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Hanasaki Work Spring part 2: Kuon Ayano, Wakaba




Kuon Ayano

Aaah... to be blunt, Ayano's path blows Inori's out of the water in some ways, if only because the sheer impact of her unusual approach to being the protagonist's lover can't help but make you rofl. Let's just say - as they do in the game - that Ayano is the 'best woman to make your wife but the worst as a woman'. There was almost no date time in this route, though there was plenty of ichaicha... fortunately, it was immensely humorous, so I didn't feel the need to puke sand. The drama in the route is kind of contrived (though it is sort of interesting), but overall it results in a really nice 'happy ending', so all's well that ends well.

Speaking of endings... this one's path epilogue was much better than Inori's, if only because it shows them a year later, rather than the next day.


Soramori Wakaba

Wakaba is one of the two idiot friends of the protagonist, an obvious replacement for the usual osananajimi heroine. To be honest, her route made me a bit exasperated at first. For one thing, the way they get into the relationship is... sigh-worthy, and not in a good way. A combination of the 'whoops, we crossed the line' and 'friends>lovers transition's traditional hesitation' tropes. I was kind of hoping for them to use her background setting in the formation of the relationship, but they went in the other, less interesting, predictable direction, lol.

Incidentally, I realize I'm a bit of a buzzkill on romance, but VN romance is frequently exasperating. It starts out cute, then falls ever downwards from there.

Probably the best part of this route, at least for me, was the flashbacks about their first meeting, since it shows off some of the protagonist's better aspects. This route is fairly comedic, as a whole... mostly because Wakaba herself is a comedic relief character (one of the baka-trio) from the very beginning. The drama is very... light. The problem is that it comes out of nowhere, and even though they explain where it is coming from afterward, it still feels awkward and unnatural. For that reason, I can't really give this path a passing grade, lol.

Some extra comments

This is about Saga Planets and their apparent new way of doing things... to be honest, I feel like they are wasting all that was good about their early games with Karumaruka and this one. To be blunt, Saga Planets is at its best when it is making you cry, though making you laugh isn't a bad thing. Unfortunately, these last two games have managed to fail utterly at this very simple task. Moreover, this obsession with the faceless protagonist is getting a bit old, considering how much money this company puts into its games... Hatsuyuki Sakura benefited from the extreme emotionalism that previously defined this company the most, in my opinion, but Natsuyume Nagisa also had a huge helping of this, which is what makes those two the best games by this company. I hate it when companies stop doing what they do best...


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