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Welcome To YandereGirl's Blog~




So, uh, hi there! My screenname is DatYandereGirl. I am a fan of the Yandere trope, and characters. I live in the USA, IL to be exact. :) I'm 23 years old, and my gender is female. I removed my gender status due to the way females got treated on this forum years ago, so yeah~

So, anyway, this blog is mainly about VN reviews, random shit, and anything else. This is my all-in-one blog. I would love to do my own blogging site though, but Fuwa already has a dedicated readerbase. ;3

Anyway, I'm probably going to review a VN when I complete all the routes.. Reading long VNs is fine, but it'd take me more time to post a review. My reviews are opinionated, so your mileage may vary for VNs I play and you like or dislike. Aside from that, this is a pretty short blog post! My normal blog posts try and be around 200-300 words if it's a review, sometimes longer. I will provide a TL;DR version, or allow a member to do so even if they want. :)

Welcome to my DatYandereGirl's blog, and have a nice day/evening!



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Just out of curiosity, how was female on Fuwa treated in the past?


I've been on this site for quite a while, and for the most part it has always seemed like people hardly care about what your gender is. In fact, considering that it was a women (Aaeru) who founded and ran Fuwanovel for its first year (late summer of 2012 - late summer of 2013) I don't think people cared much about gender. So I'm also interested in what DatYanderegirl is referring to. 

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Welcome back! 


For those wondering about how women were treated in the past it's not really important but fuwanovel did have some issues in the Aaeru era of the forum. Fuwanovel in the past (do not believe it is a current issue) had a bunch of people who would always try to or would add skype addresses of the female members and basically just were creepers to them. I've been around since the Aaeru era but never registered in the forum til 2013 (was mainly just lurking) so fuwanovel is actually probably better member wise since then.



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