are very absolutely certain that their product was fully ready for the release, although it might be too late for them (Honestly I don't believe that we'll going to see Nukitashi released at November 22nd later, but we'll see). Speaking about announcing exact release date, we have Lemnisca announce the release date for Raging Loop so you may note the date here. For the date, they'll release it for NA version at October 22nd later and for EU version they'll release it at October 18th later. I don't know much about the region release things here seeing that I didn't experienced much here, other than obviously we still didn't get this for PC. It's too bad that Frontwing need to delay the release for Loca Love volume 2 thanks to Valve going berserk for seeing school setting in adult only release by deleting the store page for that, so we need to wait until FW cleared some issue. We also have Asagi apparently will be released on Steam (Perhaps it'll be successful seeing that it didn't have school setting unlike Loca Love), and Frontier was almost finished with the translation (Well they already said that they'll try to release this at December later, so let's see it later). From fan translation we have Eustia was at almost three quarter (74.51%) translated with Eustia's chapter was at 26.99% translated, Miotsukushi Omote was at 14% translated, and Summer Pockets was at 39.51% translated with Tsumugi's route show some surprising progress at 37.91% translated. The reason that it's surprising was because I thought that they'll finish Kamome's route first seeing that back when Shiroha's patch released it have the most progress, but apparently the translator for Tsumugi's route was fired up to finish her route here. Well either way no problem to me here, as long as they can finish it. We also have a sudden activity from Yosuga no Sora in that apparently they add some new members into the team, so hopefully they can work hard for finally have this VN to be fully translated after almost eight years being in translation. For Nine part 2 while it's still not acceptable that Sekai decided to delay it back at when it's supposed to be released (At 10th), at least it's nice that we didn't need to wait for years to see the story continuation unlike Tokeijikake. As for the premise, we obviously have the continuation of first Nine in which turned out that Kakeru's little sister Sora gaining the power from the artifacts, and that she started to help her older brother to investigate the mysterious incident that happened in the city. In this chapter, instead of Miyako we'll have Sora as the main heroine and that she's quite dedicated to Kakeru here. With this we already half of the four parts of the VNs (Supposedly), and hopefully Sekai can keep up their pace for Nine part 3 release here. Almost forget to say that Tsubasu obviously still in charge of the art, so perhaps you may interested to get this if only for the art alone (Once again her art is very good). Go get Nine part 2 at either Steam or Denpasoft, and have fun. That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week. PS - Since we have Kakeru's little sister Sora as the main heroine, I made Sora's family name into Kamijou for this week title . The reason is because in Nine here we have Kakeru have the voice all the time and the seiyuu/VA for Kakeru is Atsuhi Abe, and recently I just know that Atsuhi Abe was voiced a protagonist for a very well known series 'To Aru no Majutsu Index' Kamijou Touma. Of course we never have Kamijou Sora as Touma's little sister in the real series, but maybe some fanfic writer want to write that if they wish so. Also it's interesting to note that we also have Sora that was voiced by Kirihana as well back at Hoshiori, which to say was quite a coincidence even with different writing in their Japanese name.
  5. Building a Free Library of Images for Everyone

    Greetings fellow creatives, If anyone is interested, I was recently asked to do an interview for a website called Exilian. Hopefully my answers were entertaining and (somewhat) intelligent…lol. Here’s a link if anyone wants to check it out: https://exilian.co.uk/articles.php That said, this week’s cool new textures are on the following pages: TXR – BRICK - Seamless Some really interesting brick textures. https://soundimage.org/txr-brick-seamless/ TXR – ROCK/STONE – Seamless Some new stone textures that could be used for old roads, paths, castles, etc. Some have grass between the stones, too. https://soundimage.org/txr-rockstone-seamless/ More music is on its way as well as some cool new city ambient sounds. Keep being creative!
  6. Why Visual Novels?

    Originally, it was because telling a mystery in a video game was impossible. Back in the Nes or so era, telling a story with cutscenes was rare, but having the player being able to influence the story was impossible. Eventually someone created the first mystery "VN", Portopia Serial Murder Case. An interactive murder mystery that let players actually be a part of the world's story. Technically Portopia isn't a VN, but a Japanese adventurer game like Phoenix Wright, but that's not important to this question. Anyway, as other companies copied Portopia we eventually get every feature of a modern VN. How characters stand, how the textbox works, how routes function. and so on. Each new feature would then be grabbed by another company and added until the modern VN look became a thing. As it was forming there was demand. So companies met demand. For Japan at least, I think most VN writers are just people who couldn't make it in another writing career and latched onto the simplicity of writing a generic VN. They are just meeting demand, not choosing VNs because of any advantages. There are some who do it out of love, I'm sure, but it's also a paycheck. One that requires simply writing out trope after trope. For the west though, its the simplicity. Anyone can make an RPG or a Vn if you learn the basic engines. Which lets people share stories with more then just written word, but also their art and music selections. Of course a lot of these are inspired from Japanese VNs, as those created the inspiration to make the indie scene as it is in the west. A lot of it though is people writing what they want in a format that allows for more creative expression that is not held back by technical issues.
  7. Majikoi A-4 translations, Hacker needed? :3

    just curious....will the A4 and A5 gt translated? its been quite some time without official update from majikoi TL
  8. Noratoto - 18+ Restoration Project

    true, hoshi ori is a master piece and carries 1st place in my personal favs, but im rather sad that its counterpart Gin'iro, Haruka is not picked for translation by anyone, my translators are not veterans and a project of such size will definitely suck out few years of their life. i hope someday my japanese improves so atleast i can try.
  9. Fate/Grand Order

  10. Granblue Fantasy [English Language]

    It's been so long since I updated my GBF progress. I haven't quitted the game. Well, for the most part at least. During busy times or just times of burnt out I did put it aside, but then picked it back up for short, intensive periods. I'm currently at rank 169. And that wouldn't matter that much if not for the fact that I practically didn't slime (the only exceptions being the very few cases where I was in a hurry for leveling a character to 100), so I guess it's a reasonable way to measure my efficiency. Well, without further ado, here are my grids and teams. WIND Your average M2 grid I guess. I'm using Nio/Scath/Monkey, so probably it'd be a good idea to get an ultima fist or something. EARTH This grid was a bitch to farm at the beginning. In the end I gave up, went to work on wind, and came back to Alex mines once it was decent. I'm using a Sieg/Alex/Okto team. How nice it'd be to have Cain and go ultima katana meta, but for the time being, I guess Sieg works... WATER Yes, I lucksacked 3 balls. Which is only more painful considering I don't have Doggo. I will have a spark ready for her by the time she comes back though. Until then... well, water doesn't exist for me. I need to work on my 3rd harp for full ougi memes. I should also go grab the Opus, but I don't have the quartz nor the fodder to level it up atm, so who cares. As I said, water doesn't exist. FIRE Semi spear team with Shiva/Esser/Athena. 3 of those AES are MLB, the 4th one is at 1*. I plan to get one more drop and then grab the other copy from the shop next month. I won't bother to farm the 5th AES considering I'm probably going ULB canes in the future, when I spark Anila, which I'll talk about later. This is the grid I'm currently working on, you know, for GW and stuff. I remember @SakashimA saying that fire was his favorite element and that when I came to appreciate it I got back to him. Well, I'm sorry, but I still hate fire as much as the first day. This is the element of 4+ ixabas or go home. The fact that I've spent more time farming those AES than any M2 grid and I'm still doing 300k autos makes me wanna kill myself. DARK Sad times for my dark. And I started GBF as a dark main to boot! I don't have any of the meta characters so I'm stuck in 2017 meta with sword team DJeanne/Zoi/Olivia. So, why do I not have even one avatar stick? Well... LIGHT Because my light sucks even more. Probably. I don't know, they both suck, so since light sucks I can't farm dark, and since dark sucks I can't farm light. Such is life. Well, that's obviously not exactly true. I could and should farm at least my 4th chev sword. Yes, I should. As for the team I'm using, it's Seruel/Potato/Lucio. I'll probably switch Lucio for Jeanne once I get her to lvl 100. And that's it I guess. Another important thing I want to share is that... Yes, indeed. My spark is ready, and my target is Anila so that my plebian magna fire can suck a little less for GW. As everybody I guess I would've liked to spark on flash gala, but I guess it's not too bad, considering there's plenty of characters from premium gala I'd really want to have. Cain, Ferry, Lecia, Pholia. Wouldn't mind Eugen or Rackam either since they are getting their FLBs soonish (I already have Katalina). And that's about it. I guess I'll post the results of my spark next premium gala! May the salt be with you.
  11. Ryuusei World Actor

    Worse? Because at least there was a conclusion to each chapter of Leyline that didn't leave you completely frustrated (it just left the central story and mystery unresolved). In this case it feels like an anime where the studio went bankrupt halfway through and just randomly released what they'd already done without looking it over first.
  12. I really like it. The second episode is much better than the first one. It just that the ending is quite anti climax. Cannot wait for episode 3 though.
  13. Ryuusei World Actor

    Is the sequel setup better or worse than the first Tokeijikake no Ley Line?
  14. Ryuusei World Actor

    Ryuusei World Actor is the latest VN by the up-and-coming plotge and chuunige specialist company, Digination, under its subsidiary Heliodor. This company's games so far have been somewhat unpredictable and unbalanced in my experience, with a great deal of ambition and not quite enough talent to pull things through completely. I say this from the point of view of a long-time chuunige/plotge addict, and from the perspective of a person that has played two of their games to the end and sampled two others. Moreover, this is a Kinugasa Shougo game... his first since the second Reminiscence game (which is probably why Tonari no Shoujo never got released, the whimsical jackass that he is). The bits and pieces of Kaito's worst qualities seen in Ruka (the protagonist of this game) make it pretty obvious who wrote this game, as do the way the endings are handled. This game is based in a world where dozens (literally) of sapient species coexist (in the sense that they are alive, though their countries war against one another constantly) in the only nation that accepts all races, as well as the only nation that has achieved a high-tech civilization, The Seventh Federation. The protagonist, Ruka, is a low-ranking detective with a lot of bad habits who gets on just about everyone's nerves (including the readers' at times). He rarely admits when he is wrong, complains when things don't go perfectly his way, uses numerous illegal sources, and generally makes every other cop look good in comparison (even the ones who take bribes). That said, when he wants to be, he is quite capable... even ingenious. Unfortunately, that is coupled with a lack of motivation except when cornered, a tendency to get involved with incidents his superiors don't want investigated, and a fundamentally amoral ethos to getting things done. In other words, except during a few moments when he shows his true colors, he can be a constant irritant to vicariously experience, simply because the reactions of those around him are almost entirely negative and his attitude is bad enough that you can't blame them. This game is not ladder-style, unlike many of the previous games by this company. Rather, it utilizes a classic (though I don't necessarily consider classic a compliment) structure where you must experience the three sub-heroine routes before you can see the true route (Claris's route). The heroines in this game include Claris, the protagonist's naive rookie elven partner; Chiffon, a Seguit (think inhumanly strong barbarian race) with a strong sense of honor who is living on a shoestring budget because of her easy-to-fool goody-goody personality; Mel, the princess of a primitive human nation of powerful warrior-mages who is in hiding; and Komachi, a female traffic cop who is constantly going to mixers in hope of finding the perfect guy. Common The common route, as is common in most VNs, serves as an intro to the characters, their personalities, and their circumstances. It is often humorous (well, I found it so), though there are just as many serious moments due to the nature of Ruka's job... and his bad habits. To be honest, I found the common route serviceable, but it also shares a complaint I had throughout the VN, from beginning to end... despite the fact that the protagonist is actually very capable, he almost never shows it. While Ruka can be depended on to bring cases to a conclusion, his lack of an interest in credit for his work (mostly because he knows he won't benefit even if he does get credit), his need to hide his true abilities (he has good reasons, but I honestly felt that this aspect was perhaps something they should have cut out), and his tendency to bring things to a conclusion in the worst way possible while solving the case (for him) is often frustrating. Worse is the lack of lateral connections between the heroines, with most of their connection being through the protagonist and momentary, rather than being a near-constant. The combat scenes in the common route are decent... even good. However, they are frustratingly short considering the sheer number of abilities and powers apparently present throughout the Seventh Republic and its races. The common route also fails to really bring the Seventh Republic's peoples to life, which i found irritating, since the setting has such potential. Chiffon Chiffon's path is the earliest branch (the only early branch) and is really a sub-heroine path in structure. Chiffon is perhaps the most pure-hearted person in the VN (mostly competing with Mel, though I give Chiffon the pure-pure prize due to Mel's surprising familiarity with things that made me wince). Her innocence, naivete, and strong code of honor also make me tentatively name her as one of only two people in the VN I consider to be 'true good' alignment characters (the other is Melissa, the fairy the protagonist rescues fairly early on). Chiffon's path is the weakest and (oddly considering she is probably the strongest fighter amongst the heroines) the most SOL-centric. I liked the relationship, but that was despite how it developed rather than because of how it developed. This path showed off one of the major reasons I am so wary of this company's games... the inconsistent pacing. This path is also the one that is most completely disconnected from the others, and that is more than a little irritating. The epilogue in this path is good in the sense that it is based more than 'next week' and it reflects the results of the events that occurred in the more dramatic ending parts. However, I felt it could have been more extensive, to compensate for the shortness of the main path... Komachi Komachi is my least favorite heroine. She is also a Victim A type heroine (the nosy investigative type with no ability to protect herself), which I constantly scream at whenever they get included in an action story game. This is in comparison to Mel, who is a Victim B type heroine (the virtually helpless sheltered girl who is caught up in circumstances beyond her control), and the choice to plop a heroine like this into the story is questionable at best. I honestly think she should have been position as an occasional sex-friend who dies partway through (hence the Victim A label) or a side-character rather than a heroine, considering the type of story this game is. Her path's value lies in what it reveals about certain members of the Cult, rather than in Komachi's circumstances themselves. This path is a rather obvious 'revelation preparation for the true path' path, and it seems to exist solely for providing the information that comes out in it. The romance feels a bit forced and the way the two get together just doesn't sit right with me, after reading it. Mel I'll say this straight out... Mel's path needed a 'five years later' after story. For better or worse, the core conflict is left only partially resolved (Mel's issues), and, in classic Kinugasa Shougo faction, nothing is concluded. This is the thing I hate most about Kinugasa Shougo... and the part that he seems to insist on unless the company he works for forces him to act otherwise. Mel's path itself has some excellent action scenes (several levels above either Chiffon's or Komachi's), but it feels like they only scratched the surface of the potential for this path. As such, I felt more than a little irritated about how it was handled. Unlike Komachi's and Chiffon's paths, where the romantic elements felt forced, it is rather obvious that Mel had a crush on Ruka from early on, so I wasn't bothered by the romantic shift. True/Claris Aaah... I'm going to be clear about this. This path reveals the truth of Ruka's past, which is hinted at repeatedly throughout the VN, but is mostly shoved to the side in the other paths. It also clarifies his relationship to Claris, who turns out to be a halfway decent heroine... ... unfortunately, this suffers from what I'm tempted to call 'Kinugasa Syndrome'... in other words, Kinugasa Shougo's absolute hatred of concluding his own stories (extrapolated from his writing habits). For better or worse, Claris's path suffers from this disease. Actually, in some ways it is worse, since it cuts off just when things were getting interesting, probably to let them set up a sequel. Claris's path occurs chronologically after a non-romantic version of the other heroines' paths (predictably so, since that is one of Kinugasa's standard storytelling techniques, as was seen by how he handled the transition to Akagoei 3). It is actually written quite well, and its paced about as good or better than Mel's path... but somehow, there is even less action (disappointing, considering the case they are chasing). I honestly was frustrated with how this path ended... especially since it really doesn't go anywhere beyond handling the protagonist's past and a number of h-scenes. I was deeply disappointed by how this was handled, and I'm more than a little angry about the way it cut off... It is hard to describe just how sharply this story gets cut short... literally nothing gets concluded, obviously setting things up for a sequel... but without even the minimal effort to throw the readers a bone that Shougo usually makes. Epilogue This game concludes with an epilogue that becomes available after finishing the four heroine paths. It is mostly a short get-together of the four formerly-young detectives that joined at the same time as Ruka, and it rather blatantly sets things up for a sequel... which made me want to pull out the few strands of hair still remaining on the top of my head. I hate it when no attempt is made to at least tie off a few strands of the storyline. Even in the original Akagoei, at least some of the conflicts were resolved (though he deliberately overturned most of them in Akagoei 3, with Kaoru's path being the storyline that heads into Akagoei 3). Conclusion A game whose setting possesses enormous potential, ruined by Kinugasa Shougo being allowed to indulge all of his worst habits without restraint... and with none of his good ones really surfacing at any point of the VN. Edit: When writing the above review, I tended to focus on what was wrong with the VN... and that was perhaps inevitable since I wrote each part after the conclusion of a path, and the conclusions to each path are singularly unsatisfying, even for something by this writer. What was good about this VN? First is the setting... the Seventh Federation is an interesting country, a nation enveloped in permanent darkness with numerous races coexisting within. Second? The characters. The characters are all well-defined and stand out well (except the heroines, who oddly are some of the weakest characters... well, other than Claris), and I smiled frequently at the kind of BS Ruka spewed whenever things weren't going to his advantage. The detective action is sometimes hit and miss... but Ruka really is intelligent and experienced as a detective... he is just apathetic when he doesn't have something or someone prodding him to do his job. Honestly, the only thing I can say to anyone considering reading this VN is wait for a potential sequel to come out. Until one does, this game will be nothing but frustrating to most people.
  15. What are you playing?

    Love Cube, I'm really enjoying the characters so far.
  16. Yup the confusion is understandable, I was too, confused af when I was discovering my sexuality and reading all these different lables. But anyway, as an asexual, I'm also a bisexual which makes me what they call a bi-romantic, although I'm not interested in sex in real life I do enjoy flirting and reading eroge because it's fun.
  17. Create a vndb profile based on your IRL self using vndb tags

    [Visible confusion]
  18. Okay this seems fun, here I go. Hair: Red, Short Bangs, Shoulder-lenght, Straight Eyes: Brown Body: Mole, Average Height, Young-adult, Pale Clothes: Crop-top, Leather Jacket, Jeans, Beanie, Sunglasses, Belt, Earrings Items: Manga, Gaming Console, Mobile Phone, Laptop, Cigarette Personality: Watashi, Otaku, BL & GL Fan, Observant, Workaholic, Possessive, Introvert, Stubborn, Emotional, Perfectionist, Stylish, Rebellious, Yandere, Carefree, Friendly Role: Asexual, Bisexual, Multilingual, Pet Owner, Older sister, Full sister, Witch, Fortune teller Engages In: Online Chatting, Singing, Smoking, Sarcasm, Stalking, Sadism Subject of: Stalking, Seduction Engages in (Sexual) : BDSM, Rope Bondage Subject of (Sexual): None
  19. Live 2D huh, I once tried playing this game before but couldn't get into it. I prefer Teaching Feeling, but I do enjoy live 2D so might give this another try although I have some doubts about the success rate of this project.
  20. Why Visual Novels?

    Books are great in general, I view VN's as interactive visual and audio books...ever since I was a kid I loved reading and really enjoyed the feeling of immersion when you tune into a good story. So before discovering VN's I always wished that I could be a part of some sort of different world or a story like in the books, so reading VN's gives me one of the best feelings in the world which is imagination and dreaming. I don't self-insert but still enjoy the ride, I think most of the people who reads/plays VN's love this game genre because it's a getaway or an escape from reality.
  21. Birthday thread

    Happy birthday @Nosebleed ! Hope to see you back one day.
  22. Yesterday
  23. I've only read the English releases, but this is the main family line stuff. Few other heroines are related directly to others in any way. I think Nanaka and Kotori being cousins is about as far as relations between non-Nemu or Sakura heroines get. The current day Da Capo 3 families don't have anything to do biologically with the Weather Vane versions. They have the same souls/memories, but are not at all related, as far as anything in English goes. Apparently Kiyotaka and Charles are cousins to Sakura somehow(same last name), but that isn't really looked into. So It's possible that Kiyotaka father'd their dad/grandpa, but that line is never expanded on. Ricca is the grandmother they show you at the start of Da Capo 1. Himeno is the likely grandmother of Nemu, which means Nemu and Juunichi have no blood ties at all as Juunichi's grandfather, Yoshitaka, is adopted into Himeno's family and then marries Ricca. You would be right on the Da Capo 2 stuff. Minatsu can't be in Weather Vane. She wasn't built yet so she couldn't have, and she's not magic so she wouldn't be invited. She's hired by the current year Da Capo 3 team to look into things with the tree and their memories, but she's the same Minatsu after Da Capo 2 and whatever set of events make up the true end of that game, which would include her mellowing out. Don't remember enough to talk about the Suginami thing, but Mintasu wouldn't know that that Suginami is the same one. To her, he would be a guy with the same name and that's it. Do they even meet in the original Da Capo 3?
  24. Noratoto - 18+ Restoration Project

    thanks for doing this guys
  25. Oh boy, I can't wait to play it. Good job guys, I'm sure it will turn out to be amazing. I've had this game in my mind for a long time, but I didn't want to lose time with the degraded version, so I just waited for someone to make a translation or learning Japanese by myself.
  26. There is no soecific link to a family tree of the D.C. series. But I'm currently working on a tree by myself because I'm very interested in this topic. It might take some more time until I'm finished because I'm reading through nearly all D.C. VNs to gather information and references. If you're interested I can send you the finished family trees from here. I will also make a timeline which will contain some inportant events from the storyline of the whole D.C. series. I can tell you that it won't be possible to integrate all known D.C. characters into a single tree and some won't fit in any family tree just like Suginami. So I will create several different ones. Did I arouse your interest?
  27. Regarding the Suigetsu VN

    Apparently it's one of the 'classics' of VNs, and was fairly popular in its prime. I got my hands on the ISO for the PSP version and am trying to see if I can get it hooked to a decent text extractor, or even better, crack open the archives. Pity the DVDPG version is more or less extinct, they even made animated cutscenes for that thing and never added them to PC renewal editions.
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