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Games in General: Why I hate Trophies



Yes, I hate trophies, achievements, or whatever you choose to call them. Why? At least part of it is because I was a gamer back in the NES era, and I liked that sense of private accomplishment it gave me for beating a game on my own. Another reason is simply because I hate the way achievements and the like break immersion, particularly in rpgs and games with a good story. I can say this outright... I almost never finish games where I can't disable trophies. I'm not interested in showing off, and I'm even less interested in people knowing my gaming habits. I hate that someone can look at my steam profile and know which games I own. I hate that people can look at my psn profile and see which ones I've played or am playing. I hate it even more that it feels like the game itself is reporting to the companies that produced it whenever I have the online function on.

If you hadn't figured it out, I am a gamer that likes his privacy. I had a nightmare about some moron including achievements in a VN last night, so I felt I had to post this...


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I have bad news; that nightmare has arrived.


Isn't there an invisible mode on Steam for those concerned about privacy?

Mmm... it is a bit iffy.  I've tested it with a fake account, just to see if I could see my main account's activity after I used that function.  I could still tell what achievements I had on my main account (though this was a while back, so maybe they fixed it), which was my main issue.


Also, that doesn't address the sudden 'you did this and got this trophy' tab announcement... I hate that.

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I am honestly okay with moderate trophies stuff in shooters and such, as long as they are somewhat purposeful. Sometimes they give you a good idea to try new things out. Or keeping a score of stuff you haven't done. But most of the time they are a eyesore, randomly popping up when you haven't done shit really. You've wiped your own ass congrats!


I don't mind this on normal games, nor do I think about privacy regarding them. But god damn, I want that shit to stay away from VN's. They don't have any place there lol.

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