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Dai Gyakuten Saiban – thoughts

InfiniteCurry Bot



Capcom tries new things for the Gyakuten Saiban (Ace Attorney) series, with an entirely new setting and characters. The end result brings something similar to the Layton vs. Phoenix Wright crossover, since we’re now in England in a time period where familiar technology in the main series hasn’t even been invented yet. The story takes […]<img alt=" border="0" src="https://pixel.wp.com/b.gif?host=awesomecurry.wordpress.com&blog=14339326&post=2480&subd=awesomecurry&ref=&feed=1"width=1" height="1" />

<a href="https://awesomecurry.wordpress.com/2015/08/16/dai-gyakuten-saiban-thoughts/"class='bbc_url' rel='nofollow external'>Source</a>


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