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Threads you should check out - Week #14




The following list only contains threads made from June 13 to June 20, any older thread will be placed under the "Updated" banner if new relevant content is added to it.

If you don't know how the list works, please check the project


Visual Novel Discussion

  • Subahibi translation completed now editing is all that remains (Link)
  • Sekai Project depends on crowdfunding entirely too much (Link)
  • Rose Guns Days Art ~style~ talk (Link)
  • An Ivitation to an Analysis: Katawa Shoujo (Link)
  • The ToHeart2 discussion thread (Link)

Development Boards

  • Gore Screaming Show - Translation Project (Link)

Other Discussion

  • The Last Guardian Lives! (Link)
  • shenmue 3 - make it happen! (Link)
  • Valkyrie Crusade (Link)
  • Lastpass hacked (Link)
  • Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy(PS Vita game) (Link)
  • PETA statement about cat girls (Link)
  • Best moments of E3 2015 (Link)
  • FuwaHistory Episode 1: The birth of sanahtlig (Link)
  • WIP: Guide to FuwaForum Features (Link)

Blog posts

  • Pupa Was A (Colossal) Mistake (Link)

Fuwanovel community

  • Fuwa Emblem: A video game about Fuwanovel!?! (Link)


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