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Surrogate Friendship



CONFESSION: I use you guys in lieu of an actual social life. I really do.

The internet has made certain things easier. When you find people you share things in common with and can socialize in some way, such as message boards about Japanese porno games stories, you tend to use it as a surrogate friendship. Heck, I actually got married because of CrossGen's boards way back in the day.

So, I love you guys.


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It's great to meet people who all hare a common interest. Among my real-world friends, few of them share my interests and those who do don't share them to the same degree as I do. That's why I love this site, because after so long I have found friends that I can connect with on a level like no other. 

Thanks everyone.

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What blasphemy. Why isn't this in the Confessions thread?

I wouldn't call the relationships I have in the internet as 'surrogate' friendships. I still consider them part of my actual social life. Sure, we're separated by hundreds of miles (or tens of kilometers only at times) and are only connected by this handy thing we call the 'internet', but that doesn't make the fun and time I spend with you guys less than what I'd experience in real life. It actually made me sad that I was unable to go to the forums and participate actively due to an active college life, which proves my point of the things I experience here being as real as the ones I experience in real life.

...I believe I strayed from the actual definition of 'surrogate' at some point there, but oh well. The point is that I love the people here as much as the ones I see everyday, even with the absence of physical contact.

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