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Unlucky Re:Birth/Reverse

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This is a VN by Windmill, the company that made Hyper Hyspeed Genius and Kamigakari Cross Heart, both great VNs, even if they were wildly different in focus and genre.  While this VN doesn't quite measure up to them overall, it does have its moments, which I will outline below.

First, the common path... it is your classic charage common path, though with the fantasy twist that the protagonist is sucked into another world whose only real differences materially is the existence of magic and the lack of cell phones and television.  This VN tends to return to a slightly older comedy methodology, in that there is a relatively high amount of what is called 'lucky sukebe', with heroines that generally forgive the protagonist... eventually.  The common route does a good job of introducing you to the characters, including the protagonist and heroines, and - like most sensible common routes - it has a single split-off point for all the heroines.

The heroine routes... are extremely heavy on the ecchi and icha-icha.  I'll be blunt, this VN makes no bones about the fact that it is focused on moe, ecchi, ichaicha, and romance.  The drama is generally minimal and kept toward the end... and generally resolved with extreme ease and high speed so they can get back to the H-scenes, dating, and the excuse for an adorable final CG of the heroine that is the epilogue.  Technically, the Nightmare, Lisley, is the main heroine... but there is no significant difference in length or quality between hers and the other paths. 

The protagonist for once is not a negative element for the story in this charage.  He is indeed a kind-hearted harem-king style protagonist, but he is actually reasonably capable and actually has a personality that women might find attractive in a more general sense.  His general endless optimism and his 'tennen' inability to see things in a negative light are the most obvious examples of this.

Overall, this VN is a decent choice for someone who wants a soft, ecchi VN that stops well short of a nukige and has a decent but not particularly bumpy ride to each heroine's endings. 

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