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VN of the Month May 2024



Many titles, but only two actual candidates
1Devil Girl デビルガール [240509] moesoft
I met a insane student president on the very first day I come to a new school!
The president, who made lots of school laws, is a leader of this school──Kyogoku Yurina.
I thought she is a tyrant, but she actually is respected by the students...?
I was forced to joining the student council once she liked me for some reason.
As I am at Yurina's mercy working hard every day, I come to know her secrets──
Single heroine console exclusive 
2. Shinjuku Soumei 新宿葬命 [240524] G-mode 1
In Shinjuku Soumei, the protagonist is an undertaker who uses his powers of “immortality” and “hearing the voices of the dead” to perform dangerous funerals in the city of Shinjuku. Beside him is an astral girl he met in Shinjuku, who lends him her support.
Game is loosely localized and has English reviews 
3. Tokyo Psychodemic ~Kouan Chousachou Tokubetsu Jishou Kagaku Jouhou Bunseki Shitsu - Tokushu Sousa Jikenbo~ 東京サイコデミック ~公安調査庁特別事象科学情報分析室 特殊捜査事件簿~  [240529] GRAVITY GAME ARISE Co., Ltd.
The world has changed.
In December 2019, a new type of infectious disease caused by an unknown virus that occurred in Tokyo quickly spread throughout the country, showing a fatality rate of 40% which turned out to become higher than the Ebola hemorrhagic fever.
Traveling to and from overseas was restricted, and the main road leading to Tokyo, where there were many infected people, was blocked.
In other words, the capital city has been on lock down.
Without an effective treatment, the infection spread from the general public to medical workers, police officers, self-defense force, and eventually reached to the core of the nation.
Major government officials such as the former Prime Minister, the Chief Cabinet Secretary, and the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare were infected one after another and died.
By that time, the death toll in the country exceeded 200,000.
During the state of high alert, a new government was hastily established. A former infectious disease specialist who discovered a cure for the new infectious disease and saved many lives of severely ill patients was selected as the new prime minister.
The new prime minister has come up with measures against the new infectious disease and economic measures one after another, all of which have produced positive results.
The number of infected people has visibly decreased.
Eventually, the raging new infectious disease came to an end.
4. Ouju no Shima 鏖呪ノ嶼  [240531] CLOCKUP
In 2019, as Japan transitioned from the Heisei era to Reiwa, a hidden chapter unfolded on Sarubotoke, a secluded island in the Seto Inland Sea. This island has long thrived as a secret haven for prostitution, overseen since the Showa era by the powerful Futatsuguri family.
Meanwhile, four strange individuals have emerged from the shadows of society, drawn to the island for mysterious reasons.
Embedded within both the island’s ruling family and these newcomers are sorcerers who practice an undetectable form of murder: the art of killing with curses.
As dark ambitions and human plots weave together on this island of vice, an even darker force broods beneath the surface—a sinister curse that has haunted Sarubotoke Island for nearly seven decades, a legacy of the island’s war-ridden past.
Don't even want to read anything about it. CLOCKUP is always shocking dark abusive nukige with some plot as side dish.
5. Prima Doll: Mumei Tenrei 天籁人偶 无名典礼 [240531] Key
Story about Houkiboshi's past.
Due to Ouka's rampage, the battlefield is dominated by mechanical dolls. Nameless Imperial Army soldier secretly infiltrates into enemy ranks for a certain purpose. In destroyed urban area with no survivors he meets a support doll Houkiboshi who miraculously escaped the rampage.
The two of them join hands and try to escape from this hell, but will they be able to?
The usual fandisc/prequel/sidequel short format milking by Key.
6. Sky Chord スカイコード  [240531] MELLOW
"Suicidal ideation"――.
"I wish my existence would disappear from this world."
A young boy living in the city, Yomiya Hashigo, while lying on his school's flower bed, and looking up at the blue sky, wishes. The sound of the cicadas piercing his ears, the hot sunlight scorching his body, with the hustle and bustle of the students in the distant. But he is only drawn to the blue, azure sky――to him, a peaceful moment.
One year has passed since then, now a truant, Hashigo decides to run away from home. Wanting to find something that he has lost on that day, he arrives at a complex of abandoned buildings. Without anyone knowing, without being tied down, without thinking about the consequences or the future, he simply wants to live freely――However.
Night sky seen from the rooftop, on a tall tower stretching out like a ladder to the moon, a girl is sitting there.
"Angel"――She calls herself, with small wings on her back.
But she only has one wing.
"I need your help. My lost wing, let's look for it."
Like making a wish upon a star, or pledging her love to the moon.
The girl reaches out to the heaven as if praying.
An angel who is supposed to save people, finds herself being saved by Hashigo.
As a result, he is given a feather which grants him a special power.
He would never have imagine, with someone he would not have met had he not run away, that he would now be looking for a wing.
Like a story out of a fairy tale.
The peculiar life of two people, at this evening, it begins.
Main problem here is that everything is within expectation range. Yet anothr charage that has angel as true heroine, but even her route is nothing outstanding.

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Well, there's no much interesting release happen in May 2024, so if I need to pick something as VN of the Month, it would be Sky Chord. Granted that Oujou no Shima has better rating on VNDB, but it's Clockwork VN which as we know has some disturbing sex scenes. Other than those two VNs, only Shinjuku Soumei is quite notable with it has English translation with the translation for Tokyo Psychodemic was cancelled for some reasons, although apparently Shinjuku Soumei has problematic translation.

That's all for what I can write in regard of May 2024 releases.

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