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A farewell and some messages




Hello everyone! Rose here, bringing you guys something a bit different from usual. Today I'm here to announce a few things about the blog and the team. First of all, Ezeefreak is no longer part of the Recognition Team. He helped us a lot during our early days when we still didn't knew how to do our job properly and I am really grateful for that, as well as for everything else he did for the team. I wish him nothing but the best for his forum and for everything else in his life, he's a really great person and I'm glad that he was one of us.

Secondly, I'm also going to use this post to remind those who read the Recognition Blog of two things:

  • We do accept suggestions for highlighting posts, be it a thread, person or whatever else you feel like deserve it. We won't accept everything, but don't hesitate to make a suggestion, we'll take a look at all of them.
  • If your thread received a meaningful update or was reworked in some way, you can request us to feature it on the "Threads you should check out" weekly list. That said, translation projects have their own space for that so we won't add them.

And lastly, I received some feedback regarding some of our posts and I am likely going to either rewrite them, or make slight adjustments. I feel like having a better pattern should do us well and that's what I'll aim for with the changes. I'm also aware that some people have mixed feelings about some of our posts and I'll try to do better from now on, the Recognition Team is a new Fuwa feature and we still gotta work on some things, but I feel like we'll keep improving with time.

That was it for this post, thanks for reading everyone and please, give Ezee some warm fuzzies for all he did so far, he definitely deserve some.


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