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It appears to be the blog’s anniversary

InfiniteCurry Bot


It seems like I’ve been playing my porn games for longer than I thought. I’ve been keeping the blog kind of alive at 1 or 2 posts a month, but honestly there isn’t much to say. This blog is turning old, I’m turning old(er), I have to accept ~adult responsibilities~ in order to keep playing […]<img alt=" border="0" src="https://pixel.wp.com/b.gif?host=awesomecurry.wordpress.com&blog=14339326&post=2430&subd=awesomecurry&ref=&feed=1"width=1" height="1" />

<a href="https://awesomecurry.wordpress.com/2015/06/22/it-appears-to-be-the-blogs-anniversary/"class='bbc_url' rel='nofollow external'>Source</a>

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