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Streaming and Bloodborne are actually nice, oh my



Blogging once again, dear lord here we go. I bought Bloodborne a while back together with a couple of games on Steam and Lords of the Fallen, I decided to save it for a bit later since I knew it would be an emotional roller coaster and I wanted to chill a bit more during my first weeks of vacations. I was something around halfway through Lords and then I managed to bug the game so hard that I'd have to reset my save so oh well, who cares about this anyway? Time for some Bloodborne.

I started the game as usual, got rekt a few times, learned a bit about the combat, kept getting rekt, learned about some consumables, got rekt a bit more, and so onward. I decided to stream myself playing after I learned that the PS4 had a share function - which is a button on the controller with "share" written above it lmfao - and that I could just plug my PC headest on the USB port to use the mic. I think I played for around 3 hours or something like that, maybe a bit less or more, no idea, doesn't matter. The most viewers I got was 14 I believe and that was quite impressive imo, never had so many :kosame:. Unfortunately, I don't really know a lot of the people who were there, or maybe I do know but their twitch username is different from what I know them as and that made me not recognize them, username issues. From the forums, I know Spiduh, Emi, Abyssal Monkey maybe, and Ren were there, sorry if I forgot anyone. That reminds me, Ren was raging on the chat that his video-game streams never got that many viewers and being salty, the usual I guess, I appreciate the salt regardless. This was the stream report:

Died around 10 times total. Something like seven times to the boss and the other ones to random mobs because I was tilting.

Had to decline three guys who wanted/offered to play with me because I don't have the Playstation Plus thing.

Got Ren salty because he gets no viewers when he streams games. (Get rekt you scrub

:salt: )

Realized that I seriously need to git gud.

Brother restarted our internet in the middle of the stream, production value at its finest.

As usual, streaming is insanely fun and I decided to do it more now that I know that I'm able to. I'll probably stream my whole Bloodborne playthrough so whoever feels like it can come watch my tears and screams of pain and pleasure, though most of the time you'll probably only watch me going through the pain part. I don't have a fixed schedule for streaming but I'll be making a thread for the whole thing and keep announcing there when I'll be going live and all that, I don't feel like making a new one whenever I decide to stream, too much work. I guess that's it for this post, I'll just update it with a link to the stream thread and channel later. Thanks for reading and I hope to see you guys on stream.

Stream thread: Link

Stream channel: Link


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I don't think I'll ever understand what is fun about having voyeurs watching you play a game...


I feel like I might either have a bad understanding of the word "voyeurs" or something like that, but anyway. Streaming can be fun for multiple reasons. In my case, most of the reason I like it is for the chat interaction. I'm that kind of player who actually says what he's thinking so when there's people watching me, I get to hear/see their reactions and that usually leads to something funny or maybe an interesting discussion about some part of the game. I think it's one of those things you can't really understand without trying, though I might be wrong here.


Can I become a mod ?


Slow down there, Satan.

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