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  2. If you interested, i can help you work with Clover Day's Plus. It just as same as Clover Day's, but with animated sprites and CG. Feel free to contract me via PM or VM.
  3. The Temple of Nya~

  4. Fortune Arterial Translation project

    A little late to the show... But allow me to state, I'd gladly take over the project although, it will take some time to translate and since college is in session it'll take even longer. Nonetheless, I'm happy to say I was able to break the game down to its basic components in terms of cracking those pesky .arc files to edit the scripts. However, translating Japanese is beyond my skills, and we all know google translate is garbage... as such, I'm in need a of a translator to jumpstart the project. Add me on discord or reply here
  5. That would be so... if not for economic problems in Japan. People aren't as willing to open their wallets for this kind of leisure over there as they were five or ten years ago... at least my generation isn't. The current world economy is making it even worse, since everyone is afraid of a collapse and Japan's economy is constantly moving back and forth between minor growth and minor contractions (despite government economic policies that are supposedly designed to fix the problem). It is true that the younger generation has less disposable income... but that is leading to a decrease in goods sales (figurines, dakimakura, etc) rather than 'mainline' material like games, LNs, and anime discs or downloads. That also hurts the VN industry, because many companies are at least partially dependent on selling goods to make up for temporary losses (a common strategy in the VN industry). This has also led to fewer people buying new and release day versions, because the younger generation has less interest in swag/omake material (prime incentives for the somewhat obsessive collectors of my generation in Japan). Edit: Also, I should note that Japanese wages have been stagnant for decades, and fewer efforts have been made to hide that fact than were made in the US. As a result, recent inflation has negated any gains for the average person and most people know it. Also, the changes in Japanese corporate culture and structure have essentially eliminated career stability for many professions, so the argument that someone will make more money as they get older doesn't really apply here. That said, a larger percentage of the young population live off multiple part-time jobs than in previous generations, so your point isn't completely off the mark. Saturation has been an issue for over ten years... and it essentially resulted in charage becoming more... efficient (shorter and less complex VNs, constant 'tossing away' of writers and artists that asked for too much money, increasing reliance on temporary contractors even in popular companies, etc). The actual number decreasing is a relatively recent phenomenon. 2nd hand sales have always been an issue, though moreso of late... in fact, there has been something of a boom in the sales of older VNs (one reason a lot of older VNs began appearing on dlsite and DMM as download-only versions with no real announcement in the last four years). The tendency of online platforms to regularly offer sales and incentives to buy download-only versions has increased the tendency to only consume the 'main material' amongst the younger generation. Another issue is that Japanese companies are not 'light on their feet'. This is especially true of VN companies... well, really Japanese gaming companies of all types. The tendency for a company to 'find their niche' and adjust only really ineptly when forced to adapt to changing market conditions is typical. A rather famous example of this tendency would be Konami, where the use of video and audio 'tapes' (not to mention overhead projectors, lol) in presentations was still the norm four years back. This unwillingness/inability to adapt to changes in something as fundamental to gaming as video/audio tech illustrates the point rather bluntly, at least to my mind. Edit: I should note that, while I do sound cynical (and I am) and negative about the industry in my posts, I do honestly think that, after a time, the industry will manage to reimagine itself. I won't predict what it will look like in the end though, since consumption trends are unpredictable in times of economic trouble. Japan's economy hasn't been in great shape for decades, but it is increasingly vulnerable to outside influences (it was less so in previous decades due to certain trade policies) aside from the obvious ones like fuel and plastics. While I did note that there was a dramatic increase in the number of fantasy VNs in recent years (a delayed reaction to the trends in manga, LNs, and anime... at least to my eye), I don't think this trend is going to last long enough to entrench itself, though I wish it would. That is because fantasy has reached saturation levels in the other otaku media, to the point where I'm pretty sure people are going to become sick of it soon. I seriously doubt that will lead to more SOL nostalgia booms though, because the era in which the current generation grew up in is far different from the one mine did. ... I do have a few nightmare scenarios running in the back of my head for the industry as a whole, but I won't inflict those on anyone else, since they are depressing as all hell. I also have some really optimistic ones. I won't share those either, since wishful thinking rarely comes true, lol.
  6. What Anime are you watching now?

    Edgy trash always gets the attention of uh... attention deficit teenagers. Never fear, this crap will be soon forgotten and anyone who tries to watch it in the years to come will rate it appropriately, as you have.
  7. Sharing My Music and Sound FX - Over 1900 Tracks

    Hey guys, If anyone is interested, I was recently asked to do an interview for a really cool website called Exilian. The site helps facilitate all kinds of creative projects. Here’s a link if anyone wants to check it out: https://exilian.co.uk/articles.php I hope my answers are entertaining and (somewhat) intelligent…lol. Please feel free to share! That said, this week’s new free tracks are: On my History page: ANCIENT TIMES – (Looping) – Perhaps for a history-themed game? https://soundimage.org/ancient/ On my Sci-Fi 8 page: ESCAPE FROM CYBERPUNK CITY – This piece might sound cool in a dystopic urban-based project. https://soundimage.org/sci-fi-8/ And on my AMB - Urban Ambience page, some really nice large city street ambience: STREET CORNER_5-30 – Trucks, taxis, horns, people talking, distant brakes squeaking, cyclist passes, etc. STREET CORNER_5-29 – Scooter idles at corner, traffic passes, brakes squeak, baby heard, air brakes from truck, people talking, trucks pass, distant brakes squeak, etc. https://soundimage.org/amb-urban-ambience/ Enjoy and keep being creative!
  8. Yesterday
  9. too much headache to even be able to watch the screen more then 5 minutes :vinty:

  10. What are you playing?

    Read it now for its greatness, and later on get the JAST version to support the game's official release.
  11. What are you playing?

    The 'same team' only did two routes, Miyako's and another important one. All else was done by a different guy (possibly not very well, but the dialogue and events are so hysterical I didn't really notice any problems). It'd also be nice to support English releases, but that's an aside.
  12. What are you playing?

    Is there any reason to wait for the finalization of the JAST version of Majikoi rather than pick up the existing translation right now? I've been putting off reading it for quite a while, but I'm really itching to read it and it seems kinda pointless to wait since the new version is supposedly done by the same team.
  13. Fate/Grand Order

    I had 690 quartz and I spent 420 of it, and all I got was a bunch of 5*s and 4*s I didn't want (except Mordred and Melt)
  14. Recent (Japanese) Things You Have Purchased

    I forgot to post it, since it was right before my vacation, but some days ago another PSP VN has arrived - this time it was Toradora!
  15. Recent (Japanese) Things You Have Purchased

    More light novels
  16. Granblue Fantasy [English Language]

    What? GW? Is this edible? I'm a C-tier slacker . Thanks Flashfest for Ixaba Rate-up: Spark target: Ixaba SSRs: Beatrix(Dark), Eden(Lucio), Hallessena x2, Ixaba(Sturm), Izmir(Summer), Jeanne d'Arc(Light), Juliet, Lily x2, Metera(Fire), Rosetta(Summer), Vira(Light), Yuel(Summer) x2 SSummons: Marduk, Sethlans, Rose Queen(Summer), Tsukuyomi Total Gold Moons: 13
  17. Fate/Grand Order

    Never been this lucky lol, 150 sq and 20 tix Surprisingly the SSR and SR I get this time are mostly from tickets
  18. I agree with your statement. Young people nowadays have a wide variety of media to get distracted with, specially with mobile phones. I don't know how it is in Japan, but the PC market must be pretty niche still, and very young males will either have a crappy PC which they barely use or none at all. If they have a good one they use regularly, they'll mostly play western games via platforms such as Steam, since that's the best bay of using a powerful PC. As for grown ups, and this is my personal opinion, they'd probably get pretty bored playing a dumb slice of life moege with a highschool setting after maybe 8 or 9 hours at work. If I had that kind of lyfestile with pretty limited free time and a lot of cash to spend on, I'd always go for plotges, nakiges or chuuniges. Of course, I'd always find the time to play a good comedy slice of life eroge from time to time, but if they are not interesting to play then it'd feel like I'm wasting my time since I'm not enjoying any good story or well developed characters. This has been more of a logical explanation based off my knowledge of Japan and also my personal preferences, but that's why I think the O so powerful charage/slice of life genre is dying.
  19. How do you guys feel about the JVN industry right now?

    Couldn't this also have to do with saturation of the market rather than shifting consumer base? Moege and Charage usually don't have uniquie things to sell people on, because of this I think they have a large problem competing with older titles. It could be that there are just as many reading Moege and Charage today as before, but that they instead of buying new titles pick up older titles 2nd hand. With a plotge I think they tend to be more unique and have a wider variety of settings (not all being sett in high school for instance). Of course this is just speculations and you most likely have a much better grasp on the japanese VN market in general then I do, I just wanted to add my thoughts on another potential cause to the shift in which title that does well.
  20. This seems backwards. As people progress in their careers, their income tends to grow (more money, not less). A work of fiction's target demographic tends to correlate with its protagonist (high school settings with a straight male protagonist would be aimed at young males). More likely: Eroge appeal to young males. As the market has matured, its initial base has grown older and drifted away for various reasons--including moving on in their career (less time) and that THEY'RE the ones less interested in high school settings and writing aimed at young males. Meanwhile, the younger generation has less disposable income these days, a phenomenon that isn't limited to Japan. Many of them spend their time on mobile, consoles, or on social media, and may not even have a PC for personal use. Those who have a PC and game on it have a growing library of Western alternatives to play (e.g., on Steam).
  21. Fate/Grand Order

    So...no tituria and okita? How much SQ did you spend, flutz? (At least you get penguin) I'm gonna roll later, wish me luck boiz
  22. Ryuusei World Actor

    Speaking about Leyline, until now Sekai still didn't manage to release Daybreak here. I'm okay if they managed to release Daybreak at least, because apparently we can see more development from Ushio who basically a tsundere to become more mellow. For now I just hope that Sekai will manage to release Daybreak at this year as they promised back at AX, but if it's still not possible oh well. As for Kinusaga, apparently he was quite infamous for not ending his story. While we can be bitter and say that he hate to end his story, perhaps we should pity him in that he can't find a decent way to end his story seeing that his VN always have grand setting (Perhaps he would be find a way to end his simple if he write simple moege). Also apparently he can't end Kaito's story from what I see at VNDB discussion, so yeah it should tell much about him. At least Yuuji's story is end well, even with the fact that I disagree with Rakuen's ending. tldr - Perhaps I better avoid playing Akagoei if it's managed to be fully translated later.
  23. Noratoto - 18+ Restoration Project

    Speaking about Ginharu, while I prefer Tsurezure to handle the translation for that I think we should respect Trip's wish to make Hoshiori as his last work, so nothing that we can do about it. Similarly asking him to translated Noraneko sex scenes would be out of question here, and I think we should try to handle the translation without asking him. By the way once again it's quite a shame that Harukaze couldn't even understand that some people would prefer if they make Noraneko 18+ available as well, and so they decided to just released the port from console version.
  24. Just see this, and quite a vocabulary there (Well you obviously wouldn't want to slip word 'apple' in the sex scene, and I remember that Tsukihime slipped one). So thanks for the list here, and at least my Japanese vocabulary was increased a bit here even though all of those are quite raunchy for obvious reasons.
  25. #workitwednesday #delusionalinc #agentoflove Our new business cards have arrived!!! And there’s a special feature for Android users Install the below app and hover the camera over the card for a cute surprise! *Also works on our older cards Agent of Love AR Business Card
  26. Fate/Grand Order

    So far in the second banner I got Nightingale, Hessian Lobo, Xiang Yu, Mordred, Enkidu, and just 2 Melts from the actual fucking banner.
  27. -- MISADVENTURES OF LAURA SILVER: CHAPTER I -- STEAM PAGE Pilsen, Czechoslovakia, 1935. During the interwar period, detective and gun enthusiast extraordinaire Laura Silver and her companion, former police officer Orewell Cooper, are sent to Czechoslovakia to a rather peculiar investigation. Their target? A mysterious creature lurking in the murky waters of Pilsen. After their arrival, they are ready to investigate, disguised as two journalists. However, following a suspicious death in the hotel, their plans are interrupted. Also, who is this lost child sitting out in the cold? Features >6-7 hours of gameplay. >70.000+ words. >Eight hours of total gameplay. >Over 100 decisions. >Multiple endings. >Available for Windows, Mac & Linux. We are happy to inform that the development of Laura Silver is complete! Please let us know what you think about our game, we appreciate every comment. Thank you! LINKS INSTAGRAM / TUMBLR / TWITTER / FACEBOOK / ITCH.IO / WEBSITE / VNDB / PATREON / DISCORD
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