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Nosebleed/whore AU: Love and vendetta




"Nico Nico nii..." Nosebleed looked at himself in the mirror. So... Beautiful... The clothes, the hair, the body, the makeup: all he's always dreamed of. He looked perfectly like his beloved idol. But one thing was missing: a crown. To fulfill his dream of becoming as beautiful as a princess. He took the diamond crown from the table and put it on his wig, smoothly.

Someone opened the door.

"It's time to settle things up, NOSEBLEED." Whore said it firmly while entering the room. That female troll was the ugliest and most dangerous of all.

Nosebleed was taken by surprised. He turned around, with a mix of fear and embarassment on his face.

Whore blushed immediatly when she saw Nosebleed's cosplay. She didn't know what to say.

"What are you doing here?!", asked the trap princess, ferociously.

"I came to tell you I am going to tell all the Fuwa nobles about your loli kidnapping!". Whore still blushed, but she faced Nosebleed firmly.

"Do it, then, you stupid troll!! Go ahead with your stupid lies! I am going to ban you from this kingdom forever!"

"Not if I kill you first." Whore spoke with an almost unhearable tone. She took a knife from her fur, and passed it through her paws. Nosebleed shook of fear, he stepped back taking a sword from the table.

Whore advanced, trying to hit the trap's neck. But Nosebleed moved quickly, as he had been trained by the best sword teachers, and avoided the attack. Whore shook the knife above her head, pushing it in Nosebleed's direction. Nosebleed tried to block with his sword, but whore sent it away with her knife. Nosebleed was unarmed.

"Heeeeeeelp!!!" Nosebleed screamed. No one came.

Whore's knife hit Nosebleed's wig, messing up all the hours of work on that hairstyle Nosebleed spent. "You loser! You are envy of me!", said Nosebleed. Whore, angry, tried to push her fist into Nosebleed's face, but Nosebleed rolled with her on the ground to catch his sword. He then, pointed it to whore's heart.

Whore had lost it.

"Last words?", asked Nosebleed.

"...", whore thought for a little... "N-nice outfit." :yumiko:

"You think?!" Nosebleed was surprised. The two of them were still on the ground, with their bodies over each other. Nosebleed was confused.

Then, something strange happened.

Something warm and soft... Touched Nosebleed's lips.

"...!" He was out of breath. What touched his lips were whore's lips. And he... Liked it!

The two faced each other. Whore sighed, waiting for her death. She closed her eyes.

But then, Nosebleed held her face with his two hands and kissed her again. Their lips floated on each other, beautifully, like sakura petals.

"Senpai, I'm sorry.", said whore. "I... Love you."

In this moment, whore's body started to glow. She was floating in the air. Nosebleed was stunned, too much adrenaline in those last five minutes.

That beast become something totally different... Whore was no longer a troll... She was a princess, as beautiful as Nosebleed in his costumes.

Nosebleed's eyes shone. "I no longer want vendetta. I want.. you"

Nosebleed couldn't be happier. He showed a big smile. "Nico Nico nii."



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Uwa... I don't think I've ever seen such a disastrous bit of grammatical horror...lol



I didn't check it for a second time, so... And besides, I'm no native English-speaker.

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