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Clephas - The Infinite Stomach



Hello y’all! Ezeefreak from the Recognition Team is here this time. Today we’ll highlight another one of our precious members. If you’re able to read a VN in Japanese or even in ordinary English, then the probability is really high (near 100 %) that the member, we are introducing to you, already read that one you’re reading now or plan to read. Maybe you even found it on his suggestion, in one of his fabulous reviews or on a list he made. Well, I think y’all figured it already out that we talking about Clephas.

Clephas is real pro and expert when it comes to VN’s. He has read more than 500 (in words FIVEHUNDRED) VNs by now. So he knows a lot about this media and also shares his knowledge with us. If you ask for a recommendation he is always one of the first who contribute. If you want to read something about a VN it is mostly enough to search for a review from him. In his VN of the month topic he shows us all different kinds of VNs, some that the most of us never even heard about. Also he is one of our most active bloggers on the site and showers us with incredibly detailed and interesting posts there. He is also a Moderator of the FuwaChat and probably already ate the most of the people from there.

Well, let me show you a little overview over all the awesome work he does on Fuwanovel:

- Clephas' VN of the month

- There are also lot of other informative posts like VN Companies, their nature and habits or Why Japanese is easier to learn than you think

- Clephas made a lot of helpful Lists and recommendations, see yourselff here, here, here , ... and so on It would really take to long to liste every single one .

- A must see for every lover of VN's is definitely his blog.

He contributed a lot to this community and like I said at the beginning, is a real expert when it comes to VNs. It would be too much to list every helpful and excellent post here.

We from the RecTeam, the Staff of Fuwa and all the other people of Fuwa thank him for the work he does and hope the he will us show more from the world of VNs in the future.

Thank you!


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This should have been the first post on this blog. It's good you recognize him, Finally ! It's People like him who make the forum live and relevant.


He's easily the member who contributed the most to the forum.

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