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Chrono Clock Part 1: Common, Makoto, Michiru, Misaki





First, I should say this VN isn't like Purple Soft's last few works. The common route is straight comedy and heart-warming antics combined with some minor drama and with a bit of personal growth for the protagonist on the side. It is good comedy and the personal growth is actually quite nice, since the protagonist as he started out would have driven me insane inside two hours. It is also relatively short, as are the heroine routes so far. I managed to finish the common route and one heroine route in around seven and a half hours...



Makoto is a very straightforward girl, the daughter of a local yakuza group who has been ordered to live as a normal girl by her family. The funny thing is, she isn't one of those template heroines who dislikes her criminal family, but rather respects and loves them. This results in a rather hilarious personality that comes out a great deal in her route. This VN's route structure is really unusual, in that there is literally no H in the routes themselves, though there are a few nude scenes. As a result, this route passes by with relatively little ichaicha and most of its focus on the drama, which is one of the reasons why it is so short... there is no time wasted whatsoever.



Aaah... Michiru is probably the most blatant example of the 'adoring little sister' I've seen recently... and combined with her being a total yamato nadeshiko and blind, this makes her the standout amongst the four heroines available at the beginning of the VN. One of her most hilarious aspects is how she sounds like a 'niisama-cultist' when talking to others, and how aggressive she is in her pursuit of her older brother... so naturally you'd expect a 'oh, I'm not sure if I can cross the line!' kind of route, right? Fortunately, my expectations were betrayed quite nicely on this, and the route itself is highly emotional, following a track I can guarantee you won't guess without spoilers. That said, it is mostly heart-warming and tear-jerking stuff, and that is one of its biggest draws.

Because of the policy they are using for this VN - no H in the actual routes - it is really easy to focus on the plot flow, and there is none of that sense of 'you interrupted the story for a pink-colored scene?!' that comes so frequently with many VNs of the type. To be honest, I'm really surprised that no one has done this before, as having the choice as to whether to pursue the H in the extras section rather than go through it in the main game makes it a lot easier to enjoy the character interactions and story in general.

Edit: Adding Misaki



Ummm... I'll be frank, I was disappointed with Misaki's route... but that's because I went for the two most unique heroines - and least annoying - amongst the four starter heroines first. It isn't that it is a bad route. Indeed, if you go by the standards of your average VN (cutting the low and high ends off the curve) I'd say that it was in the upper ranks as individual heroine routes go... but after Michiru it just lacked impact. Misaki is one of those heroines who is a lot better as comic relief than as a heroine... or at least, that is how it felt to me. A big issue is that they reused Alice's face and voice (from Hapymaher) for her, and I was always a bit frustrated that Alice was the true/main for that one (I liked her the least, though I still liked her). Cutting out those emotions, her struggles are actually interesting, if a bit overly familiar for those who have seen (this really is a spoiler, though indirectly)

various music anime and VNs where the characters really are competing to climb to the top.

That said, the theme for this particular one has been touched on so often in VNs lately that it seems overly dull...

That said, if you weren't me, you'd probably be able to enjoy this route just fine - actually, you'd probably enjoy it a great deal - as long as you made sure to play it first or second (I'm not really interested in the annoying foreign girl heroine, since her speech patterns make me want to punch her).


Recommended Comments

The art looks very nice. If the character (ct. pure moe) element is strong enough, it looks like an emotional ride I'd enjoy. Free fantasy element too!

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Man, I feel the complete opposite from you. I though Michiru's route felt stagnant as hell and boring and found Misaki's route to be fun to read. I guess that's more a thing of me liking Misaki more than Michiru in the end.

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 agree with you i just finish Michiru and Misaki routes , i choose Michiru as the first route because


i want they to recall Michiru's blind incident night but they don't

Michiru route except last chapter is boring but for me it's accepable when read the last chapter made me i almost cry and understand all those boring chapter . Dont missunderstand that , i still disapoint from her route she made me almost drop this game Michiru !!

Misaki 's route is very different althoght her route just about tsundere funny ojosan(?) shcool life but charactors line and almost event around her is fun to read however i talk about this route weak is


it has weak ending . (music hall scene.)

 but when i finish this route , i don't want it to end ~ .

--- just finish first 4 heroines 's route. ---

Makoto's Route is the most interesting route in first 4 routes.


somehow i want a little more airtime for her with out Loki's Clock effect ,  at first date she is so cute.

about my test my ratting for first 4 heroines route is 

i choose DD > Makoto cuz


it's twist on Chapter 5 is very powerful !!! and at the ending scene made me fill of tear about Rei answer .

but my favorite chalactor is still Tsudere ojousan? Misaki lol .


Edited by Kei kun

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