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Sakura Cosplayer Review



Because we have Winged Cloud released Sakura Isekai Adventure 2 (With Winged Cloud did a good job by making the MC as female) along with Cherry Kiss released cosplayer nukige, I decided to make this week title as 'Sakura Cosplayer' even though I'm very late for this. Anyway, welcome to this week VNTS Review, and if I may say something this week is quite eventful compared to the last week, especially when we finally know on who will localize Geminism. We also have Nekonyan finally finished the process to add Aoi Tori into Steam, so at least now they're done with Aoi Tori. Lastly, there's a surprise release of a nukige that has been adapted into H OVA. Overall, this week is a below average one to me, and let's see what I can write in regard of it.

I knew Aniplex has plan to release Hookah Haze, although I just decided to keep my eyes on it right now. From what I see, I think it's like Valhalla with pixel art and all, but instead we have the male MC is about to die because of terminal illness decided to work as temporary manager of hookah language. For the info, hookah is not really the stylized way to say hooker, but instead it's the name of the tool that was used to smoking that usually used in Arabian countries even though the tool itself is from India. Back to the story, in the game we have the MC encounter three unique heroines, with each of the heroines have their own heavy secrets. Oh yes, Aniplex already has the exact release date for this, and said date is July11th later with the VN available in both of Switch and PC. Speaking of exact release date of a VN, we also have one for B-Ryuusai Project, and said date is July 15th so feel free to note the date if you want to play otome VN with male idol love interests.

A fan decided to release Ane to Boin nukige, and from what I can see the nukige was adapted into H OVA back in 2005. For the premise, it's about the MC who live with ten beautiful step-sisters with the MC does his best to try hold himself because he still consider them as the sibling. Of course being the nukige MC, we'll going to see on how the MC will not be able to hold himself by having sex with the sisters several times. Feel free to get the nukige if you're interested with it, and have fun. We also have JAST released Sisters as scheduled, and my first thought is the size is quite big at around 26 GB despite its short playtime thanks to the graphic that looks like the real anime. For the premise, we have the MC who can't remember himself start to live together with the household that has mother and her two daughters. While it's easy to dismiss it as nukige, turned out there's some plot hidden behind the premise. Anyway, feel free to try the VN, and have fun.

Almost forgot to mention that Visual Arts almost ready to release Kanon, and according to the post from their website they plan to release it within this month so let's wait and see. We also have Shiravune announce two nukige releases (Nyonin Island and Real Eroge Situation 2), and unlike Visual Arts Shiravune announce the exact release date for both release with both will be released on 25th later, so you may note the date if you've been waiting for those two releases. As for the one who'll localize Geminism, turned out Shiravune took the job for it with them already open the Steam store for it. We still don't know when we'll going to have it release, but at least now we can have translated Geminism in the future.

Daybreak has some words in regard of Akagoei, and said words are in regard on how they need to delay the release of Akagoei trilogy translation patch for a year (From this September to September 2025) because of some reasons that can't be disclosed. Anyway, as for Daybreak's projects progress, we have Akagoei FD QA work was done, Akagoei 3 is at 76.86% edited along with 11.34% in QA, and they were extracting the scripts from Majikoi A Plus Disk in which it'll be their next VN to working on. For the other fan translation progress, we have ChuSingura is at 46.26% translated, Taima Seiko Alice is at 60% translated, and Ushieta was past three quarter (75.6%) translated with Yui 1 route is at 42.5% translated. We also have updates from Shinzou Translation, with their secret project is at halfway edited and Karenai Sekai to Owaru Hana is at 30% translated along with its assets is at 10% worked on.

Last but not the least, we finally have Nekonyan manage to open the Steam store for Aoi Tori, which is very notable seeing they had the initial build rejected before they re-submitted the edited build and finally have the build accepted by Steam reviewer. It should be noted the Steam version of Aoi Tori has very big change besides the obvious not containing all of the 25 sex scenes, namely Nekonyan only include one route that they think safe to add, Mary's route, so you'll need 18+ patch to play the full version. They also already has the exact release date for the Steam version, in which it'll be released on 28th later, so you can note the date if you still not bought it because you prefer to wait for it available on Steam.

That's all for what I can write in regard of this week, and see you next week.

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