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BIG BREAKING NEWS Visual Novel Developer Mages from SciADV Series is Broke

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This morning an article was published at Gamebiz but the content is shocking it is about the news that the Japanese developer of the SciADV series is bankrupt and insolvency proceedings are coming. Who gets the rights of the SciADV series is still unclear.

List of debts

Sales: 4.225 billion yen (-7.1% year-on-year).
Recurring loss: ¥556 million (-¥152 million).
Terminal loss: ¥613 million (down from ¥307 million).


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Well it's quite worrying news there, although my feeling is more complicated in that while I know it's supposed to be sad event, on the other hand I can finally free from the conspiracy plot thread that the creator made just to satisfy his own appeal. By the way even with the title Science Adventure, calling it as chuunige would be more fitting seeing that one of the syndrome of chuunibyou is like to imagine a conspiration, in which it's what Okabe did. It definitely help that there are several fighting in the series, which as we know is the one element that usually present in a chuunige.

My ramble on chuunige aside, actually it's not exactly the end yet, seeing that one of Discord user compiled on the exact detail behind the announcement.


COLOPL in their latest financial report stated that they plan on having MAGES. release 9 new games next year.
COLOPL fully expected MAGES. to lose money this year.
COLOPL had WAY more than enough profit this year to make the loss negligible.
MAGES. isn’t going anywhere.
They also seem to be planning to do something relating to Ever17, since they delisted it from all online stores.
Probably a rerelease or remaster of some sort.

So yeah MAGES is probably still exist in some form, although as for Science Adventure series, well we'll see. If anything else, at least Anonymous Code should be good VN to end Science Adventure series (According to one of the people) if the worst comes to worst.

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