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  2. VN with strong romance plus fantasy/SF story

    you may like Code;Realize if you don't mind it being an otome.
  3. [Video Series] JP VN Guided Reading

    No native speakers might find it difficult to follow, but it's a great idea, good work!
  4. It's not Higurashi. It's a completely new game by the same author,and is technically considered the part of the same series (like Umineko), but will have only lose relations to the previous games. It isn't even released in Japan yet, it will be released in English simultaneously with the Japanese release.
  5. Well at least we are getting more Higurashi. I'm gonna read it when all of the chapters are released. I know it will be a while, but I have plenty of vns to keep me busy for now.
  6. wasn´t there a post from luneman saying they´re going to do inhouse translations themselves a few months ago?
  7. Have you ever read a VN twice?

    Even though i read VNs for about 5 years, i've only re-read 1 VN, "Tokyo School Life", and it wasn't because the story was great, it was because i ended the VN when i was reaaally sleepy, i think i was over 90 hours awake back then, and when i finally slept, i forgot the whole plot, and for some reason i can't remember, i overwrote the save, so i played the whole VN again. i was sleepy, okay? I got used to never re-read anything because i never had time to do so, and now that i do have time, i'm used to "not re-read". Same for anime, i can count on my fingers the number of animes i did re-watch. (btw, i've got over 10k Episodes and 400 Finished Animes on my MAL, and i've yet to complete the list, so it's not like i have nothing good to re-watch.)
  8. NekoMiko

    I followed it exactly except I ignored the bad ending (no CGs with it so you can ignore it) and still have all CGs in Gallery and all Memories. Gallery is for the CGs and the Memory is for the H-scenes. Try going through it again but ignore the bad ending in the walkthrough guide and you shouldn't have a problem getting all CGs and Memories. I generally ignore bad endings if I can help it.
  9. I will buy the cat girl VNs if they get a physical release, otherwise I will skip them. As for the likelihood for a physical release for them I think the chances are quite low.
  10. Was expecting Lune >_> I highly doubt I would buy those two cat girl vns. they look big mehhhh
  11. Have you ever read a VN twice?

    I've reread Hakuoki when both parts of Shinkai came out on Steam... Or rather, I'm still rereading it, because I only read 1-3 routes every few months XD And I'm taking it so slowly precisely because it's just as good as I remember, so I don't want to rush or be done with it too early. As someone mentioned before, it really is like coming home to old friends (especially since it was my first VN). The fact that they've added 6 more character routes (one of which I was praying for ever since I've first read Hakuoki) makes it even better <3
  12. HoshiOri Discussion

    dont with soras route. didnt get as bored as much as marika one. this CG reminds me with this edit: it appears that i cant use the smart phone in after route
  13. Hey I'm new to this all decrypting business, but I have been trying to deal with .bcs files of RUNE games recently myself. The fact that there is a fan translation of one of their games gives me hope that my task is not insurmountable. But I have been hitting some bumps along the way. If you could link me to where I could download the original and the decrypted script of Hatsukoi I might be able to get a better understanding of whats going on there. Or at least narrow the possibilities.
  14. Script Extraction Thread

    Hey I'm new and I don't know if this is the most appropriate place to post this, but here goes. I have been trying to decrypt RUNE games. Their scenario files end with .BCS. I have searched through the internet, but don't seem to be able to find a decoder. When it comes to unpacking an archive there is no problems. Most tools are able to do it. The archives end with .g2 which as I understand are decoded with glib2. But basically GARbro can do it no problem. They also have their own image format .PGX. Which also GARbro can be used to understand it. But when it comes to scenario files I can't find anything. So I delved into the hex myself. I found several things there, but I don't seem to find a pattern to the first 5 u4 integers given at the start of the file. One of the problems is that the first int is bigger then the file itself. Which would imply some compression. And the last int seems to be always smaller than the file, except I have found exceptions where it is even bigger than the first int. I suspect it might be part of the actual file data. And when it comes to others ints. I have not been able to find a consistent pattern through all the files of how they are all linked. There always seems to be an exception to whatever file pattern I may find. The funny thing is even though it seems to be compressed I noticed that there was a lot of FF in the file. So I ran a xor(FF) and what I got almost makes sense. I can find glimpses of readable data. Commands, file names etc. But they always have some strange artifacts in the middle of them. Like an extra byte stuck in the middle of a word. Almost like the file is corrupted. Here is an example: 25 6E 6F 25 00 25 00 66 69 40 6C 65 6E 61 6D 00 65 0E 00 69 04 6E 66 0F 00 00 62 67 2F 62 67 00 30 00 31 61 2E 70 67 78 Without the nonsense it reads: no filename inf bg/bg01a.pgx... at least I think It's all encoded in shift-JIS. Similar stuff is in the rest of the file. Sometimes more obvious, sometimes less. I still have some ideas of what I might try next, but I feel I might be either, going in the wrong direction, or might face that I don't have the necessary knowledge to do it. So any info you can share would be appreciated.
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  16. Fuwanovel Confessions

    Confession I wish to harvest these souls
  17. Getting a Visual Novel 100% Save File - Tutorial on Sagaoz

    What is there to call out? He just prefers MTL a bit too much, it's not like he's forcing his opinion on anyone. IMO following someone around on the forums and bugging them is pretty douchy. Like I mean, there ARE some annoyances with sagoaz, with searching by letter (titles that start with a small ょ character, numbers, or alternate furigana, and doujin games being seperate).
  18. Houkago no Futekikakusha

    I don't speak Chinese and am not sure if this helps you, but here is the snapshot of that page from when it was still available.
  19. Yeah sorry if I call out people who just use google translate to play games and complain Japanese sites being hard to use when all you just need to know is the basic Japanese alphabet.
  20. Houkago no Futekikakusha

    Does anyone have a working link for the Chinese patch? The link on VNDB doesn't work
  21. Getting a Visual Novel 100% Save File - Tutorial on Sagaoz

    Oh yeah that's what was confusing. きゅう sounds are recorded under き, and same for the other "y" sounds. I just google as well, cause fk that Stop being a fucking prick and trumpeting your dumb clique on the forums.
  22. Windows 10 Shiny Days Fullscreen Freeze

    so i tried changing my desktops settings and play windowed that way. its not entirely ideal but its working so cant complain too much.
  23. Getting a Visual Novel 100% Save File - Tutorial on Sagaoz

    Why are you trying to make a fool of yourself so diligently? Try finding https://vndb.org/v433 , smartass. That's just ONE example, but how would you know, you're just a regular troll who can't do anything worthwhile.
  24. VN of the Month July 2002 - Viper-RSR

    Viper-RSR is the only masterpiece of the month 1. Psychicer Mimi サイキッカー美々 [020705] Soubi Kenkyuujo Main character is a genius young man. One day he has his psychic powers awoken in front of a female classmate. She agrees to help him train these powers with a series of exercises, but others think of them as usual lovers. Strange incidents start to happen at school - is it possible to investigate them with newly acquired powers? Training is a form of H. There are three fields of supernatural studies, and investigation of the incidents depends on what power is mastered. Borderline half-baked game. 2. Shiroi Kiseki ~White Spur~ 白い軌跡 ~White Spur ~ [020705] Modern Times Main character starts to live alone to attend a university in Tokyo. However, his mother asks his childhood friend who came to Tokyo one year earlier to take care of protagonist. When protagonist sets to go to a snowboard training camp, his childhood friend volunteers to accompany him. It's a game with "Beginner", "Intermediate" and "Advanced" ski courses, so players are supposed to start over and over. But - luckily - they can't because of a critical bug that prevents reaching ending. Cool times. 3. Shirotsume Souwa -Episode of the Clovers- 白詰草話 -EPISODE OF THE CLOVERS- [020705] Littlewitch 1 Tokyo, year 2008. There is a mysterious group that experts from various fields gather. And Souji is the most outstanding researcher in the group, who researches about combat androids. He has produced three androids, Ema, Sayu and Toka. They adore Souji, and live a peaceful life. But one day, combat robots invade into his laboratory, and the battle to the end starts.... There is an English review. 4. Soukoku no Tsuki ~Aoku Kagayaku Tsuki no Yoru ni...~ 蒼刻の月~蒼ク輝ク月ノ夜ニ・・・~ [020705] Sight Main character's parents die in a traffic accident, and he is invited to stay at his grandfather's place. One day girls arrive to live in the same mansion. Girls have the same circumstances as protagonist and, according to grandfather, are invited to live as protagonist's wife candidates. This supposedly nice game has zero Japanese impressions, because zero originality moege from an unknown company can not be a nice game. 5. Alfred Gakuen Mamono Daitai アルフレッド学園魔物大隊 [020712] SofthouseChara The protagonist is a resident of devil's world and wanted to became a teacher. He finally managed to became a teacher and started teaching at Alfred Academy while living inside its night duty room. However, various mysterious cases started appearing one-by-one inside the academy, and he couldn't get a peaceful sleep. The source of this is that the academy is unnaturally overflowing with magic power. He called his subordinates from the devil's world and ordered them to recover the overflowing magic power. He feels the need to defend his position as a teacher. Will he be able to resolve the mysterious cases while still remaining as a teacher? Simulation game from Softhouse Chara. Defend the academy at night, scare and exorcise the evil spirits that's possessing your students. SofthouseChara keeps making weird mix of genre games. I need at least a normal RPG or tactical strategy to look into it. 6. Silvern ~Gin no Tsuki, Mayoi no Mori~ Silvern ~銀の月、迷いの森~ [020712] G-clef Main character admires manly men, because he is often take for a slender a cute girl. He gets a job of female dormitory caretaker for a week by mistake. How will this week go? New scenarios show up after each clear. First part is comical, second - serious. Scenario is inconsistent. Did you expect of trap moege something better? 7. Kamaitachi no Yoru 2 ~Kangokujima no Warabe Uta~ かまいたちの夜2 ~監獄島のわらべ唄~ [020718] Chunsoft 1 2 Abiko Takemaru, the creator of "Kamaitachi no Yoru" decides to invite all of the people he has based his characters on to his mansion on the otherwise deserted island of Mikadzuki. When they arrive they find themselves stuck on the island with their host inexplicably missing and an unknown culprit hunting down people according to an old song. There is an English review. 8. Guren Tenshou -Shura- 紅蓮天衝―修羅― [020719] Zone 1 Guren Tenshou: Shura continues directly from where the original Guren ended. After the fateful battle with Yasha, a new threat appears: a blond young man who has apparently come from another time. Lee Rekka and his girl-only Guren brigade (now fully assembled) have to figure out why and how such a man ended up in medieval Japan, defeating more demons on the way. Despite being a direct sequel story-wise, the gameplay in Shura has been greatly simplified, to the extent of not being a RPG any more. There are still turn-based battles, but they occur only against "boss" enemies, when the story dictates it, and involve little strategy but choosing the strongest attacks for all the characters. There are no experience points, no equipment, no items, and even no movement of any kind in the game - it just takes the player from place to place, allowing him only to click on the only available location on the map and occasionally slightly branch the story by making a decision. Scenario was not a strong point of Guren, and now it's even more obvious when RPG part is excluded. Noone took responsibility for the scenario, because it's just a scam - full of inconsistencies and bad moves. It's also surprising that only 3 out of 5 heroines have H events. Game is sometimes called the main kusoge of 2002. 9. Kikou Juu Yuushi Sakigake 機甲銃勇士サキガケ [020719] Digital Monkey 22nd century. Global self-defense organization "the Outer Space Defense Force" is launched. Main character is its officer. He leads a happy yet slightly boring everyday life, but everything changes with the assault of unidentified "Seeker". By chance he takes command over battleship and starts his crusade. There's strategy part and tactical land battles. Difficulty is moderate and can be lowered. Scenario is usual anime stuff. Some heroines can't be captured without latest patch. 10. Tantei Shounen A 探偵少年A [020719] Foster 1 Many people are in trouble in the big city. "Shirokuma Investigations" set up office here years ago, and it has helped numerous people with their problems. Akira is a student. He admires his energetic aunt, who runs "Shirokuma Investigations," and he's learned a lot from her. One day, his aunt suddenly disappears, leaving behind a note, "I'm going on a trip. Akira, please take care of my business." Suddenly, he's become the head manager in the investigation office! With the assistance of two cute girls, Akira manages to solve cases. Will he be able to become a full-fledged investigator, in whom his aunt would be proud of? What kind of cases will he and his assistants encounter? Game only takes 10 days, and there's small volume. The number of H events is high as usual, some 20 while the overall number of CG is just 65. 11. Aoi Umi no Tristia 蒼い海のトリスティア [020720] Kogado Studio 1 Tristia was a beautiful seaside town which slowly fell to ruin and dilapidation, following the invasion of the dragon ten years ago. The people of the town tried rebuilding the city in the hopes of attaining its former glory, but they failed. Hopeless, the people decided to send for Prospero Flanca, a legendary inventor who was well-known for revivifying many cities that were dying out. They received an answer from Prospero, but to their confusion, it was a girl who arrived to the port of the town. That girl was Nanoca, Prospero's granddaugther, and she is the one who was assigned to do the renovation project. There is an English review 12. Rhythmic Rev リズミック・レヴ [020725] Extreme 1 The hero of this story was a former champion of the RRGP125cc class. He moved onto the 500cc, but suffered a serious accident that took him out of racing. Still having a passion for the sport, he now happily works as a motor sports journalist. RRGP stands for “Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix”…Yeah there are a few letters missing in that anagram. In any case, it’s a motorcycle race, and he’s been covering/supervising an all-girl race team on their way to the final race. They are actually a sub-division of his old race team that helped him win his races before the accident. They go by the name of “Brain Palette Junior Team” (don’t ask me where “brain palette” came from *shrugs*), and they’re staffed by many a hottie. Will these ladies be able to achieve what he could not? AVG with three branches, each for two heroines. Six heroines overall. Polygons used to show race in order not to feel bored. Heroines lack personality. 13. Blue [020726] Caramel Box The protagonist was a star basketball player, looking forward to a bright future as a sportsman. But then he injures his right knee and the doctor's diagnosis turns out to be for him to refrain from hard exercise. Two years later he has overcome the odds and partially recovered, once again being able to play basketball. Even so, because of his measly height he isn't able to pursue a career in the sport he loves. He regrets nothing and continues to attend school, hanging out with his friends. What will happen the first summer he spends since quitting basketball...? Six heroines with most being weak. Atmosphere is relaxed and overall pleasant. Quitting basketball depiction takes a lot of game time, but it's hardly relevant at all for the course of the game. Love comes suddenly, same as drama. 14. Court no Naka no Tenshi-tachi 2 ~Softball Hen~ コートの中の天使達2~ソフトボール編~ [020726] Pinpai Main character is a gentle-minded lecturer who is ordered to supervise "Woman Softball Club" immediately after his arrival. He has to deal with withdrawal of almost all members after last coach spring training camp incident. Is restoring such club even possible? AVG + raising SIM. Special training and games increase the bond. It's time to let franchise rest in peace already. 15. Ebenbourg no Kaze エーベンブルグの風 [020726] Studio e.go! 1 Claude was a poor scholar living in England, but is called back to become the Lord of Ronsard by a counselor known as Sophie. Claude's life begins anew with the fate of the city in his hands. But the exiled former lord Eric wants his power back and plans to assassinate Claude. At his new home, Claude meets the lovely maid of the mansion, Mylene. There is an English review. 16. Knot ~Kizuna no Mahou~ knot~絆の魔法~ [020726] feng Main character became director of "The Study Group on Magic" school club. He needs to figure out why "magic" begins to intervene in this world. It's a normal charage with the exception of mechanism of paranormal activity used in the later part of each route. When heroine is chosen, it goes down the single road. Climax comes too suddenly after series of everyday life scenes. So it's a moege without a normal story. 17. Mist -Second Edition- MiST-second edition- [020726] Regrips Main character goes out on a trip with his five friends during summer vacations. In this picturesque mountain landscape he gets to know many secrets about his friends. System is poor. There are three heroines with individual routes, but only main heroine route is somewhat impressive. 18. Musume Sanjou!! Doubutsuen. 娘³動物園~むすめさんじょう!!どうぶつえん。~ [020726] Panda House Main character loses parents, but inherits a zoo after them. Soon he finds three cradles with girls on his doorstep. Girls grow up and help around the zoo even under constant danger of its closure. Mostly a comedy with some incest vibe ("father" in H events). 19. PRIMO ~Amore e l'ordine di arrivo?~ PRIMO ~Amore e l'ordine di arrivo?~ [020726] Active 1 Takuma Hasebe is really unlucky! He loses his parents in an accident and his grandparents end up taking care of him. This might be a common tragic story, but it's not over yet! Even worse, his grandparents pass away! Fortunately, his lawyer informs him that a really nice person wants to adopt him. Of course, he takes up the offer. His new guardian is Grandma Machiyo. He enters Kuregashi School and finds out that Grandma Machiyo is a director at the school! One day, he asks her, "Why did you adopt me?" but she just says, "Don't worry." Full of anxiety, he ends up being the manager of the school. The job sucks; he's just a janitor! His busy schedule of school life and managing the school begins... There are three months to trigger all kinds of events as a classmate and as a janitor. Game's very short. There are large chunks of text common for multiple heroines. Only couple heartwarming heroines save the game to some extent. 20. Senkou Yuugeki Oukatai Yuri ~Denshi no Seirei-tachi~ 先攻遊撃桜花隊・YURI~電子の聖霊たち~ [020726] Ape & Frog Continent is a battlefield between states. Alliance Forces defeat Imperial forces in decisive battle. Imperial army girl trained in secret arts becomes the last trump card for disjointed forces. Training SIM, strategy, rpg-like growth and probably more. Story is attractive to some extent, but still weak. Rough system and bugs deteriorate the impression. 21. Sultan ~The Lovesong is Forever~ [020726] light 1 In a semi-fantasy world set in a sort of medieval time; our protagonist grew with his siblings and friends after their parents died. After many years surviving on the streets, they are met by a couple of people of soldiers who take them straight to the king. The king, upon reviewing them, tells our hero that he’ll be next in line to succeed the throne! It turns out the hero is the old man’s lost grandchild. Now the royal court is either up in arms about the new prince or frantically trying to find him a suitable candidate to be the future princess. Who of the lovely ladies will be chosen by you--or will you pick his childhood friend? Good dialogues, but scenario is just ordinary court romance without originality. Since it's a charage, some girls are just better than the others. 22. Sumeragi no Miko-tachi すめらぎの巫女たち [020726] D.O. 1 Tokyo, year 35 Taisho era. The organisation "Fuuma", established to maintain peace in the mortal realm, becomes aware of an aberration borne into the world. The evil god who once led a great army into battle with the holy gods but was thought to be defeated has revived once again. The identity of the reincarnated evil god's vessel is... The protagonist Kitagawa Daisuke, an otherwise ordinary young man is abducted by a beautiful girl Kuroba Saya who then has sexual intercourse with him, which awakens Daisuke regarding his status as the evil god's incarnation as well as his abilities. Saya pleads with the awakened Daisuke to join her in crushing Fuuma, the holy god's shock troops. Now the millennia-old battle between light and darkness is about to reach a decisive conclusion 7 episodes with 5 being common route and the rest branching off to "god", "human" and "truth" routes. RPG part is unbalanced. Sumeragi looks up to Sakura Wars, but manages to create a thrilling story that's highly recommended for RPG enthusiasts. 23. Unicchi! ~Weenie Witches~ うにっち! ~Weenie Witches~ [020726] Tactics Fokrim Magic Academy studies magic for over 100 years. One spring day President Rivade-Fokrim dies, and lots of teachers and students leave academy afterwards. Only director's widow and three poor female students stay. Protagonist becomes teacher for these girls. Raising SIM with the period of one year. How come this genre is not dead yet... 24. Viper-RSR Viper-RSR [020731] Sogna A game that blends old school dungeon crawling along with animated cutscenes. It is a dark age in the kingdom of Alitalia. Monsters ransack cities, slaughtering the men and taking the women as their slaves. Four adventurers set out to end the rampages... For me and many others this game is the last farewell of the ancient era of visual novels. The highest Sogna masterpiece still makes breath stop in awe. I can't miss such opportunity to say farewell to the legend with a gratitude review. BLOCKED 1. Natsu no Hi no Resonance 夏の日のレザナンス [020701] Kagura Saitoh 1 A delicate tale of coming-of-age, with cell phones, and friends in far-off places, and the first blush of unrequited love ... Doujin 2. Ikihaji@ -Haha Ane Imouto no M Lesson- 生恥@-母・姉・妹のMレッスン- [020705] BOM Main character notices that his family is addicted to dating sites. So he joins such site in order to drown them into the world of lewdness. Nukige 3. Onna Kyoushi -Nikutai Jugyou- 女教師 -肉体授業- [020705] Guilty 1 Misaki Nagasawa is assigned as a new teacher for the new school term. She witnesses one of her colleagues being raped by one of the schoolboys. Misaki is also nearly raped; Yukie the school nurse saves her. An honor student named KIYA, protects her from perverts on the train. Both KIYA and Yukie provide her with moral support. One day, Misaki finds TAKAYA calling her name out while masturbating. KIYA ends up confessing his true feelings for her. Will his love for her mature into anything? What will become of Misaki's future as a teacher? In sensual novel circles, this female teacher game is really becoming popular. During the course of the semester, this new teacher is molested in every way possible. The story depicts how this young woman grows through her tribulations. The game is set up with Misaki as the heroine. Through a third person narration, this story develops into a truly sensual novel. Nukige 4. Shura no Fude ~Kyouki ga Ai ni Kawaru Toki~ 修羅の筆 ~狂気が愛に変わるとき~ [020705] Marine Heart A popular novelist discovers he can cure his writer's block by unleashing his sadistic side. Boys Love 5. Gakeppuchi Kakeibo 崖っプチ家計簿 [020712] Waffle Main character works at a company that goes bankrupt. In order to provide for his three cousins and sisters he needs a quick solution - he decides to win a mahjong tournament. Card game 6. Nakanai Tsuki 泣カナイ月 [020712] Vega With mother remarriage, main heroine starts to feel more and more lonely. She runs from the house to his new brother-in-law apartment. Soon they become lovers. But happy days do not last forever. Human desires break the peaceful life. Can heroine be happy? Nukige 7. Shimai Soukan ~Kindan no Kakeizu~ 姉妹相姦~禁断の家計図~ [020712] Analog Factory Shunsuke Kobayashi live with his imouto Mayu at their parents home, while his elder sister Natsumi live with his husband, the rich heir Kimishima Yohey and Yohey younger sister Yoko. Indebted after the death of both parents in an accident, Shunsuke and Mayu where asked to move to Yohei mansion, Natsumi seem to be worried for that but Shunsuke accept and move in with the help of his girlfriend and classmate, the fatherless Yuki Kawai; at the dinner Yohei tell everyone "Never enter to the room at the ground", but it's clearly a invite to enter. And in the evening Shunsuke hear moaning from that room; "That's normal because Yohei and Natsume are married" but he can't restrain to peek and see Yohei having sex with his own sister Yoko. In that moment Natsume came from the back and introduce Shunsuke to the room and undress; but Yohei treat Natsume like a toy, having her masturbate, drink his pee and give a blowjob to the terrified Shunsuke. It seem that Natsume in past gave sex services in a soapland to pay same debt, and there killed a man that was threatening her, Yohei blackmailed and married her, and turned her in to a masochist, also that man she killed was.... Now Yohei want to involve Shunsuke as his companion in this crazy sex life. Nukige 8. Pokopoko Imouto 2 ぽこぽこ妹2 [020713] Soft Circle Courreges Play sensual game with sister and enjoy various situations in school and at home. Nukige 9. Boku no Atarashii Sensei 僕のあたらしい先生 [020719] Guilty 1 Takao Nanase is a senior at a well-known high school. It's Friday, and he has his eyes on the new English teacher, Michiko Utsumi. Takao gets his friend Tsuyoshi Mishima to take pictures of her in leotards. Takao is obsessed with her looks. He returns home, where his cousin Miho greets him. She tries to seduce him, but with Michiko on his mind he ignores her. Tsuyoshi is secretly in love with Sana Dojima. A few days later, he follows her and learns an amazing secret! He discovers that Sana and Michiko are lesbians and are really hot on each other. Michiko also has her eyes on Takao as a new pet. One day, while Michiko and Takao are alone together after school, she seduces him. Later, Miho calls and asks him to come home. As he enters the house, Miho confesses her infatuation towards him. His stalwart reasoning begins to crumble. Tsuyoshi gives Takao a key to the girls' locker room. Takao goes in, finds Michiko's panties, and starts masturbating with them. Michiko walks in and finds him in the middle of the act. She yells at him, but he confesses his love for her and begs for mercy. Surprisingly enough, she accepts him and their days of carnal pleasure begin. A few days later, Sana tells Takao that he is simply a pet for Michiko. Takao bursts into rage and questions Michiko. He later finds out about her relationship with the chairman of the school board and? Where is this story going? Just how will these love-crazed fiends end up? Nukige 10. From M [020719] Black Rainbow The main character starts working at a hospital as a security officer. Thanks to his friend from college, the director of the hospital. But his life changes when he meets Murakoshi, a doctor.... Nukige 11. Sakura Kikou ~Dorei Choukyou~ サクラ紀行~奴隷調教~ [020719] Triangle Main character attends literary arts club. The whole club goes to hot springs resort. He intends to make all the girls his slaves during the trip. But he can't risk with half-baked crime - he needs to go all way through with as many girls as possible under limited time conditions. Nukige 12. Shi Shi Syndrome しーしーしんどろーむ [020719] Yamikumo-Communications 1 Toya Hayami works as an art teacher at a prestigious school. However, Toya and his art lessons are looked upon coldly because the school is just too busy with students cramming for tests. One day, Toya becomes close to the school idle Sayuri and invites her to his studio. A few days later, Toya is suddenly laid off because people have spread rumors about his relationship with Sayuri. Needless to say, Toya is depressed and furious about the treatment and begins to take out his frustrations on Sayuri and his successor, Noriko... The player will become the despairing art teacher and violate the girl who used to adore him. He will also get his kicks out of raping the female teacher who has replaced him with a bunch of sexual tools. Nukige 13. Tain Shoukougun 多淫症候群 [020719] TinkerBell Nanigashigumi Main heroine is a college student who performs indecent acts as a hobby. She repeats actions seen in adult magazines. Nukige 14. Cage ~Toraware no Kioku~ Cage ~囚われの記録~ [020726] May-Be Soft Near-future women-only prison facility. Main character works as inspector here. He tries to facilitate prisoners corrention and regain memory lost after fire accident. He investigates insult incident in prison and finds out illegal underground facility and mysterious drug use. Nukige 15. Gakuen ~Nerawareta Chitai~ 学艶 ~狙われた痴態~ [020726] Riddle Soft Main character belongs to the photography club. One day he receives a news of a cute foreign student girl coming to this school. He starts to burn with desire to make her his own no matter what means it takes. Nukige 16. Garasu no Yakata ~Kimi ga Inai Yoru~ 硝子の館~キミがいない夜~ [020726] Liddell Your car breaks down in the middle of the woods, and you and your girlfriend find shelter at a remote mansion. Nukige 17. H ~Itsuka Tadoritsuketa Ano Basho~ H ~いつかたどりつけた場所~ [020726] F&C FC01 Main character injuries his food during club activities. He is forbidden to run, so he spends days in frustration. At that time childhood friend approaches to comfort him. Protagonist does not mind, and dark passion pierces his stagnant heart. Nukige 18. Kojin Taxi 3 股人タクシー3 [020726] Xuse This time protagonist is a pure villain. He kidnaps girls using fake taxi and confines them in the basement of his house. What's the fate of six girls unlucky enough to get on his way? Nukige 19. Oshiete Goshujin-sama! 教えてご主人様ぁッ! [020726] Studio Tako Main character sees an advertisement of a new maid android version and makes an order. As manual says, maid can perform all human functions with the only difference that she can't age or die. Nukige 20. Owari naki Maid-tachi no Yoru 終わりなきメイド達の夜 [020726] Crowd 1 2 Our hero is the son of a district lord. His dad is a greedy and arrogant playboy. His mom is from a good family, but she gets fed up with his dad and runs away. Even now, his dad's attitude doesn't change. Our hero vows never to become like him. Upon entering an elite private school, our hero finally gets to move out of the house, away from his dad! Before he even graduates, his father passes away; there aren't many tears shed. He receives a letter of appointment to be the new lord of the now vacant district. Childhood friends, classmates and maids are waiting for him. He now has the power to control all of them! Nukige 21. Shucchou♪ Shirogane Gakuen Maid-bu 出張♪しろがね学園メイド部 [020726] Aqua House Maid club had to dissolve when one of its three members quit it. But now there's an energetic newcomer whose presence allows to revive the club. Club does "field training" activities with all school's boys as customers. Nukige 22. Silent Moon [020726] Swallowtail Rock band "Black Teresa" loses vocalist just before its debut. There is a talented vocalist around who refuses to cooperate, but time and effort can help to change his attitude. Boys Love 23. Silver Chaos [020726] Vivid Color The story of Silver Chaos is set in an hypothetical fantasy role-playing game world, which once was menaced by a cruel demonic entity called Hadeus. The terrible war which followed had left many orphans, and one of them is Might. Raised up without his parents, with the only company of his older friend Adonis (another orphan), Might became an ambitious teenager training for his dream to become a soldier of the royal army. One day, though, Might found himself terribly wounded after falling off of a cliff while training. Adonis, who loved Might over anything else, used a forbidden dark spell to save his life. So Might's life was saved... but Adonis mysteriously disappeared. Might will then go on a quest to find out what has happened to his beloved Adonis, meeting a rather wide range of handsome characters – each one with a peculiar personality – who will either join him in his quest or become an obstacle to it. The player, after making the appropriate choices, will be able to pair up the protagonist with one of the characters he will meet. Boys Love 24. Tanpopo ~Everything Nice~ たんぽぽ~Everything Nice~ [020726] Ichigo Milk 1 Our hero belongs to a volunteer club at his school. He enjoys the club activities with his friends, however misfortune strikes them, and they start having sex in order to comfort each other... This is the newest adventure game from Ichigo Milk, the company responsible for the acclaimed adventure game "Close2U," back in June of 2000. The serious yet warm story depicts four heroines going through a variety of ordeals in search of happiness. Come and experience their sentimental journeys and help them find what they're looking for!! Nukige 25. Yakin Jantou 夜勤雀棟 [020726] Mink 1 This game is another mahjong-tournament. In the story-mode player takes role of the doctor of the original game and challenges all nurses of the hospital in a strip-mahjong tournament. The game offers also a single or multiplayer option for playing against characters without strip element or against other players by LAN. Card game nukige 26. Ojou-sama no Himitsu! お嬢様のヒミツ! [020727] Sol-fa-soft Little lady does various challenges to kill time. Doggy play on physical examination, and of course exposure. ■ Episode 1 "Dad and Ojou-sama" Ayana's dad returned to the residence, where Ayana lives, after a long absence. While checking Ayana's growth, they play with a souvenir. ■ Episode 2 "Maid and Ojou-sama" Ayana was brought to the river by the maid Takagi and the latter suddenly goes missing. ■ Episode 3 "Visitors and Ojou-sama" Ayana is alone in the garden, and has started playing with herself. Visitors to the mansion also want to play with her. Anthology nukige 27. Manatsu no Tobira 真夏の扉 [020731] Dennou Oroshidonya Main character has a wrote a story book to read for his ill sister Nanami. Today sister is totally healthy already and protagonist approaches graduation. One day Nanami brings unfinished continuation of that story book. When did you stop creating? When did you forget how to dream? With that feeling new brave world starts for main character. Doujin
  25. pick one for me

    I'm reading it right now, and I'd say, it does have some major problems with characterization and general writing quality, but it also has very unique setting, rather decent story and pretty interesting choice system, so, I'd say, it's worth checking out for yourself to see if you like it.
  26. Well, Ciconia is a great announcement, but it was very predictable that it was going to happen at some point. The other two games... look like completely skippable garbage.
  27. VN with strong romance plus fantasy/SF story

    If you liked Highway Blossoms, Heart of the Woods should satisfy you even more - it has similarly strong romance and a pretty great supernatural mystery plot. SoulSet is a full-on fantasy game and the romance is less crucial in it, but it's still there in decent amounts and its approach to mystery is quite interesting and unique.
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