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Himesama Love Life: Why is this month so awful so far?



Despite the title, this isn't a horrible VN. It is basically a rehash of Himesama Gentei which was a near-nukige all-moege about a protagonist 'romancing' (I have to wonder if you would really call a bunch of princesses falling in love with one idiot and him deciding on one or a harem route 'romancing') princesses. I can actually enjoy some of the heroines' routes... but the premise is so ridiculous and so unrealistically presented that it goes beyond suspension of disbelief, even for a moege. Understand, ridiculousness in moege settings is par for the course... but the classic 'the heroines are all my sisters because my dad really got around' premise is one of the more annoying ones.


That isn't to say there isn't some good stuff... Maika, for instance, is one of those rare tsundere who becomes supremely adorable after you enter her route and never goes back to being tsun, and Io's 'boke-boke' statements made in absolute seriousness are fairly funny. However, I've played so many other VNs in a similar vein that are so much better... it makes me wonder why I stole an hour here and an hour there over the past five days in between my work schedule to push through with finishing this game.


The routes really don't escape the templates for their 'princess' types, so I honestly can't say that I was surprised by anything I found in this VN. There is also too much H early in this VN... so much that I would have been tempted to call this a nukige, if it weren't for the fact that the writing and character development are fairly solid, at least for a VN of the type.


Overall, this VN isn't something to get excited about, but if you like 'princess' heroines it is a decent choice...


Why is this month so bad so far?
It isn't that it is bad... it is just that there is a disproportionate amount of second-rate VNs being released for September. So far, there is nothing that I would have called VN of the Month material, though if Seikishi had toned down the H and worked harder on solidifying the story in general, it might have been one. Most of the good stuff that was supposed to get released for September got delayed, so I suppose it is only natural... but still, I don't like having all the good stuff concentrated in one or two months of the year. That tends to cause kusoge-exhaustion after a while, lol.


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