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Evenicle Final: A Conclusion



Hmm... I pretty much hit what I didn't like about the story and gameplay in the other posts, so I'll try to outline what is likeable about the game as a whole.

1) The game uses a skit system similar to the Tales games, letting you have short silly conversations at certain points on the map.

2) The variety of skills available - once you've filled them out a bit - is actually really good. By the end of the game, I had a way to deal effectively with just about any situation, without brute force tactics... though healing skills were still lacking in general.

3) While HP growth slows after level 50, the growth of other stats - particularly Asta's - actually increases somewhat.

4) There is an overworld map to explore, in traditional jrpg style.

5) Most of the game has you laughing

For those of you looking to play a gameplay-VN who don't really want a terribly deep story, this is actuall a good choice... but for those looking for an IMZ-style epic, this isn't a good choice. I'd say the story is actually slightly better than most of Alice Soft's other games, as is the humor.

VN of the Month Announcement

Winner: Chrono Clock

The details of my reasoning are on the forum thread, though I think most of you would be able to guess from the posts.


Recommended Comments

Mmm... that's hard to say.  I did at least test the Astronauts game, so I've technically tried all the gameplay VNs from April...  It was a standard card battle rpg, so it wasn't really anything to write home about, except you can strengthen the cards through expending the ones you get in battle and gaining experience... Eushully made a huge mistake in terms of choosing to make a game for touchscreen compatibility when ero-content means it'll never make it onto a smartphone (and who the heck wants to use a tablet when it costs less than a tenth as much to buy a laptop of similar capabilities?).  Evenicle's gameplay suffered from a lack of balance - particularly a lack of healing skills and an overreliance on brute force tactics in most cases.


In terms of just battles, I could name a hundred normal jrpgs or even crpgs that were better.  If I had to say which game's gameplay was the least annoying, it would probably be Evenicle.  The choice to so severely limit how many character skills you could utilize at once in Kami no Rhapsody was a severe downer, not to mention the almost complete lack of utility for playing the same map twice if you got all the hidden objectives. 

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I've been playing Kami no Rhapsody.  I'm in Ch. 3 and yeah it's kind of dragging.  The objectives involving 'cut all the grass' and such are just tedious.  I spend a lot of time switching around skills and such inbetween battles, and that gets old pretty fast.  I'm just not fond of systems that make battle preparation a grind; Daiteikoku was the King of offenders in that regard.

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I gave up halfway through Daiteikoku because I paused to let events in Gamerica unfold, and in the meantime the enemy random attacks (which you can't actually plan for) became so obnoxious that I just threw up my hands.

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I beat it, got the Empress's ending... overall, the actual plot was the best of all the Dai games, but in terms of gameplay, it was by far the worst.  The rapid escalation of the difficulty levels toward the end was worse than Sengoku Rance, and the way the whole thing could be turned on its head simply because you went the wrong way at the wrong time made me want to smash something.  With Japonification, the game is playable, without it the game becomes so annoying the later stages you almost have to smash something... and with Alice Soft's incredibly crappy idea of New Game +, it always feels like you wasted a lot of effort on your first playthrough (this applies to all games by this company that have gameplay).

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I went the Japanification route as well, and things were peachy while I kept up my Blitzkrieg.  I paused to let some events unfold and so I wouldn't push into the German route, and that's when the random attacks started getting really annoying and I ended up spending obnoxious amounts of time upgrading ships and spreading them around.  I got annoyed because it was taking so long to get anywhere.

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I basically took out the Amerindans as quick as possible... I kept getting a bad feeling about what would happen if I left them be.  I wasn't using a walkthrough, lol...


What I really hated was the space monsters and disasters, though... dealing with the annoyance of the regular invasions was easy compared to that.

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