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  2. In that case its down to Da Capo 3, Hatsukoi, Magical Marriage Lunatics, Sakura Sakura and Sanoba Witch. PS: i've marked down Suki Suki and Hapymaher because the translations might get in the way of my fun (so leaving them for later), and Ef because i don't want anything to depressing now, i'm fine with a bit of drama (ex: Wanko (majikoi) route level of drama) but i don't it to be to depressing.
  3. What are you playing?

    I'm not dropping it, there are enjoyable things as well, but something feels off.
  4. What are you playing?

    To throw in my two cents on the same game, this is one of the few games where I don't mind the disconnected scenes. Such scenes usually end up dampening my enthusiasm until I drop the game, but not here.
  5. What are you playing?

    I completed only Ayame's route so far, but my feelings are similar. That drama in the ending felt a bit forced. Also, the story as a whole doesn't flow smoothly - partially probably due to the choice system implemented. But even after entering the route, it felt like a collection of no-so-well-connected scenes, rather than coherent story.
  6. What are you playing?

    If you love me then say so. But i'll be honest, the game is a bit shit. Light spoilers: You romance some cute girls with some weird quirks and go through a lenghty and cute route. BUT the game suddenly decides it wants to be dramatic the last hour or so and goes into dramatic overdrive. It turns the route or the heroine on their heads. Perhaps both. Well, this game didnt need the life changing drama it presents. It doesnt fit with the tone of the story.
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  8. Without knowing what game it is, its impossible to tell. Might need a hook code, might not work at all, might be a wrong setting somewhere
  9. Ive only seen the anime, but it contains some seriously depressing shit indeed. I did like it, but if i wanted something to feel good, i'd choose something else.
  10. Kokuhaku 2 Review

    Foreword - No VNTS at this week once again which mean the main page problem is still not fixed so I decided to made another VNTS Review here, and I hope that you'll enjoy it. As for this week, because I saw Deep Blue's review of Kokuhaku and of how much Suki Suki (Big release for this week) did have a gameplay heavily based on confession (TL Note: Kokuhaku mean confession), I decided to make the review for the 'sequel' which of course never there in the first place and Suki Suki casts here is far more developed compared to the 'prequel'. Welcome to this week VNTS Review, in which other than Suki Suki release we also have some updates from Mangagamer (Their last 2018 updates according to their word), alongside usual fan translations updates and Sol Press one. Let's see what I can write for this week as well. It's quite a pity that Carrion Crow Kickstarter was failed with they only managed to gather ~6,000 out f 10,000, although they did say that they want to re-evaluate the KS so perhaps we can see anther attempt from them to re-launch the KS. If they'll do that later, then I hope that their next KS will be successful. We also have Lamunation was at halfway translated, so be happy if you're one of the people who want to see the meme in Lamunation. In regard of Sol Press updates, we have Hitotsuba was at 90% translated along with 80% edited, Shitsuaru was at 23% translated, Onikiss was past halfway (55%) translated along with 20% edited, and Kimi to Aogi was at 725 translated along with 35% edited. We also have Muv Luv Photonflower will be released at 2019 later, but for now we didn't have much info other than they release year. To be honest, considering that the updates were very sparse and usually took months so much that I decided to not keeping the eye on that it's surprising that we saw anther Yosuga no Sora updates at this week, and the progress of that was surprisingly a lot with Akira's route was fully translated except the H scenes. While of course it's good that we finally can see that Yosuga n Sora project still active, the translator did say that he'll about to enter university so he warned us that the progress will be even more sparse in the future, and what I can say is that I just hope that someday it'll be finished seeing that it's almost 8 years since the team start the project. Anyway as for the current progress overall it was at 92.6% translated with Akira's route was at 92.51% translated and Motoka's route was at 63.98% translated. Other than Yosuga no Sora sudden update, we have Eustia was at 60.61% translated, Harugi's overall was at 36% translated with Miyabi's route was past three quarters (82%) translated and Branch was at 44% translated along with 42% edited, Watamasu was at 36% translated, Loverable was at 53.14% edted alng wth 29.7% QC-ed, 4,020 lines of Pure x Connect were translated, and overall Hoshiori was at almost halfway (49.79%) translated with Rikka's route was slightly past three quarter (75.9%) translated. That's all for this week fan translation updates. As for Mangagamer updates, we have both of Bokuten and Steam Prison were almost finished with the testing, Trinoline was finished the testing, Sona-Nyl was at three quarter translated, Sukehime was at 62% translated and 19% edited, Rance X was at 20.3% translated, Amatarasu was fully edited, Room No. 9 was at 60% edited, and the work for Sengoku's image and UI was started. As for Sengoku here, seeing that Suki Suki translation choice did get the flak and that the translator (Arunaru) did also responsible for Sengoku's retranslation, I'm kind of wonder whether people will treat Mangagamer version of Sengoku Rance as redundant release or not seeing that we already got it translated for nine years. Granted that they need to retranslated it in order to make it consistent with the new translation choice seeing that there's some terms that were translated differently between Sengoku and VI, but still. For the last update, it's the biggest one to me in which they'd already announced Full Chorus exact release date at January 17th later, so if you've been looking forward to play Yurirei with full voice go pre-order that from Mangagamer site. The biggest release at this week (And only release at that) is Suki Suki, in which if we remember was the VN from Chuablesoft that as we knew suffer the bankruptcy. As for the premise, it was in regard of the MC (Souta) who is quite capable at farming and cooking that manage to met up with some mysterious fairy and the fairy told Souta that he'll lost two things in the future if he didn't search the girlfriend. Obviously Souta here didn't understand a thing abut that, but regardless of that he decided to search for a new girlfriend seeing that he did want to get one. One thing that interesting to note in regard of Suki Suki is that this VN was quite viral. Although the reason was not for of how Mangagmer manage to release something from a bankrupt company, or whether the story did have contrast tone at some of the routes, or the choice that was surprisingly quite complex for a modern charage. Instead what we have here is the discussion in regard of Arunaru's translation choice, in which it's quite questionable for some people. Some of those were gratuitous Spanish and change onii-chan into dude, in which while granted those two changes were quite small, some people were still angry abut that and it's quite understandable. Well in the end what I can say is that perhaps you'll better try to enjoy Suki Suki without being bothered with the translation there, and have fun. That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.
  11. Hello, Lady Superior Entelecheia

    This is essentially a bundle release of all Hello, Lady related games/scenarios. As such, normally I wouldn't really see much of a need to go back over it... but there was enough material added here to make it worth a further assessment. Hello, Lady The original game, Hello, Lady, is unchanged from its original version. That's to say, it is the last truly great Akatsuki Works game. For those who have never read my long-past review of the game, it occurs during the same time period as Hi no nai Tokoro ni Kemuri wa Tatenai and in the same generalized setting as Ruitomo. It is also based in the same city as Hi no nai Tokoro, though the events occur completely in parallel without having any effect on one another. The game focuses on Tenkawa Noble School, an educational institute for those possessing the special power known as 'Halo', a power that takes many forms but at the core allows the possessor to alter reality within strictly defined limits. The school is run partially as a research institute and partially as a training school for MHIs (the possessors of the aforementioned ability). At the head of the student body are five highest-ranking MHIs (the only five who have reached Etoile class) who are also called the Crown. Into this comes Narita Shinri, a supremely arrogant, supremely capable, and supremely perverted man with a habit of speaking in a manner more suited for the stage of live theater than real life. He enrolls as a student, but from the very beginning, he says he doesn't agree with the ideals espoused by the school's management and founders... and he also has an extremely bad habit of feeling up every girl he meets. Hello, Lady's main game is, in the end, a story of vengeance and romance intertwined. It is frequently deeply emotional, and Narita is surprisingly human under his arrogant outer layers (OK, he never stops the arrogance, but it grows on you pretty quickly and is the source of a lot of laughter). The issues with MHIs, both social and practical, are deep and effect the story strongly. Overall, that this is a game that I could still enjoy on a third playthrough says everything. New Division New Division focuses on two girls who were immensely intriguing in the original game, but were essentially shuffled to the side. My guess is that AW figured they could make more money by keeping these two stories separate than by including them in the main game, even as extras. Hishia, Narita Shinri's utterly loyal maid, is one of the two heroines bestowed with a route in this game. The basic scenario of her story is a mixture of recollections of her past with him, her interactions with the heroines during their brief meetings, and it follows the outline of Saku's path (albeit without romance between those two). Hishia, even before you get to know her past, is an interesting character (and not just because she is a maid with machine guns under his skirts). Her constant making fun of Shinri (which he hardly notices for the most part) and the way she talks about him behind his back with the heroines is pretty amusing. I found her battle with one of the major antagonists to the best part, chuunige-wise, in her path... while the ending of the battle was inevitable, Hishia was still badass. Mitori is one of those rare individuals born an MHI, meaning that she used her powers as a matter of course through her young life and was... significantly 'different' from the rest of humanity until her meeting with Saku. Her path, unfortunately (and predictably for anyone who played the main game) is full of tragedy and despair... but it is also very informative about the setting itself, filling in some of the holes left empty or poorly filled in by the main game. I cried several times in this path, as I did for Hishia (Hishia's past is tragic, by most standards). Superior Entelecheia This is the extra scenario from the Vita version of the game. Superior has a strong focus on the motivations of the antagonists (all of them), and as a result, it is pretty over the top. The battles and conflicts in this path are more complex and less of a one-sided 'Narita getting what he wants' kind of thing. This path has a lot of emotional ups and downs, and it digs much, much farther into the reasons why things ended up the way they did before the original story started. The ending itself left me in tears, then had me laughing. I do have some complaints about this, though... one is that the VA quality is lower, the VAs differ for several characters (Hishia's VA was so different as to be almost unrecognizable), and there are a few lines here and there that probably could have been fixed with a simple retake. Still, it wasn't enough to keep me from enjoying the experience as a whole. Alls well that Ends Well This is the only part of this unique to this release... to be straight, it is a comedy scenario with h-scenes for all the heroines but Sorako. It made me laugh briefly, especially toward the end.
  12. What are you playing?

    I'd like to add one tip (I think it's in the walkthrough too) - when going for next route, always start from New Game, not from save. That way there are some differences in common route, and each time you start new game after completing a route, the characters level up (start with higher stats), which somewhat changes the battles and baseball.
  13. What are you playing?

    Those cats sure love jumping into my baseballs..... In a battle, the MC challenged Kyousuke. He threw a Basketball at me ...... for 250 damage...... OUCH! Also, Rin seems to get bullied a lot in these fights (she's like lost 9 of her last 10 fights, and she only won against the MC)......
  14. What are you playing?

    No - but it feels very satisfying for some reason Rest assured - batting minigames have no impact on endings.
  15. Suki Suki aka If You Love Me Then Say So Released

    You missed part of one character in Yuuki's family name - should be Goshogawara 御所川原 - ご しょ がわ (は)ら
  16. What are you playing?

    Does anything special happen? I was hoping I won't need to hit it 20 times in a row to get the true ending
  17. What are you playing?

    I think I once or twice managed something around 8 or 9
  18. Oh okay, yeah, the first one starts on Christmas. I was just wondering about the Latter tale, because that's the one I'm on and I was wondering if I should play it before Christmas.
  19. I honestly dunno, its just that when i tested it to see if they both worked i saw it being mention in the conversation that the intro takes places during Christmas. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This reminds me that i got a question regarding Ef ~a fairy tale of two~ looking at some of the vibes from the intro is this the level of drama/sad story comparable to clannad/air ? Or i can expect something lighter more positive then those series ?
  20. What are you playing?

    I've been slowly going through it too. The battles and batting sections are pretty funny. I can never seem to hit the ball more than like 4 times. I wonder how long you can keep the combo going. Otherwise, I just end up hitting a cat and getting yelled at Some of the little touches in it are pretty great. It makes me smile a lot. Key VNs always have the best male characters too.
  21. How Christmasy is the Latter Tale?
  22. What are you playing?

    I hope you enjoy it. I read like 72 hrs of it so far on Steam. I'm reading the EX routes. In addition to Little Busters I am finally reading Saku Saku: Love Blooms With the Cherry Blossoms right now, and I got 1 more route to complete in Himiwari The Sunflower. I love that one as well, but it's definitely sad. Anyway these are the 3 visual novels I'm reading atm.
  23. What are you playing?

    You're in for a real treat - hope you enjoy it :D. Little Busters is a genuinely fantastic VN. What'd you think of Princess Evangile, btw?
  24. Suki Suki aka If You Love Me Then Say So Released

    I decided to add the poll, so feel free to vote whichever the girls that you like. Obviously it wouldn't have Maya though, because she didn't have a route (Thanks to Chuable's financial problem). Oh and don't mind the dude thing in Chiho's name there lol.
  25. What exactly was the FuwaBundle?

    What is the second rule?
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