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Zalor - The Analyst



Hello everyone! Rose here, bringing you guys another member highlight. Today we'll be talking about someone who has been around for quite a while now but might not have caught your attention yet, even though he deserves it a lot. Zalor has been here for two years now, and while he doesn't have ten thousand posts nor three hundred threads created, he surely made the few ones under his belt count. Most recently, he proposed some interesting discussion topics that were also mentioned in our "Threads you should check out" list, so you might want to check them out.

Now, as the title implies, he has done a few analyses that will be linked below, together with a small commentary about each of those. When it comes to VNs, a lot of people say that we lack some content that other fandoms have in amplitude, such as fanfictions, fanarts, well-though theories and articles in general, and that much is pretty much true. For that reason, people like Zalor are amazingly valuable to our community and his work deserves a lot of recognition, not only for being a content that we lack, but also for their admirably high quality. Unfortunately, as I haven't read Narcissu nor Kanon, I couldn't write something about those analyses but I reached out for people who did but had never read his works, so reading their thoughts was even better for me, and surely it'll also be like that for Zalor.

"The greatest tribute you could pay an artist is to seriously think about their work"

  • Perspective in Saya no Uta (Link)

"A fantastic analysis! From the well-crafted introduction to the relatively comical last line, Zalor delivers some nice thoughts about what could very well be one of the most complex and deep translated VN to date. Not only pointing the protagonist, he also shares insights about the perspectives of all the main cast on the many possible ways to see and understand the world built in the novel. I'd also like to give a quick shout-out to Plénitude, who made interesting observations and rethought Zalor's interpretations, adding a lot to the discussion." -Rose

  • Kanon: Mai and Sayuri Analysis (Link)

"It was a really good read, well thought out, good amount of detailed analysis without nitpicking or over analyzing, he drew parallels well and I personally liked the fact that while Mai is more focused in that route you agree with my assessment that Sayuri is by far the more tragic of the two heroines." -krill

  • Narcissu and Death (Link)

"Wonderful analysis of Narcissu. Just as the tale of Narcissu is a somber one, the analysis follows suit going into detail through the various interactions between the main character and Setsumi. A specific standout point would be the relation drawn between sensuality and death, which was particularly well thought-out. And finally, with a reference to the literary genius, Joesph Cambell, and a well structured conclusion, I found that our opinions agreed greatly. Narcissu truly is, as Zalor said, an 'uncensored portrayal of the complete hopelessness and isolation in facing death'." -LinovaA

With this, I'm ending this recognition post. I hope you guys enjoyed it and that our brief comments were enough to get you guys interested in his works. Zalor brings a lot to our community and I hope to have the pleasure to read more of his analyses in the future. Keep up the amazing work, soldier. Your efforts are definitely appreciated!


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Much < 3, Zalor! Our friendship was forged in the trenches of the Literary Journal idea : P, but since then my respect for you has only grown. 


(And great post, Rose! Really nicely done.)

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Much < 3, Zalor! Our friendship was forged in the trenches of the Literary Journal idea


The what? (ಠ_ಠ)


Anyway, Zalor deserves it. Took me a while to finish this since I had to push some of the work to other people, though it only delayed me by a single day. i blame lino for being lazy (◕‿◕✿)

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Thank you so much, I truly feel honored for this post! I'm glad my work has been appreciated. 


Much < 3, Zalor! Our friendship was forged in the trenches of the Literary Journal idea : P, but since then my respect for you has only grown. 


(And great post, Rose! Really nicely done.)


This whole thing truly did begin with that idea. For those curious about the back story, in early 2014 or late 2013, Tay had this idea for a VN literary journal, and I was one of the people who applied to write for it. My article was going to explore the complex relationship between Mai and Sayuri in Kanon. The VN journal ended up not happening. My activity on the forums also gradually faded for a while, and then when I returned I felt really guilty as I remembered that I was partly responsible for the VN Lit journal not happening. So I finally sat down and rewrote the previous draft I had (I ended up scrapping most of what I previously had). It took a week or two of repeatedly rereading Mai and Sayuri's routes, writing and rewriting, and listening to the Kanon OST (for inspiration), and on June 30th I finally finished and published it on the forums. The first thing I did afterwards was pm Tay an apology, and I ended the message saying something along lines of "I hope you believe in the adage 'better late than never'". Since then, when a VN truly speaks to me I try to organize my thoughts of it on to paper (well, digital paper). Anyway, once again thanks for this post!  

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