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  2. I ended up liking this way more than the first game and I did like the first game quite a bit too. Without the imouto bias in my head I think Sora and Miyako are about as good as each other but the imouto power brings Sora far above.
  3. Regarding the Suigetsu VN

    I feel the same. Playing a VN without voices is kind of a bummer. The prose and atmosphere must be really good most of the time to make me have an interest in the game if it has no voices, and that's why Higurashi despite being a sound novel is so good. If it has a PS2 port you should probably try to find an ISO. There must be a torrent link somewhere on the internet, but I have no idea since it's an old game. Maybe nyaa.si or anime-sharing have them. If you find it, there is a PS2 emulator called PCSX2 which can be used to play it. It's a trashy emulator and very complicated to set properly too, but it's a VN so it should run smoothly. I dunno about a dreamcast emulator so I'd leave it there.
  4. Today

    Looks nice! Too bad I can't read Russian, or Chinese or Japanese...
  6. Data extraction thread

    Hi, does anyone know how to repack .dat files for "The Most Forbidden Love in The World (Damekoi)"? I unpacked them using "ExtractData English v1.20" from TLWiki, got .wmv files, but I have no idea how to repack them, as the tool doesnt offer such option. I'd like to make some changes then repack them back as .dat. Any help would be much appreciated!
  7. Regarding the Suigetsu VN

    ps2 and dreamcast versions have VA.
  8. VN with both english and japanese text

    the Nine games: volume 1: https://store.steampowered.com/app/976390/9nineEpisode_1/ volume 2: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1033420/9nineEpisode_2/
  9. For those unfamiliar, I'm referring to https://vndb.org/v913#main its a very old game, dating back from 2002 so I doubt a lot of people have played it. Now I'm trying to start up, and I realized that there are no voices for any of the characters. The original game had no voices, but vndb lists VAs, so I'm assuming that one of the later versions had voices added to them. However, the only info I could find on the matter is that there is a DVDPG version from 2008 with voices, and no other mentions on the subject. If anyone happens to have played a voiced pc copy of the game , please let me know. I'm really looking forward to this game, but lack of voice acting is kind of a major killer for me.
  10. Boob Eroges

    Most of the good ones are still in Japanese unfortunately. I cannot remember the name of any other good oppai nukige which's ben translated into English. If you are looking for good ero scenes to fap with there is a way tho. I usually look for oppai games in japanese in nyaa.si and then I rush through them with a walktrought at hand. After the game is completed, I have my ero scenes there for when I wanna use them. You won't understand most of what they are saying, but if the CG's and the female seiyuu are good, you'll fell arused nevertheless. That's why I recommend Yokoso! Sukebe elf no Mori e, the other Kyonyuu Fantasy Games and Shabura Rental.
  11. Thank you for your dedication.
  12. Cuties with pink hair

    Inamuma Rio from Dracu-Riot would fit the description perfectly, I also think she had the best route in the vn.
  13. Kami no Rhapsody Translation (Partial Patch released)

    Hello everyone, I'm very sorry but there will be no progress update for this month. Since I was moving, I've been quite busy, and I couldn't find the time to work on the translation. (And then there's the release of Three Houses zzz). I've pretty much settled in now, so I'll continue to work on the translation starting next week. Please look forward to the next progress update . Also, to everyone who helped SacredChaos with his problem, thank you very much. Tbh, I was at a lost since I've never encountered that problem before. In any case, that's it for now. Thank you for reading, and see you next time ^^.
  14. Sorairo is a lot better than Kokoiro, imo. More plot, more action, a bad end that destroys you, and absolutely hilarious porn in the good end. I'm looking forward to Haruiro as well. Half a year... would be nice, but maybe!
  15. Lots and lots and lots of updates! First, a few links! Steam ♦ Discord ♦ Newsletter And now some new screenshots a fair amount has changed, namely the sprites have gotten updates and GUI has drastically changed! And here's a character intro trailer!
  16. Cuties with pink hair

    https://vndb.org/c76126 https://vndb.org/c25696 https://vndb.org/c12468 https://vndb.org/c18314 https://vndb.org/c34521 https://vndb.org/c48080 https://vndb.org/c9704 https://vndb.org/c50404 https://vndb.org/c63986 https://vndb.org/c40541 https://vndb.org/c32429 https://vndb.org/c34901 https://vndb.org/c34955 https://vndb.org/c52656 It keeps going and going and going...
  17. 9-nine-: Episode 2 released

    What's up, my dude.
  18. Yesterday
  19. Cuties with pink hair

    Damn, beat me to it. Ruu \o/
  20. Cuties with pink hair

    * Sachi from Grisaia is an obvious pick. I just love her sensual voice and her NOT very subtle innuendos. * Yuzuyu from Fureraba. Yeah, she's a Tsundere, and an extremely verbally violent one at that. But all Tsunderes have their cute side. * Tamase from Muv-Luv series. She's about as DereDere as they come. She wears Neko accessories too. * Asahi from Sorcery Jokers. I absolutely adored her for her singing Christmas carols randomly. Not to mention her utter fearlessness.... * Mihiro from Wagamama High Spec. For an Oppai Loli, she's cute. Her theme song is also super cute. * "Ruuko" from To Heart 2. She's certainly unique, that's for sure. * Rise from Princess Evangile. I liked her random jealous skits. * Kirari from Kira*Kira. Ever wanted to see an adorable punk rocker girl who changes her hair pink? Well here you go. * Hikari from Under One Wing. Like Sachi, she's rather prone to sexual jokes too.

    Yuri's weird in that it's the genre of VN's with the most standarised style, probably because everyone is copying Sonohana. If it has h, it's usually one heroine, and the routes are just others girls relationships. Sometimes you'll get threeway couples or two options, but even that's rare. There was a VN in Squeez's story style about a girl who comes to an all girls school and with her love of boobs seduces everyone. I think it had both harem and individual /endings and is basically the only game like that that I know of. Forgot it's name but it would really fit with MG's lineup. Generally if you want routes in yuri you're looking for all ages, but a lot of those aren't yuri but more just shoujo Ai. Aoshiro is barely even shoujo Ai. No one in the game becomes a couple and there is no kissing, the closest you get is vampire blood sucking. Pygmalion and the other entries in the Ao- series are the same way. The Nurse Love series is better, but I've heard pretty poor things about the writing quality and romance in those games. Also having an air headed nurse as your main character would piss me off to no end, which one of the games does.
  22. Cuties with pink hair

    Going to recommend Miyase Mihiro from Wagamama High Spec. IMO her route is one of the best in the VN. There's also Kunihiro Hinata from Noble ☆ Works, too. Both of those are kouhai heroines though.
  23. Unlimited Chat Works - Random Talk

    I'm kind of suspecting the author herself has those every other day and that is pretty relatable from my point of view. ;p Seriously though, I don't think Rituals in the Dark is going to be a gloomy story. It looks more like something sympathetically poking fun at its goth girl cast.
  24. Boob Eroges

    Clochette makes oppai heroine charage.
  25. Cuties with pink hair

    I've got two for you One is Milfeulle Sakuraba from Galaxy Angel And the other one is Asuka Osachi from Nurse Love Addiction Both of them I really like as characters though they are far from the shy type in any way shape or form
  26. Birthday thread

    Oh hey, thanks
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