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Fuwa-Skype Group and Karaoke



Hey Fuwans! Lino here again bringing some more fabulous happenings around Fuwa proper. This post is going to be a tad beefier than normal, so bare with me here. In this case, it isn't as much a 'happening' is a thing that persistently exists. So without further ado, we'll be taking a look at the Fuwa-Skype Group and its offshoot; Fuwa-Skype Karaoke.

For those of you who don't know, Fuwa actually has its own skype group, the Fuwa-Skype Group (F.S.G). It's one of the places where a bunch of members here often frequent and give each other raburabu hangout outside of the forum. You can check out the thread dedicated to joining it over here. If the idea of getting into that is off-putting, perhaps take a look through the "unforgettable skype quotes" thread. We are also housing the next Nasu (a la Fate series and Tsukihime), so that right there is all the more reason to check it out.

Aside from that, as mentioned in the first part of this post, there is also an offshoot group of F.S.G; Fuwa-Skype Karaoke (F.S.K). As the name suggests, members get together and jam out and sing together every Saturday. It has been going on for a while now and everyone who ends up participating enjoys it a lot.

So we, the Recognition Team, have asked a few members of the Skype groups for a bit of their time for interviews, and they oh so kindly obliged. We would very much like to thank Kurisu-Chan, arakura, Jptje, and Joris914 for taking the time to deal with our questions and letting us interview them. Half of the interviews are in text form while the other two are available for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!


arakura (interviewed by Ezeefreak)

Kurisu-Chan (interviewed by your's truly)

Lino: Hey everybody! Lino here from the Fuwa Recognition Team, and joining me here today is Kuu-chan from the FSG. How are you today Kuu?

Kuu-chan (S;G second edition vers 1.23): I'm glad to have such an honor of being interviewed by you and your awesome team, i'm still surprised to have such a recognition, but i'm willing to answer all of your questions, and i hope all my readers will be able to have a better glimpse about me/

Lino: Perfect. So, let's jump right in.

Lino: So you are one of the more passionate members over on FSG, enough so to breathe live back into it and stir discussion when things died down. What are feelings towards FSG? What do you think you would describe FSG as?

Kuu-chan (S;G second edition vers 1.23): Well well well...how to answer this question?

Well, F.S.G (also known as Fate/Steins;Gate or awkward land) was originaly just a skype group created in order reunite people from fuwanovel, it had no real goal, and no real subject other than creating a discussion point, of course, i immediately joined the group, and to be honest, i wasn't expecting the group would know such a success

My feelings about FSG? mostly good feelings, it's a great group of many different persons, we often discuss important things, and even if we are labelled as the "weird" group, we are new-friendly and we are kind and generous, we had our share of drama, of joy, of sorrow, of sadness, but at the end, only one feeling prevail : happiness. When i visit the group, i feel...refreshed, ignited and more zen.

Kuu-chan (S;G second edition vers 1.23): As for how i would describe FSG? it's a weird land with very weird people. lol. seriously though, we may have a very negative label, but we are a wide group, with different way of thinking, culture, way of talk, we may have opposite opinions, we may engage ourselves in clash of clans (this will be the only pun of the interview ), and yes, expect a lot of hentai content, but first of all, FSG is a land of fun, a land of sharing, and in all our differences, we are united by one group...the Fuwa Skype Group.

Lino: Well I can definitely attest to you guys being friendly. When I first jumped into FSG I was welcomed with open arms, which was an awesome feeling to be sure! There seems to be a real sense of community there.

Kuu-chan (S;G second edition vers 1.23): Absolutely, we are not an elitist group, we are open to everyone, as long as you respect one rule : be fun.

Lino: So moving right along here. What would you say you love most about FSG? Like is it the members, the conversations, atmosphere, or perhaps something else?

Kuu-chan (S;G second edition vers 1.23): Well, it's probably a mix of everything, the FSG members are incredible, we had and we still share great moments, they are all interesting. Another thing i like about the group : there's always a new and fresh subject of matter, and it can be from any field : politics, economy, Ken's last trap nukige, how to prove that i'm not a tsundere..., most of the time, the atmosphere is good...Not always, because i remember one or two incidents, but nothing worrying.

And last but not least...being able to talk to such different persons, who grows in different countries, even warzones, with different cultures, religions...and even so, being able to communicate and share a common interest.

One warning : never go to the trap team, stay with the onee-san team.

Lino: Heh heh. So it is kinda like a huge cultural salad bowl in a way. Little bit of everyone everywhere.

Kuu-chan (S;G second edition vers 1.23): It's like a big salad of everything, at the end, the kebab kills all taste

Lino: Ahahahaha! Well thank you for your time today Kuu, it has been a pleasure interviewing you today. Have any shoutouts you want to put out there? To a certain member, thread, VN.. anything really.

Kuu-chan (S;G second edition vers 1.23): Long live Steins;Gate, i'm not a tsundere, and a big thanks to everyone on fuwanovel.

Jptje (interviewed by Rose)

Hello everyone, I'm Rose from the Recognition Team and joining me here is Jptje from FSG. How are you today Jptje?

Jptje: I’m doing good, thanks

Velvet (Rose): Nice to hear that. Now, since I joined the karaoke, most of the session were hosted by you, if not all of them. So tell me, do you only do it because no one else would? Do you find it enjoyable to be the host as in contributing for the group enjoyment?

Jptje: Yeah, I’ve been hosting it ever since the second time I think. As it is now, I think the karaoke would live on if I didn’t show up, but there have been times where I do feel it would’ve died out if I weren’t here. As for why I do it… well, simply because it’s a fun group activity. The karaoke doesn’t need much of a leader, as it’s usually just whoever wants to sing gets to sing. Being the host, I do feel like steering it a little bit though, that much is true, but I don’t feel that makes me any different from the other people in the karaoke at the same time.

Velvet (Rose): From my time there, I'll allow myself to mention that more times than I remember only you and Joris were willing to sing the whole session, so you're definitely part of what makes that place lively. And since we're talking about the karaoke, what do you like about having FSK as a weekly activity for us from FSG? You surely enjoy singing as you're always up for it but is there anything else?

Jptje: To be honest, it’s not that I like singing that much: the most important part for me is that it’s a group activity. It’s another way to have fun with the people from FSG, and it’s been going on long enough (what, about half a year now?) that most people at least know about it. Even though there are random voice chats in FSG from time to time, having something like this on a set day every week makes it easier for people to be there - that’s also why it starts at 3 PM GMT: no matter what timezone you’re in, there should be a time frame in which you can join in.

Velvet (Rose): I never gave any thought about the time it starts, but it actually makes sense. That's really great, you thought about it more than I expected, haha. Well, with this I'll be ending this short interview. Thanks a lot for accepting taking part in it, and before we finish, do you have anything else you want to say or any shout-outs? Someone from the group? Someone from Fuwa? Maybe a VN, game, anime or something else?

Jptje: I’ll give my shout-outs to HMN and Monmon Kenny. They were the ones who came up with the idea of doing a karaoke, after all. Other than that, I’ll also thank you for doing these interviews, it’s nice to be recognised. I’m mostly just a lurker on the fuwaforums, so I feel it’s nice to have people who don’t know me or FSG get to know about this kind of thing. Thanks!

Joris (interviewed by Rose)


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Whts wrong with me sharing love for traps??? im one of the great old ones in FSG.


And remember in the end traps will always prevail, Kuu.

again with the trap talk!?

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Oh, I imagined Ara as a girl the whole time until I heard the voice xD. oops

I'm so sorry, Cyrille!!!! Please forgive me t.t

(it's only kind of a secret >,> hehehe)

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