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The Spirit of Giving



Recently I started a post of random silliness, dubbing myself your onii-chan (yep, if you're reading this or that, I'm now your onii-chan). As part of it, one particular poster (jokingly) asked to borrow $40 to buy a visual novel. I responded as to being open with the idea because I kind of am. And I actually did send $40 to a person on Twitter that I don't even know, as he needed it to pay the vet for his cat's operation. It seemed legitimate, and while I can't afford to waste money, in the big scheme of things it's not that much and if it did help save his cat, I feel pretty good. Teh feelz, ya know?

So anyway, it made me wonder how many people would be willing to chip in and buy a person a VN just because it's nice and it makes you feel good and it spreads the love of reading. Then it made me wonder about all of the logistics - who would the money funnel through and how? How do we verify the recipient is of age to receive an 18+ computer program, or only stick to below 18? Where did I put my cold Pepsi Max? Should we stick with just digital downloads to avoid tariffs and other messy things as not everyone here lives in 'Murica. Could I even get 7 other people to pitch in $5 and make it happen? Could it be a monthly thing - maybe as a contest?

So yeah, lots of logistics. Still, it would be kind of fun. I kinda want to do it. But how?


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Teach the silly new scrubs about our glorious overlord, AKA piracy?

Jokes aside, you could probably get 7 people. I wouldn't participate either way, but as someone who's not from the US, digital downloads do seem like a good idea (partially because I don't wanna give my house address out to some strangers). 

Well, fight-o.

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I'm shocked, are you asking me to introduce noObs to Privateer UTor Rent of Privateer's Cove?

That was another concern as well - the giving out of one's address, which makes physical copies unrealistic.

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I think that your point about the giving out of addresses is probably fair enough. I suppose there'd have to be one central person with a Paypal or some shit, and then the moneys go to their account, and then they buy said game with the money and gift it to the person. Selecting who the recipient would be is surely the hardest part?

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The feelings are appreciated, but the idea is a tad bit unrealistic. If you want to make it an organized thing to periodically give away VNs to people, then it's impossible to do anything without being unfair. So how would you choose who gets the VN? Let's say we solve that, what are you going to do with the VN itself? If you pick it, then the said person might not want that particular VN, and if the person picks it than he might only want a super expensive VN. And even if you had the money for that, would it be fair to spend on one person what could be enough to get 2 VNs? These are all just the basic concepts, the real trouble is in getting the game to the dude, be it digitally or overseas.

Over all, many would simply dismiss the idea as not being worth the effort, and they'd probably be right. You could go on a more reasonable scale and do giveaways every now and the OriginalRun-style, that seems like the more realistic option.

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